Early Morning Hit and Run Suspect Now in Custody

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

The California Highway Patrol confirmed that one person is in custody following a hit and run accident on Harrison Avenue in Eureka about 6:40 a.m. The CHP has not yet released details about the incident or the extent of injuries on the person struck.

But, according to the scanner, the vehicle had Oregon State plates and, at one point, fled onto a dead-end road in the Kneeland area.



  • Yea! Glad they got’em!

  • Ha ha! Dead-end road! Ha ha!

  • No one is up at 640am except for tweakers/geakers/sneakers. Gotta love cell phones and good eyes. Was the Oregon driver high from his home state stuff? Any wants and warrants?

    • shawn the fisherman

      Ummm. Work starts at seven for me. 640 not that early.

    • Dave Silverbrand’s wife, Nina Winogradov, 68, was walking her dog at Buhne & S St. at 6:30 am when she was struck and killed. She walked her dog every morn there religiously.
      NOT a “tweakers/geakers/sneakers”.

      check yourself before you wreck yourself, Crime stopper.


      “The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office confirmed today that Nina Winogradov, 68, was the woman who died the previous day after being hit by a car while crossing at an intersection about two blocks south of Zane Middle School in Eureka…

      “People knew her as my wife, and me as her husband,” Silverbrand said. “I think the two of us were a good match for each other because she was very practical and I’m very impractical.

      “I taught her how to play. She taught me how to be serious,” he said. “I think that was the beauty of our relationship.”

      • Proud to have met Dave a few times. Im sure his wife was wonderful also and it was a tragic and senseless loss. Dave continues to work for the good of all, especially animals.
        Always the good ones who get hurt by idiots it seems.

      • That story was 4 and a half years ago. You make it sound like it just happened. Why did you post a 4 and a half year old story? That story was posted 5/02/13.

        • Story was used to cite credible characters who may be up early, negating the previous comment that only bad people are out and about at that early time.

    • My daughter has zero period, so yes, there are people up then!

    • Your wrong…. a lot of people are up at 6:30am… and we are not ” Tweakers” “Geakers” or sneakers …we work and work hard…. we work 8-10 hour days, so the next you decide to post … think first !!!….

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    I’m up driving at that hour? I’m not a tweeker, geeker or a sneaker. Lots of cars and trucks at that hour, granted not as many as at 8a.m…. you should get up earlier each day, do some yoga or bird watching, it will do you some good,’ crime stopper’, AKA “profiler” that’s the worst kind of ‘crime stopper’..

  • Sorry CHP but there is no Harris Avenue in Eureka. There’s a Harris Street, and a Harrison Avenue, so…which one is it?

  • Dave, I have enjoyed being interacting with your through these many years, from Hoby’s to your local newscasts, so sorry for your lost, much love

  • Dave silverbrand, now there’s a name that brings back good old day memories, the local weather or news almost every night around 530 or 600, yes those were the good old days.

  • Not true.the hospital is right there.change of shift is right about then for some departments.

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