[UPDATE 4:37 p.m.: Power Lines Sparking ] A Structure Is Threatened as a New Wildfire Starts in Southern Humboldt, According to Scanner

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At approximately 4:25 p.m., Cal Fire received word that a new fire had started in Southern Humboldt. According to scanner traffic, power lines are down and at least one structure is threatened in the 400 block of the Zenia Blocksburg Road near the Burgess Ranch.

The crews mopping up the Miller Fire are preparing to head to this new incident if needed.

UPDATE 4:37 p.m.: Power lines were sparking but there is no active fire, reports the Incident Commander.



  • Are people not checking what they are towing, I have been wondering if it is sparks from a dragging chain for some of these fires, especially when you hear about multiple fires in a small area. You see so many tourist with RVs and towing items behind that may be inexperienced…. hopefully it is not someone throwing lit cigarettes out.

  • I normally dont report people to CHP but i have twice in the last month called in license plates, one threw a lit cig out window on 299 and another with a chain so close to the road on 101.
    In my ideal society, we would hold self responsibility as one of the most important things. We dont, so i guess we have to report the jackasses who endanger us all with these actions.

  • Think of all those poor dope growers, Mexican Cartel thugs and various other criminals and illegals having their crops burned.

  • That area is pretty sparse compared to other area like the pines or the gap as far as blown out. Jc and helana are full if good people

  • I heard a plausible theory that contractors are busy making work. I know this is true to some degree because I experienced it in s Lake Tahoe. I went for a walk at 2 in the morning and found a fire. Called the fire dept. after mostly putting it out and they came immediately and found 17 other fires in the neighborhood. Had a long talk with the fire marshall.

  • i’ve been wondering if the hoopa firebug hasn’t been hanging out in this area this summer. seems we’re getting these little but multiple spot fires, one after another, in the same areas recently.

    i’ve been listening and not hearing of these kinds of fires around hoopa like every other year the firebug was busy up there.

    i have a tremendous anxiety that some ignorant ass will flick a lit butt out their car window here. i’d be a gonner fer sure!
    we can all agree here that idiots are exhausting.

  • Reported a sparking dragged chain on 101 last night.. Thankfully the left side of the trailer..

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