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Press release from True North Organizing Network:

Local residents volunteering with True North Organizing Network call for Humboldt County to become a more safe and welcoming home for immigrant neighbors.

As national anti-immigration sentiment and policy making intensifies, Humboldt County residents and leaders are working on practical ways to protect, respect, and welcome immigrant families.

True North’s Immigration Research Team is holding a community meeting to report the results of months of research and dialogue with elected officials, first responders, immigrants, and more.

What: Community Action on Immigration / Acción de Immigración

When: Monday, September 11th7 to 8:30 pm
Where: Eureka First United Methodist 520 Del Norte Street, Eureka, CA 95501
Note: Bilingual interpretation, refreshments and childcare provided As the date approaches, more details will be available at

True North Organizing Network is a community led, grassroots organizing effort supported by a team of Community Organizers. We have offices in Eureka and Crescent City, CA.



  • How about issuing Humboldt Nation green cards to anyone with no criminal record who can pass a high school English test? That ought to annoy the feds. 🙂

  • As long as they have come into the country legally…Fine. If not, how about spending the time you are fighting and help them fill out the correct paper work, and assist them in the filing process.

    • Have you read about the 15-20 year wait time that is often prohibitive for the impoverished people seeking to flee to a better life?

      • What about those already here, impoverished and seeking a better life…where do they “flee” to?

        • I think that is the basis behind this meeting. What can reasonably be expected of the very many poor people living in the US illegally?

          • Oh…my bad, I was trying to be a smart-ass. Allow me to rephrase, hehe.

            What about impoverished Americans seeking a better life? Where do they dream of fleeing to, and is that host so accommodating to impoverished Americans seeking to escape their respective poverties and oppressions?

            ((side note: I think this sight is awesome. I refuse to pay for the Trinity Journal just so I can read public information off of their website, and manually ripping the content from their source-code is oh-so-tiresome sometimes. Keep up the great work and providing the local community a medium through which to have civil discourse!)

      • Then what’s the solution? Open borders equals the destruction of sovereignty. Perhaps the process for legal immigration should be changed, but that still puts it in the realm of ‘legal’ immigration. It doesn’t address ‘illegal’ immigration.

        And this is from someone who loathes the bureacracies and and their paper pushing over-reach, but I also know that without a border the USA is no longer the USA.

        • Some folks think that national borders act in a similar way to prohibition–causing more problems than they solve. But I have not studied the situation enough to make a decision on that.

          • One world government? Bush 2 established the North American security zone post 9/11. The pieces are in place to disolve national borders under a larger governing body. Do you trust large governing bodies? I don’t.

          • Agreed. United States of America should include all of North America, not just the filling in the middle. Tear those borders/walls down.

            • I don’t think you agree with me. I’m not ready to abandon the USA and my sovereignty for a North American zone, are you?

              • If you follow the layout of the comments you should be able to conclude that I was agreeing with Kym, not you!

                • True, but Kym didn’t assert her position, she offered “Some folks…” opinions, and specifically stated that she did not have an informed position.

        • My heart sinks a little bit when I see those who have come here to escape oppression and strife or violence and danger in their countries, only to parade around that nation’s flags and bring with them the values and traditions of those countries. It precipitates the curiosity of whether they even want to be American; or of which allegiance takes priority even. I don’t know, it’s all so…subjectively subversive :-/

          • If it weren’t for the perpetual unconstitutional wars, there wouldn’t be masses of people fleeing to other countries.
            The more impoverished we become, due to Govt usurpation, the more we need Govt to toss us some crumbs. They happily oblige, because that’s their goal. Full control, full power.
            Those who do not fall for it, know that if they directly give a dollar to help someone, that dollar literally helps that someone. Unlike the red tape of the orgs and agencies who give that someone 8 cents out of that dollar. When given to the Govt, suddenly all foes and crazies have weapons of destruction against us and the Govt needs more funds from us. Oh, btw, here’s another quarter, call someone who cares.

            • I actually agree with you, partially. But…tell me again how Mexico’s government is failing it’s citizens because of unconstitutional wars?

              ((side note: So you don’t unwittingly infer your age in the future, we stopped using pay-phones in the civilized parts of the world. In fact, phone ‘calls’ are mostly just for telemarketing and finding your phone when it’s slipped between the couch cushions.))

              • Well, the drug wars, for one. The States and Mexico have quite a racket going, according to many sources. Even ol’ what’s his name, had fun evading prosecution for his gun running game, Fast and Furious. I think he’s now one of the lawyers for Calif Governor.

                Here’s a Quarter:
                Travis Tritt says it all.

          • Its exactly what your ancestors did, why should people these days be any different?
            Your ancestors set up neighborhoods comprised of just them, think about new york.
            I love having people who look and speak differently around, the homogenization of the country is gross.

      • If Mexican people want a better life, why dont they act as patriots and fight the crime and corruption in their own nation?

        Maybe we should have easier paths to citizenship for Mexican people. However, those who violate our existing laws should be at the back of the line.

        In time, I would like to see all of North America united as a single nation. For now we should focus law enforcement efforts on those who employ illegal immigrants.

        • Ive had it with immigration only applying to mexican people, its a bunch of BS.
          Russian firms charge 30-50,000 for a woman to come here and birth their babies to get citizenzship. And where do these ladies stay? Mainly at trump owned hotels, for real.
          In LA right now theres a huge issue of Chinese birthing houses charging about the same amount. Thousands of chinese illegals coming to have babies and stay.

          Personally, i want more mxican people, they work harder than anyone ive ever met. During the housing crisis,latino families were THE ONLY ones keeping up with payments.
          Without them our food prices are gonna skyrocket cuz the food rots on the vine when theres no one to pick it. Would the wine industry even be alive without mexican labor?
          Go get a job picking fruit if you dont want mexican people here, and remember there are illegal people here from almost every country in the world,even canada.

          • They are gonna have the low security risk prisoners work the fields once they get rid of all if the illegals. They say it’s gonna cost a whole lot less because they can pay them a fraction of the price. I love how most people want to pick and choose which laws they want to follow.

      • Immigrant Ban 4 The Environment Now

        The wait time is necessary to offset the exponential growth rate and impact immigration poses on the Country. As an example, if we maintain the current immigration growth we’re currently experiencing, the United States will exceed 500 million people by 2050. A obvious indication that our current policy isn’t sustainable. Anyone that supports curtailing negative environmental impacts would clearly see the problem with that type of rapid growth. Economically it’s a total disaster as well. I’m sure you care about the environment and the impacts humans are playing on our ecosystem. Why support more destruction of our already strained environment? How could you possibly support that being a environmentalist?

        • So…if we keep the people on the other side of the border, the environmental impacts go away?

          • Actually yes it would be minimized. Because having to deal with the detrimental health and social effects of living in their own dirty nests is the only thing that will force countries to clean up. The continued relief valve of immigration removes those who don’t like the status quo, eliminating the pressure for home countries to make life better for their own citizens and their environment.

            Meanwhile an unending stream of incoming people makes a shambles of any environmental planning where such immigrants arrive. They need housing, schooling, work, highways, etc just like anyone else. And all the easy solutions of where they get these things are long gone.

            Not to mention importing a contempt for laws among illegal immigrants, who enter in the assumption that laws can be disregarded at will and which idda obviously spreads to everyone in sympathy with them. It becomes a common belief that following inconvenient laws is really a matter of personal preference.

            • I’m not sure that other countries are not cleaning up their environment because immigration allows a relief valve. Can you cite any support for that?

              On the other hand, we do know that when states crack down on illegal immigration this causes farm worker shortages and a fall in food production.

              I’m not advocating for illegal immigration. I’m just pointing out that illegal immigrants do vital and necessary work that we as a society aren’t willing to fill in other ways by paying higher prices for food.

              • Yes and we should be paying higher prices, instead of attempting to bennifit from cheap labor. Companies will pay the least they have to for labor, however if they can not get people to work for the wages offered , they will pay more. Just look at the weed. You get forgein trimmers coming to places working together large groups for 100 a lb. That drives down trimming costs and people can afdord to sell cheaper , yet the long term trimmers, the single moms , the college students etc can no longer compete . Basicly cutting their trimming income in half, all because of large groups of illegal workers . Samething happened in farming 40 years ago . The fact that it takes 15 to 20 years to get permission to move here from mexico is because there are so many from mexico already here. Our state department sets limits on the number of people that can come here per year by country , in order to keep balance and peace. Those that disreguard those laws have less respecr for our country then those who wait to come here properly. Personally i perfer those that respect our laws over those who are only looking out for themselves. Everyone wants a better life. Life isnt fair , and by chance or luck and the hard work of our forefathers and mothers we have it pretty good here. So good infact people from allover the world wish to come be a part of what we have. It is only fair to everyone else that we stick to our limits and processes so that everyone that wants to come here has a equal chance.

                • I guess I’m just sympathetic as the vast majority of my ancestors came over before the American Revolution which I’m pretty sure makes them illegal immigrants in the eyes of Native Americans. By chance or luck and the hard work and willingness of my forefathers and mothers to break the rules and customs of those who lived here at the time, I have it pretty good here.

                • Youd have to raise peoples pay in general to charge more for food. Thats not gonna happen.
                  It would be great to have it differently, it sux for farmworkers here, a lot treated like endentured servants/slaves.

              • As for proving that allowing unlimited immigration- which is what illegal immigration is- is detrimental to the economy and social development of the home country, the only example I can think of that comes readily to mind is Ireland, which was drained of its citizenry after the Potato Famine. This lead to stagnation there for 80-90 years. Maybe Germany with the population heavily exiting in the 1840s to escape increasing militarization allowed the government to avoid having to deal with opposition. I’d have to think on that one but it would certainly prove the point if true with everyone knowing the end result of that one. That is not the well known belief as the Irish exodus is but I know that escaping universal male draft in Prussia was why some of my ancestors came to California in the 1840s. Anyway it’s not that it doesnlt exist but that it is an uncomfortable thought not in line with modern superficial values.

                Thinking about all the food wasted, it would be a good thing if it cost more. If food producers had to pay more for labor, they might produce less quanity and more quality as people would demand for pay higher prices. If people had to pay more, maybe they would waste less and develop a sense of quality rather than quantity. This would be healthier for the economy and humanity and the environment to demand less volume in exchange for higher quality. Other nations around the world think this way, except for grain production. They treasure the independence of paying farmers to maintain local production.

                It frosts me to see fruit trees all over the country dropping its bounty on the ground, unused and thought of as a nuisance. So little respect.

                Relying on importing cheap labor is to constantly create a second class of resident. Last year’s cheap labor becomes displaced by this year’s. But they don’t go home. They remain to contribute to the dissatisfied second generation, who is as unenthusiastic about hard work as any native but adds to it the belief that their dissatisfaction is due to prejudice. They get really angry. Bad for society as a whole.

                Continuously importing cheap labor is an ugly thing at best. It allows bad practices to flourish as a less expensive alternative to personal hard work and technical innovation. It has been the favored technique of those looking for huge wealth accumulation for as long as humans have been able to get away with it. It creates a populace that doesn’t rely on themselves and sacrifices all sense of humanity to convenience. It’s about time to think of why the world keeps running around the same violent track if explotation and reaction and stop knee jerk justification for what is in essence a selfish hierarchy.

                • Maybe Italy too.

                  And as for vital and necessary- only because we’ve inherited, are in love with and find it very convenient to have a pervasive economic system of exploitation. It is what we have, not what we need.

                • I agree that basing our food production ability on the fortitude and ambition of illegal immigrants willing to ford rivers and climb mountains to reach work is bad planning. I’m pretty sure though that blaming the father who is willing to do anything to provide for a starving family is the wrong end of the stick to grab.

                • I rarely blame illegals for being here. I blame natives for making it possible. For their own convenience.

          • Immigrant Ban 4 The Envioroment Now


  • Yeah lets encourage more illegal immigration and drive down wages even further or take more jobs away from Americans.

    • American’s are generally lazy. and uneducated due to the level of laziness. maybe try to use your brain. this summer season was a financial disaster for many industries in the US due to trumps LDS. you might want to be grateful for the ones that aren’t lazy and have the gumption to create industry. when a company is not profitable it closes.

      • Lazy? Oh, you mean like not bothering to apply any sort of consistency to your punctuation and capitalization? And, Trump’s Latter Day Saints? Did I miss…something?

        • Been there, done that.

          Thank you StraightDope. Hit the nail on the head there. I’m an American. I work a salaried position at a local construction company who has been in the business since the 1800s. I work approx 50-60 hours a week. I also manage my household (my husband and son). I was up at 3am and my day will most likely end around 9-10pm. At 2:00pm I’m taking a lunch break….but I guess we are all lazy Americans.

  • Stop this illegal nonsense! Quit trying to subvert the Constitution! Illegals have ZERO rights in this country. Carpet bagging out of state preachers need to stick to the pulpit and stay out of socialist politics or be reported to DHS and the IRS!

    • Stormy, you keep telling me what a bad website we have and yet, …here you are. I’m beginning to think you do love me after all.

      • Why did you take that personally?

        • I didn’t take this comment personally. I’m just amused that Stormy has made comments previously disparaging the website and yet, he (I may be making an unwarranted assumption here) still obviously reads and continues to comment.

          • Well, as far as I can tell, you’re the only game in town that both covers what is really interesting and allows comment. Mostly. Which I imagine is very wearing.

            Other sites have chosen what they want to hear and eliminated the rest. Which is definitely easier on them but leads to the ugliness in which the media lives now. You wouldn’t think they lived in same country reading reporters with such rigid and silly agendas. We not only chose up sides nowadays, we shut our ears.

  • I’ve never met anyone who is against legal immigration. Ignoring illegal immigration and conflating it with legal immigration effectively confuses the issue. Call it what it is.

  • ice needs to drive threw the getto trailer park down town [edit] I’d say 100% illegals immigrants live tberethey need to go behind the wall.all these people take away real American citizens well being ,and benefits.

  • If Trump wanted to end DACA, he would have done it the first day in office. DACA was an unconstitutional EO. The Senators, legislators, HOR’s, Mayors, Congress, President, and Lawyers, all knew this from the beginning.
    The people who bothered to read the Constitution knew it too.

    Presidents and the Judiciary have zero power of authority to create laws. Only Congress can make laws. It is up to each state to Nullify all laws that are not in pursuance of the Constitution. The Constitution is a compact, aka contract, that declares what Govt is limited to. Their duties and powers are firmly and strictly limited. They’re even enumerated.

    It is the duty of Congress to create the naturalization laws, which they did.
    It is the duty of Congress to amend said laws.
    All laws must be in pursuance of the Constitution.
    Presidents cannot make laws.

    Congress now has 6 months to put up or shut up.
    Trump is nullifying a previous President’s unconstitutional memo.

    What does Congress do? They attack the President for putting the ball back into their court. They prefer blaming all woes on whatever President is in office, when they are the ones to blame.

    They mount a crusade against whichever President is in place.
    Those who fall for it are STUPID.
    READ the dam Constitution. The Constitution declares the DUTIES, the roles, of each branch. ONLY CONGRESS can make laws and those laws dam well better be in pursuance of the Constitution.

  • “As national anti-immigration sentiment and policy making intensifies”

    Should read; “As national anti illegal immigration sentiment and policy making intensifies”

  • shawn the fisherman

    If you are here in violation of the laws of the U.S. then you need to go! Does not matter how you got here or how old you were when you arrived. Go home and apply the correct way! Dont go home mad just go home! Legal Immigration is the bees knees.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    If there was no working one in the country on an H1B visa, healthcare would shut down tomorrow! Americans are too busy selling stuff to each other and growing weed to get a job. One day we will all realize how stupid we have been, but probably not in MY lifetime…

    • H1b is legal, i dont think many have a problem with h1b, it is the ones without paperwork, most dont care to have atound

  • I don’t mind anyone from any country coming here for a better life. Our nation is built on immigrant diversity. I feel that if people want to come here, be prepared to start your life on your own finances. Don’t come here expecting medical benefits, financial benefits, welfare or any other federal or state aid until you become a citizen and legally qualify for them. Be prepared to have insurance for health, home, vehicle etc like everyone else. Have a SS card, pay taxes and follow our laws. We already have too many US citizens requiring financial and medical aid to be expected to provide it to illegal people coming from other countries. We give billions to other countries for economic rebuilding, yet our own public schools, our infrastructure, inner cities and other things are falling apart. American citizens, and this country, have a right to be taken care of before illegal/undocumented immigrants. Our government, fed and state, need to spend money on rebuilding America; and then focus on any financial help needed by illegals. As also stated by others, make it easier to get citizenship, help people become citizens and they can start earning their benefits just like we all have had to do.

    • Well said!

      I wish everyone would quit being so picky about the way people post comments and the punctuation. I have had my tablet change my wording and punctuation and sometimes I can’t get back to edit it.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Insert the word ILLEGAL in front of immigration/immigrant. As for “they’re here, what do we do?”, if you have neighbors with a messy house who ask to stay over for a day or two, then NEVER leave, or make any effort to clean up their messy house, do you just let them stay? Say, well, their homes are really unpleasant, we’ll lower our standard of living and ignore any problems just so they’ll feel welcome. Really, that will work?

  • Forget all this nonsense. Seal both borders and coastlines, and don’t let anybody into the United States without a U.S. passport for the next…mmm…fifty years. Work on Solving our problems here at home and consolidating our national identity. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

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