Cannabis Job Fair in Willits

Cannabis Job Fair posterPress release from Mendocino Cannabis Resource:

Mendocino Cannabis Resource (MCR) is excited to host a countywide cannabis career fair to help connect emerging cannabusinesses and prospective employees alike.

This will be Mendocino County’s first ever cannabis job fair and your support is needed so MCJF can be free for those seeking jobs to attend.

MCJF will offer….

– Exhibitors will receive a packet from MCR to include resources needed to make hiring easy and effective for their company.

– For those seeking jobs, we will be offering a series of free resume writing workshops at the MCR office prior to the event.

To support the success of everyone participating, we will be offering educational components to both employers and potential employees.

Where:  Little Lake Grange, 290 School St. Willits CA

When:  Thursday, Sept 28th 2017, 1-5pm

You can register to be an employer exhibitor, job seeker & for the free resume workshops at



  • Please list names and addresses for your last 10 years in this field ……… haha

  • There goes the neighborhood….

  • Ghost Zombie Towns

    How does anyone believe there will be job opportunities associated with weed in Northern California’s future? The weed “industry” here is dead. 18 months left tops. RIP Humboldt s underground economy. May god have mercy on all your souls.

    • Well let’s look at colorado. How many good paying jobs does there industry support. With over 3000 dispensaries in the state with an average of 20 employees per. 10000 licensed cultivator with an average of 15 employees the large trim creed of 40 plus that roam those big grows. The kitchens that produce edibles the cultivation supply houses the jobs add up to the largest industry in nor cal. These are all good paying jobs with benifit and direct deposit sick days and vacation time.. I don’t think this job fair is all its cracked up to be but don’t be fooled people will not quit smoking weed and there will be good high paying jobs to be had. I predicted all this when PalCo. Fell

      • None of those are good paying jobs, trimmers make minimun wage. It’s going to be like everything else; barely making enough to get by unless you are on top.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    What kind of fucking joke is this? I am so sure that a bunch of web-footed, uneducated, dope-smoking backwoods tweaker-weed cowboys are going to show up for a “Resume Writing” workshop!! What a stupid concept. Like these people want a “job”!!

    Give a class on “running over tourists”, “killing the forest”, “puffing” on the freeway in your diesel pickup, “spliff-rolling”, or “how to act like a stupid fucking entitled asshole in public while waving hundreds around”… It would be packed! How about a class in “Moving to Redway to live in a crappy rundown motel permenantly, while raising a family on welfare, dealing drugs, and fucking over your landlord”, how about “Complaining about everything 101″… Nah, Humboldt residents don’t need a class to do THAT well…

    I certainly hope that MOST of the “Cannabis Businesses” in Northern California go OUT of business due to over-planting, overproduction, and crashing prices and profits, and damn soon.

    Mendocino is full of “Cannabis Farmers”, and they have wrecked the place. Lake County is almost as bad, although the Farmers there are more organized than those in Humboldt.

    If you want a future in Cannabis, there might be a truck driver job down in Salinas or Bako, but NOT if you are stoned!! Better believe there will be PLENTY of “Cannabis farm jobs”, but MOST of them will go to Hispanic folk, who are more reliable and sober than ANYBODY you will find in Humboldt. And they DON’T come to work wearing PAJAMAS!

    • Dang, dude, I’m willing to bet you’ve never been to any cannabis collective or dispensary. There’s some nice folks in there. Could you try to at least envision that there are good folks who are involved in marijuana growing? Because, if you can’t, you likely wrote off 70 to 80% of the hill country in Humboldt where I live.

    • You sound like your significant other makes you sleep on the couch. Try fixing your life first and then bitch about everybody elses

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Never been to a dispensary. Saw one on “Weeds”… Very comical.

    Marijuana is for losers. Growing it – well, good luck in all your future endeavors.

    We are talking about employing, for salary, in a business. I have met many job applicants in Humboldt, but most actual “jobs” go unfilled there.

    Pot has ruined Humboldt County, and I don’t expect it to get better any time soon. As for writing people off, I think when you grow out in the woods, you are pretty much writing yourself off… as well as everyone else in general society.

    Not much else to say, except that it is not surprising that folks in Humboldt kill themselves and die in accidents and get cancer at much higher rates than in other places. You think it could be the drugs? The harmless “medicine”? Hmmm…

    • Personally, I think it is the negative attitudes of folks who perpetuate hostility. No science behind it that I know of but some attitudes leave me feeling pretty bleak about life. If I weren’t so lucky to be born in a great family and community, I might let the hostility turn me to drugs or suicide.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    But I think that position as a “taster” has been filled…

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