To Honor Their Fallen Comrades of 9/11, Arcata Fire Crew Climbing the Same Amount of Stairs as in Twin Towers


Firefighter wearing full gear pauses at the top of a long staircase near Cypress Hall today. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

As a mark of respect for those first responders who rushed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 while those inside were fleeing the burning building burning after airplanes controlled by terrorists struck it, Arcata Fire is climbing the stairs at Cypress Hall stairs at Humboldt State University today.

Local firefighters in full gear, some carrying hoses and oxygen tanks work their way up the staircase this morning. They will be climbing it 15 times in order to equal the approximate height of the Twin Towers. Three hundred and forty-three firefighters died when the Towers collapsed that day.

The number 343 is carried proudly by firefighters on Stair climb in honor of 9/11

The number 343 is carried proudly as it is the number of firefighters who died at the World Trade Center. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

124 steps. 75 pounds of gear. 15 laps up and down. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Arcata Fire 9/11 honor stairs

Captain Ross McDonald, 11 years with Arcata Fire pausing to rest on his climb. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

15 laps up and 15 laps down. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Climbing the stairs to honor their fellow fighters who paid the ultimate price while trying to save others. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Firefighters resting after climbing stairs, to honor the dead in 9/11

Jon Busher, fire captain seated on the right reports that going up and down the stairs is “challenging mentally and physically.” But, he says, “We have the luxury of knowing we’re going home after this.” [Photo from Mark McKenna]



  • Nice tribute, good job guys/gals.

  • It would be nice to have a civil round table discussion regarding 9/11. With all due respect to Arcata FD and countless others – unfortunately it seems to be blind services and memorials with overly-used taglines.

    The 9/11 Commission and the Joint Inquiry into 9/11 both found ties to Saudi Arabia, yet certain government leaders covered up as much of that as possible, under oath. (EXCEPT for Cheney and Bush who were questioned together in secret, not under oath, and without notes being taken)

    Why not find out who Qualid Benomrane is?

    Why protect Bandar?

    Let’s find out who our real allies and enemies are.

    • I quite agree, I think we have had enough Whitewashing as well as Misinformation period about this!!! It’s high time the WHOLE TRUTH came out!!!! I still think it was planned & had explosives planted inside as quickly as it came down!!!

      • I just re-watched the demo of Building 7. it was done very professionally, the structural support below the HVAC was the first to detonate which is key to drop a building on its footprint. regardless of every other piece of evidence pointing at an inside job, like the Security Co. change weeks before, building 7 proves it was an inside job.

        • Yep. Someones got blood on there hands in this government of ours…a lot of blood. 3,000 American lives for world domination? Yep small price. Being in paramilitary I respect what these firefighters did and are doing. Dosent matter if this was an inside job or not, it’s still terrorisim and we need to respect those who died doing what there job untitled them to do. One word. HEROES.👨🏻‍🚒🤘

          • these everyday heroes should be honored everyday. everyday I hear the sirens I think of honor and heroes. this day will eventually be associated with dishonor. waiting to deal with this will only make it worse. I spoke with a retired fighter pilot in Fortuna a few days after it and he said plain and simple that protocol doesn’t get broken.

            • This day will never be a day of dishonor as we honor the victims of a terrible event not who caused it, imho the cause has zero effect on innocent lives lost.

    • Everything you wanted to know about 911 explained in under 5 minutes.


      Not sure how long the link will be good before it get blocked but heres an interview where that name is mentioned.

      • During early 2001 in California it seems that Khalid al Midhar and Nawaf al Hazmi had help.

        Bomrane was a taxi driver involved with a cell under investigation in LA after 9/11.

        During an LAPD investigation into this cell detectives focused on Bomrane. He would tell a story about picking up and lightly assisting 2 Saudis before 9/11. He was advused these were friends of the Saudi consulate.

        He told a story about picking them up at a certain hotel. The 9/11 Commission gtabbed the hotel records for the stated time.

        In the hotel records for that time was a checkout folio for 2 suspiciously similar names: Said Abdullah, and Said Abdallah.

        The likelyhood of Nawaf al Hazmi and khalid midhar using aliases is high, and the taxi driver Bomrane -his info was checking out. He had spent time with these 2 hijackers aND had contact with their support network.

        The big deal: Whoever paid for the room for those 2 suspicious names paid with a Mastercard.

        When asked about this, FBI lead investigators give the obvious impression that they have been ordered to not talk about this. Hmmm.

        If you can sit thru 10 minutes of dry info, the interviews are at the end of this video.

        I really am impressed you went looking!

        This side of 9/11 is not as exotic as the building destruction debate, but I think it’s more important because there IS a trail to follow.

        Our CIA and FBI and White House covered for their Saudi buddies, it’s called treason.

  • Prayers to all the family’s who grieve today for their loved ones lost in 9/11.May your souls rest in peace!!and what a wonderful way these men show respect,lots of steps.i was very fortunate to climb the real thing when my mom lived there,and lady liberty,very hot at the top!!!

  • What do you suppose Naomi Klein would say?

  • We must never forget what happen that morning Changed all of are lives for ever We must remind young people

  • Right or wrong, your hearts are in the right place. I salute each and every one of you.

  • As the mother of a firefighter, and a citizen, I appreciate your effort and dedication to those who served on 9/11. May God bless you all.

  • Very nice! I don’t think firefighters are political. I think they just blindly save lives. We should all give them our deepest gratitude.

  • Truly have to compliment Arcata Fire Department for remembering 9-11 and actually doing something remarkable and symbolic today. Your department shines above all other fire department agencies in Humboldt-who dropped the ball horribly. The first fireman picture shown has the pictures of the fallen 343 firemen on his air tank. Small details matter. Other than Richard Quadagno here locally, no one on the North Coast has any understanding of the horrendous loss of life that affected the east coast permanently. The schools don’t teach it, the colleges are a joke so its up to all Americans to remember 9-1-01 and pass on this level of compassion to our children. WE WILL NEVER FORGET?

    • How did other fire departments drop the ball?

    • Humboldt Bay Firefighters went down to Sacramento to participate in the annual stair climb to honor the 9/11 firefighters and other fire departments did their own thing. They just chose to do it silently to honor those lost and not bring attention to themselves and receive the credit.

  • Good on ya firefighters.
    Regardless who was responsible for this act of terrorism, innocent lives were taken. These firefighters are just showing their respect and solidarity to the fallen ones. Prayers to all who were effected by this tragedy.

  • Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

    • Patriotism Rah Rah Rah

      Exactly! Tired of the law enforcement and firefighters being so blindly led astray and so blindly believing the lies that this was a terrorist attack, the real terrorists are in the white house!

  • Why protect Bandar Bush?

    THE JOINT INQUIRY INTO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (public version released July 2003 -where the 28 pages were blacked out ):

    Bandar mentioned 0 times.

    Thumairy mentioned 0 times.

    Omar al-Bayoumi mentioned 32 times

    Osama Bassnan mentioned 13 times

    Abu Zubaydah mentioned 2 times

    The “28 pages” (that was blacked out of the THE JOINT INQUIRY INTO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001)until finally released in July 2016

    Bandar mentioned 18 times

    Thumairy mentioned 5 times

    So every time Bandar and Thumairy were mentioned in THE JOINT INQUIRY INTO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 – it was censored out.


  • Patriotism Rah Rah Rah

    More Bullshit and Manipulation. Those buildings were imploded to gain the public support to start another war. These firefighters are completely brainwashed to think they are “honoring their fallen comrads”… what could be further from the truth. If they wanted to honor the fallen firefighters they would quit falling into the trap of patriotism and they would demand the truth and a real investigation into the events which led up to the implosion of those buildings…. what happened to building 7 ??? 911 was an inside job!

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