Janice Campbell Allen: November 15, 1943 ~ April 5, 2017

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Janice Campbell Allen

Janice Campbell Allen

November 15, 1943 ~ April 5, 2017

A Celebration of Life will be held on 9-16-17 at 1:00 at the end of Palmer Blvd., Fortuna CA, follow the signs.

Please bring a dish and your stories to share with her family and friends.

Thank you



  • Do you know this person? What basis for a comment like that?

  • Yeah, that stuff will sure get you. She only made it to 74.

  • Jeanne Martin Sousa

    I knew Janice very well. Yea, she might have had problems, but she was a very lively, vivacious, loving, and caring
    human being. She has now passed on and by saying things about her life style is totally uncalled for. She has two daughters and two grandchildren and many others who loved her that do not need to hear your shit. Have some compassion. She will be greatly missed.

    • Thank you Jeanne. I knew Janice and her family back in the 1970s and remember her as you describe. I don’t understand why people feel the need to make those kinds of comments. Apparently they don’t know what compassion is. Condolences to family and friends.

  • Up top!!!Mogtx

  • It appears that rude comment was deleted. Thank you Kym.

  • This woman was my grandmother, even though she did not have to be, we had no blood relation but she loved me like her own anyway! She was a shining light in my dark little world as a child and I will never ever forget that!

    There are so many things that remind me of her, stained glass lamp shades, gnomes, hummingbirds, even her ivy….

    Her little self was such a big personality! She could light up a room with her entrance and suddenly things were dull when she would leave…she is missed so very much! I only hope she would be proud of me, of us, of everyone who loved her who has rallied around her family since her passing.

    I love you Grandma, always have, always will!


  • Love u so much

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