Want to Check Out Some Flat Track Racing? Race Four of the Lost Coast Flat Track Championship Series is September 10

[Photos provided by Lost Coast Flat Track]

This is a press release from Lost Coast Flat Track:

Sunday, September 10, is the forth out of six races for the Lost Coast Flat Track Championship motorcycle races at Rohner Park in Fortuna. This is the second season for the championship and draws a crowd of racers and spectators happily enjoying the sport that features racers from 5 years old to over 65 years old.

Flat track motorcycle racing is America’s first extreme sport. The sport was very popular from the 1920s until the 70s when it disappeared but it has been coming back in full force all over the country.

The majority of the racers that come out are local – from Arcata to Fortuna and Rio Dell. There isn’t anywhere else that you can race flat track without driving for at least 3 hours, and then face temperatures of over 100 degrees. Our local weather is perfect for the racers and spectators alike. This past race the temperatures were in the low 80s which for Humboldt county is warm, but not for the handful of racers that travelled up from Lake County and the Bay Area.

At the last race, the largest class turnout was the under 8, PeeWee class which featured 11 young racers, all on motorcycles with 50cc. Race classes included kids as young as 5 years old, up to adults in their mid-to-late 60s racing around the eighth-mile dirt track.

Lost Coast Flat Track’s five main sponsors either race, or have raced, and know exactly what it’s like to get sideways in the dirt.

Anyone interested in flat track racing is welcome to bring their dirt bike—with class C tires—and try it out. The next race is Sunday, September 10. Race gates open at 9 a.m. and spectator gates open at 11 a.m.. Practice starts at noon, heat races start at 1pm, and the main events will follow.

For more information and racing rules, visit lostcoastflattrack.com or visit Lost Coast Flat Track on Facebook for updates or more information.

Kids racing motorcycles.

Three Southern Humboldt Kids who are racing in the peewee class. #7 Mason, #199 Byren, and #6 Tyeson.



  • I want to see competetion....................

    I went to the last races. For a $28 ticket I really felt cost was over the top. Not one race was competitive. Not even close. The event was touted as being racers from all over California and Oregon. It was very disappointing. But I am from Sacramento where they have top riders that compete to win at the Sacramento Mile or the AMA Nationals in Auburn. Maybe the rewards for winning are too low to make it worth the effort and costs to attend here. I definitely feel a trip is worth it to see competitive racing. Travel and the slight increase in ticket prices is well worth seeing an event that is competitive.

    • You do realize you’re comparing apples and oranges here, right?

      There was a great turnout of both riders and spectators!

    • Motomomof#9#601#5

      I believe you are referring to the Ferndale Half Mile race. That race is not affiliated with the Lost Coast Flat Track races. The entry fee is $10 and under depending on your age. It’s a great place for beginners and experienced riders to hit the track. Our local flat track community is amazing. My kids love racing and these events have been the highlight of our summer. Thank you to Mark Topping for bringing Flat Track Racing back to our local community.

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