Fire at Blue Heron Allegedly Started by the Arson Suspect Because Mr. Squires Failed to Pay for ‘Sexual Services’

Blue Heron

The Blue Heron has mostly been torn down. [Photo by Lloyd Snyder]

Press release from the City of Eureka:

The Blue Heron Motel was closed in February 2015 by the City of Eureka for failure to comply with the city’s motel ordinance, which requires motels to have a permit to operate. The owner, Floyd Squires refused to fill out the application, maintaining that it was not a “motel”. While in operation in 2014, the motel had the highest calls for police services of any motel in the
city. When the city shut down the facility, those living there were re-located due to the efforts of Humboldt County DHHS, and by the city providing short term housing vouchers. The property was immediately boarded up to prevent people from re-entering the building.

Since February 2015, neither Mr. Squires, nor the court appointed receiver Jeff Smith, have done anything to repair or rehabilitate the property.

Recently, the city conducted an inspection warrant of the Blue Heron and other properties owned by Floyd and Betty Squires. That inspection revealed numerous and significant violations of health, safety and building codes. The back side of the Blue Heron had been breached and was in a semi-occupied state primarily for the purpose of illegal drug use. On August 21, the vacated office of the Blue Heron Motel was set on fire as a result of a disagreement by the perpetrator and Mr. Squires. The disagreement was allegedly over lack of payment for sexual services by Mr. Squires.

The long history of Mr. Squires’ property management has been one of intimidation and flaunting of the law. The City of Eureka believes the community deserves better and will continue to pursue egregious violations of our municipal code and state laws.

Contact: Greg Sparks, City Manager



  • only the City of Eureka would use the word of a known drug addict to their support their agenda. Gee I wonder who will get to house these tenants when they are done getting rid of the competition. I am willing to bet who it is, but Kym will most likely edit it. using this logic, I wonder what the owner of the Ice Plant did? or was it just the massive savings in demo cost.

  • That would he F-ed up !

  • This really a very cheap shot by the city.

    • Also worth taking a look at the coverage of this story at LOCO and the police report on which some of these allegations are based. EPD’s choice of what to redact is interesting. Because they want to protect the innocent they black out their names and other identifiers. But for the folks they want to bias public opinion against they include names. Good to know EPD is keeping the true truth right before our eyes.

      • public defamation using hearsay = large settlement. end of story. one would quickly assume they were squatting, shooting dope and started a fire to heat the place. isn’t that the scenario we were fed for all of the other fires. why would this one be any different, or were we lied to about all of the other fires.

  • “The City of Eureka believes the community deserves better and will continue to pursue egregious violations of our municipal code and state laws.”
    Because all that pursuing is working so well for the City of Eureka, I guess.

  • in similar news the “don’t do it Bro” is needed to testify in the murder case of the 14 yo. which in theory should have a similar outcome to the Fieldbrook double homicide case where the heroin dealer was the main witness. most days I really wish I was just making this shit up.

  • The statement by the city when condensed into a headline has its meaning slightly changed when the word allegedly was applied to reason for the fire rather than the sexual services.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Also interesting that the crappy motel in Redway, the Brass Rail Permanent Residence Motel and 24/7 Drug Supermarket, is still open after all that kerfluffle about evictions… WTF is up with THAT???

  • Coming soon Squires’s Container Village

  • That press release by Greg Sparks goes far beyond the pale.

    The next lawsuit filed by Squires should be against Sparks personally and the city for slander and this time Squires will be in the right. This disagreement with Squires has gone personal and nasty, what was it ten, a dozen, cops checking code violations a couple weeks ago? Highly unprofessional and very questionable conduct by city administration. The jellyfish on the city council need to step in and stop this.

  • Poor Betty!! She didn’t stand a chance when she married the biggest loser in HUMBOLDT!!!may my uncle’s old property R.I.P!!

  • Extremely unprofessional of the City. Not an issue of true or lie but of the resonsibility of City employees to use a modicum of discretion in not being judge and jury in a matter not even under their jurisdiction.

  • Patriot in Willits

    The word that comes to mind is “squalid”.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    The line about sexual favors most likely came from Yocum, when caught red handed, sling mud. I saw that the building on H Street was demolished also, looks like the City is on a roll.

  • I remember when it was the sleepy hallow omg that was along time ago .

  • Ah yes,now the rest of your dirty laundry comes out. More to come. It sucks to be you!!

  • Suspect X makes allegation in police report and the city, thinking any statements made to authorities are privileged and protected, goes ahead and publishes statements regardless to its merits because they think it’s protected from a libel suit via anti-SLAPP motion.

    Eureka police publicly claim that they didn’t authorize disclosure of Suspect X’s allegation and that disclosure was made via the city manager’s office.

    If Cyndy Day-Wilson signed off on this press release, shame on her. That’s reckless. Even if the allegation made in a police report is protected speech and media outlets are protected by fair reporting privilege, the city’s statement is malicious in nature — and actual malice is always the biggest barrier to climb in a libel suit involving a person classified as a public figure. Never create a possible opening for someone as experienced in the courts as Floyd Squires to exploit.

  • How long must a city put up with his shit,lies. They have owed this city for well over 25 years ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.He doesn’t comply with the law,most everyone else does,so he thinks he’s special always has. Eureka is lazy,they should have dealt with this shit years ago.jail or pay.Come on Eureka.Every property he has should be torn down. Rat infestation,filth,shit running down the walls,2ft.water that’s full of other people’s shit,etc. All of them should have been torn down before he infects the whole town.yuck

  • It boggles me that, with the law on their side, the city has been so powerless against someone who has literally killed people with his negligence (or was that his dad’s property where the people died of CO poisoning due to improper venting?).

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