EPD Offering $10,000 Signing Bonus for Qualified Officers

Press release from the Eureka Police:

The Eureka Police Department is currently searching for qualified California Lateral Police Officers seeking new opportunities to serve with a forward-looking, professional, community-oriented policing organization that will value the knowledge and experience you can bring to our team.


Successful applicants are eligible to receive a $10,000 signing bonus. ($5,000 paid upon hiring, $2,500 paid upon completion of the Field Training Program, final

$2,500 paid upon successful completion of probationary period. Successful candidates may be hired at any step in the salary range, depending on experience.)

Applicants who hold POST Professional Certifications will also be eligible for certification pay as follows:

  • POST Intermediate: 7% of Basic Salary
  • POST Advanced: 14% of Basic Salary

EPD K-9In addition to Patrol, EPD offers the following specialty assignment opportunities: Problem Oriented Policing Unit, Criminal Investigations Section, Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Multi-Agency SWAT team, Old Town Beat Foot Patrol, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, K-9 handler, Traffic Unit, Evidence Technician, Firearms Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

If you are an experienced law enforcement professional looking for new adventures and opportunities in a beautiful Northern California coastal city, we have an opening for you! Come join our team and help move our department forward in its mission to creatively fight crime and promote positive police-community partnerships.

Visit http://www.ci.eureka.ca.gov/depts/police/job_opportunities_.asp to view more information about this exciting job opportunity and to apply for the Lateral Police Officer position. This will be a continuous recruitment until all vacancies are filled. However, the next review date will be 9/29/17 and interested parties are encouraged to submit their applications by 5:00 PM on or before that date.

If you have any questions concerning this application process, contact Senior Personnel Analyst Will Folger at (707) 441-4212.

A Lateral Police Officer Candidate is defined by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) as someone who has completed a POST- certified Regular Basic Course (basic academy) and is currently employed as a Police Officer in California, or who within the last three (3) years has worked as a Police Officer in California and possesses a valid POST Basic Certificate or a valid POST Basic Course Waiver, or who was employed as a Police Officer more than three years ago but has completed a California POST Requalification Course.EPD on water



  • Doesn’t seem like $10,000 is enough, does it?

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      They WILL have the opportunity to pocket a lot more. (Kind of like the board members and administrators at SHCHD.) AND they get to “empty the magazine”. Hopefully the $10,000 sign on bonus (SOB) will attract a few professionals, or at least a better quality of overweight LEO.

      I would not VISIT Eureka, much less be a cop there. If they wanted to crack down on DUI’s, three quarters of the population would be in jail… And the small group of seriously crazy, gun-toting meth-heads and aficionados of outdoor living will always make the job exciting. It’s not just a job, it’s a job…

  • They better up it to 50 grand to get anybody be a cop in pukreaka

  • Here you go all of the people who have negative views of Police Officers. Now you can step up and try to change those views plus make $10,000. Win, win situation.

    • Not a chance it isnt just the police officers it is what they are mandated to do anymore. Also myself think we need less enforcement and more preventive type of policing, such as zero quotas where it isnt a bust or walk type of thing , but more hey dude you know better dont let me catch you doing this crap again, and btw hows your mom doing . Etc.

  • $10,000.00 to catch the criminal who is being paid $1.5 million to not kill the cop who busts them? Sounds like a racket to me.


    • 1st he’s not paid 1.5mil. that’s what the program was funded. 2nd the purpose is to give them an option out of thug life by offering to pay for their education. Now if they get in trouble, their funding will be pulled. I find this by far better than the comments of, shot em dead & ethic cleansing on you news link, probably funded by the KKK.

      • Don’t let facts get in the way of his delusion.

      • What the heck is “ethic cleansing?”

      • For a good time, check out shak’s comments in the cheerleader heatstroke forum. He goes off on a passionate, multi-post pro-nicotine tirade for reason known only to him. Can’t tell if he’s doing performance art or schizophrenia.

        • For a reality check, check out Jack’s defense of the corrupt system that fails to alert it’s citizens of the hazards of breathing smoke and tar.
          People who care about others want others to know the hazards they are inflicted with.
          People who don’t care about others want others to remain stupified.

          • No, you yammered on AT LENGTH about the evils of anti-cigarette propaganda and the health benifits of nicotine. Can’t pretend you didn’t, it’s there forever. About how it grows healthy cells.

            You never did site a study or experiment, either. Still waiting.

            • You put twists into words.
              Why are you dead set against nicotine instead of being dead set against TAR and SMOKE? Why do you protect TAR and SMOKE by strawmanning about nicotine?
              There have been studies about nicotine. Go find them. I’m not your slave.
              There have been studies about TAR and SMOKE. Go find them. I’m not your slave.
              There have been many closed eyes, closed ears, against all opposition to propaganda worship. Your strawmanning does not surprise me.
              Bringing your attack to other threads, where I may or may not see it for rebuttal or concurrence, does not surprise me.
              It might behoove you to do some homework with an open mind.
              It might behoove me to begin attacking you in various unrelated stories, in order to drive your defense of propaganda into the ground.
              But I won’t. I’m not like that.
              I prefer to discuss issues. I’m not obsessed with insulting others.

              • Site some sources or stop shitting up the forums with your schizoid nonsense. It’s like I’m reading Craigslist Rants and Raves.

      • Sorry, but in this topsy turvey Orson Wells world, where bad is good and good is bad, I find this “deal” to be highly questionable at best.

  • 10 racks to sign up to be a douche bag for the rest of your life… no thank you

  • The only way there is ever going to be change is for people to get into the system and change it. Until then you can just sit in front of your computers and complain or step up and do something about it.

  • Guest,the sheriff would make us pour are beer’s onto the ground before we could leave,that was worse than jail.this was early 80’s in Kentucky.Times were easier back then!!

  • Come fight the drug war…
    Maybe when that ends (DTF POP SWAT K9 = most of the hiring departments)
    I’d be very interested in a job solving ten year old rape cases..
    I bet EPD has none open.

  • No mention of having to be 30-50 lbs over weight. I also wonder how many applications will be from cops who got expelled from their departments for being thugs.

  • I would love to do this job, pay isn’t what is about. Pride in yourself and community! Quit bitching, do or don’t! If you choose the latter, then to hell with you! It’s not an easy job! Say your shit! Prove to be the man or woman, come forward, I dare you?! You think your all that, then try to become an officer! If you make it, I’ll show my respect!!! This world has to many haters! It has to stop somewhere, I’m willing, and I hope my children have learned the same! Can you say the same?

  • So you clowns are just handing out taxpaiers miney? 10k,at a time?

    • Dude, 10 grand is like a quarter of what a janitor makes in a year. What do you want them to offer, a free tee shirt?

  • My guess is that paying an already experience police officer to transfer here is a money saving idea, although I’m not sure why it would be worth $10,000. It would be nice to know the thinking behind this.

    It would seem better to have a local, who would be more likely to stay. But then it might be difficult to find a local who wants the job, can get qualified AND can pass a drug screening.

    • Interim Chief Watson

      As noted, Humboldt County agencies have a very difficult time recruiting and retaining police officers. We’ve had to sponsor police cadets through the basic academy which costs nearly $30,000 in salary and benefits to put them through the 6-month plus training. This is followed by an extended field training program before they are ready to hit the streets on solo patrol duty–if they are successful in the process (many do not successfully complete FTO). Combined with the lengthy background investigation process, you are looking at about a year-long process to field a patrol ready officer. Contrast this with a $10,000 bonus to attract an experienced lateral with an expedited field training program and you have an already proven lateral officer on the streets in just a few months at a much more cost effective rate. It’s a no brainer–and you’re adding instantly experience to a young department.

  • Looks like a good opertuity for the ones that just happen to fall in that time frame like ones that are geting ready to become police not so good for ones that have a lot of years in

  • I think this is a perfect opportunity for the chump lol

  • I wonder- no evidence – but it has a funny feeling to it. Could this be the city looking to hire minorities?

    • amimissingsomething

      Of course it could….but they’re to many other conspiracies to consider! Maybe they just need additional officers like it says!

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