Arcata Mayor Releases Statement on Fatal Shooting

Press release by Arcata Mayor Susan Ornelas:

This morning’s shooting on the Plaza is very disturbing. Our community is again shaken with violence and the trauma of great injury and loss of life.

The City appreciates the support that Humboldt State University provides to patrol the downtown on busy weekend nights. Our hearts go out to the injured University officer. The job of protecting our community can be dangerous and difficult. I am deeply grateful for the commitment that our peace officers make to our community every day and night.

As Mayor I will continue to work with the community to find solutions to reduce crime on the Plaza and restore safety for all our residents. This will include working with the City’s Public Safety Task Force and the meetings the Council will hold on student safety starting this Wednesday at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

There will also be a community-initiated meeting on Plaza safety this Thursday, September 14, at 6

p.m. at the Jam, located in Arcata on the corner of 9th and H Streets.

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  • Great Job To APD and UPD…..Get WELL Soon Officer Altec…..Your a great man and Officer. Both Officers are in my prayers….

  • “You’re” a great man – meaning “you are.”
    “Your” shoes are muddy – possessive

    Agreed, great job by the officers!

  • What a crock of -hit statement! Hug your peace pole,stop your criminal sanctuary garbage, cite and arrest until the low lifes leave. Otherwise, all you say Susan is hollow bs and we all know it.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Shutting down The Plaza is the only real solution, because somewhere under it is buried a giant magnet that attracts weirdos.

    The logical choice for Arcata is to convert The Plaza into either a Walmart or a Home Depot.

    The sooner excavation can begin, the weirdo magnet located and moved out to sea, the sooner marijuana can be made completely illegal in Arcata and the seeds of a healthy community down.

    Yes We Can!

  • Really, How does the police Chief keep from rolling his eyes when trapped in meetings and press conferences with these Liberal Progressive Wackos. It’s never the criminals fault. Maybe Homes was upset because nobody showed up from his Craigslist ad so he could could jack some weed.

  • She might want to “reduce crime”, but there’s not much you can do to keep a man from stepping out of a vehicle, firing shots at an officer.

    • So how does saying FU to the federal government and flooding the town with welfare recipeants, out of towners, illegals, and homeless, and gang mebers posing as college students prevent crime? All of these things are on little miss SuzieQ,s warped stained hands as she has taken this town down along with her sidekick and handler HSU prez’ Mizzzzzz Rosenback. They talk a great talk about the poor and destitute and diversity but let’s convert thier salaries into hourly work they actually do and who’s outside agenda they serve anyone can see what a couple of posing POS they really are.

  • Cant have it both ways Mayor, crack down on crime and call it for what it is, or, go back to your white-guilt groveling character. The latter seems to fit you better.

  • Close all the bars.

    Open cannabis consumption lounges.

    Watch the crime mostly dissipate.

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