Hwy 299 Reopens to One Way Traffic

Hwy 299

Hwy 299 stock photo from Caltrans

Caltrans has reopened Hwy 299 to one-way controlled traffic after it was closed due to a wildfire on August 30.

Christopher Woodward, Public Information Officer for Caltrans District 2 says that motorists should expect delays of up to 45 minutes.

“There are still a lot of crews and equipment in the area,” he explained. He urges drivers to travel slowly and be alert for debris. “The highway is still subject to closure,” he said, as hazardous debris could roll onto the road.

One-way continuous traffic control will be in effect “until something changes,” he said, from one mile east of the Helena bridge to near the Junction City campground which is a little west of Junction City.




    What if I don’t want to go that particular direction?

    • Not sure if this is just fun wordplay or an actual question, so here’s the answer:

      One-way traffic control is the term used when traffic only moves in one direction at a time due to a lane closure. When the road opens, flaggers will let only westbound traffic through at one time, then only eastbound – hence “one-way.” Traffic still moves in both directions, just at different times.

      Whenever you’ve stopped at a construction site and followed a pilot car or seen other vehicles stopped at the other end of the site, you’ve just gone through a one-way traffic control area.

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