This Doggone Motorcyclist Is…Gone

Doggone MotorcyclistHer owners found this handsome furry motorcyclist in Mexico years ago in bad shape. She’s now part of their family but now, doggone, she’s left them.

“Hashe ran off chasing birds down at the Petrolia beach 6 days ago,” he said. “Went south towards Shelter Cove…We were out of town when she ran off.

The owner is hoping someone found her and picked her up.   If found or spotted please call John (707) 629-3667 or the Petrolia Store (707) 629-3455



  • Hope they find her.

    Its not cool to let your dog chase birds on the beach or to have a dog off-leash that is not under voice control.

    • Who puts your leash on when you go to the beach? Are you under voice control when you don’t have your leash on? Sure hope the birds can fly out of the way when they see the dog coming. What an idiotic comment you make.

      • Dogs cant type sweetheart and if they could, I doubt they would make the comment that I did. Talk about idiotic.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        You must be one of those idiots who turn their dogs loose st the swimming hole and screw everybody else’s day. What a ridiculous comparison. People are not dogs and vice versa. Rob, you are a good example of why the “dog thing” is getting completely out of control. I am tired of being harassed by unleashed dogs and clueless owners.

      • Research shows dog harassment is a significant reason for shorebird decline- “habitat” includes protection from non-native predators and harassers while wildlife should be foraging or taking care of young. Birds fly but where to? yet another dog waiting on the other end. Meanwhile they have to forage for food, protect young and save energy- all impossible while fleeing from our domesticated pets. Harbor seal pups are killed by dogs on beaches while moms look for food offshore. It is our responsibility- not our pet’s- keep pets on leash. Our beloved pets can live and romp anywhere but wildlife can only live in limited, shrinking habitats.

    • You’re not a fun person

  • kym s site will find her soon no worries .

  • I have more compassion for animals ( lost or injured ) than most of the people I read about in the news. My heart is hardening , sad but true. I hope the dog finds it’s way back home.

  • Praying for her to come home.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Says that they were out of town when the dog ran off. Mayhaps the dog was not being cared for in their absence and was spending time attacking wildlife on a wilderness beach. Big gaps in the facts; looks like this poor dog has bad luck finding responsible owners. Again, we see the now dominant societal trend to blame the universe for personal bad choices.

    I hope the dog finally finds competent caregivers.

    • Lost Croat Outpost – To post your response without knowing the facts is negligent. Someone reading it who may find or have the dog may think by keeping her they are providing a better home. Owner takes very good care of her, when found she had almost no fur. She is fed a special diet and given medicated baths so she doesn’t lose her fur. Dog does not harass wildlife, she is around horses , cows , chickens etc. She will kill a mole, mouse or rat if she can get to it….. I don’t consider chasing a bird on the beach harassing wildlife. The neighbor who brought her to beach has some issues or “episodes” as people call them. The dog has been great for her and the dog loved spending time with her. The dog ran off, it is unfortunate, if the owner was there the dog would not be gone. To post a response that may keep someone who finds her from returning her is irresponsible.

  • Do dogs from Mexico speak Spanish? Hope she’s found safe and healthy

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Some of you folks with the harsh, negative, derogatory comments need to go back to LOCO where you belong. Please keep it nice and friendly on this site. I hope this pup is found. It sucks to have your pet take off like this. Will be putting out prayers and good vibes.

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