Humboldt Progressive Democrats to Hold Rally in HSU’s Kate Buchanan Room to ‘#RedefineDemocrat’

This is a press release from Humboldt Progressive Democrats:

Local progressive Democrats call for a rally of activists and supporters to make the California State Democratic Party more responsive to needs of real people.

A rally titled #RedefineDemocrat will be held on Saturday, September 9, 2017, from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Kate Buchanan Room on the campus of Humboldt State University.

Notable speakers from across the state will update activists on efforts to reform and advance the Democratic Party. Speakers will include:

Kimberly Ellis (Oakland, CA) was a 2017 candidate for Chair of the California State Democratic Party, and is currently challenging the results of that election at the State Party Convention.

Karen Bernal (Sacramento, CA) is the current Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, the largest caucus within the state party. Karen was a Bernie Sanders delegate in 2016.

Robert Shearer (McKinleyville, CA) is an HSU graduate student, an elected member of the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party. Robert was also a Bernie Sanders delegate in 2016. “We want to explore what kind of candidates and policies the Party should be championing to gain the popular support of eligible voters who do not trust the Party,” declared Shearer. “This Rally to #RedefineDemocrat will be a call to arms for local activists to fight for policy and politics that benefit Californians and their families.”

There is no cost to attend, and the event is ADA accessible. Reservations are required, at the request of the University, and can be made online at:



  • Who cares! Democracy is dead. It’s all aboutbib business. Has been for way too long.

  • Does that logo represent the Blue Bird of Happiness Attacking an Ass?

    • Good one!
      Personally, I find in UN-ie.
      Maybe they’re going to finally admit they work for foreign corporations and dictators.

  • Responsive to the needs of ‘real people’?

    No. The Northcoast Socialist People’s Alliance want the Democratic Party to cater to their left wing fringe. I hope the Democratic Party listens to them because only then will they lose elections.

  • Socialism Training 101. Communism outcome.

  • STOP CALLING YOURSELVES DEMOCRATS for a start. Become a whole new party. Hillary & Debbie Wasserman Shultz DESTROYED all the credibility the dems had left.
    PROGRESSIVE is enough. Be it.

    • I agree. Decorators is a corporate sponsored party.

    • Absolutely 110% agreed Shillary & company made Democrat a Dirty Word!!! Simple answer to the question of what to do, get rid of ALL those such as Shillary & company!!! THen & ONLY then will I consider re registering as a Dem!!! “Slick Willy AKA Bill Clinton was the main reason I went green Party to begin with!!! I had no problems with his “stepping out” on Shillary but when he lied to Congress & the rest of the world as well, I bailed on the DUMBocratic Party!!!

    • Regressive, you mean. Stalin. Mao. Lenin. All monsters, all long dead. We need to move forward making America what it could be for patriots, for Americans, not brainwashed, zombified, koolaid-drinking reds. Let the dead stay dead. Sanders is the last of the mummified bunch. Drive a stake through the black heart of socialism and move on. Let HSU rot and decay ….

  • Robert Shearer is one of the most admirable people I have known. Just a great guy.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Be sweet if all their cars were towed away.

  • Neither a Dem or a Rep, I vote for who I believe would do a better job to help the people and the country; but after seeing how Obama left this country in the worst racial tensions since the 60’s and did nothing about it and the fact that Hillary is a greedy liar, there was nobody good to vote for this election. Probably two of the worst candidates in history. If the Dem party had endorsed anybody but Hillary, it would have been an easy win over Trump. Dems have nobody to blame but themselves that Trump won the election.

  • Go back to your “Reefer Madness” posts CHUMP, you ALMOST made sense doing that!!!

  • I have figured out who the chump is. I believe his name is Scott. He drives a Toyota

    • Out that motherfxxker

    • He’s the same guy who was banned from lost coast outpost in the early days. I cant remember his name but he used to post under his real name on loco . He really does have some kind of mental health issue. Not trying to be insulting here. (I mean aside from being conservative 🙂 ) His posts are actully a bit more coherent these days.

  • Why? So you can beat the free speech out of him? Equal Protection Under The Law, repeat until you understand it.

  • Over the last few Presidential it is clear neither the Dems or the Reps care what the common folk think.

  • Little early to tell but so far it looks like Democrats will have The Rock, Hillary, Maxine Waters and Tom Hanks to choose from lol, maybe they’ll get lucky and Leonardo DiCaprio will throw his hat in to. we could all go back to walking (won’t even be able to ride a horse because they fart too much) while he flies his private jet and eats salmon.

  • OY VAY!!! Progressives? The “Progressives” in WA, DC and CA state gov are DEMS deep in the deep state SWAMP… SWAMP of global corporate quick-sand… This is the most corrupt state and national elections IN THE WORLD!!! What have we learned people?
    From the crimes and horrors of the USA Presidential elections of 2016??? We need a real peoples revolution for people, planet and peace over profits… And the revolution starts with massive reforms and clean-up of the filthy dirty money changers and their cash registers turned upside down… WE cannot just keep digging in the toxic ditches of this corrupt obscene madness… It is vastly delusional to keep joining a system that has been at war on we the 99% for many decades… Millions upons millions of victims who they never repay… Even fake “justice” fines for biggest Wall Street BANKSTERS who never go to court and pay $billions in fines to USA fed gov…who never return any $$$ to the citizens who were lied to, robbed, raped, looted, and left for dead by USA gov thugs tyrants traitors. Like KAMALA Harris is Dem establishment DNC pick for Pres 2020??? They think she is way cute progressive corporate whore as she has SOOO proven herself to be in CA State Gov! She is a nigger for the SWAMP just like OBAMA, CLINTONS, BUSHES and way before. It’s a rats nest of global capitalist criminals and NOBODY gets to be president ever unless they attend the Bohemian Grove secret society illuminati with satanic rituals burning the cares of the world and sacrificing virgins and drinking and drugging and fucking and pissing in the woods.
    Every year on the RUSSIAN River, CA… GENOCIDALISTS war MONGERS for endless illegal immoral insane wars for empire profiteers…

    “progressive” DEMS in gov DO NOT OCCUPY any holistic peaceful peoples platform!

    We the people are victims of extreme abuse!!! SOCIAL INSECURITY AND SICKO CARE for all is NOT holistic integrative health freedoms. MEDICARE for all single-payer is more Unfair Unfree Monopoly monster madness BIG POISON PHARMA PETRO Chemicals deadly drugs and now global BIG POISONS VAXX with 300 forced vaccines for every man, woman, baby from womb to tomb!!! This is sicko care, NOT healthcare
    With excessive invasive tests, excessive surgeries, methods and protocols do great harms of diseases, disability and mega deaths in USA alone!!!

    See: FDA Death Clock
    Fact: You are 27,000 times more likely to die at the hands of a MD in USA, than you are likely to die at the hands of a gun owner.

    People get a grip look at the fact vast majority of USA citizens have been lied to, robbed, looted, physically attacked, disabled and killed by Two- headed snake GOP/ DEM corporate whores with MSM, military, monetary and sicko medicine big poison PETRO chemicals drugs. WE THE PEOPLE MAJORITY ARE POLITICALLY HOMELESS, ABANDONED, abused… That’s why over 50% of USA voters do not vote. It’s not a democracy and the honest truthful people who get involved get screwed or killed or they get into the corruptions insiders cronies of the billionaires and trillionaires toxic capitalists scum bags getting wealthy being at war on humanity, planet and peace.

    BERNIE Sanders who many of us found interesting and inspiring… He has succumbed in many vital issues to the establishment for many years and has NOT been challenging the obscene endless immoral illegal insane wars or standing up for the PALESTINIANS… He never intended to come right out and challenge/contest all the DNC elections frauds and MSM and elites total corruptions of our elections, which he so boldly campaigned on…but then totally sucked up to by DN Convention.

    BERNIE is now MSM darling for sucking up to the vapid hype fake news of the “Russians hacked our 2016 elections” MSM BS….When nothing could be further from the very proof that it was our own gov from DNC and MSM and fraudulent electronic voting machines, and flipped, rigged, closed polls, lost 100’s of thousands of ballots…total madness USA most obscenely overpriced corrupt elections in the history of the world …our USA gov meddles in other nations elections all the time for many decades… And for anyone who wants the proof, it’s there!!! In spades USA corporate gov whores invade MEXICO and every country in Central and South America to install ELITISTS dictators in gov and sabotage the people’s democracy, for empire, oil, trees, mining, extractions that are war on the people, planet and peace!!! USA fed gov destroys democracies and commits heinous war crimes and tortures… And they are consistently doing same agenda of war on truth and justice and the lies of sept 11, 2001, and many more beyond unconscionable erosions of our rights.

    Who is going to hold all these criminals accountable, if NOT we the people?
    It is insane for citizens who have been the victims of such heinous liars, robbers, THEIVES, rapists and killers who assasinate whoever they want around the world every day without warrant, arrest, charges, trial… AMERICAN citizens or foreigners
    No matter. It is insane to join their parties like victims we are of domestic ABUSERS with some very DISFUNCTIONAL delusions that we can reform these WACKED out zombies and claim a whole new political platform or die trying.

    The USA gov is rotten to the core.
    No real democracy can thrive in this wrecked republic…

    I been voting for 50 years and I would never vote for another DEM because they do not care about anything but their cronies elites insiders mega bucks! More MONSANTO everything for the world!!! More Big PHARMA and Big VAXX

    The gov is NOT going to let anyone co-create a real democracy ever…

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