Fiery Accident Blocks Hwy 36

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 11:36 p.m., according to the scanner, a traffic accident occurred on Hwy 36 at approximately mile marker 4.3. A Dodge van and a Chrysler are blocking both lanes.

UPDATE 11:52 p.m.: One of the vehicles is now on fire. The Incident Commander states that the road will be shut down for another 20 to 30 minutes in order for firefighters to fully extinguish the fire.

“There does not appear to be anybody in either of the two vehicles,” reports the Incident Commander.




  • Seriously Kym, you’re the best. But don’t forget to take time for yourself! Go to bed!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It’s about time to only allow horse traffic on the 36.
    Way safer to close it to automobile traffic.

    • I truly agree with U Honeydew!!! But we got to think about the horse, dont want them hurt by some idiot druggie or drunk!!! Non motorized vehicles would maybe be the answer? Walking or bicycles only? A check-point at both ends of HWY 36, 24/7 would be another way to curb these tragic events? But doubt if that would ever happen, no money to pay for the security

      • Along with the probable rise in gas prices, medical episodes while driving
        should be less common as less people drive.
        Walking is safer as long as there aren’t any other vehicles on the road,
        I say pack trains.

    • Dope growers drive grow horses too. I doubt youd let that fly CHUMP. Trumpy chump refers to grower genocide so much… i believe theres a FED list for people like that to be turned into.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        You bet there is and if everyone just reported one dope grower each day to feds or IRS, we’d be even closer to that time when the last dope grower leaves.

        It’s something to strive for and celebrate the day it happens.

        • Waiting for the Time Count

          So someone starts a fight by referring to chump, chump responds with a deliberate reverse misdirection and dan fuller gets all bent out of shape.

          Just a typical day in the comment section. Now admit it- you all enjoy it. You complete each other.

        • Yet you don’t turn anybody in, you grew/grow cannabis and being in the real estate game, which is what you say you do, means you make money from “dope growers” Now say it with me…… hypocrite

        • Muddy Black Dodge

          Okay I’ll bite Bridge Chimp…. How long have you been here? I’ve been here 42 years. My parents generation started pulling tarps… to see what was a male/female. My generation pulled tarps to get in two greeny runs…. My generation hauled the first diesel generators into the hills to go big. (I Didn’t)… As a matter of fact Bridge Chimp it was out in Honey Dew… Are you a Vietnam vet born around 1945. My Dad was… Answer me back Bridge Chimp…

  • 36 strikes again.Does anyone have a tally of how many wrecks on 36 so far?? Would really like to know. Thanks ahead of time✌✌✌✌

  • Hop onboard the east-west train !

  • Need a pilot car escort entire way. It would totally suck, but lives wouldn’t be lost.

  • I was on 36 yesterday and some dumb-bitch tried passing me and the truck in front of me and almost caused a head-on collision.

    • I live on 36 & it’s getting more & more dangerous to drive because of s(h)ituations such as this!!! Idiots passing on blind corners over the double yellow line & hell bent to get around the other vehicle no matter the cost to anyone else!!!

  • Nobody in the vehicles, that’s weird.

  • Yep…was almost killed a few weeks ago on 36. Someone in my lane head on and crossed over a double yellow to pass a motorcycle doing over 60 mph. Time for law enforcement to enforce the law !!!

    • Absolutely agreed!!!!! Our “resident Deputy is about useless!!!! I reported a drive by shooting of my house & it took 2 days for the initial response!!! Then 2 days after that he came back to take measurements & collect the slug that was laying in my living room!!!! SO far I have heard (NOT Officially) that they know who did it seems I wasn’t the only one shot at that night!!! As for any info on whether or not they have caught the guy or whether or not they even intend to look for him is STILL UNKNOWN!!!!

  • When I asked CHP about all the accidents and hellacious driving on 36 the officer I was talking too said he didn’t feel very welcome out 36, so there you go.

    • I for one as a resident of Hwy 36 would LOVE to see more of them, especially around the “Greater Bridgeville Area”!!!

      • They could sit all day at the Carlotta fire hall and catch people coming around the corner by the old Judy’s Mkt. Many are going over well 60 before they hit the woods where it turns 55. It’s 35 through Hydesville where the road is wider, straight and more visibility. Why not 35 through Carlotta???

  • This year, I think 299 has had more, and more tragic, accidents than 36. 299 has been shut down so much of this year with slides, work and now the fire, 36 is handling a lot of traffic; and drivers who don’t know how to drive curves (or driving 35mph and don’t pull over to let you pass).

  • >”Time for law enforcement to enforce the law !!!”

    IMHO: Pretty tough to do on 36.
    Lots of curves… can’t get a good radar or laser read for speeding.
    Most of the time the drivers are doing under 55-60 (or so) anyway.

    Too many idiot drivers. Should put driver’s ‘ed back in high school.
    Make ’em drive manual transmissions.
    Can’t drive it? You’re out !

  • Dan fuller I live on riverside park rd ,so I say a prayer every time I go to town ,and hope some jack ass don’t wipe me out .

    • I hear that I do as well on the rare occasions I drive to town!!! It seems like every time I drive this road I see some damned fool crossing the double yellow on Blind Curves or in a small straight stretch where there is OBVIOUSLY NOT enough space to pass safely!!! I still think there is a CDL in EVERY Box/ Bag/WTF ever of Cracker Jack snack mix, as a “Toy Surprise”!!!


    KIEM TV had a bit on the hughway 36 committee. Maybe there is where people’s energy might be spent?

  • This road is dangerous even without the shitty drivers. I feel like the chp and the sheriffs dont care. We should be policing each other? [edit] The thought of my daughter starting to drive next year scares the hell out of me.

  • It’s too bad there’s not resources for more enforcement (I assume). Even if radar works poorly, if CHP drove it a lot at a reasonable speed it would help. No one would dare to pass them, or if they were that oblivious, they could be cited. I used to see traffic backed up behind a CHP in the ‘safety zone’ on 101 all the time. Maybe 36 needs to be a ‘safety zone’.

    • Radar is much improved and can determine the speed of a car accurately going in either direction. It only cost me $650 to find that out. The cops don’t like being shot at anymore than the rest of us so they stay away if they can. I think there should be a checkpoint near the Grange Hall in Carlotta and one near Bridgeville. Every one should be stopped and checked for alcohol or drugs. Too bad you can’t check for stupid. This might be the only way to diminish the body count.

  • I just drove by it . On my way to Hydeville to pick up a friend I saw two cars Bumper to Bumper riding another cars ass on the yellow double line going into the Redwoods. insane .you would think seeing a crash they would slow down.

  • Highway 36 resident

    Since 299 is closed shouldn’t we have more patrol’s on 36 ?? I have not seen any this weekend. I am afraid every time I drive this road. I have lost someone close to me on this road and wonder sometimes if me or my family is next :0(

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