[UPDATE 4:41 p.m.] Truck Rolls Over on Highway 36; One Person Believed to be Ejected, Another May Be Trapped Inside

Emergency personnel are responding to a report of a vehicle rollover on Highway 36 near mile marker 26. The call went over the scanner a little before 4:20 p.m.

According to scanner traffic, it is a “single pickup hauling a trailer.” There are believed to be three people who were in the vehicle at the time of the collision. One person was ejected from the vehicle and another person is believed to be trapped inside. Emergency personnel who just arrived at the scene said over the scanner that a telephone line is down.

We’ll update this post when we hear more information.

Update 4:41 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, the two people in the vehicle were able to get themselves out, and the person who was ejected from the vehicle is believed to have moderate injuries.



  • They lost their brakes coming downhill? Mcclelland Hill is notorious for loss of brakes and bad accidents as a result. Hope all the passengers are okay.

    • Red pickup truck pulling a loaded trailer lost control coming down the hill. Made it to that last hairpin turn just East of Bridgeville. Considering the direction of the vehicles, I would assume the trailer had no working brakes. At least the driver was considerate enough to leave the road. Everything was totaled.

    • People just don’t know how to drive mountain roads!!! Downshift, even in an auto transmission, you can downshift to save your brakes!!!

      • When I used to come over 299 with a heavily loaded gooseneck trailer a few times a month, I’d play a game to see if I could make Redding to 101 without touching my brakes the entire way. Rarely did I ever have to touch them more than once or twice, many times I made it without touching them at all…and this was in a dodge pickup with an automatic towing a 10-20k loaded trailer. Proper following distance, safe speed and smart use of the transmission goes a long way.

  • I should have known, the brief period we had with no accidents to speak of was just the calm before the storm!!! We have have multiple accidents in a very short time period again lately!!! Watch the road especially the blind corners I hate hearing the sirens of the first responders!!! They just went by here Code 3!!!

  • Code 3? Wanted to get there before it turned into another fire to put out…

  • Is it everyday on 36? At least every other day. It must really suck not knowing if you’re going to arrive alive when traveling that road. Fuck that!

    • It didn’t used to be this dangerous but…!!! I’m not sure if they are ALL Growdozers or??? But it has become a common occurrence to find someone in your lane coming straight at you!!! Blind corner, double yellow line, be damned the ARE going to pass taht vehicle in front of them!!! Whether or not they have room or not!!! You had better get over… they will NOT!!!

      • You might try driving ANYwhere in Humboldt these days Dan. The aggressive dangerous a-holes are hardly all ‘growers’. The hotter it gets the worse people drive. Couple that with texters and drunks, and you wind up with our roads now.

      • Ya that was before gps that shows the best way to get to humboldt from the east.
        People from cities have no idea how to drive our roads, they just dont have the knowledge or experience.

    • That road never got widened until maybe the late 70’s and it used to be narrow as shit and had a lot more sharp turns in it. With all the log and lumber trucks pouring out of there, and the logging camps and mills and bars and the occasional brothel going balls out; well, it’s always been a meat grinder. I never met a single 36 first timer that came in from the east that said they would do it again, before they improved it. There never was a time that a lot of people didn’t die on that road. A wreck a day was nothing, more like a wreck every twenty miles per day in the 60’s.

  • Oh BTW total of 4 Emergency vehicles have gone by Code 3!!! Must be pretty serious!!!

  • Why so many wreaks on 36 is it allways that way or is it that it’s now showing due to internet info.

    • *wrecks *always I t never used to be dangerous if you paid attention the your driving & respect the road but now it isn’t just the road itself that’s dangerous but some of the Ignoramus’ that drive it as well!!! That’s my $.02 worth YMMV!!!

  • It is all the non native dope growers in such a big hurry to pull there tarps on the depo driving like they are al unser.On a road they don’t know ,and the fact that they are shitty drivers.Might be big factors more out of area dope growers w I’ll keep killing themselves the natives just got to continue watching them wipe themselves out .

  • This sounds like a pick-up, am I right? I saw truck and immediately thought log truck… The title is a little deceiving in my opinion… Anyway, prayers to those involved and keep the dirty side down C’mon….
    [Edit] Apon re-reading the article I see it blatantly states that it is a pick up

  • One a day!

  • Saw this truck and trailer before the accident. The tongue and hitch were only a few inches off the ground. Several of us commented how the truck looked overloaded. Very fortunate to walk away as the bottom is 10% grade.

  • My goodness,36 has struck again.you must treat her gentle,with kindness and respect her ,and she’ll respect YOU!!

  • Amateur Ally

  • Driving 36 is like an evening with a hot girl, just have a little
    respect, not to much though, be kind of gentle on the downhill
    Don’t ride her brakes cause they get HOT use a slow experienced
    Hand….she will be much more agreeable

  • Liberal hypocrisy

    The DOT Needs to set up a checkpoint on 36 and start dipping these diesel grow dozers tanks for Red Diesel that would clear clear about half of them off the road

  • That DS is a POG.

  • before the giant almost legal grow and their people i was on my way to cut timber in larabee mountains before the light of day.came up the hill to that first hairpin and a city 40 foot flat bed truck had plowed a new road off the end of the switchback.i asked him why he was out here with this truck(before gps).he said that when he looked on the map this was the shortest route.he was hauling orange PGE plastic conduit,how heavy could that have been.but the short of it was he heated his brakes up and had none by the last switch back

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