10-Year-Old Boy’s Quad Stolen

This 2006 80cc Yamaha Grizzly with a camo paint job was stolen night before last from a front yard near Indianola in Eureka. “My 10-year-old son…really misses it,” the owner explained. “The flag was tossed on the side of the road. I know it’s a long shot but thought maybe you could help get the word out. My son is really bummed out.”

Please call (707) 599-9072 if you have any information.



  • Michael Stapleton

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    I worked at CT with Kevin.

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  • Leaving it in the front yard at dark in Eureka, you may as well put a bow on it
    I’m sorry, hope you find it and the pos that stole it…

    • This did not occur within the city limits of Eureka.

      • Leaving it anywhere in the front yard at dark is too easy for these low life’s. Thieving doesn’t stop at the city limits of Eureka. Hope your son gets it back, and the thieves get caught.

  • Oh no,I’m so sorry little man. I’m praying you get it back. And when you do make sure you garage it ok😭

  • I hate what this place has become, law enforcement needs to be more proactive, bait quad/car/bicycle would probably catch 5 pos a night until the message got out, then atleast that kind of theft might go down for awhile, better than doing nothing. Hope the kid gets his bike back.

    • Unfortunately, if you look at the police logs, our police dept. has to spend much of their time dealing with drunk drivers and people drunk in public. Alcohol is insidious.

      • No they dont, it is just that they enjoy the extra money since drunk driving is their number one goal on patrols. Just like the song says if they really wanted to stop it they would post up at bars offering free breath tests instead of hiding in the bushes 3 miles down the road

    • Its still better than a whole lot of other places in the state!!

      • Yes! I wish people understood that. If they think Eureka’s bad, they should try any other city the size of Eureka and they are going to have the same issues. I love Humboldt and probably will never leave. I don’t live in Eureka, never have and I hope never will. But I have worked up there for many years.

        • you should try a community the size of loleta, too.

          last month my friend/neighbor (G) was working at the apartments on eel river owned by van der zee’s.
          2 separate residents in apt’s on each side of that complex witnessed of our town’s famous fence-jumping thief go into the back of (G’s) truck by reaching into the truck bed topper, and watched as he grabbed (G’s) chain saw and large red gas can and trotted away between buildings.

          so, hcso was called about the stolen chain saw and gas can. the 2 witnesses him relayed what they saw to the officers. hcso refused to take a report because the law is changed – the chain saw was valued at under 950$ so it was only a misdemeanor and not worth the effort to write up a report…

          well, the police have investigated the thefts this particular thief, along with his cohorts, have pulled and say there is never any evidence left to say he did the thefts so they have never charged him. some of the theft’s were of a lot of valuable items.

          you can talk to anyone in loleta and immediate area – they will tell you this thief has burgled them, too. anything, large or small (took a riding lawn mower out of one old guys garage), live plants or dead…and has been doing this for decades. never ever charged…

          well, my friend works hard to earn $ to buy tools so he can work for a living.
          it was this saw was very valuable to him and will slow down his ability to be a wage earner.

          now only is this 35ish man steal from both friends and people he don’t know…3 x’s he’s ripped me off after jumping my fence. when i confront him, which i still do, he just grins or sneers or gloats and walks away.
          one day he told me “ya i stole them, what are you gonna do about it” as he wore his shit-eating grin and walked away.

          we live in a neighborhood that’s located on a private drive and is on private property. he is legally trespassing when he is around here & he’s been told by residents and by the landowner he is trespassing and we are calling the cops every time we see him here. be assured,
          if he is around here it is for nefarious purposes. i and my friends run him off telling him he’s trespassing on private property.

          after the chain saw theft i and another woman have been calling 911 and asking they come and remove this felon. he then told another friend that because we call the cops on him, the 1st chance he finds my friend and i are gone he’s going to break into our homes and take everything he can find. i found out yesterday he told the neighbor directly across from me the same threats.

          not too long ago someone he ripped off smacked him around. a couple of nights later this felon’s mom and brother went to the the ripped off guy’s home in the dead of night and beat him with baseball bats while he was in bed asleep.
          retribution. obviously this felon has it in his blood to be a felon and was then well taught those skills at home.

          cops do nothing.
          i’ll no longer ask for assistance from hcso. i tell them who i am and my address and add ‘please “list me as anonymous because these people are capable of anything and everything” and ‘please “list me as anonymous because these people will burn me out”.
          still, there’s my name (and my neighbor’s name when she’s called) on the daily calls for service reports several times.

          here are what the felons around here do when they get an itch for their kind of pay-backs:
          06/25/15 @ 1:30am a known person with a personal vendetta threw a firebomb into an open bathroom roof hatch next door to me.
          they knew there was a man asleep inside…the trailer burned to the ground in little time. the 1st photo shows where the man’s bed was. 2nd pic is the front of the place. the neighbor in the fire was burned, his earplugs were melted into his ears!
          the the hcso did nothing. hcso called off an arson investigation that was started by the fire dept (love you vfd folks!!!).

          i’m starting the ball rolling to sell my home & get the hell out of here. where i’m from people do not behave like i’ve seen here.
          i’ll be selling lots of unusual of one-of-a-kind things i bought…
          if the town fence-jumping thief don’t get it 1st.

          • Thanks for sharing your story Judi, and thanks Kym, for your news forum. Without people like Judi and reporters like Kym, most of us would not know what is going on. Something has to be done to stop this bs or no one will be safe. Please consider filing a grand jury report to try and get action from law enforcement. Contact Rex Bohn to see if he can help. If our govt and LE do not care to protect the taxpayers, than it may be time for the citizens to take the law into their own hands. I suspect this is already the case on Murder Mountain!

          • shawn the fisherman

            Im not condoning violence how ever pre-emptive retribution might be in order in this case. Sorry Judi sounds like a terrible place to live.

      • Name one place in California that is better than Eureka… I’ll wait.

        • Couple off the top of my head
          Aerial Acres
          A on
          Agoura Hills
          Agua Dulce
          Alabama Hill
          Alamo Oaks
          Aliso Viejo
          Alpine Forest
          Alta Loma
          Alturas-Modoc County Amador City American Canyon AmsterdamCherokee
          Cherry Valley Chester
          Cheviot Hills
          China Lake
          Chino Hills Cholame Chowchilla
          Chula Vista
          Citrus Heights
          City Of Industry City Ranch
          City Terrace Clairemont Mesa Claremont
          Clear Creek Clearlake
          Clearlake Highlands Clearlake Oaks Clearlake Park Clements
          Clipper Mills Cloverdale
          Coalinga Coarsegold
          Co ee
          Cold Springs

  • low life no count tweekers scum. so sorry little fellow I do hope it gets returned unscathed.

  • Goddamm Meth Mafia.

  • I remember way back when I first moved here people actually left things out and they’d be there in the morning…Humboldt is getting almoat as bad as the city theae days… Praying you get your bike back little man.

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