Eureka Closed Three More Properties Owned by the Squires

Press release from the City of Eureka:

In response to numerous complaints from neighboring businesses, the City of Eureka has vacated and boarded 216, 218 and 220 Third Street owned by Floyd and Betty Squires. The closure was necessary due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions which pose a significant and immediate threat to public health and safety. A warrant for the closure was issued by the Superior Court on September 6th, 2017. The hazardous conditions include numerous violations of the California Building Code and Health and Safety Code, as well as violations of the Fire Code and Eureka Municipal Code. Conditions include large quantities of used hypodermic needles, feces, broken windows, hazardous wiring and plumbing, infestations of cockroaches and general dilapidation and improper maintenance. The squalid condition of the property has led to it becoming a haven for drug dealers and addicts with EPD making multiple arrests recently for heroin and other drugs.

The City does not undertake these actions lightly and does so only after providing the Squires with every opportunity to remedy the violations voluntarily. The tenants of the buildings will be provided relocation funding by the City to assist in establishing suitable housing. The City will continue to utilize legal remedies to reduce or remove blighted properties throughout the community.



  • The junkies, drug addicts, drug dealers & people who defecate on the floor have to live somewhere. Better they live here than in the bushes on your property or mine.

    • I think this has more to do with obtaining grant money than anything else. it makes Old Town much worse.

    • To John, Bullshit. Don’t rationalize that shitting in a flop house is better than shitting in your bushes, it will soon ooze into your life and many others. Fuck the lowlifes that can’t make it to a toilet. Giving them a place to do their
      bizness is like letting rats live in your basement, you will smell it, hear it and taste it sooner or later.

      • we have a social problem to contend with.
        If we just stand and shout at each other and the people caught deeper in the problem than ourselves, it seems unlikely to change. I’ve cussed a long time at a flat tire: it didn’t puff up with air. Kicking it didn’t help either.
        I had to quit raging and figure it out.

        • Charles Engebretson


          • And just how much of their time, resources and attention are required to be spent on an infinitesimally small percentage of highly destructive people? How can anything be achieved if social advocates insist it is not the destructive people who at fault but the nebulous ‘society’ for not spending endlessly and who have their own lives to live and may themselves be dealing with problems that are really not of their making?

            And how can those who choose to readily blame everyone but drug addicts themselves never show up to carp at the young for behavior that will certainly lead a percentage of them into destruction? Never as attractive to be the bad guy as it is to assign blame to some amorphous group of hard hearted power brokers.

            Endless costly pursuit of the next random, unproven theory to fix human failure has lead to this very situation where housing most landlords would be willing to rent them is declared not good enough to house people who destroy any housing given to them.

            • It is true that this is more complex than a tire. But with any problem if the solutions you try keep failing, maybe you need to redefine the problem. Or step back to put it in better perspective.
              But it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much energy. The problem exists and we need to solve it.
              If we solve the problem of human indecency with our own indecency, no matter how justified, it’s my opinion that we worsen the underlying problem.
              I continue to want to look at the systemic problems that I think bring us this epidemic of social decay.
              The most basic place to begin is a functional economy.
              When we rage at the weakest people who have first gone under the wave, we allow ourselves to be divided.
              Whatever your political views, you can’t fail to notice that a corporation came into Humboldt county 30 years ago, forcibly ran off a legitimate local business owner, took every tree someone didn’t sit in, and then stole the retirement money of the hardworking employees on their way out the door.
              If we were to take action against that, I argue, we’d have a lot fewer people whose literal shit might appear on our doorstep. It’s about the economy. When there’s no money, some people metaphorically shit themselves. I can’t tell you why. It’s some kind of feedback loop if the psyche or something.

              • Thank you.

                Unfortunately money makes it all ok..
                A society that values property over people will eventually loose both.

                I know this is over so many folks heads. I’d recommend reading about any of the great empires throughout history.
                Then read the DODs “Post Primacy” report.

                To the above comment suggesting something to the effect of feeling guilty you don’t contribute more money to the pained impoverished partial people sleeping on the pavement, I’ve done street outreach for years. I’m also a writer. For one piece I was working on I asked every street sleeping person I encountered “if the state/county/city could do anything for you what would it be?”

                The answer: Leave

                The impoverished minds among us need these folks to justify their own misgivings.

  • in similar news Danco has submitted plans for a low income housing unit on the lot between C and B on 4th.

  • “Shut all of them down,all of them!!!!!

  • Can I buy one, I wana be a slum lord! I hear the perks are great as long as you pay for your sexual favors. If not I’ll just get fire insurance, win win! Not to mention the gummers for rent program. (“Shiver”, eeeew)

    • You have to be in the good ole boys club to acheive that status! & afford to be a member at the carson inn, what is it now, 20,000 to join and 30,000 a year?

      The squires have been getting away with this since the early 90’s, probably longer. I nevr thought id see the day he was held accountable at all.
      The streets are actually cleaner than most of his properties.

      • I’ve been here since 73 and the Squires have been in the news, and not in a good way. Local lingo, “squiers” or “squired” means, fucked over, bad deal, shorted, poor quality, next week, ” I promise “, “it’s not my fault”. And on and on.

      • I think it’s a disgrace they are allowed to be members at the Ingomar Club period. However, it is only $1500 to join as a one time fee and only $225 a month to belong.

  • Now if the city could figure out how to get these places into hands that could repair and manage these buildings back into decent low income housing.

    • The city tried to get the properties owned by Floyd “Tickle Me Pickle” and Betty “Oblivious” Squires into the hands of a competent, reliable and ethical receiver but got the likes of Jeff “Head Up As$ Smith.
      I shout out to the city March On!

  • Just in time for winter, imagine that.
    Do I smell an emergency agenda 21 grant in the wind?

  • Gummers for rent? Hahahaha ahahaha

  • Good job keep up the good work cleaning up another shit hole .

  • I have rented from the Squires for years. They do sometimes fix things but their way and it does not stay fixed. I rather sleep in a tent

  • Dont blame the squires, what on earth took decades for the city finally to get off their ass and act?

  • Soviet Russia? A neighbor complains, the tenants are removed. A patron complains, the business is closed down. A traveler losses his papers, the traveler is sent to places the traveler never dreamed of.

    • So where are these people going to Now? How about they all go pitch a tent on Sparks, Gering or Jaegers front yard. Everyone bitches about the homeless and then the city creates more without giving them any warning. Way to go Sparks and Gerving, you should be so proud of yourselves!

      • I think Betty Chinn should make her home and property available. She really needs to fully commit to her devotional enabling. She had a Go-Fund-me campaign for $40,000 when her wearhouse was broken into. Given that she got almost everything back and volunteers cleaned up the damage, what was the $40,000 for? She was upset that SHE was victimized. Why should she be exempt? She had just a touch of what we deal with all the time.

  • The city is finally doing something and people still complain! You can’t win with these keyboard activists!

  • Why aren’t they charged with aiding and abetting or at least maintaining a residence? All of these sleazebag hotels around this area should start being charged with maintaining a residence. If there was police activity at any privately owned house and they found drug addicts selling drugs and using them the owner of the house would be charged, why not Hotel owners?

    • AND NOW THE CITY IS PAYING FOR ALL THIS, AND WON’T GET A PENNY BACK! Don’t care that they city thinks it will get the money from the Squires’!!!!!

  • The Squires need to be forced to LIVE in their slum properties…like the movie with Joe Pesche!!!! Called the Super? Live in the filth and poor conditions they NEVER deal with!

  • So, let me enlighten you a bit, mr. Sqires was given some of these properties through inheritance which, when he had trouble the first time, were promptly placed in his wife’s and sisters names, other properties he acquired from people by circumventing traditional practices and talking a good game to sick widows whom had no rights to the property. He has spent many years violating the terms of his inheritance which specifically state that property must be maintained properly. Choosing to house addicts and drunkards, and refusing to house reliable people whom would insist reparations be made. This is a mess of his own making.

    As to the people whom were tossed into the street without warning, the city supposedly gave or supplied monies to house them they expect to get from the squires estate, good luck with that CoE.
    You’d think after a $68,000.00 fine and mountains of paperwork, he’d clean up his act, but no. Instead he threatened to sue ( a single mother whose family was made ill by the problems I.e. Roaches, pigeon droppings, dead pigeons in the walls, and collapsed ceilings) ,when she removed her family from the ‘home ‘

    None of this is new or news, neither is it news that we are dealing with higher incidences of reported vandalism and drug use in public. I say it’s Not news due to the fact that it has been an ongoing problem for many years, only now it’s visible to you, now that the places these problems were hidden in are no longer available for use.

    Everything done in the dark comes to the light, so if you’ve any skeletons in your closet, get ready for them to jump out and do the electric boogaloo right before your eyes when you least expect it.

    Not one of us, whether city management or public citizen can say we are without sin of some kind. I say we stand together to help clean up the blight and assist those who are truly looking for assistance, those whom are not will always find a hidey-hole to do their drugs in regardless.

    • We all do drugs. Sugar has the highest public health costs and death toll of ALL of them.

      I don’t agree with much there.. but it does touch on the reasons behind this fact: Most family fortunes do not last more than three generations. See above as to why..

  • Haha my fiancé and I were at the shanty two weeks ago and I remember just watching drug deal after drug deal go on in that place. I asked the bartender how that shit can just go on and no one blinks an eye. [edit]

  • I hope Squires sues the shit outta the city and wins. Whatever happened to property rights? If he wants to maintain a shithole (shithole’s), so what? At least these people HAD a place to live that I didn’t have to pay for. Where are they gonna go now? Is the county gonna take care of em? Any of you good [edit], bitching about their living conditions, gonna take them in or chip in to do so? Not a chance so STFU!

    • Since the neighbors complained, wouldn’t it seem likely that what was happening on the Squires’ property was affecting their property. Wouldn’t you be angry if a fire started because of your neighbor’s negligence and burned down your piece? Similarly, they appear to be worried that, among other things, the falling value of these pieces was affecting their property’s value.

      • No evidence that negligence from Squire had anything to do with the fire; my understanding is that someone started it intentionally.

        Yes, I would be upset that my neighbor maintained a shithole. So what. Every neighbor I have maintains (or not) their property to different degrees. Some of them are slobs and some of them are neurotic to the point of ridiculous; I maintain mine somewhere in the middle. I have no right to impose, or set the standard that we all should maintain the neighborhood. If I wanted that I would move somewhere with an HOA. In the “land of the free” we should be free to maintain our shit the way we see fit. And if you don’t like living in a shithole, then don’t.

        Did you seriously delete the word libtard? Pretty petty.

        • I also delete Repuglican.

          It’s not petty though possibly a bit uptight to request my commenters to refrain from insulting the other half.

          I’m sure you have heard this before. Your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. The same thing with property. Your right to do what you want ends when you are affecting others.

          • Repuglican! Never heard that one; that’s pretty funny but, point taken.

            As far as your rights ending when it affects others, where do you draw the line? I have neighbors with piles of shit in their front yard. Should I have the right to demand they move it? My other neighbor keeps her lawn an bushes pristine, should she have the right to demand that my foliage be up to her standards? I don’t like to waste time constantly pruning bushes. The other neighbor may feel it’s a waste of time to remove old tires and broken down cars from the front yard. The three of us have different standards; who’s right? The solution is property rights not mob rule. If you are insistent on a certain standard, there are HOA’s for that. HOA’s will ensure uniform maintenance and some stability with property values. For others, like me, I don’t like to be told what to do so I CHOOSE to pay less for my home, no association fees, and I’ll take the tires with the pretty rose bushes. That is the definition of freedom.

            I know this is an old post and I know you’re busy. I would like to hear your opinion though. Tell me where I’m wrong. Even though you’re liberal, you are at least open minded enough not to ban me from you’re site for disagreeing (which I find common among leftists). That tells me you may even, eventually, embrace liberty…..maybe….someday 🙂

            • I, too, don’t want to live in an HOA. But there is a vast difference in degree between trim hedges and “large quantities of used hypodermic needles, feces, broken windows, hazardous wiring and plumbing, [and] infestations of cockroaches.”

              I also live in a rural area where those sorts of things are unlikely to affect the value of my property from my neighbor’s place way over yonder so I don’t think that I’d complain in my case, but proximity, as well as degree, also has place in deciding whether the Squires are affecting their neighbors’ lives significantly. For instance, if piles of feces were attracting large number of flies that were then landing on food in my kitchen, I’d say they had exceeded their rights to do what they wished with their property.

    • FWIW, I agree with you Rollin.

      I also wish the people would sue the environmentalists for lobbying against proper fire fighting, proper logging, proper forest maintenance, etc, that has devastated our air quality, wildlife habitats, private and public properties, livlihoods and sanity.
      Their reckless behavior affected all other properties and lives across the entire west. Plus, they’ve devalued the timber.
      I almost forgot the worst part. The environmentalists are sueing the Forest Service for actually helping to put out the fires.

  • Shak is spot on. The environmentalists have had a serious impact on our local economy and community. They have been successful at spinning the story about the last redwood trees being cut and that there are no more trees left. what the hell is burning in the hills, trees and lots of them. Mostly because there are no fuel breaks in the form of thinning and road building. But the biggest hypocritical position is the one they have chosen to not get involved with the same level of demonstrations, protests, and blocking off businesses that are in the hills raping the land, destroying the environment and having a significant negative impact on our communities,…….no not logging but the big green rush grows that are rampant in the hills. Killing endangered species, taking water illegally from creeks/springs, herbicides spreading throughout watersheds, grading slopes, erosion into rivers, on and on and on. And impacts to the community in the form of missing persons, murder, sex slaves, garbage dumped anywhere, staggering increase in other drug use mostly meth!!!!

    No respect for EarthFirst, Northcoast Environmental Center, Humboldt Baykeeper, or EPIC. They were all involved in the logging demonstrations when they said they were destroying our environment where are they now!!!! Smoking a bowl or two thats where.

    Worthless parasites.

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