Crammed With Kittens, HART at Max Cat-pacity

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black and white kitten 4 month old male), Simba, orange and white kitten 4 month old male Simba, orange and white kitten 4 month old male

Shasta, a black and white kitten four-month-old male and Simba, an orange and white four-month-old male are both up for adoption.
[Photos by Ashley Villa-Lovos Petography]

HART, the Humboldt Animal Rescue Team, is at Max Cat-pacity. They can’t take in more kittens until some are adopted. Do you know someone who needs one of these fluffy felines?

To the Community:
HART (Humboldt Animal Rescue Team) is a local 501 (c) Organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in our community. HART is a no kill animal rescue that is 100% volunteer and donation driven. Due to the late summer season we had this year also came a late kitten season and HART is feeling the effects. HART is at max capacity now with over 45 kittens under 6 months old currently ready for adoption. HART won’t be able to take in any more kitties until we can reduce our numbers through adoptions.

Now through the end of September they will have kittens available for just $120. All kittens are spayed/neutered, test negative for FIV/FeLV, have received the first FVRCP vaccine, and have been treated for worms and fleas.

HART Open Adoption Hours: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday 12-3 pm. Located at the Corner of 6th and A Street, Eureka (8 West 6th Street), Call or text or email for appointments.

HART has lots of great personalities, colors and ages to choose from include: Tuxedo kittens, all black kittens, orange and white tabby kittens, grey tabby kittens, Maine Coone mixes, and Tortishell’s. We even have a few amazing adult cats looking for homes as well.

Interested in volunteering with animals?  HART is looking for responsible, reliable, animal lovers who are 18 years or older to volunteer as kennel attendants during weekdays about 2 hours/per week. If you or someone you know is interested applications are available on our website

Wendy Kupilik

Frankie - orange and white male, and Elsa- tortoiseshell female, 3 months old

Frankie, an orange and white male and Elsa, a tortoiseshell female, are also up for adoption. [Photo by Ashley Villa-Lovos Petography]



  • $120 to adopt a kitten? That may be why they are over-stocked. Sad.

    • Worth it for the peace of mind that comes with a fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered baby with a clean bill of health.

    • The costs are very high in our area and HART does the absolute best that they can. There is a shortage of vets and neuter services for the rescues. The costs of properly fixing and vaccinating a kitten is MUCH higher privately. HART takes in so many animals and loses money on most of them. They are in need of litter, food and money at all times as well as volunteers. Perhaps you would like to donate to help them out? Items can be paid for out at the farm store, they have the brands that they need. A HART volunteer will pick the donations up. If they were better supported they wouldn’t need to charge as much.

      • Larissa, I understand why the cost is so high. I was trying to say that many people just don’t have that kind of funds available. I hope Kym’s post helps engender the support necessary.

        • If you can’t afford the adoption fee, chances are high you can’t afford a cat. Sorry to say it, but vet costs are astronomical here. Everyday people are posting gofundme for their vet bills that are thousands of dollars… so yea, $120 is cheap considering it costs $300-600 to Spay/Neuter at most local vets, $40 for the fiv testing, $20 for a month of flea medication, and $12 for the vaccine not to mention their daily care. The reason HART is so full has nothing to do with adoption fees and everything to do with the insane number of kittens born everyday due to owners not spaying and neutering their pets. HART has amazing adoption success. Thank you!!!

          • I hear you but at the same time, some people just dont have that much at once for adoptions. At least at the vet you can charge it.
            Its a tuff call for sure, but animals in kennels is least ideal situation.
            In sacramento a woman called the shelter and asked how much it would cost to pay the adoption fee for each animal there in total. It was $10,000. She had the money, paid it, they announced it and next day line around the block.
            The best thing for everyone is if someone can do low cost clinics for animmal care.

    • Mr. Hawk-
      You must be new to the game. To make sure an animal is healthy and ready for adoption costs MUCH more than that.
      You might want to do some research before putting down people who work VERY hard and are trying to help.
      What did YOU do today?

  • The civility of the above back and forth is refreshing.

  • Keep the Air Clean

    I wish I could adopt them all!

  • Awww. I’m a sucker for a little kitty. So cute!

  • If you cant afford to adopt, look into volunteering and/or fostering. Very rewarding.

  • I would be happy to fund to an adoptive home that is committed to love and care for a kitten/cat’s entire life.

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