Farmer’s Market Open and Flourishing in Spite of Shooting Last Night

Arcata Farmer's Market

Arcata Farmer’s Market is flourishing despite a little chaos as stand owners were forced to move from their normal areas as a result of an active crime scene. [Photo from the Humboldt Growers Association was taken today.]

The Arcata Farmer’s Market is offering an abundance of farm fresh goods as harvest season hits full swing. The farmers’ stands are in different areas than usual though as they had to be moved because officers are investigating a shooting that occurred around 1:30 a.m.

“We’re all scrambled today, but we’re here,” said Paul Leslie, Board Member with the North Coast Growers and owner of Humboldt Honey Wine.

The farmers had to park in different places than normal but, he explained, customers are able to shop for all the items they usually purchase at this popular weekly event.




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