[Audio] Floyd Squires denies salacious accusations related to arson fire; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (8:54): After Eureka put out a press release including a salacious and so-far-unproven accusation regarding notorious landlord Floyd Squires, the property owner did respond to at least one reporter’s request for comment.

“(He) said the accusations were unfounded and that he did not know the suspect,” said North Coast Journal Assistant Editor Kimberly Wear.

Two suspects may end up facing charges related to an alleged arson fire that brought down one wing of the Blue Heron Motel along Broadway in Eureka. Kattie Yocum, who is headed to trial, and Desirae Henley, who according to a police report made the unproven accusation that Yocum ignited Squires’ property after Yocum failed to receive an apartment in exchange for a salacious act.

In the podcast Wear discusses her interactions with Squires and his lawyer, Floyd and Betty Squires’ local history as property owners, how a defamation expert witness said Eureka’s press release may have some red flags, and much more.

The interview begins at 8:54.

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  • In the end the city is likely to have to pay for its unprofessional inclusion of an irrelevant salacious rumor in an official report. It doesn’t even matter whether it is right or wrong in fact. It was wrong of city officials to publish it. It was outside the authority of the employee making the allegation.

    There has always been a strain of unprofessional vindictiveness in Eureka’s bureaucracy. In fact, to a lesser extent in Humboldt Co government too. It is never alright to conduct a personal vendetta use government as a weapon no matter how ugly the person is. It demeans government to make it a personal fiefdom.

    • Excellent comment. Thank you.

    • Is a police report not something any member of the public can access through a records request? Eureka sharing information that anyone can get doesn’t seem all that wrong to me.

      • It’s very unprofessional to slander someone whe you are a city official.

        • If Eureka said Squires did it that would be slander. However, all Eureka did was point to a report with clear accusations, not facts.

          • I understand what you are saying, it just doesn’t make the city look very professional, nothing illegal about it. Personally I don’t care for squires at all they are a blight on the whole area.

            • Any employee who so exposed the City to having its court cases, both those involve the Squires property and the criminal arson , damaged by including extraneous, unverified and sensationalized comments in a press release should be fired under the Employee Standards of Conduct. The level of bad judgement and personal vindictiveness was incredible. The only thing that will save them is that the person who did it was the boss.

              • So you think that police reports should be hidden from the public? Or just reports dealing with very special people like Floyd?

                • A government issued press release is not a Jerry Springer TV show where people are held up for ridicule for ratings and innuendo is as good as fact. Every person has certain individual rights in dealings with the government. It doesn’t matter whether they are popular or unpopular. They have rights.

                  There is a huge list of exceptions to public disclosure of police records under the California Code. (Section 6254.) Several of these apply to Squires in this case. It is immaterial whether you like or dislike him- you have no right to curtail his rights. And you should be very grateful that such rights exist so that someone you have irritated can not salt a police report with all sort of nasty opinions and have it made public at their whim.

                  BTW have you noticed that in the case Squires was the victim in this case? His property was burned down. That gives him even more rights under the code covering disclosure. Beside the fact it was simply a stupid thing to do as it certainly jeopardized any court proceding in arson case and in the seperate housing violations case and any civil case that anyone ever wants to bring that involves Squires.

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        Actually no. Found that out the hard way. Freedom of information act doesn’t apply to cases where the police report lists witnesses, etc. even if you are a victim of a violent crime. If this isn’t accurate let me know because the police department refused to give me copy of police report and I was the victim!

        • Looking into state laws about it, I’m seeing property crime police reports are easier to obtain. Technically this would have been a property crime police report.

    • We can all thank Sparks and Gerving for this entire Mess! They are such fine upstanding employees of Eureka.

    • I think there will be a lot more that the city will be paying for than just slander. Some of the buildings were actually cleared of violations and then deemed a problem. How do they get the ok to just tear them down? Seems kind of fishy to me.

    • Floyd Squires is full of shit. He did promise me an apartment in exchange for blow job. It’s pretty embarrassing to admit but I did suck his dick and he never game me an apartment. Hence why I lit his motel on fire.

  • I Would deny that too! Sure buddy!

  • Good for Eureka. A courageous move telling us exactly what these people responsible for so many properties are capable of.

    • Inmocent until proven guilty, if someone said things about you that were false to a group of people that werent happy with you and they beleived it and spread ot around you would be crying foul. Just try to show respect and treat others how you would like to be treated wither or not they deserve or not and you will be a happy person

  • Yocum and Henley are undercover vigilantes working for Uncle Sam.

  • Donna Schwichtenberg

    I rented from the Squires the worst land Lord ever he’s a scum Lord

  • Donna Schwichtenberg

    He’s a scum Lord i rented from the Squires the worst land Lord ever

  • Since the Squires have been lamdlords here for such long time how come we haven’t heard about anything like this til now

  • I heard she has a lock tight case, she’s coughing up all kinds of evidence…

  • Nothing out of his mouth is the truth!!!!!!No way no how ever

  • At least it looks cleaner on that lot now,both of them.Tear them all down!!!!

  • Floyd Squiars can say all he wants…Hes a major cancer to EUREKA. All his palaces need to be shut down. This is my opinion…….

  • He’s a blight on our community!

  • If he were scum, he would have taken the 1% govt loans long ago to make the cosmetic changes needed to his dumps, so he could collect 10x the rent money like the other landlords have done.
    But he didn’t.
    He chose to house the down and out that nobody else would.
    He still had to charge crazy enough high rent, in order to pay off the city extortion fees and court battles throughout the years, so his tenants could remain housed.
    Case after case is the main ingredient for “if you tell a lie often enough, eventually the people believe it”. Even those who don’t watch the nightly news have come to know who “Squires” is, thanks to the pat your back media.
    When the cases and costs for cases increased, his funds for maintenance decreased.
    That’s the way I see it.
    No, I haven’t bothered to listen to the audio. It’s difficult to trust a journalist who depends on the entertainment industry for material.

      • It is hard to find anyone who has a good word for him. But I wonder why a person would be a tenant in one of the ramshackle buildings he owns in the first place. I have not been a renter in awhile but surely he can not he the only landlord around.

      • Which ones, Kym? The ones who wish to remain because they have no other option at this time while they save up for a better life? Or those who cry about everything and demand for the landlord to change their lightbulb? Maybe you mean the ones who will agree to say or sign anything for a baggie? Maybe it’s the ones who are stuck there for life due to their bad choices, so they blame their environment?
        There’s always two sides to every coin. Sometimes there’s more than one coin.

    • Depends on the entertainment industry meaning… analyzing localized reports from listeners, media outlets, agencies, officials, and community members in order to deliver an objective audio product? If so, okay. The podcast isn’t for everyone, but I believe listeners have gotten something out of what Kim had to say. She’s been analyzing the facts about Squires for a long time. And to one of your points, she does mention Squires taking in tenants that nobody else will.

      • Sorry Myles, but you lost all respect when you eagerly beaverly referred John Oliver as your “expert”.

        • Oh I see, would you transcribe when I said that?

          • A few podcasts ago. A month or so?
            I used to look forward to your middleman approach, your voice, your energy and your community news. Then bam, your true self came out. When I called you out on it, you referred to Oliver as a source you look up to.
            Your sources are your sources, and if that’s your thing, then have at it. But as for me, I like my soup non biased thank you.
            Except Kym’s blog. She ticks me off sometimes, too, but at least she acknowledges her bias.

            • Yeah, Kym is fantastic! So no transcription? I truly appreciate the nice things you said, but I never said Oliver is a source I look up to. You can fact-check that here.


              In that story, a company that purchased some of our local TV stations was getting national coverage. I believe the story was covered additionally by Loco and the TS. If you Google “Sinclair Broadcast Group” you’ll find the national coverage. While I referenced Oliver’s reporting, I also interviewed a journalist who used to work for the stations in question. He had both positive and negative things to say.

              I suppose I’m going to tick some people off simply by covering the news, and that’s okay. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you’ll come back around for more of that middleman approach. Now I’m off to spend time with family!:)

  • The city of Eureka should erect a statue of Katie Yokum, possibly designate a holiday. We need more heroes.

    • what we need is everyone fired involved in this very expensive pissing match. it all started with Gary Boughton who headed up the Engineering Dept. and live across the Street from the one on H. his wife was in the recent settlement. its delusional to think the tenants are the result of his dwellings.

  • Eureka needs to drain the swamp!
    A major colon cleansing to get the fecal matter out is in order.
    How long can the city operate the same dysfunctional way?
    How do they expect to be taken serious?
    Officials need to be held accountable and their days are numbered, election time eurekans will remember and vote accordingly. Until then clean up your act!

    • its hard to drain the swamp when its the staff and nepotism.

    • I think that the removal of Floyd Squires properties will be a pretty popular idea on election day. Maybe you can start the “Slumlord Party,” Floyd! Eliminate all building codes in Earthquake country! Legalize not paying hookers!

      Not me, though. I will be voting Katie Yokum for City Engineer!

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