Want to Raise Awareness of Rising Sea Levels at This Year’s Pastels on the Plaza?

From the City of Arcata:

Use your artistic skills to raise awareness of rising sea levels by entering the Sea Level Rise Awareness art contest. The winning artist will recreate their work on a large sidewalk square during Pastels on the Plaza on Saturday, October 7. Entries are due at 5 p.m. on Monday, September 25 at the Community Development Department at Arcata City Hall. Work should be one by two feet, or similarly proportioned. The winning entry will be announced on Friday, September 29. Visit www.cityofarcata.org/759/Sea-Level-Rise for more information.

October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month and this art contest is one way the Arcata Planning Division is helping people learn about sea level rise as the Arcata City Council explores potential responses to this challenge.

City staff will be at the Arcata Farmers Market on Saturday, September 16 and 23, and at Arts! Arcata on the Plaza on Friday, October 13 with sea level rise information. Stop by, get informed about rising sea levels, and bring your questions and ideas.

For more information about the City’s sea level rise response and opportunities to contribute your ideas, sign up for sea level rise meeting eNotifications at www.cityofarcata.org, or email sdiehlmccarthy@cityofarcata.org.



  • Are there still people who are not aware of sea level rise? If so, I imagine they are not living a first world nations, likely have no contact with civilization.

  • Dontcha just hate it when the glass of water overflows when the ice cubes melt?

    FWIW. Everybody agrees the climate changes. Where we disagree is logical vs illogical. The reading of the studies vs the reading of the paid for conclusions. The lack of data that presents the true accounting of measures taken vs the general because we drew numbers out of our butts. The science is never settled scholars vs the settled thinkers.
    But, hey, let’s make this a climate change war.

    • don’t you hate it when you add ice cubes to a full glass of your favorite drink and it spills out onto the counter. try to use your brain without your pride. better results that way. but hey, lets all argue over something that has literally no opposition except political. I recommend skimming the article about the teens in NH that tried to hang an 8 yo biracial boy yesterday if you want to get political.

      • You do realize don’t you that the glaciers are 3/4 bottom heavy, inside the water already?
        But thank you for reminding me to use my brain. I sometimes do leave it at the lab.

  • What sea level rising?
    Oh wait,…..that sea level rising.

  • Ocean rises.1/2 of Plankton is gone. Oxygen.hindi myth starts with milky water that is inland sea phytoplankton suspension.that feeds ambient algal bloom and makes more plankton and oxygen.i read Richard fisher. Grand Canyon of Cambodia.he writes fertility made possible a navy of ankorwat that lasted 500 years.the libraries were burnt because science was used mostly for war.than christianity,and constant war and short lived cities ,poisoned by own waste. 3 centuries a close residential neighborhood ,with individual algae ponds,made possible by complete element feed,survived near,and before monumental buildings.sea of milk shown on panel in ankorwat.shown me by Richard fisher ,photojournalist for time and national geographic,a conservative magazine that had Avery Jackson on front.but won’t talk of Atlantis.crackpots.i suggest that there are more than 72 micro elements .another ,maybe, 30, that serve as synergistists or catalysts.

  • Hopefully someone draws a picture of Al Gore to draw attention to his bullshit claims that never came to fruition. Sea level rise, what a fucking joke.

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