Traffic Accident Near Fields Landing on 101

A multiple vehicle accident was reported near the Fields Landing offramp about 10 a.m. Reportedly multiple vehicles crashed on southbound Hwy 101. A witness reports there is smoke.

An ambulance, the California Highway Patrol, and Cal Fire are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 10:08 a.m.: This is a non-injury accident, according to traffic on the scanner.



  • Sharpen your pencil

    Drive at a safe speed and give some damn space folks….. This is the first rain of the season. Spreads the oil around nicely. Oh yeah, and put your phones down!

  • Please watch out the road is very slick,and folks were sliding this morning ! folks drive 60 on old Arcata road PLEASE SLOW DOWN a little,maybe save a life-yours?

  • I live in town and there was some kind of road construction by the CR offramp. I could see an arrow on one of those electric trailer signs. 101 Southbound traffic was supposed to merge into the right ( slow ) lane. I observed two or maybe three cars in what appeared to be someone being hit from behind. Most likely someone was merging and not paying attention to the car ahead. Traffic was slowed to a crawl.

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