[UPDATE Wed: 90% Contained] Approximately 40 Acre Fire Takes Off Near Gasquet

A 40 acre fire started near Gasquet today.

A 40-acre fire started near Gasquet today. [Photo provided by Cal Fire]

Cal Fire is assisting the US Forest Service with a forest fire that started north-northwest of Gasquet. The estimated 40 acres is burning in timber in the Six Rivers Forest Area.

Cal Fire is providing an air attack, a tanker, Copter 102, two hand crews and one engine to assist the Forest Service which is itself “sending a full response including multiple aircraft, according to Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman.

UPDATE: According to ONCC: As of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Hole Fire is 90% contained and is 40 acres.



  • You sure that photo is not from CalFIRE?

  • Ack!! This must be in addition to the oak fire which is part of the eclipse complex fires?? Can you get us a name for this fire or an incident number and the best site to track this fire?? Please.

  • Thank goodness CalFire is assisting. If it’s left up to the Forest Service, this thing will be 100k+ acres in no time! Wonder how it started. These off-shoots & spot fires near & outside bigger fires can be suspicious.

    • Wow really. Who brainwashed you. Some of the largest and most expensive fires in California history where run and managed by Calfire.

      • I’m not brainwashed at all. As a 50 year resident of Long Valley (& also as a reporter for some of those years) I had a front row seat to quite a few forest fires burning on Cahto, Dos Rios & Spy Rock, a few of which raged out of control & several at the same time. CDF/CalFire attacked those fires from the air & ground & fought them from the get-go.
        As a current resident of Oregon & evacuee from the now-raging out of control Chetco Bar Fire that has consumed over 185k acres in two counties as of this morning, I know that the U.S. Forest Service does not fight fire from the get-go. Their use of the so-called MIST protocol has cost at least five families their homes, displaced a couple of thousand more people, was deemed the nation’s top priority fire last month & has run into the millions of dollars just to fight. Containment is not expected until the middle of next month when, hopefully, the rains start. Some of the Chetco Bar Fire is burning in the old Biscuit Fire scar, another USFS “managed” fire that consumed 500,000 acres in two states & I don’t know how many counties.
        The Forest Service’s reasoning for using MIST was that it would cause minimal damage to the environment & save money. So much for fire suppression & protection!
        I’ll choose CalFire over the USFS any day.

  • Anyone know a better location of this fire?

  • I posted this to Gasquet group. I spoke with friend that lives on top of low divide. Fire is near major moores. Close to where the buscuitt fire burned several years ago. No other info but they are ok on top of low divide. Pray for rain and yes lucky local has responded great job !

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