[UPDATE 10:07 a.m.: Phone Used to Locate Missing Woman] Trapped for Days After Car Accident, Missing Elderly Woman Found With Her Two Dogs

Officer Cy May of the California Highway Patrol confirmed this morning that a 70-year-old woman was found alive yesterday with only minor injuries after being trapped for several days in her 2003 gold Mitsubishi Montero after a car crash near Orick.

May said that he is still gathering information on the crash and expects to release more information later this morning. However, he was able to tell us that Eureka Police “took a missing person report on Susan Minx on the 8th” of September. The woman was traveling from Eureka to Crescent City and never reached her destination.

At this point, May isn’t sure how the woman was found but promises to release more information soon.

UPDATE 10:07 a.m.: Press release from the CHP:

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 10, an elderly driver was located after being missing for several days.

On Friday September 8, 2017, Eureka Police Department took a missing persons report on Susan C. Minx, 70, of Crescent City.  Minx had been missing since Wednesday September 7th when she began driving from Eureka to Crescent City.  Multiple agencies including CHP, US Forest Service, State Parks and National Parks Service began searching the area of US-101 in hopes to locate Minx.  Emergency personnel were able to determine that her cell phone last signaled in the area of Prairie Creek State Park.  On Sunday September 10, 2017, at approximately 1230 pm, National Parks Service Fire Crew searched the area on foot and located Minx, conscious, trapped within her vehicle. Her vehicle was approximately 50 yards off of US-101, down a steep embankment, and not visible from the roadway.  They were able to extricate Minx and her two dogs from the vehicle.  Minx was transported to Mad River Hospital with minor injuries.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.  Humboldt CHP would like to thank all the Agencies who assisted in located and rescuing Mrs. Minx.



  • Poor lady. Interested to hear the story.

  • Happy she was found alive & safe! She must have been so terrified. That’s on the list of my top fears. Glad to have a happy ending.

  • That’s how you turn 9/11 into a good day.

  • Elderly?
    70 is the new 50. I am 70, and not the least bit elderly.
    Glad she was found. Glad she and her doggies are safe.

    • Agreed on point @1.. Also happy the lady is ok.

    • Average lifespan in the US is 78.74 years. Of course 70 is elderly. The word has a defintion. The defintion does not change simply because it makes you feel bad. Average lifespan has not changed significantly since before agriculture, if infant mortality is controlled for. 70 is not the new anything, it is still 70 and that is still quite old.

      I hope you live a thousand years, but I also hope you learn to accept reality in the time that you have left. Nothing personal but words have meanings. What’s wrong with being elderly anyway?

  • I’m 77 and my partner 83 and we’re not elderly either!

    • shawn the fisherman

      Easy there old school. Denial not just a river in Egypt.

    • Yeah, and the sun is not hot.

    • What age would you say is elderly? The definition is old, not decrepit.

      • shawn the fisherman

        100 years ago 85% of the population was under 30 years old. If you can order from the senior menu at Denny’s then you are elderly.

      • I never implied it had anything to do with decrepit. Im not sure what the cut off should be but 70 certainly falls within “elderly” given the average lifespan. We could apply statistical criteria. The top 15% of age for example. I dont see a need for a hard cut off.

    • I am 65 and work with people older than I am. According to California State Law individuals age 65 and older are classified as “elders”. This is critically important in determining what constitutes elder abuse or neglect. Agree denial is not a river in Egypt. I am physically active as in swim a mile or do a 10 mile bicycle ride every day, am reasonably competent mentally etc. However I am realistic about limitations in line with aging process. That aside, I am proud to be an Elder. I have paid my dues, earned my stripes, look forward to adventures that lie ahead, and certainly have no desire or need to “do it all over again” or pretend I can keep up with someone in their 20-40’s. Glad the lady was found safe and sound. That could have been me. I drive those roads frequently.

  • Over the hill is better than under it!

  • Kym! Is 70yo “elderly”? Reeeeaaaalllly???
    You are challenging my ‘young at heart’ mindset! 😉

    PS: Ha ha! I just looked above to see others who have the same reaction…..

  • She probably had food and water in her car. Smart, young lady!

  • She aged ten years trapped in that rig facing an unknown future / possibly death with her pups . So if she wasn’t “elderly” when her car left the roadway she probably is on day of rescue . Glad they didn’t drag their feet and got right on tracking cell record pings!!

  • I agree, 70 is not elderly! I
    am also 70, but don’t consider myself elderly at all. Glad this lady and her dogs were found safe.

  • I know some Seventy year olds that look and act fifty and some fifty year olds that look and act seventy. Probably depends if you wear Depends.

  • My mind says I’m 25; my body tells me I’m 66……. It’s an ongoing debate, but I’m still able to make the hike to and from Agate Beach and I enjoy my visits to Humboldt Co. every year. As my 87 year old Mom says, “Use it or lose it!” Very glad to hear the lady was rescued! Hope she gets right back in the saddle..um…car and drives again.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    “Google,define elderly”

  • When Social Security goes belly up, we will be working at 70.

    • We all ready are! If you are not lucky or smart enough to have paid your house off, you’ll be working until you can’t! Not all of us planned ahead. I hope all the pot growers are putting away a nest egg. Maybe just keep the old grow dozer running awhile longer and save the money. Time goes by faster every year and before you know it you are 70.

  • When I turned 70 last year, I became an elder. This is a status to rejoice in.

  • Why not just say a ’70 year old woman’?

    • Why not say elderly? Why do some people think the term “elder” is a pejorative rather than an honor?

      • Being an ‘Elder’ carries a connotation of wisdom and a certain ‘status’ (senior discounts aside, though that’s great, too). But being ‘an elderly 70 year old woman’ driver feels judgemental. I heard on the local news an item about a 79 year old man. Not an ‘elderly’ 79 yo man. This wasn’t on your site, but it is noticeably less common to call men elderly. Just sayin’….

        • Too bad that being an elder carries a connotation of judgement rather than a badge of honor.

          • Maybe read my first sentence again. After this, I’m done with this, lol. But I just read two articles in the Guardian. One was about a 79 year old man who piloted his plane into a tree. The other was about a 70 year old man who hung out in his pick up in the Keys for the duration of Irma. Neither article referred to either man as ‘elderly’. I’m done😶

            • I wasn’t attacking you I was just feeling sad.

              But hey, NY Times and NPR both have referred to people in their late 60’s and early 70’s as elderly so I feel like I’m in good company. Also “In Rhode Island public agencies, elderly officially begins at 60. In Hawaii, it arrives at 55. On a national note, the IRS Tax Counseling for the Elderly program offers free tax advice to anyone 60 or older.” http://www.npr.org/2013/03/12/174124992/an-age-old-problem-who-is-elderly

              Damn, I just aged into elderly as far as Hawaii is concerned.

  • As long as it comes with a senior discount, I embrace the term.

  • 91 year old kick butt gymnast for you!

  • 19 of us celebrated our friend Bill’s 99th birthday last week in Ukiah. It was a beautiful get-together & the countries of Switzerland, Thailand, Germany, Portugal, & the USA were represented, which made for a colorful tapestry. Imagine the wisdom, culture, travels, history & life experiences in that group.
    1 card read, “Do you know what the secret is to a long life?” “Keep breathing”.
    (Bill is convinced a Scotch on the Rocks at 5pm is the secret. Gotta love it.)

  • Seventy-one, here. Have one sibling who is 78. What’s the difference? Physically, I have more problems than she does. Mentally, well let me put it this way. She has dementia – I don’t. Same parents, Raised the same way in the same cities.

    Someone up there doesn’t want us to be bored, so makes us each different from the other. Just think what a boring life it would be if we all were the same at the same age. Seventy is just a number. No, actually 2 numbers – 7 and zero, or zero and 7. I’m content. Are you?

  • Your as old as you feel.i don’t feel my age. My brain feels 25,my body on the other hand feels OLDish.lymes takes most of my age. I feel young at heart.I HAVE PURPLE HAIR

  • Well this dear lady was sure not a youngster 🙂

  • Glad she was found and is ok!

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