[UPDATE 3:14 p.m.] Firefighters Responding to Column of Smoke in Garberville

Vegetation FireAround 2:30 a column of smoke rose from near a residence in the 900 block of Locust Street in Garberville. Firefighters responded and discovered a fence on fire. Flames were spreading to nearby vegetation.

The incident commander is handling with the crew he has at hand.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Garth Epling owner of Emerald Technologies shared these photos with us.

UPDATE 3:14 p.m.: The fire is out.



  • Outstanding work, yet again by our Firefighters!!!!

  • Discovered a fence on fire? There must be more to this story. Hope to read about it.

    • Way to go, Firefighters!

      Me too. How does a Fence…?

    • Hi Mr. Denson.
      Please read my comment below of what happened.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The fire marshal used to come thru every year and check yards in Garberville.
      No one has been around this past two years.

      I think with the changing atmosphere its a must, or we could have a disaster like Lake county.
      I know you do a kmud radio show.
      Maybe this could be mentioned.

      Thank you

  • Started frim a piece of A mirror lodged in the compost heap…110 degree heat.
    …thanks to all who kept this from being another situation..

  • Here’s the story. That is my house pictured w yellow trailer and Volvo .

    What happened?
    My neighbor had a huge garbage pile up against my fence, his side.
    How it caught on fire?
    The Cal Fire says its under investigation!
    Thank you Cal Fire,
    Southern Humboldt volunteer fire department and the Humboldt sheriff!

    My fence is gone.
    My tool shed is burnt.
    And my house is smoke damaged.
    Besides that I’m extremely upset.
    I could have lost my home, my dogs, and the whole neighborhood could have burned to the ground in minutes.

    This was negligence of my neighbor keeping his yard fire safe!!!

    I’m in need of a new fence.

    Anyone who can help I’d appreciate it.

    That’s the story.

    Thank goodness for the awesome volunteer fire department, all my neighbors and friends who saved my animals
    My house
    And our neighborhood!

    I’m pretty shaken up.


  • OMG. A little close for comfort. My poor neighbors even closer! Scary.
    Good reminder to pick any jars or plastic bottles with water in them, plastic and yeah, shiny things lodged in the lawn, or compost pile.
    Clean up your yards especially. Remember – they say 100′ clearance!

    • How do you have 100ft clearance when property lines are way closer than 100′ to a home…. Oh, I got ya. Bulldoze the whole neighborhood. Seems like there sure are a lot of fires for such a small block. The church, the house by Sicilitos, and now this. Compost…. well I do smell bullshit…. and butane.

  • Thankfully it was just your fence and toolshed, that was damaged, sorry we couldnt do more to save it before the fd got there, but as i recall there was only one hose, reom a neighbors house that would even reach close to the fire if we pulled it so tight it would kink at the spicket. And lets be honest , your yard wasnt all that clean either . I dont live there i was merely a passer by who happened to be in town saw thensmoke saw people running and stopped to ensure that there was nobody trapped or in need of medical help. Fact is it is dry and super hot, everyone should look closely at their yards and at least male sure they have hoses avabile should a fire break out. Who knows how much faster the fire could have been put out if there was more thanone hose. And a what was that a 5 lb ?

    • To HurtsiKnow – there needs to be more fire hydrants around there also. I am surprised not more hoses were around. I have several strung out around my yard & a few more coiled up close by. Good water pressure too. I also have a few neighbors that have yards that are severely neglected. I stopped being the good neighbor that cleaned all the brush off my closest neighbors fence to my yard but her whole backyard is a fire waiting to happen. Used to be I had a great batch of gardening neighbors but the young folk don’t hardly keep the brush. berry vines or trees pruned or cut back. Hope they take note of this.

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