Want a Say in Humboldt’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance? Check Out These Options

marijuana featurePress release from the County of Humboldt:

On Sept. 7, and Sept. 21 beginning at 5 pm, or as soon thereafter as possible, the Humboldt County Planning Commission will hold a public workshop to review proposed draft revisions to the county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO). The workshop will include the opportunity for the Planning Commissioners and the public to comment on the proposed draft ordinance, but no action will be taken.

A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday Oct. 19 to consider the ordinance and the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the project, at which time the Planning Commission will consider making its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

A sampling of the principal changes to county code being considered in the ordinance include:

Repeal of the current permit application deadline (Dec. 31, 2016) to allow for submittal of applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation;
Broadening the scope of the current regulations to encompass commercial cannabis activities for recreational users authorized by the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA);
Providing for a greater diversity of areas where cannabis cultivation may be allowed to occur;
Developing performance standards for controlling odor impacts from cultivation; and
Special requirements/limitations for projects located within spheres of influence or community areas.

The draft ordinance to be reviewed at the workshops is on the county’s website.

If you have any questions or comments about the draft ordinance, please contact Steven Lazar by phone at 707-268-3741 or by email at slazar@co.humboldt.ca.us.

Thursday, September 7, 2017 – 5:00 pm
Thursday, September 21, 2017 – 5:00 pm
Board of Supervisors Chambers
Humboldt County Courthouse
825 5th Street
Eureka, CA 95501



  • That’s what we need, “Providing for a greater diversity of areas where cannabis cultivation may be allowed to occur.” Really? Expand it? It’s all over the hills, riparian corridors, rural neighborhoods, everywhere!! Stop the mega grows, stop the excavating, stop the plastic, stop the nutrient runoff. The Mattole and other sensitive areas are being choked to death and the county does nothing.

    • It needs to be ok to grow on parcels smaller than one acre…which would help mitigate all those things you object to.

      • That just encourages people to subdivide which goes against the General Plan and encourages sprawl where none existed. Every postage stamp of a property does not need weed growing on it.

      • No it does not need to be OK to grow on 1 acre or smaller parcels. In our neighborhood we had people from out of the area buy 1 acre residential parcels, some with houses and some without, and put in greenhouses with more than 6 plants and that is not OK. The smell would come in my front and back bedrooms but thankfully the code enforcement officers let them know this is not ok.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Really? Plastic Pollution?

      How about bulldozer pollution? What of diesel pollution? How about 50,000 4X4″s pollution? Deer rifles, stupid white guys everywhere, and the Mexification of Humboldt? How about robberies, murders, tons of meth and smack, drunks and straight up psychos on the roads?

      A little cannabis might improve the world, but 25,000,000 pounds of Humboldt Indica? It will pollute and depress the cannabis market to the point where people will leave and get their construction jobs back…

      So camp run-a-muck? It’s probably the answer, in the short term, until the really big farming concerns and the richest corporations on earth finish developing THEIR plan to overplant cannabis everywhere, and REALLY throw all of you out of the cannabis business…

      Enjoy your last couple seasons! Hope you don’t get jacked or killed! Don’t worry, some retiring baby boomer will buy your property eventually!

      • How about you existing? ALL people are the earths problem. You drive? Guilty. You eat? Guilty. You use water? Guilty. People=SH$T. Period

    • Agreed. I didn’t see anything about reducing impacts on the creeks/rivers/bay/ocean/wildlife/human health.

    • They do nothing because of the money

      • You’re right it is all about the money for the Stupervisors and they don’t care about the rest of us. AND 5 pm for a meeating. How about different times and different areas to let everyone have a chance to go.

  • Grow food not pot.

  • Just stop my neighbor from using all the water in the creek to grow pot after having clear cut his 4 acre parcel. I think from the big trucks rumbling through, he plans a mega greenhouse called the Crystal Cathedral.

    There is no end of greed among pot growers. Now will come the excuses and rationalization that SOME growers, SOMEWHERE, and SOMETIME were decent, righteous people fighting the tyranny of government regulation in the religiously fervent belief that pot does SOME people SOME good. And to hell with those objecting to all the collateral damage to those not of the same faith. Pot heads shout down, threaten and bully better than the government ever did them.

  • Sad truth, Humboldt will be left behind by far more organized county’s that are already set up for Ag, Infrustucture, workforce and accessibility. They don’t need to try to Permit illegal buildings or clear cuts.

    But by all means extend that deadline to collect more permit fees.

  • One of the worse things they could do at this point is accept more applications. They need to enforce the laws against the nonpermitted grows first. Level the market. Get rid of the multithousand pound harvests from noncompliant people. Why would accepting more applications even be considered?

    • Hey Kim ,
      A picture of a tomato and weed hilarious !I will explain why.In my research the largest commercial greenhouse crop in USA is the hot house tomatoe the sq ft production value of hot house tomatoes is 1$ a sq ft. there may be more money in organic production ,but not a lot .Thats the future of commercial pot . It’s legal people.
      Don’t tell me tomatoes are easy to grow commercially .also tomatoes are a labor intensive crop.
      Humboldt county super visors are already aware as there economic forecast prediction for county was prepared and was not great folks.

      • Cannabis will never be as cheap as tomatoes, if only for the reason that tomatoes are mostly water in the form they’re consumed.

        The square footage value cited ignores the fact that you can produce many pounds of tomatoes in a space that would not produce nearly as much dried cannabis (or oil equilvalent).

        Assuming all else is equal, that fact alone would mean a significant price difference.

  • Just wait till The real ag counties of California open up their permit process. Average conservative farmers are already waiting on lines to do 3-5 thousand acres. Wall to wall. Their counties are pro agriculture. Even at 200/per pound their eyes have dollar signs like never before. Can’t make 200/lb. on almonds or broccoli.

    • Jorge, you really think people will smoke that garbage?? I think it’s gonna be important to inform people that mass chemically grown cannabis is gonna cause cancer not cure it lol

      • lol...legal...lol

        i dont think the average joe cares…cigarretes say they cause cancer on the side of the box.. this is recreation not medicine…

    • How will they grow weed on a scale similar to that of orchard crops?

      At the least it will take some years to invent planting and harvest machinery and develop protocols for spraying etc.

      Until then the labor costs will be extravagant, assuming enough labor is even available.

      I don’t doubt there are some conventional farmers thinking about this, but the death knell seems premature.

      • Security would be a nightmare

      • @ Matthew Meyer- They are already doing it in some counties. In “test plots” in the hundreds of acres range. With no specialized equipment. Under the nose of local law enforcement who have yet to bother any of them. There is absolutely no shortage of labor force in Ca. You should tune into the cannabis program on Thursday @5:30pm on KMUD. It’s super informative and up to date. That’s where I learned about this.

        • Thanks. I’m gonna need a little more info before I can believe in these 100+ acre ganja fields being harvested by machine.

          There *is* an ag labor shortage in CA, according to everything I’ve been reading. Check out the recent article on Noble apple orchard in Paradise: its labor contractor told it that the workers, some of whom have been coming for years and years, are not available this year, for various reasons.

          • I have indeed seen them matthew, they are very very real. What I haven’t seen is the affect everybody claims they are going to have on the market. People are still paying the same retail prices they did in 1995 in many places in the country. A newspaper in San Diego recently published an article claiming “California is producing eight times more pot than can be smoked” but didn’t specify who and where, leading me to believe they meant California is producing eight times more cannabis then California can consume, disregarding the fact that we are still all the illegal producers of much of the United States cannabis.

          • lol...legal...lol

            hemp gin… history….its doable.

  • Maybe they should consider how the local city’s infrastructures will support this boom they’re contributing to with these permits. Seems like something the county “planners” should consider…. Ok everyone can come here and grow and get legal but where do they park or live. What contributions do they make to our community when they make their millions then go home to somewhere else to spend it?

    • EXACTLY. Non profits short on contributions. Healy Senior Center short on money for Meals on Wheels. Speaking of infrastructure, ever go to the Redway dump on a Friday? 20 Growers in line with trailers to dump their grow garbage. They don’t recycle much, by the way.
      Schools like Casterlin asking for donations for a needed third teacher.
      The new green rush population here mostly gives less than a damn about Humboldt, they’re here exploiting it. Shame on you locals that are out of control also.
      Hopefully next year will be the beginning of the end of the madness. My guess is they’re opening up permitting again because probably only half of the 2,400 applicants won’t be finishing the process. It was a way to eek out a couple more years of production.
      People are now sitting on hundreds of pounds. A lot of buyers don’t need Humboldt any more.
      Prepare to see Humboldt loose its importance as other areas of California come to full production.
      Seriously, what a shit-show and I can’t wait till it’s over. I’ve never seen such lack of respect of the land and your neighbors.

    • Sounds like the closet communist are coming out, lol. Smoke another one.

  • The worst part about all of this, is when all the smoke settles, NorCal may be devastated. Next time you go to the store in Redway or Garberville thank a dope grower. You people think any of this would exist without the financial flow of cannabis money? Inherently there are problems with our little society. But when big ag finally decides to play, it’ll be bye bye hill life.

    Unlike some of the “old timers” some of us “younger” folks (under 50) got an education, traveled and realized that this area is very unique. An intricate weaveing of hillbilly and hippy. An area fueled completely by cannabis. I have been to, and grown, in many other rural areas in this state and let me tell you all…there is no place like home.

    Most rural places have no infrastructure. They are tiny little towns with little to no services for anyone, let alone low income families. Shopping is a joke and prices and availabilty at local mercantiles are atrocious. No hospitals, schools are 20+ miles away and forget the peacefulness. Most of these other rural communities are run by cattle barons who will push their conservative views on the entire area. So no peace and love hippies, no stoners, no acid trips. All that shit is a no go anywhere else. Even this amazing website…nothing like it anywhere else! Even KMUD type stations do not exist anywhere else.

    So back to my point. If we lose the throne of cannabis capital of the world it’ll be a decimation of the rural populated areas of the emerald triangle. People still have mortgages to pay, car notes etc. Without the cannabis income all of that stops. Large farms will be consumed by the government and we lose our title as the most land in the hands of private citizens. Then after all the fallout there will only be a few left. Towns will get smaller or vanish. Remember when there was a Chevrolet dealership in town? What happened? Price of pounds dropped so less money so no car sales? Just speculating.

    The use of the word “greed” also frustrates me. Every human on earth strives to make a better life. Except for losers, we all want a good life with all the nice things money affords. Like solar panels or wood to build a home or a safe vehicle. So unless you give away all your extra money and live in a tiny modest house with no electricity or running water then a case can be made that you too are living in excess.

    Now im no grower. I dont even have a crop this year because the market wont support mom and pop grows. But im no fool and i realize what fuels our local economy. If cannabis goes away so does our community. The sooner people realize this truth the better.

    Mind you im aware that there are numerous mega assholes, no doubt, committing major environmental crimes but so do the wineries that make the booze many drink. So do most mega vegetable farms. Too many people have their heads in the sand.

    Just my opinion. I’ve seen how mega the farms in the central valley are. Trust me, one farm in the central valley can produce a lot more than 20 mega hill grows! Im afraid the wheels are already in motion, however. Then what are we all going to do…?

    • What many don’t understand is the rural, funky , family, community lifestyle is why we are here.
      Communities will survive just fine, they did before and they will after.
      Why are you so worried about the stores? Why don’t you worry more about the shattering of the way of life we were enjoying before the green rush.
      I’m tired of hype of how growers are saving Humboldt . I’ve been in rural Humboldt 50 years. Growers have destroyed neighborhoods and subdivisions, and they don’t give a crap. Fuck all this Money Is The Bottom Line bullshit. Live in a more urban area if you love stores, infrastructure, and no ranches.

      • Thank You! Many of us are still here… watching this horror show unravel. Came here in ’79 and all my best friends are not here to get rich. Being able to grow a little bit to supplement modest incomes to be able to live a low-cost rural lifestyle was a blessing! I have little love for those who blew it out and drained the creeks during a historic drought for their baller-esque egos and endless consumer desires. I’ll be glad to see these a-holes leave. They did not contribute much. I didn’t sell them crap to get rich off the back of a destructive movement. Ironic that they would always say how much they cared or what a benefit they were or how they helped sick people and spiritual and GD and all that while they took advantage of our community and blew up their grow scenes. Good Riddance! I laugh as they scream and cry. And leave.

      • You dont even get it…there will be no rural humboldt left. This is a real issue. The ability for you to thrive and exist here is based on availability of resources. Once the timber and fishing industries fueled the economy now the cannabis industry does.

        Regardless if you believe it or not there is always a market that sustains every economy. Big or small. The only reason you are able to argue with me via the internet is due to that economy driven need, or desire, for such services to to be available. You buy into the idea that you could actually survive in the same fashion without such local services. To live really rural is hard. Trust me did it for 17 years. Came back here because everything is accessible and i can still live in the woods. Nowhere else like it…

        As rural as you, in your limited experience, may think it is here, this place is like a city spread out in the woods. So many things you take for granted in your day to day life are fueled by money. You like healthcare? You like safe highways to drive to town on? You like the store to have fresh healthy foods? You like paying less than $5 a gal for fuel? The availability of these things comes from necessity. The need to fuel, feed and keep the community going to support the main industry.

        Go to a real rural community. See what rural really means. You take my words and twist them. I care more about the community in a whole then an individuals point of view. You show how ignorant you are, to the reality our area is facing.

        I enjoy being able to watch my kids play youth sports, i enjoy community functions and love the fourth of july in Benbow with kids laughter and neighbors hanging out. Coming out of the hills to enjoy life. All of it fueled by a cannabis based economy.

        I lived in places, in California, that make Humboldt look like the city. We were 35 miles down a dirt road at an elevation of 4100 feet. I know rural. No phone, no internet, no nothing. Even satellite tv or internet wasn’t an option. No carrier in the area. No body either…because everywhere else in rural california is truly rural. Broke, no money, no jobs, all land owned by the government and leased to cattlemen for dirt cheap. Its easy to sit at your computer as you eat food you bought and chitaqua and forget how much you have access to. Or you probably grow your own food…with seeds aquired from a community. I have had to drive hours to find seeds to plant. Drive hours to find a bolt to fix my gate when it rusted off. Ive spent countless nights in the dark because there is no gas station to get fuel. No pge. Nothing. No store full of generators to “live off-grid”, we used old tractors to run pto generators that we’d buy used off farmers. No solar energy stores. We had to guess and do our research and drive for days to figure it out. No markets with fresh food. Organic? Hahaha! Ya right. We lived out of small mercantiles and ate mostly canned food unless we grew it ourselves. Grading dirt roads and paved roads…lol. There was no equipment within 100 miles. We would stradle the ruts so we didnt blow an axle. In the winter you never leave the hill, ever, for weeks maybe longer depending on where you were. And this was once a timber town too. Now a ghost town.

        Many of you live a bogus, lsd fueled dream about how it “was” or “is”. Or your a remnant of the timber days. Hillbilly Hippy dreams of lala land. FYI since the very first redwood was cut down people have been making a living from these hills for a long time, by whatever means necessary. Shattering a way of life? Everyone was living on the death of the timber, fishing and milling industries. Most of the “back to the landers” leaving town a buying land up here because it was cheap. Unless your a native American whose tribe is local to the area you too are the remnant, of one boom or another…be it harvesting of natural resources, the back to the land rush, the hippy movement, or the green rush. Sorry, just a fact, but most of our ancestors came here to make a living…go figure. Greedy bastards!

        Get a grip on reality and realize what you think is true is a myth. There may have been a short span where money didnt matter, at least to those that had it, but those days are gone. Nobody can feed their family on idealism and false conceptions of this magical land where all was perfect…and everone in the hills were stewards of the land.

        Realize if you lose the infrastructure you lose the community. If the taxpayers and children of those taxpayers leave you lose everything. Then no one will be able to maintain because it will be to huge of a financial toll to exist rurally without services, and without a way to create income.

        In turn the market has created a huge increase in land value. Mortage companies, as well as counties tax liens, will take over the land everyone defaults on and then you can say bye bye redwoods for real. Then when the dust from that settles, the land will be auctioned off to the only people able to afford it. Big Ag! Large cattle ranches spring up everywhere. This is the model people, im not making this up as i go along. Ive lived it.

      • Well said, those who were here before will be here after without all the extra headaches that have come with the green rush. Believe it or not there are some people who make money elsewhere and bring it back to humboldt besides growers. The attitude that dope money is what makes humboldt what it is a relatively new phenomenon. We’ll get by as we did before and if the chevy dealer leaves town I think I’ll some how deal with it.

    • What a crock of BS. I am a So. Humboldt County native. 55 years old… Born and raised here… went to college and came home & started a legitimate business, and am doing just fine. I earn more than our family doctor.. I have many friends and family in the pot business…
      You say pot fuels our ecomomy. Rubbish. We’d all be better off without the pot and all the bullshit that comes with it…
      Why don’t we talk about citizenship fairness and taxes? These illegal growers are making heaps of money but pay ZERO taxes!!! How dare they! I am tired of paying to fix the chuckholes in the road made by their big trucks…
      Pay your freakin’ income tax – like everybody else. Otherwise you’re an outlaw deserving jail.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      THANK a DOPE GROWER? For what? High prices? Girls with sleeves? Trashy street people everywhere?

      Pot. Is. Lame.

      It has made you all: stupid and lazy.

      Quit whining – evolve.

  • One word (actually two) : russet mites

    It’s over.
    The end of ez clean weed has arrived ..Remember when there was little/ no powdery mildew in humblt?

    Fast forward 2017.
    To pull a commercial size (or ANY SIZE) cannabis grow u need a solid fool proof miss nothing IPM program. (There is none lol)
    Or chemicals.

    All the weed is now saturated with miticides essential oils supher soap potassium bicarb fucking other heavy duty DNA altering pesticide like avid and forbid… Can’t be good .

    But what is pot grower to do?
    These fuckers are everywhere.

    • Not if you grow from seeds. My plants never see a light or a chemical, it’s actually really easy.
      But clones, which is what pretty much everyone grows, yes, you are 100% correct. Not too mention way more plastic trash (tarps), generators and fuel, and people to pull tarps and harvest and trim every couple months. No thanks

      • One word (actually two) : russet mites

        Russet mites actually lay eggs IN YOUR SEEDS.. You can actually pop seeds that are already infested with these 4 legged microscopic cannabis specific DEMONS.
        Don’t be so confident. Research. Buy a microscope and scope your garden every day , because by my observations the broad mites and russet mites the thrips and good old ez to annihilate spidar mites are here and they are EVERYWHERE. Chances are very high there are a few to a zillion in nearly every garden..those trouble-free pre-mite destruction days of yesteryear are over.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Once the last dope grower leaves, crime will drop, and things will get better.
    Where the dope growers go, people there will dislike them and want them to leave.
    People simply don’t like dope growers, it’s just a fact.
    People can bet on when the last weed junkie leaves, and I can’t wait.

    Dope is for dopes!

    • I think you’re a fake…you use this platform to insult people to get a rise out of them. If you had an ounce of legitimacy you’d stop it eventually. But you persist so its a tell tell sign of a liar.

      You must have a huge grow so you do all this trash talk to throw everyone off the trail. Way to go dude!

      Because unless you are independently wealthy or come from money…there not much else to do in Honeydew but grow dope.

  • Yes! Yes! Step Into The Light!! Compliance is Cool!! Don’t you want to COMPLY?! Sign up and pay your fees! And your taxes! And then do everything the expert regulators tell you to do- everything on that clipboard that keeps getting added to!! Meanwhile Central Valley and Salinas Valley mega-operations dig in to grow thousands of pounds all year round deps! And the price of product plummets through the floor! Isn’t “legalization” wonderful? So glad that we encouraged and worshipped this “legalization”!! Now we can all be safe! And tell our mommies and daddies what we do for a living! We Are Farmers!! Be Proud!!! Step into that light! So we can see you better…and strip away whatever funds we can…before you realize you’re never going to make it….it is mathematically impossible. Ain’t it wonderful and positive to be “safe” and “legal” and Yay!!

  • If you attend one of the workshops, pay close attention to the part about private roads. The county is essentially trying to get cannabis growers to bring the old logging roads up to code. These roads the county has refused to take responsibility for all these decades since allowing them to be built. If those roads need to be brought up to class 4 standards, with modern culverts etc, which is a fine idea, the county should take some of its tax bonanza and put into that project – perhaps as grants to road associations. Having the growers themselves shoulder the burden in addition to the enormous taxes imposed by an uninformed public, may be the last straw financially.

    Also, the idea of opening up permits and expanding lands for permits is absolutely necessary if we are going to get enough permitted growers to make enforcement against the black market possible. So long as 4 out of 5 growers are outside the system, being compliant is a wonderful altruistic idea but makes little financial sense. The county is trying to deal with this by opening up the permits. Don’t discourage them.

    • The megagrower [wsir] will never take responsibility for the private, unpaved roads in this county. They are actively in the process of destroying them. They aren’t permitted, yet, and they don’t give a shit. This is the problem. No more permits! Not a solution!

  • My suggestion has been (often) that cannabis farmers should have grow as much food as they are pot. Not just zucchini and tomatoes either.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      They don’t know how and it’s too much work.
      Many growers will be holding cardboard signs in a few years, because they have no marketable skills.

  • Cannabis cultivation makes up for only 5-10% of gross revenue produced in other Legal states. Production is overly saturated and eventually consolidated it brought the free-market. California will be no different only hen look bath will be much larger. The fatal mistake our BOS made was constructing the ordinance assuming we had a share at being a production County and not focusing on creating a ordinance that promotes long term hospitality growth. Extremely short sighted and flat out disconnected from reality. With the black market crashing faster than anyone predicted and without the ability to create cannabis tourism direct to consumer, Humboldt is dead. Good luck to those pouring their life savings into this “permit” scheme without a solid back up plan.

  • Take a walk through Garberville, look around, look at the state of affairs socially and structurally. Absolutely atrocious. This is during a time when collectively there is more wealth than any time in Southern Humboldt History and this is the state it’s In. What will it look like when the money is gone? People are not aware of the consequences coming down the pipe line. There is no plan B.

    • I agree. What happened down there guys? In late 90s garberville still had a nice counterculture vibe, a few good restaurants and was still kinda nice. I don’t swing through often, but I can tell you, the decline is very visible. And like the previous commenter said; more money than ever. What happened? Someone needs to do an autopsy

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        Garberville. Is. Over.

        No one would live there. It might as well be a neighborhood in SoCal.

        You can buy ANY quantity of ANY drug there, but can’t get much of anything else.

        AND: Nothing good happens in Garberville – your mom warned you about it!

  • can someone clarify?
    the state initiative says we can grow 6 plants.
    but can each county change that?
    allow less? or none? (on parcels 10 acres or less)

    the lawyers and others helping people go into compliance
    are making lots of money.
    the nurseries selling clones and starts are
    making lots of money.
    that is smart, take the money upfront and
    let the farmer do all the rest of the work and
    then see if he can even sell his crop.

    yes, this is the year we all knew would come, the year the trimmers
    got paid but not necessarily the farmer.
    yes i am glad i dumped all my last years blue dream for 500 on july 4th.
    people thought that was crazy at the time but i doubt i could do that now.

    (can anyone confirm that in humboldt and mendo not even one plant can be LEGALLY grown in the sun if you have less than ten acres?)

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Read prop 64: You may grow SIX PLANTS. You may posess ONE OUNCE of product. That’s it!

      You may not sell bud. It’s not legal to grow 1000 plants, or sell weed.

      You can’t even GIVE it away.

      Everyone should grow their own – that was the point.

      Cannabis is a shitty drug – being on drugs as a lifestyle will get you nowhere.

  • “A sampling of the principal changes to county code being considered in the ordinance include:”

    If the people will lead, the leaders will follow. We’re growing…..they might as well get on board.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Detroit is so nice now that they built it up around one industry and let it collapse.

  • Once the state starts giving out licenses the domestic (in-state) market will be available only to local permit/state license holders. This is good news to those farms that are pursuing legalization. The bad news is that California is a big state and there are many places suitable for producing cannabis that are better connected to infrastructure (roads, electricity etc.).
    Just as there are many people in Humboldt that just came to make a buck, environment be damned, there are many, many people who are here for love of the land and the liberty to create our own culture and community.
    It is going to be different than it has been, and soon. Even with the continuation of the black market, prices are down. The whole Humboldt economy, especially SoHum, is going to feel the effects.
    The reason Garberville/Redway and Eureka is struggling with a large population of homeless, drug addicts and those with mental illnesses is part of a larger national phenomenon. The lack of services and opportunity for these people is a nationwide issue. It is easier for these people to find refuge in rural places than in more populated towns and cities where they are constantly harrassed and moved along. There’s no doubt that Humboldt has extra appeal, though, with it’s cultural outlaw mentality and an economy that is more robust than most rural places. The idea that the only the pot economy created the proliferation of their presence is a narrow one. Things need to change on a national scale to ease this issue, more services, more opportunity to be a part of the middle class.
    So what’s in store? Those farmers that will find themselves ‘underwater’ for having overcomitted to debt in the expectation of continued profits will have to sell, no doubt. Land prices will go down. People wanting to escape the cities south of us will increase. Land prices will stabilize.
    Our culture will remain, and it will also change along with the times. There are a lot of good, ethical, community minded people waiting for the roar of generators and diesel trucks to die down and for the return of just the sound of the insects and the wind in the trees. There will be more challenges with a less rich economy, but the ‘hill folks’ have ever been defined by their resourcefulness.

  • Support underground family herb farms. Making less than 100k a year .. lbs for 16 all day to them. The less you grow the more it’s worth. Ask about us on your street.. there are still millions of minds getting sucked into fake life that need pot out there, so the black market is going anywhere anytime soon . The paradigm shift is slow, like a moles ass in janurary

  • It would be nice if we had odor control ordinances for the breweries.

  • Since no one puts breweries any old place they want, unlike the numbers of pot processors, that is a nonsequitor. At least, if there are breweries in every neighborhood, they certainly are successful at keep their odors to themselves. Same with the users of their products.

    • Keeping odors to themselves? Used to live on 4th St. in Chico, and regularly smelled the sweet wort from Sierra Nevada, which is well over a mile away as the crow flies.

      Smelled like sweet pee.

      But I like beer so I didn’t mind.

      Sometimes smells are highly symbolic: people who don’t like ganja probably find the smell more objectionable once they find out what it is.

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