Three Youths Injured in Possible Gang Related Shooting in Ukiah

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Stock photo by Oliver Cory

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 9/5/2017 around 6:39 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to a report of gunfire with three young males being shot at the intersection of Portlock Lane and Lake Mendocino Drive in Ukiah. Deputies responded to the area where they learned two 17 year old males and one 18 year old male had all been shot at least one time by what has been described as three young Hispanic males, either in their late teens or early twenties. One victim sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, one a gunshot wound to the leg, and the third victim suffered a gunshot wound to the groin area. The three victims appear to have been shot while walking on Lake Mendocino Drive. All three victims were transported to various hospitals to be treated for their wounds. Initial contacts indicate the three victims appear to be uncooperative with law enforcement.

Sheriff’s Detectives were called to the scene, which is in the roadway near the above intersection. Lake Mendocino Drive has been closed while law enforcement crime scene work is being conducted on the roadway. At this time it is unknown if the suspects were in a vehicle or on foot. At this time it is unknown if there was one shooter or more than one shooter. The shooting does appear to be gang related. The Mendocino Multi-Agency Gang Suppression Unit was called to assist the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives with the investigation.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Communications Center at 707-463-4086 of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Tip Line at 707-234-2100.



  • MAD GONE WORLD! And its only gonna get worse! Fasten your seatbelts.

  • Ouch, to the groin… lots of stuff going on there….

  • He might be singing Tenor from now on!!!

  • Im guessing the victems were Hispanic too?….(gangs) its creeping up to garberville soon enough!

  • Yeah. The sons of the hard working hispanic men of California. Killing over colors and birthplace. Ridiculous

  • They aren’t sending g their best…

  • We welcome it to Lake Mendocino Drive. Why? A bar and canabis facility. If it were just an entrance to a lake… this area would have been left alone.

    • Anti Pot Propaganda

      What a moronic thought to associate this “gang related” shooting with anything to do with a LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS DISPENSARY! This has absolutely nothing to do with the dispensary!
      Most people on this forum have become keen to the fact that people like yourself use Kym”s blog as a propaganda tool to literally blame every single crime on cannabis, whether connected or not! The gangs greatest fear was legalized cannabis as the legal cannabis market takes the black market profit margins as well as evil and greed out of the cannabis community. The only reason any crime or violence was associated with cannabis is the fact that cannabis was prohibited, history shows quite plainly that when ever a overstepping government prohibits something the people love whether alcohol or cannabis, there is suddenly a “black market supplier” which pops up to full the void, simple law of supply and demand: economics 101, “When the demand is greater than the supply the price for any goods or services increases… perfect example is the fact that cannabis is at an all time low of $500-$700 per pound for outdoor, and the fact remains that with the supply rapidly increasing the farmers will see even more price drops until only very very large corporations and players are in the game.
      You do your “anti-pot propaganda community harm by continuously labeling every single crime as “something to do with marijuana”… the entire community, even those against pot see right through your game….. haha, games over, u just look foolish at this point in time!

  • Gang or no gang people don’t get shot for no reason something going on in this pitcher

  • Indeed. Many residents of Lake Mendocino Drive were none to happy to find out that Kure Wellness was moving into the neighborhood, but it’s not like we had a choice. Nothing against them personally, just not the kind of business you want smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The bar has been there forever. I honestly think it has more to do with some of the lower-end housing situations that are also available in the area. There’s a big difference between living in West Fork Estates and the Happiness Is trailer park.

    • Anti Pot Propaganda

      It is actually rural residential with plenty of commercial businesses and plenty of cannabis farms in the neighborhood…. there are many reasons not to want a bar with drunk’s, speed addicts, coke heads and fights and violence in the neighborhood, but there is absolutely no reason to associate a medical cannabis dispensary with anything to do with the drunken alcohol and bar scene, cannabis dispensaries offer medicine to sick people, mostly baby boomers and elderly, while bars in Mendocino serve alcohol to the especially low class of drunks, gangs, prostitutes, heroine and speed dealers proliferate our bars in Mendocino yet Sheriff Allman does nothing to bust the prostitution rings operating in our County Bars and Motels in plain daylight, the Mendoza Sheriff does nothing to break up the gangs which have taken over the local bar scene selling Meth, Coca in and Heroine in our local bars like the Coronas…. Let’s get real about this, our biggest threat to our peace and safety is not a legalized cannabis industry, the biggest threat to our peace and safety is the gangs, heroine, speed and coke dealers which our Sheriff just let’s have free reign, the bars in Willits, Laytonville, Fort Bragg and Ukiah are literally crawling with drug dealers selling Meth and coke yet MCSO does nothing! Do you know why? Because the Sheriff is after the assets forfeiture $$ and other goods which can easily be stolen from cannabis farmers, he is after the money lke a theif in the night, there is little money to be made busting “bar level dealers” or prostitution rings in our local Motels in Willits and Ukiah…. The Sheriff wants the money $$$$, it isn’t about solving crimes or public safety and peace, they want the money!

      • Agreed. With most of it. Except heroine. Heroine; a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements.

        I do agree if you mean heroin; a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine.

        Its one of the words I have trouble spelling, and my spell check doesn’t give correct spelling as an alternative choice.

  • Vanessa A Winters

    Jesus touch this County. Touch the youth. Bring peace to this nation.

  • Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on why this kind of thing is unheard of in north Idaho? There is very little crime, certainly not gang activity and this sort of thing. The gun laws are very much “common sense”; i.e. you can have any gun you want, you can carry it anyplace you want. Shootings are quite rare and it`s a very gun friendly place with gun shows being held in the high school gymnasium.

    This kind of gang related shooting has happened in Ukiah before. Any ideas on what`s behind this?

    • Stupid voters in Calif passed propositions to release repeat offenders, and let them back on the streets. Our courts have a book and release policy because our jails are full. Criminals know they will not spend time in jail and get low bails; then have no intention of returning to court. Hence, all of the warrants for people who should have been kept in jail. Our jails have ‘No Vacancy’ signs on them, and people do not want to expand them. They would rather spend millions busting pot grows which return year after year.

      • Anti Pot Propaganda

        The local jails are full of cannabis farmers, meanwhile the Sheriff focuses only on pot while meth, cocaine, heroine and exctasy dealers are free to sell drugs all day long in our local bars, hundreds of murders and missing persons cases go unsolved, and methlabs are routinely set up in local motels in Willits and Ukiah…. where are the priorities? Is pot the only thing on the Sheriff’s mind? Look in the news at all the burglaries which go unsolved, all the car theft and robberies and assaults and murders which are forgotten about and swept under the rug in our sheriff department’s search for more assets forfeiture money to buy more war toys for the department, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars which is unaccounted for every year which they never document on the search warrant reciepts, how else do all these Sheriff Deputies make a living enough to own multiple new trucks, fancy properties as well as many other perks…… they are after the money and free goods, they care less about the druggies, murderers rapists, car theives, robbery suspects …. they are safer and have more money by going after pot farmers than busting violent crime or busting the gangs selling all the coke and meth in ur local bars right under their noses….

      • Yeah this never happened before the props were passed…

    • Because it is FULL of white supremacists. No one to fight with.

    • …something about a one horse town

    • Jerry brown is behind it. That n all of SF who think they live in a eutopia

    • Maybe it’s because the majority of Idaho’s population is white gun-toting redneck conservatives aka radical white supremacist militia members aka Idaho Christians.

  • Might as well be in timbuktu from my perspective.

  • If all those white supremacists are so frightening, dangerous and violent, why aren`t they shooting and killing everyone – including each other- wholesale? Owning property near Sandpoint and building a house there, I`ve gotten to know the area pretty well. I have yet to see anyplace I would consider “bad” or dangerous; not even something like the E. side of Ukiah. Nor have I encountered anyone who seemed to be a white supremacist. If they are, they are quite about it and remarkably nice and helpful people.

    • Ah its because there intelligent white people. Idaho is a beautiful state n a strong consideration after humboldt becomes a desolate wasteland

    • There isn’t an illegal drug industry in Idaho, End the War on Drugs and end the criminality associated with it.

  • I have been a junkie my whole life, off and on, the last so many here in ukiah but Jon smith i don’t deal it so I have to find it every day and in all these years of this i have never been able to buy it in one bar in Ukiah i think you have no idea what you are talking about

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