SF Chron Says Black Market Is Thriving

Marijuana eradication crews from 2013 in elk Mendocino County[Photo by Paul McCarthy

Marijuana eradication crews from 2013 in Elk, Mendocino County. [Photo by kind permission of Paul McCarthy who runs Mendocino Sports Plus]

In an article curiously dated September 11, 2017, the SF Chronicle focuses on what they call “California’s thriving black market.” Growers hit hard by falling prices and difficulty making sales this year may disagree. However, the article does offer some interesting stats. According to it,

So far this year, 74 sites in [Mendocino] county have been raided, yielding 18 arrests and 89,940 plants. A year ago at this time, 62 raids had netted 38 arrests and 152,128 plants.

Those numbers don’t include the crops hidden by cartels in state and national parks. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marijuana Enforcement Team has seized more than 500,000 plants so far this year — an amount that, by the end of the year, may approach the haul in 2009, when more than a million plants were seized by the state’s Campaign Against Marijuana Planting program, known as CAMP.

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  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Growers are like cockroaches: kill one and 5 show up to take his place.

    Hope you all enjoy the $200/lb you will soon receive for your products.

    I myself plan to go into Cannabis Testing. Hope you find something new to do, besides Methamphetamine Dealing.

    OH and be sure to attend the “Job Fair” in “South Goobsterdam” (Willits) so you can learn to write up your Cannabis Dealer Resume! Valuable skill, drug dealing…

    Can’t wait to see the assembly of barefoot backwoods bumpkins and tattooed women that show up for THAT! Like anyone would give YOU a job!

    Nothing quite like a large congress of idiots…

    Try the Mission District in SF, lots of new hipster businesses are hiring kitchen help…

    • Sigh, lots of nice women have tattoos and my sons are all barefoot backwood hillfolks so try to lighten up a little.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Never mind, future looks bright! Excelsior!

        • Like anyone would want to work with such a negative close minded person. Good luck in the job market bro.

          • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

            Hey, work looks for me, not the other way around…

            It’s about skills, education, experience, competence, authority and follow through… Drug dealing has no place in the employment theater…

            • Hey diesal dog….my “proprietary of agricultural goods” is still paying 1100 a P for my stuff…!

              • Whoo. 11. Can u believe you are saying that like it’s a good thing ? This party is fading like sunset . The smart /lucky ones have paid down their debt load and can navigate this new normal.

                • Yeeeppp. Well deisal says 200, but I think he’s outta da loop. What’s that fertilizer called again…? O yeah. Grow more!

            • I don’t understand the seriousness of your situation my prices have be fair and I excerpt them to stay that way for a long time I guess some of use have the fire and some don’t but I guess if you keep trying hard enough you will get it down good luck

              • Delusional or in denial we are either there or waking up from it ..

                Right Rdog!? You are such an amazing farmer (and person ,- obviously !!) you are and forever will be insulated from the effects of a market glut. Insulated from the negative effects of legalization & industrialization . When there are INFINITE QUANITY OF QUALiTY POUNDS that people will stand in line to accept 8 (or less) for the buyers will be so blinded by the epic-ness of your herb they will want to give you twice that (or more) I’m so sure.

        • What your saying only applies to people who grow low quality organic herb and cannabis that can’t pass pesticide PPB testing. Getting tired of hearing all the drug war victims and schizophrenic’s talk about the legal market like they have a clue! Talk about it like there a part of it, making a contribution and reaping the reward of honest cultivation. What a joke!! Your black market economics don’t apply over here!!
          Stop talking about the 5,000,000 pounds of cannabis that couldn’t even be brought to market legally because of poison, microbial, non permitted… Let’s talk about the 400,000 consumers in the medical market who like to spend $500 a month on HIGH end cannabis! That’s $2.4B a year. Wait till we do a couple years of recreational cannabis and get those numbers…!!!
          Some would say that’s not that much money, but with the catastrophic state in which cannabis is cultivated, that is actually a TON more then it seems and I will explain why.
          With most of the labs/govt random large test samplings taken from all the products at cups, pop up sesh’s and retail stores 8-9/10 samples come back dirty and unfit for consumption. With such a small amount of cultivators being able to produce clean material it actually creates a situation where there is a HUGE DEMAND and SMALL SUPPLY. Simple economics explains the rest…
          Point I’m trying to make is if everybody farmed cannabis like we did 12+ years ago and before(all these greedy earth trashing sociopaths showed up)we wouldnt be having this problem and everybody could get rich off that $2.4B!

          • Well said

          • Yes – and I think much of future pricing will depend on how hard the current federal administration tries to push progress on legalization back. If they’re willing to mobilize the National Guard, subsidize CAMP and other drug task forces with billions of dollars, and fight a lot of court battles they might actually keep prices stable – remember what we called CAMP in the 1990’s? Cops Augmenting Marijuana Prices ;*p

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Barefoot is cool, but you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have tattoos.

        Many people with tattoos have unfortunately never considered that consequence of having ink in your skin.

      • Thank you Kim, my son is barefoot in the woods and always has been. He is educated, works hard and doesn’t need to have the latest, greatest whatever. I am proud of him just as you are of your boys. Those that have a good work ethic and the knowledge for their chosen profession don’t have a problem finding work, in fact they often have more work than they need.

      • Guess Im old school, I think tattoos belong on prisoners, sailors, or criminals. One of the most unattractive things a woman can do to herself.

        • I’m not a fan of tattoos usually though I have seen some lovely ones. But, I know quite a few nice women who have tattoos. I don’t think ink defines character…unless maybe you have a swastika tattooed on you.

        • I disagree. I seen i hot 20 something year old with a tatto above her “pelvic” area with two boxing gloves and below that it said ” hit it like a champ”!

        • Heavily tattooed but very nice woman😉

          You are pretty funny. People have been getting tattoos as long as they have been human. Decorating the body is as old a tradition as exists for humanity. Only in very recent times has it been stigmatized by ignorant people such as yourself

          • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

            Ignorant people get defensive as hell, when they have tats everywhere. I enthusiastically endorse your right to do whatever damn stupid thing you want with your own body, but I also reserve the right to react to your body art in any way that strikes me. I happen to think that tattoos are not feminine OR beautiful, although they are sometimes artistic and colorful. This is not really the place to discuss such things, but I do think your chances of employment in certain fields can be limited by expressing yourself this way.

          • Me? Tattoo nice woman? I got a shit load of tats! Im serious about the “champ” tat… I disagree with hmmm not kym!

        • What about veterans ?

    • [edit] no one will want you to test their stuff.

    • Some people’s children. Smh

    • Comical that you are entering into cannabis testing. You do know cannabis is grow by growers.

      The hypocrisy of people like you who want to hate on cannabis but then turn around and profit from it is astounding. Have you heard labs are selling false goods???

      If not for the locals going legal and the last 25 years of local growers spending their money in Humboldt facilitating the infrastructure to allow goons like you to come in and scrap up a job like testing our pounds, you too would be out of a job. You should be thanking growers who risk their freedom, their families and entire income.

      Put up or shut up, support growers or take their nuts out of your mouth you leach.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        OH and I will make $$ by investing in cannabis funds… Small growers, pretty much over. Wait for it…

        You all have a lot of attitude, but not much cognizance. Stubborn, not too intelligent and entitled as hell is practically impossible to argue with.

        Seniors who want to retire to the country and live quietly will be lining up to take over your properties cheap, after you all finally give up the pot thing to those you can’t compete with.

        • Yeah because driving 4 hours just to get into town to see your doctor is such a dream, let alone how bad is it for the planet to live so far away from everything ? Smh and when they clear the land to build their yards homes and drive ways, will swat teams be there enforcing the laws ? What about the fire departments to respond to falls and the like? You havent thought out your idea very well

        • No seniors will want to live here because the health care here is the worst in the state. Oh, and while the climate to grow is perfect, it is just the opposite for seniors.

        • Lol, suuuure, I can see it now, a little retirement community in the woods, hours from a hospital and often subject to being cut off by weather.

          Hey, I’ve also got some primo beach front property in New Mexico you might be interested in!

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        And thanks, dear growers, for facilitating the infrastructure by buying acres of potting soil, diesel pickups, BMW’s for the old lady, big houses in the forest, and wait, HOW did you support Humboldt? By not paying income taxes, by not paying employment taxes on your people, by not supporting schools, road building, hospital construction, by being fully entitled assholes sneering at regular society in which people work, obey common law, raise children who are educated, vaccinated, loved and supported?

        Well, just get the water delivered, the potting soil trucked in, build another plastic sheeting greenhouse or diesel grow and produce more drugs to fuck up Americans.

        Thank God for growers! You keep our country strong!

        And give me a break! You are just pirates who survived. You don’t care about anything except money, and your own asses. You do nothing altruistic, and your products are good for nothing. You have wasted your lives doing something that no one needs. Hope it feels good!

        • Eh it does. Dont pretty much all humans care about money n saving there own asses and providing for there family? I pay LOTS of taxes. I donate to fire,school,etc. I drive a big ass truck. I buy my ladie nice things. I raise educated children with love through sobriety. Deisal, kill that ugly green monster….remember your insulting a whole tricounty culture. The donkey greenrushers must be who you are talking about.

          • Victor G. Flashman

            Mr Nazi:

            Actually, I am insulting an entire culture! The ubiquitous culture of “give-me everything”, and the pandemic of loser growers.

            Northern California in it’s entirety is infected with folks like you – refugees from normal life – ONLY legalization and industrial level cannabis farming will return the whole of Northern California to it’s proper uses and stewards.

            Cannabis farmers as they exist now, have no standards and zero accountability for their actions.

            If you actually participated in the above ground economy, you would not be able to afford your dope farm or the activities associated with it.

            Your methods are not sustainable, you are WAY too far from your market, and you are much too exposed to profiteering dealers, transporters, and straight up pirates.

            All in all, in 2017, you all look pretty, well, unintelligent, sitting there defending your actions in poorly constructed sentences and misspelled words.

            Growing weed in Humboldt is over! Go home, or buy some actual farmland someplace.

            Quit trying to tell me what a responsible parent you are. It sounds ridiculous, and your words are as empty as the entire drug culture you helped to create.

            You represent an ecological and sociological nightmare on an unprecedented scale, and I cannot wait to see you off your dope farm and back down the road to wherever you came from.

            • Where did you come from? I’m sure not from around here. Locals around here get along for the most part- ranchers/loggers/growers (im all three) – so take your hate back to wherever you came from. We’re in this big economy together and when one part sinks we are all going to feel some pain.

            • Thats LabeledaNazi to u by the way flash…..my roots run VERY deep here. U must know a lot about me flashman. PS. Growing weed in humboldt has been here since the early 70s. It really has only began. I will adapt n change. Always have. Always will $$$. I’ve been labeled a nazi because I’m white and I voted…..

    • Suck on any lemons lately?

    • Why do you have to be such a jerk?!

    • DRW Diesel, I plan on kicking back and finally taking some time off to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other. I like my burger well done.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Enjoy. Maybe I will see you in the ER after you OD. Here’s a song for you!

        Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
        We pillage plunder, we rifle and loot.
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
        We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot.
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

        Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
        We extort and pilfer, we filch and sack.
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
        Maraud and embezzle and even highjack.
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.

        Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
        We kindle and char and in flame and ignite.
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
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        We’re rascals and scoundrels, we’re villians and knaves.
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        We’re beggars and blighters and ne’er do-well cads,
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        Aye, but we’re loved by our mommies and dads,
        Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.
        Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

        • OD on marijuana? That would be quite the trick. As far as I know, it has never been done.

          • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

            Taking drugs is a slippery slope. You take one drug, pretty soon you are taking all of them. If you can find me one single pot smoker who does not take cocaine, meth, smack, tobacco, prescription drugs or alcohol, I will give him a big kiss.

            Pot smokers take other drugs.

            I am someone who knows. Seen one druggie overdose, you have seen them all. I saw a 15 year old woman die from choking on vomit after taking MDMA, a non fatal drug… You can die from drinking too much coffee…

            • 1) No way would I let you kiss me
              2) This area was raped by clearcutting greedheads who left it for dead. People started buying the raped land and making a life that regarded the natural world as more than something to plummet. Prosperity came. Without it, this area would be ghost towns.
              3) People are dying all over the country from the GOOD drugs-sugar/alcohol/fried chicken/TV/ignorance etc etc and bad drugs like the ones you mentioned. Not pot. I know tons of people who just do pot. Who are you hanging out with?

              • Trillium Hummingbird

                SOBER people.

                Nice rationalization though. Saving the environment by getting high and selling drugs. Nice.

                • Trillium Hummingbird

                  You are actually no worse or better than the timber harvesters you pretend to revile. You are just the latest version of the same thing.

                  As for druggies who claim to only use one thing or another, what you learn from working with and around drug addicts is this: How do you know when an addict is lying? His lips are moving!

                  Tell yourself whatever. You are a drug dealer.

            • I don’t think the many folks I know who only use cannabis would be delighted by the idea of kissing you.

              • Trillium Hummingbird

                OK Kym! Thanks for your service!

                • FYI I’m not even a grower, barely smoke it, don’t do alcohol or drugs. As far as growers being as bad as big timber, please…..even the worst ones did not decimate whole old growth forests….please try to grasp reality a little bit.

                • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

                  OH heck mom, you are one of the GOOD whackadoodles! Thanks for not decimating anything today! Besides the English language, that is. i.e. one can “plunder” the earth, but can’t really “plummet” it…

                  Fare well with your pot smoking friends! So sorry I called you a “head case with an attitude problem”…

            • lol you are right, my vocabulary score just plummeted, you plundered my blunder.

        • You need to slow down sniffing that glue buddy? Wtf are you even talking about? A pirates life for you. Sure buddy. Get some

      • He needs to practice these words.( would you like fries with that ?)

    • Diesel drw

      You must have been jealous a long time. It pickled you. You didnt do what you wanted to do all these years while we all had our Maui vacations. Whose the real loser. I accept change because I did what I wanted to do. You are probably old now. I know I am old and satisfied with my college degree, property, and yep less money….who cares. At least I wasnt Jelly Jelly like you!

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        I prefer Kona, to Maui… See you at Island Naturals or Hayashi’s in the Spring! Other than that, I can’t figure out WTF you are talking about!

        Maybe you should take less drugs…

    • Lmao you’re a clown kid.

  • I’m seeing 5,6,700 dollar pounds these daze, not sure what black market there in but sad to say the weed game is shrinking Dailey…

    • I’m still seeing 1200-1600 still for great og light dep. 1800-2200 for Great indoor. If you sell your weed for next to nothing you perpetuate this market crash! It’s all about who you know not what you grow!

    • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

      If it’s outdoor what’s the %thc and does it look like indoor high quality? Sprayed with poison? I would like to see these 7-6-500 pounds then I can tell you what the problem is. If I won’t smoke it, I can tell you that grower should retire/call it quits.

    • My poor brain is overloading

    • Come on people these prices are only temporary! U have to think of the big picture nation wide. U have to have been in this game to know this would happen, its the last “whoraw” for ALOT of growers n the markets flooded. Many growers won’t be able to hang next year. Mark my word…. n two years from now people here will be selling black market A grade for 2-2.5 k. PS New York,philli,Utah,Texas,New Orleans,West Virginia…..there all buying weed n smoking it too! Legal California weed can only be sold in cali. These “legal” growers are gonna f@ck themselves!

  • But today is september 10, 2017 …….. times travel?

  • Did I miss the Operation Yurok stats?

    Is the OpYurok still in progress?

    Just curious because some of us guessed their tally a while back…

  • Testing facilities? What a joke. No oversight whatsoever. You don’t pass, offer more cash, you’ll pass with flying colors. You don’t play that way, and growers go someplace else. To much$ involved for a big grower to just say “whoops, maybe next year” and toss it.

  • All these marijuana articles consistently cause commenters to get into the concern / paranoia about the future of the industry in the ‘Emerald Triangle’ (ET).
    Part of what will help preserve the local farms will come from a well delivered PR / education campaign about the clear advantages of outdoor, sun bud marijuana. Think of it like a ‘Put ‘Em In The Sun’ type campaign, statewide, delivered in a targeted manner.
    Organic, outdoor sun bud, is unquestionably the healthiest pot to smoke/ consume. It is not only healthiest for the individual consumer, it is also best for the environment as it is the lowest in carbon footprint. (Plus it costs less to produce).
    Educating the public about the above advantages, which people are slowly becoming more conscious about, will be a way for (ET) outdoor marijuana to be a more highly sought-after commodity, and thus a more sustainable business.

    • What are the advantages? Our local power is generated from a failry clean power plant and we now have the option of buying 100% clean energy. What about the carbon footprint of all the materials that are transported to outdoor sites? Soil comes from somewhere and has to be transported way out to the hills.

      What about the clear cutting, grading, illegal road building, use of pesticides, poaching wildlife? What about the relative filthiness of anything produced outdoors locally? Dust, pollen, mold spores, insect shit? Sound and light pollution? Fertilizer run off?

      If we had an old, dirty, coal fired power plant, then you may have a point on at least one aspect. If we compare best indoor practices to best outdoor practices, indoor produces a cleaner, more medicinal quality cannabis, has far less or no impact on wildlife, and it is much easier to mitigate it’s carbon footprint. In current practice, outdoor is far more destructive to the environment. What do I know, I just have a degree in ecology.

      All the reports I’ve looked at that suggest outdoor being better for the environment than indoor have been deeply flawed.

      Standards for testing also favor outdoor, since so much of the filths on outdoor buds are not things which are tested for. The standards of testing are appropriate for products that are expected to be washed before being consumed, such as produce, not cannabis.

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      high quality INDOOR products are produced all the time that are organic and without pesticide.
      The electrical for it is produced from hydro and the sun. I would gaurantee that my “carbon footprint” is many many times smaller than my sun grown neighbors. Who daily receive truck loads of water, truck loads of dirt in the spring, daily FedEx and UPS deliveries… and endless skid steer work.. Subsequently the quality is a genetic factor but tends to come out better in controlled environments. And we have zero runoff to any stream, water shed, or any wetland of any type. So grow that in your clean room and smoke it!

      • Bullshit.. it’s near impossible to grow indoor truly organically. Maybe on a micro scale but not industrially. How do you control mites? They are not an issue out door from seed. They are a huge problem in any indoor scene, and everyone I’ve ever seen uses nasty chemical to control them. Sure there is organic approaches but they are a lot of spraying on a very frequent schedule and you can never take a break.

        • I have grown indoor organically for almost 10 years and I m far from alone. Not that organic is any better, in any way, just my preferred products for other reasons. I have no idea what you think is difficult about it. You are obviously ignorant on this topic, as mites are a giant issue outdoors and nasty pesticides (organic or not but normally not) are used to kill mites on outdoor crops. Essentially no outdoor grower grows from seed. Based on your comments, I highly doubt you have spent a single day growing cannabis.

          “Sun grown” is a marketing tactic that appeals to the layman’s romantic notions of cannabis cultivation.

          • @ hmmm Out door grown from seed requires no artificial lighting, no pesticides or fungicides, ever. It is easy to grow in most all native soils in the area, except serpentine or extremely rocky or a few other situations in which compost / topsoil needs to be trucked in, for a one time cost. Rototill some amendments in in the spring, water throughout the season. That’s all.
            So how does that compare to indoor? You use potting soil (sourced from Canada’s peat bogs ), city water (chlorine), whatever cool fertilizer is hot this year from the hydro stores, and tons of pesticides to keep the spider mites at bay. Organic or not(you say it doesn’t really matter!) , 20+ lights running all year round to produce what a modest out door garden produces in one harvest.
            Come on man! No comparison on environmental impact.

            This is the way it’s done.. I’m not talking about dipshits who light deep all year and use potting soil and all that kind of stuff out doors. They are idiots. I’m talking about the real out door farmers.

  • The Story of Sungrown

    • Some of you are starting to sound like the blight on the planet that you are. Listen to an old, old folk song, The Merry Minuet. It sums up most of these arguments very well. I’m sure it’s on youtube.

  • Smoke Mirrors Propaganda and Hate

    Smoke and Mirrors of what is really happening and happened in those Mendocino Woods; The article fails to mention that the “old logging roads” are in fact still used and maintained by the logging companies and the state to access those “logging parcels” where the forest has been routinely clearcut since the 1850”s by out of state bankers and corporation who thought nothing of clearcutting 2000 year old redwoods! The streams were used to ship the trees to the mill, the entire Noyo river was used to ship redwood logs to the Mill at the Mouth of the Noyo River, logs were clearcut, bucked into 20 foot sections and piled using oxen into the river, dams were built and when a large storm came in the winter the dams were released and the water gushed the logs to the mill ponds, destroying the Noyo River forever. There is currently very very few salmon even remaining in the Noyo. Not mentioned is the heavy industrial use of these lands by both the State ” Jackson State Demonstration Forest” and large corporations like Hawthorne Cambell, a global deforestation outfit who is even responsible for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest… We forgot to mention that Fort Bragg was once a military Indian Reservation where Indians from Sherwood and Willits were trapped and held as virtual slaves, Read the Book “The Noyo” as well as “The Mendocino Reservation” by Winn.
    Mill owner with heavy banking ties to New York and Germany, A.W. McPherson used the Indians as slaves, slaves who were dying of starvation by 3-5 per day according to early reports! Thomas Henley (Indian Agent) and A.W. McPherson had an agreement that McPherson could build a Mill on the Reservation land at the Mouth of the Noyo, and Henley would supply the labor (Indian slave labor). Later on through official inquiry Henley would be investigated for allowing the Indians to starve while misappropriation of funds meant to feed the indians. The Culley Bull Station Farm on the South Bank of the Noyo where the “Pomo Bluffs”are today was the Indian farm, yet all of the food went to feed McPhersons loggers while the Indians were not clothed and left in a starving state of destitution! Syphilis and other VD ran rampant as Indian women were routinely raped. WhIle thousands of Indians were claimed to be on the Mendocino Reservation, everytime there was an inspection by outsiders the Indians were always out “picking berries”, meanwhile Henley was selling the Indians and renting the Indians to McPherson as a kind of slave. All this is the truth and can be found in the States Minority and Majority reports and inquiries. This article above is a joke and hides the truth about who and what destroyed Mendocino”s Salmon industry and Mighty Redwood Forests. The Salmon count is not even 2% in the Noyo of what it once was! The egg taking station does not even take eggs anymore or plant fish along the Noyo. The Salmon Spawning beds are “sediment impaired” from clearcuts and landslides, old growth forests lock in cool weather and moisture while young new growth provides zero canopy or weather stabilization, produces zero fog, and used 10 times the water than old growth redwoods. Meanwhile entire swaths of the redwood belt, 250,000 acres are sprayed with herbicides to kill tan oak trees which are the bread and butter food supply for bears, squirrels and other critters in the forest by Mendocino Redwood Company, owner of Old Navy And The Gap! We can keep blaming cannabis farmers, but the truth is the logging companies and the State killed the Noyo River and nailed the last nail in the coffin in the 1980’s!

  • The Mendocino Indian Reservation

    “and paternal. On January 19, 1855, he wrote, “Saw some of our old tribe of Indians — they come out of the valley on to the coast for ‘musles’ which they dry on sticks and pack out into the valley — they report cold weather and some snow at the head of Big River.”9 The one hostile incident reported during this period occurred in February of 1853, when some Indians raided a small sawmill being constructed by George and Gebhard Hagenmeyer about three miles up the Noyo River. According to the 1880 History of Mendocino Country, “the Indians made raid on the place and drove the occupants off, and stole everything in the house, except three guns, which they left, being evidently afraid of them.”” Reports of trouble increased in the spring of 1855. The first of these reports was a letter to Thomas Henley, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in California, from Robert White, a settler with a cabin about three miles north of Mendocino. White wrote that the Indians had been driven to the coast during the winter by the cold weather and lack of food in the mountains, and that the settlers in the area were complaining because the Indians were stealing food from their homes while they were away. “The whites are making a great many threats against the Indians,” he warned, “and I should not be surprised to see trouble, if there is not some provision made for them in a short time.” He went on to report that the Indians had seemed pleased when he informed them that the government was planning to protect them and instruct them in agricultural pursuits.” Robert White was not merely a concerned citizen. He was a kind of Indian agent at large, probably under the pay of Superintendent Henley. Later in the year he wrote a number of letters to Henley detailing his activities among various Indian “tribes.” In September, for instance, he wrote Since writing my last I have been busily engaged among the Indians in hunting and looking after them: I have heard nothing more about kidnappers, and the Indians have become quiet again. Since my commencement of hunting for the Indians, they have been very peaceable and have committed no depredations worth speaking of. I have visited and hunted for 15 different tribes of Indians numbering, as near as I can ascertain, from four to five thousand. Since June 4th (which was the day I commenced hunting) I have killed twenty-three Elks, two hundred and sixteen deer, and seven Bears, which I distributed as equally as I could among the above number of Indians.’2 In his position as official, or quasi-official, Indian agent, White received a petition from the residents of the Mendocino coast demanding that the government take some action to resolve the problem of Indian “depredations” in their area. The petition, dated May 1, 1855, was a strongly worded elaboration of White’s earlier warning to Henley that there would be trouble if something was not done soon: Mr. Robt. White Sir: Having understood that you have to do with Indian matters, we make this application, viz: that the Indians be provided for, and looked after, in such a manner, as will prevent their stealing our crops, from the fields, and our property from our houses. We have now been suffering, by the Indian depredations, for more than two years, and bearing the evil, patiently, with the hope, that, something would be done, for our protection, and, still, there appears to be no move, in the matter. This season has been more than usually, severe, on account of the failure of the acorns, and, consequently, many thousand Indians have been driven to our neighborhood, of the coast, to procure shellfish and sea weed, and, of late, have stolen all they can lay hands on — hogs, young pigs, chickens, seed potatos, and pease, from the ground — flour, pork, clothing, etc., and there is not one house, or ranch, on the coast, that has not suffered, severely, and we, each, have the prospect of a postive and certain loss of all we have, including the coming crop. Now, all this can be avoided by sending a schooner-load of potatos, to be distributed amongst them occasionally, and paying some attention to them, generally. 9 We, for our part, have come to the conclusion, to stand their depredations, no longer, and only await your answer, to commence operations. You will have time to communicate with those in authority, to this state, and tell them, that we require an answer, forthwith, and, also, that silence, or inaction, in the premises, will be construed as a refusal, and a war of extermination be entered into, by a set of men, maddened by the losses of several years labor, and a prospect of the same, for the future. It might be as well to say, that, in one night the Indians dug, and carried off, all the potatos from a six-acre lot, belonging to Mr. Saml. Watt, and, also, that they have robbed his house, several times, and last week, stole his seed potatos, from the field, at night — that Mr. Caspari’s house was broken open, last Thursday, and all he possesses, in provisions, clothing, blankets, etc., stolen — that Capt. Thompsons’s house shared a similar fate, on Saturday, and, also, Mr. Mitchell’s — and, last night, the house of Capt. Rundall, at the Noyeaux River, was broken open, and robbed of stores, and articles that belonged to the Proprietor — and several other persons, who are perfectly exasperated, and with good cause; having, at all times, treated the Indians well. We could mention other instances, but you are already acquainted with them, and know that we have just grounds, for acting as we intend. If those in authority, wish to prevent an Indian War, they can do so, by affording immediate relief, and, if not, they must not expect us to stand, quietly, by, and see our crops, in fact our all, our very means of subsistence, taken, and we be left to starve, after years of labor. In about a month, or six weeks, from this time, our new crops can be stolen, and we want some action taken, in the affair, before that time elapses. With the highest regard and respect, for you, and the gentlemen who have the management of Indian affairs, in California,

  • Dying industry, next

  • Thriving my ASS!!maybe in their neck of the woods.lmao

  • California grows 12 times more than it consumes. Until all of the states, and the feds legalize it, Cali will continue to supply 3/4 of the nations herb at least. The trick is finding the elusive buyer. Here buyer, here buyer, whos got the buyer?

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    In the end, the gold rush, it ended. The timber thing, over. The pot growing, it will mostly disappear too.

    You all grow too far from the market, using unsustainable and unsustainably expensive methods: you can’t possibly compete with professional farmers, or with all the other whack-job growers producing dirty-butt weed.

    Boutique weed MAY survive, with the tourists. Can you adapt, grow, brand, market? We shall see…

    • Victor G. Flashman

      AND, fortunately, there happens to be an incredible amount of opportunity, right now, in the regular employment theater that growers left behind. Have a look around, the world needs plenty of skilled labor, entrepreneurs, and service people. You don’t have to struggle in a harsh environment for dwindling returns.

      Go home, get your real life back!

      • Oh, you mean CVS is hiring for lifetime positions of absolute boredom and monotony and covering for the managers? Yay!

        Some left the system behind because mostly, the system sucks.

        It aint easy finding good employment with an employer who is worth working for.

        • Victor G. Flashman

          Welcome to the world as it is. Feel free to change it! Sitting there fuming and putting it down will get you just as nowhere as growing weed.

          Try education and personal development. Try focusing on something other than the 24/7 party and the pirate lifestyle. Look for a position in the new field of professional cannabis farming and marketing. There is so much opportunity, even you could succeed.

    • Keep it real, keep it honest

      Hi, you day the cannabis here is grown too far from the market? Tell me, do you consume goods that are produced closer to you? Or are you failing to hold yourself to the standards you impose upon others? I just want to know if you feed yourself in a more environmentally conscious way that the practices you are criticizing.

  • Panic is seting in it sounds like don’t panic every thing is going to be OK

  • Are there any economists modeling what happens to a regional GDP if 20% or more of the population are unemployed weed refugees sitting around? In an economic model, they’d be immediately put to work doing something else. But in the real world, they’re just going to sit there and get pissed.

    If people don’t have economic hope and lose their livelihoods and they’re displaced, they tend to get floating rage syndrome and mess things up. It’s the kind of world we have created here in Humboldt through a perfect storm of neglect and greed.

    We are in for unpleasant times. That’s where I see things heading now. Of course, I AM SATAN, so none of this is a surprise to me.

    • The economists have already projected last year that once full legalization is in place whole sale price for herb will settle at 50$. Five oh. Gee.

      Source: Indeed some analysts think that once a fully developed legal market is in place, the natural wholesale place for pot could fall to less than $50 a pound..”


      • Umm, I would expect wholesale production price to fall. I suppose that I could see $50./pound with a national regulated market and unlimited canopy production.

      • 9.25 an ounce is just about 150 bucks a pound.

        That’s the tax growers must pay the state off the top.

        Until and unless that changes, it’s going to provide a floor for wholesale on the licensed market.

      • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

        If $50lb was an accurate economic model for the price, big money wouldn’t even touch the industry. What’s happening is big money is manipulating the industry right now hoping for collapse, donating to fish and game, playing with local politics all in an effort to take the market at a huge discounted price.
        It’s propaganda at its finest economic warfare with the competition all to gain market share.
        Don’t fall for the price crash hype, people don’t pass laws to loose money, they are just patiently waiting..

        • The analysts are wrong then? Please explain?

          You must realize that the giant players in this future cannabis game are basing their business model on volume. (Few herbs or fruits wholesale at 50/#.) And be aware of the reality of farming, which is a tough occupation. It is NEVER the farmer that makes bank. It’s the distributors and the businesses that use that produce to MAKE something else -value added.- Farmer’s aren’t “crushing it” in the real world.

    • Start making realistic moves people, regarding your future. The time in NOW and this includes folks in all associated industries. Wishing everyone the best from this looming fallout.

      This financial storm will wreck the emerald triangle silently. 😕

  • Can someone please provide more information on the strain of marijuana that can turn a normal man homosexual? I believe this is correct information and this type of marijuana does exist and is being grown and sold. I don`t know how long one has to partake of this; if it requires continuous usage and if it will affect every man the same.

    Any information on this would be appreciated.

    • Got someone you are planning on sharing this fabled love potion with?

    • The fact that you’re so interested in this strain makes me think that you probably don’t need to smoke it.

      • It`s a guy I work with who`s a stoner. He keeps looking at other guys when they bend over to pick up a tool Even looks at me and seems to think I`m cute. I think he`s smoking the weed that turns you queer. If he thinks I`m cute, he`s really far gone!

    • @ John Ripper~ Any boof weed grown by Emerald Family F!@m*ers! Shall do the trick. Question: ” hey man wanna hit this moon rock blunt with some EFF live rosin that won awards last weekend?
      Response: No thanks I’m already gay! 🤣
      Credit to : @Sourwavez for the joke

    • John ripper- science has it as a toss up between blue dream or tangie. As for your work deal it sounds like you’re the one doing all the staring…

      • Victor G. Flashman

        I don’t think you have to smoke dope to be gay. Gosh, sex is just sex, it doesn’t mean anything. Smoking pot can turn men into, well, men with breasts, but they probably hit that since they have been out in the forest too long, and since many women don’t want to shag a fuzzy guy who lives in a tent, stinks, has beer breath and a dirty pickup, and who hasn’t paid his child support in 10 years…

  • Not sure how i would ever replace the amusement factor from the comment section on this site. Certainly is one good thing to have so many undereducated mentally deficient liberal [edit] in humboldt that are convinced their confusion is some sort of intelligence or brilliance.
    Outside the county line they call this delusion of grandeur, but dont let that stop you in any way shape of form from expressing your thoughts.
    Keep it up humboldt this shit is priceless and we can’t wait to see who the giant of the mental midgets is today!
    You should actually award someone daily. Let them know how much they are appreciated!

  • Feel the bern

  • shawn the fisherman

    Most of these comments are skip worthy. I feel bad for Kim, Has to read all this B.S.

    • Post-Jerry Lettuce Head

      She’s probably has a fast workflow to scan through it all by now. Perhaps it’s her compass that lets her know she’s still attached to reality more than the average.

    • Damn that’s a first- I agree with Shawn:)
      I can understand the hating on some of the newer gro-bros out there, they annoy me too but really people.. find something more productive to do with your time.

      • @ Emily- Between the Caption photo 😂and John Ripper’s very serious question and reader response’s I just couldn’t help myself ! A little humor helps. Back to being productive now !

  • Including YOUR comment?

    • [edit]
      im looking forward to the day when its quiet in the woods again legal weed is for suckers and so is all this greenruxh crap

  • “Police crack down on black-market pot to protect regulated growers”

    I think this motivation is the same reason why this blog and almost every story on marijuana in every news source is flooded with trolls advocating for legal marijuana and disparaging black market, home and small grows. There are hundreds of millions of dollars already invested in marijuana stocks and investments right now. Those LLC’s are investing that money into land, real estate, testing, permits, bribes, and distributing centers etc. You think they would hesitate to hire a PR firm?

    Politics and Marijuana issues attract paid trolls.

  • If you are experiencing a mental health emergency call the humboldt county crisis line 888-849-5728. The folks who take calls are trained counselors.

  • I know tobacco is going for like $4 dollars a lb if that helps

  • I just got high speed connection here under a canopy, as well, have been without any connection for more months than i want to remember. Anyway, i’ll try and forward the latest good news i’ve read.

    The bad news you don’t wanna realize – the fires are burning up America for profit. Federal bribes, err grants, flow after so many thousand acres are burned. Like the U.S. paid for gunning down America’s originies.

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