Human Hurricane Strews Trash Near HSU, Reader Says

A reader tells us that a human hurricane flung trash and trash cans along L K Wood Blvd between HSU and Blondies Food and Drink overnight.

Sy Keating, who took the above photo, explained, “They moved the trash cans to the other side of the road just to make a mess….One neighbor already was driving over [the trash] and got a flat tire from rolling over a beer bottle.”

Keating said he contacted the Arcata Police Department so they could let the public works branch know and he called Recology Arcata.

Hopefully, the cleanup crews will be there soon. Meanwhile, please be careful in the area.



  • There’s a trash war going on in my area too. Where someone resents someone else putting trash cans in a place that interferes with turning into a drive. So each week the cans get ‘moved’ violently. I’m acting on the assumption that it doesn’t involve me.

  • Kind of insensitive to make light of hurricanes while people are dying.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Clean the shit up yourselves Arcata! Only in liberal Arcata would someone call the public works to clean up their own trash, PATHETIC!

  • This looks like something juveniles would do thinking it was funny, if we could find them, make them clean it up.

  • Why does liberal always have to be thrown out when the discussion involves no politics? Sheep!

    • One or two obsessive weirdos with multiple sock-puppet accounts. One of them outed himself on the last Arcata shooting article by responding to a post under the wrong name. Bitching about BLM, naturally.

  • The city should pick it up. One of the perks of having the wonderful hsu students here. Maybe hsu should turn into a closed campus.

  • I see these people talking smack and running there mouths but when it came down to cleaning up our community and getting down and dirty and taking care of the situation, how many of you showed up to lend a hand?
    Where’s your place to talk smack come in?

  • Jaekelopterus did you see a black life involved here? Your comments make no sense bud. [edit]

  • It might not be worth the trouble, but there must be a piece paper or something in there that could be used to help identify the perps.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Maybe a tornado would be more accurate? Gotta love the people who are so easy offended. How dare you use the word hurricane during a time of national hardship? Gimme a break! Political correctness needs to go. Whats wrong with offending people any way? Best thing about America is your right to offend! Put that in your Liberal pipe and smoke it. Too much?

  • Looks like alot of white trash in arcata, what’s new

  • I hope the person’s that did this get sent out cleaning the neighbourhood for hundreds of hours.


    Sounds like Arcata.
    Late night drunk damage.
    Watch your neighbor drive through a pile of trash,call the city to fix it.

  • Recology just told me to stop using bungee cords to secure my trash can to a phone pole and gave me a new can that lets the driver empty it remotely. I’m sure this will save them time and money, but it’s only a matter of time before the bears leave a mess like this at the top of my driveway.

  • Thirty two comments and only two were about the possible cause of this story; cans in the way of people traveling on the road, or turning off. Perhaps it was a drunk conservative christian driver, riding with a liberal hippy passenger, trying to switch positions before turning in to their driveway, so the kids wouldn’t know daddy drove home drunk.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh. As someone who has walked that area years ago, I tend to believe “Come on” has it right. Kind of like Cool Hand Luke, as all you old folks should remember.

  • It does look like a hurricane hit that spot. Hey you never know with the weird weather.❄

  • HSU Music Major performing on half a million dollar instrument.

    I’m thinking HSU Irate Football fans. They have been trash talking the past two weeks. Word on campus is the Athletic Department wants the Administration to raise student activity fees to $1000 per student to pay off the over half a million dollar deficit from last year and pay for another $500,000 so the team can travel in style and wear fur lined athletic student hand sewn supporters and sequin jersey’s at the next game.

    GO!! LUMBERJACKS……………………….

  • Put up a camera and catch the -sshole at it. Don’t tell anyone you’re doing it until the lowlife gets caught.

  • Deer cameras around the world for every just in case moment?

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