DeeditForward App Aims to Make Disaster Relief Efforts More Efficient, Effective

This is a press release from DeeditForward:

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey serves as a bleak reminder for those in Lake County of the devastating effects of natural disasters on their community. Just over a year ago, 4,000 residents evacuated their homes after wildfires consumed several buildings. DeeditForward, an app connecting those offering help with those who need it, aims to make disaster relief efforts more efficient and effective.

It all starts with someone who needs help. A Needer describes his or her need on the app, and a Deeder nearby will receive an alert and choose to assist. Real-time geolocation technology enables users to see needs on a map and locate those asking for help quickly. In times of crisis like that of Harvey or the Lake County fires, this can be a lifesaver.

“Last year during the wildfires, our app was still in development, but was gaining some interest on social media. One person commented on our Facebook page that they had wished the app was available to help them during the Lake County fires crisis,” said Matthew Pearson, co-founder of the DeeditForward app. “That really inspired us to get the app finished and start helping communities going through a crisis.”

According to the US Forest Service and CALFIRE, just in 2017 alone, wildfires consumed an estimated 500,179 acres of land. DeeditForward wants their app in the hands of relief volunteers and those affected by disasters as soon as possible.

“We know our app is revolutionary in its approach to disaster relief situations,” said Travis Conroy, DeeditForward co-founder. “We ask that people download it now before disaster strikes. We know it will make a difference in how quickly they will receive help, and how easily volunteers can get to those who need assistance. Even something as simple as giving someone a ride out of a disaster zone can mean the world.”

The app is available for free download on iTunes. Its typical service connection fee is currently waived during the Hurricane Harvey crisis and will continue to be waived during such emergencies across the country. An Android version of the app will be released in the coming weeks. Visit or follow DeeditForward on Facebook or Twitter to learn more. Download it here:



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