South Carolina Rapper Arrested for Charges Related to Shooting During Sale of Marijuana in China Creek

LaMarcus Martin

Yesterday, LeMarcus Raekwon Martin, age 21, a suspect in a marijuana robbery that resulted in one local man being shot, was arrested at an airport in South Carolina. He was booked on charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime.

According to Rosylin Weston, Vice President of Communications at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, Martin was attempting to fly out of their airport yesterday when he was arrested. “He was attempting to go through screening,” she explained. “Everybody is run through a Homeland Security database and his name showed that there was a warrant for his arrest.”  He didn’t give us any problems.

Weston said that Martin was arrested without incident.

After investigating, questioning witnesses, and following up on multiple leads the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office had put out a warrant recently for Martin’s arrest. The incident began on August 6th when a local man and a friend were attempting to sell multiple pounds of marijuana to three men from out of the area. Eventually, the three suspects attempted to drive off with the pounds and the victim attempted to stop them by reaching into the vehicle. One of the suspects inside the vehicle shot the victim. At this point, the Sheriff’s Department hasn’t clarified whether Martin is believed to be the shooter or one of the other suspects.

The victim received serious injury and had to be medevacked to an out of the area hospital.

Currently, Martin is being held for extradition. Once he is brought to Humboldt, if the charges remain the same, he will be held on $500,000 bail.

Martin performed in rap videos (see one below–his is the first face you see in the video below.) He goes by the name of Butta or Boutadollar Butta or Bad Butta.

Or this one in which a man with a gun pulls another out of a car.

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  • What an idiot. I guess It doesn’t matter what you do in life, apparently committing crimes is your call.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Well, if you have to do deals with strangers, do it where there are cameras, so that your survivors will have a record… It’s too bad that we have to pay to keep a real piece of shit in jail, when he will just get credibility and rep from it… And later, he will just shoot someone else while stealing his living…

  • That’s a lizard person for sure. Reptoid.

  • Why are you doing press work for someone who came here to commit a crime, a violent crime. You need to do some self examination.

    • The fact that a man who is a wannabee rapper allegedly was involved in a local shooting doesn’t strike you as moderately of news interest?

      Dang, I must be the only one intrigued. My apologies.

      • Besides, aren’t they stealing a car in that second video? I think it goes to character, Judge.

      • Kym You do an amazing job of keeping us informed of crimes in our area as well as other things (fires & ect.) !! We appreciate what you do for our community!! Thank you!!

      • I’ve been labeled a nazi so anything I say about this ” culture “will be regarded as racism. Continue…..

        • It’s not his fault. Society made him do because the man held him down. Either that or racist police targeted him cause he’s black. According to liberals, that is the reason for the massively disproportionate amount of black on white, violent crime. Let’s all collectively bury our heads in the sand and make excuses for this very real problem, and hence, ensure that it continues unabated! But hey, at least then we can feel good about ourselves and profess to the world how diverse and non judgmental we are; yaaaay, kumbaya!

      • wasn’t this during reggae on the river?

      • charles engebretson

        I’m glad a to hear he’s off the street…

      • Since you’re so intrigued why don’t you post this video! Since you wanna make my brother look bad on your site! Here’s our response

    • You know what? I bust my butt to get you the latest news and I know you are a regular reader of this free site. So you need to do some self-examination. Either this site is morally corrupt by providing news or it isn’t. But when I give context for someone’s life and by the by I spent over a half hour tracking down those videos, that’s fricking news not press work.

      • What’s the back story on the grower? Is he an environment raping green rusher?

        • He’s a victim and law enforcement doesn’t give out the names of victims in general. Nor do I generally either attack them nor allow rude commenters to do the same.

          I’m tired. I’ve been working for over 12 hours straight. And I have little tolerance for even fair questions. So don’t push me right now.

          • As far as defending yourself I see no reason. Your website over the years speaks for itself as far as impeccable integrity is concerned. 99.999% of the time the people who give you a hard time are morons. Their comments usually speak for themselves. I find it useful to see their comments so that I can judge them from their own words and attitudes. Bottom line is don’t give these people space in your head.

            Oh and thank you. People say it all the time to you but never forget that it is not just being polite. It comes from the heart.

          • If you don't take care of yourself no one will!!

            You need to slow down and take care of yourself. I read you everyday. I would be disappointed if you crash and burned. You are one of only two sites that report the news within minutes after it happens. I have changed my driving route after reading news on your site. I have submitted photos for you to support a story. If you like what you do and want to continue you should use self reflection and take steps to listen to your body and takes steps to not push yourself to the edge. If you don’t Lost Coast will be publishing your obit and you don’t want that………………………

          • Kym is the best!

          • Kym, excuse the tolls. I just want to thank you for all the hard work. Its been a long day with all these local fires. Been watching the up dates on the Miller fire as i live close by. Thank you, you are appreciated.

      • “Kym Busts Butt Spreading Busted Butta Story”

      • I hope you find it entertaining and rewarding, not just labor. You really do amazing work💖😉

      • I disagree with your views but I love what you do for this community. Keep it up. PS. I don’t watch Fox News,I fear our government,I love this country🇺🇸

      • Great Job kym !! Some people are just unhappy with their life…

      • Thanks for all your work!!!

    • Hick… Your reading comprehension just isn’t very good is it ?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      What is your problem? This is obviously a news item. We need to know about theft and violence in the community. What are you really afraid of?

  • Ths will be great for his rap career. Now kids will start idealizing thugs who rob weed from wimpy white-boy growers who then run crying to the police. I can see a paradigm shift here…outlaws and gangstas never call the police to settle scores and the rap-buying public know this.

    • Your an idiot. When someone gets shot the police get involved. Has nothing to do with running to them crying. I’m sure if it were your family member you’d be singing a different tune.

    • didn’t sound like he ran to the cops if he had to be helicoptered out. I would like to see you just rub some dirt in it and walk off a gun shot. This is news people need to read. There are millions of pounds about to hit the market at a rip off price. People are just trying to survive.

      • Law enforcement usually gets involved with violent crime. The helicoptor was medical. You, well, you are a complete idiot.

    • Dude you don’t know who your talking bout haha dude not whimpy and all three of these fools are gonna get poked when they hit any yard in the country. He’s lucky the outlaws didn’t get him b4 these [edit: law enforcement] did. Trust and believe these out of towners won’t fuck with Humboldt no more. They lucky they didn’t vanish without a trace.

      • I do know something…..people who cooperate and give information to the police are not respected in criminal organizations. I don’t respect them. And not many people I know around here respect that. I still think that many wanna-be gangstas would not respect that either. But yeah- I know nothing. It’s totally cool now to cooperate with and give information to the police so they can get the guys who stole your weed? I’m not surprised- this new generation is pretty….wimpy. I agree I know little about the rap music market. Maybe everybody is into “informer rap” now?

        • Gangsters have been turning in gangsters for a thousand fucking years, word!

        • wait till this punk starts singing, gangster my ass. Not sure if you are refering to the victim but he was shot and bleeding to death yes the cops are going to ask questions, I don’t think he was saying too much with two punctured lungs and a hole in his esophagus, lucky to be alive, fuck this pice of shit, all three of em should never see the light of day. These videos make me sick, this is what the youth look up to and we wonder why we live in the world we live in.

        • Chump Supporter,
          i’m surprised to hear you have no respect for informers and people who don’t cooperate w/police.
          how do you support chump (the under the bridge troll) when every sentence he posts tells us to call and turn in all the growers we see/smell/suspect.

          if he’s for real (i doubt it) do you respect chump?

      • I forgot how powerful Humbdt prison gangs were compared to the prison gangs that belong to the predominate prison demographic.

    • Rap/Hip Hop is an art form, it portrays a mostly fictional lifestyle.

      • Fictional my ass, they strive for that lifestyle. And did you say art? Ya glamorizing about murdering and stealing doing drugs and killing each other is a true art form.

    • My option is kids and people are laughing at this wannabe because he robs people to put out lame ass home videos of him and his homely homie. He’s def the wing man in that relationship.

  • This website has gone off the rails. Bad or no editing. Promoting dope all day, sure, but now rapper thugs AND showing their “music videos?” Horrible.

    • So you want biased reporting then , only covering stories that instrest you ?or follow your ideals ? Maybe you should start your own site because most of the people that visit this one do so because of the stories she posts

    • Did I actually post something that would make you stop commenting, Stormy?

      Oh, my god. Please, lord, send me more of those stories. And, Almighty Father in Heaven, if you could manage to help me offend the CHUMP at the same time…my life would be complete.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Me or this supporter?

        You’re just having a rough day and feeling the vibe of the people growing The Devil’s Lettuce.

        It’s perfectly normal behavior as September settles in.

        I’m sorry those people are giving you a hard time.

        Your website is the go to for all anti marihuana news, Ms.Kemp. You perform a great service educating people on the dangers of marihuana and the terrorism issues with The Marijuana Caliphate.

        More than several times your work has helped people find lost pets, stolen Toyotas recovered, raised funds for charity.

        You have a positive vibe.

        • Chump just upset because he/she could never make it in the marijuana business. All this remorse came from somewhere.

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            By that stoner logic anyone against drugs is jealous they never were Tony Montana?

            Dope clouds your mind and has you thinking things like that.

            Lay off the marihuana for a year and maybe it will wear off?

        • This, my pre-labor day weekend YAWN.

      • Lol, love you!!!

      • unfortunately the chump, is here to stay……..All we can do is try to laugh at his primitive way of thinking.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Amen and amen.

      • Thank you for posting it. That victim could be anyone in your community. The victim, like all people have family that love him and they want justice for their loved one. I hope those three thugs get what’s coming to them. I’m sorry that they ruined their own lives. The sad part is even the thugs have families that love and care about them. Social media gives us All a place to tell how we feel about a story. Dont shot the messenger. Keep doing what you are doing kym.

    • Easy solve here. Go away & don’t come back

    • Must of been on M-TV

  • Dime a dozen. His rap sucks. That’s why he has to support himself off of others hard work, than his albums.


    He wasn’t even from the Bay or LA?
    Damn,the whole world is comin’ to loot these hills.

  • Don’t watch the videos… He will get more views and “likes” … If he gets enough publicity he can actually make money off his gawd awful shit music!

  • Haha you guys are funny if you think this guy’s gaining any fans from this site because Kym posted two of his goofy rap videos. I think this more pertains to how someone should be charged who glamorizes guns and robbing people then is involved in a shooting while robbing someone. This isn’t glamorizing a rapper but showing you an idiot whose making real bad life decisions and was headed to prison long before this incident.

  • Anyone talking crap on kym, stop reading her site then. Shes working so hard to bring us good quality journalism and its your choice to read her.
    Its fine if you dont understand our culture, or dont do anything online but complain, just go to some other site and bitch. And maybe look at what aome if the younger generations put online and youll get it more.

    • Phineas Homestone

      @Give it up: +2!

      Kym your work is a gift to this community and you are appreciated and respected. It is irritating to suffer these trolls that don’t know our area, and/or are too selfish to recognize you endless efforts.

      Personally I would love to see these complainers start their own blog and leave our world.

      P.S.: As always awesome coverage of the fires!


      • i wish Phineas had a like button. here, i’ll substitute this ************. many thumbs up!

        but i feel you’re wrong in one regard. the whinny trolls obviously DO recognize kym’s effort, find her work product valuable.
        i’m thinking most are enjoying have a small audience of captive eye-rollers. all behavior serves a purpose. they wouldn’t be here if it was wasting their time.

        do you think some of these posters are only living to prove that
        “It sometimes requires ignorance and arrogance to know something for sure.”
        ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

        i’m here kym, because i read you as holding firmly to old school beliefs that journalists should have integrity and be conscientious. i imagine this quote tattooed on your forearm:
        “I used to think the most important thing for a reporter was to be where the news is and be the first to know. Now I feel a reporter should be able to effect change. Your reporting should move people and motivate people to change the world. Maybe this is too idealistic. Young people who want to be journalists must, first, study and, second, recognize that they should never be the heroes of the story. ..A journalist must be curious, and must be humble.”
        –Zhou Yijun

        • I’m insatiably curious and I would like very much for our community to work together more. I keep hoping to help with that.

          • i hear you on the curiosity. i’ve always have been voracious with learning stuff. when i learned to ride a bike i started chasing firetrucks & i still chase ’em. now i do it like you; via scanner…

            your values & mores concerning community and humanity shine through, kym.
            you lead through example.
            i love that you try to infuse humanity into humanity.
            how wonder-full you have a following of cheerleaders who also appreciate the way you operate – sincere people who can trust you.

            …unlike you i’m very cynical & pessimistic. the neighborhood i’ve been in for 10 yrs has been an ugly education and has contributed greatly to my sense of lost optimism.
            i believe we 2 legged’s are losing our compassion, civility and becoming omnipotent to the point of losing our humanity.

            i read the hcso daily calls for service daily, my scanner is always on, and i study all sorts of subjects on the internet til dawn.
            i really enjoy trying to figure out how people think and learning about psychology. people fascinate me.
            i drive people crazy asking questions all the time.

            and i talk (type) too much. molta prolixità.

            i’ll be sending you an email offering my service in an area or 2 that could, hopefully, allow you more time for what you do love to do…inform, enlighten and influence through positivism.
            — also, that offer to type up your transcribed book chapters i’d love to read still stands.

            here is a companion quote to tat on your other arm – but i wonder if you’ve had them inked on you for decades already kym:

            “I think journalism anywhere should be based on social justice and impartiality, making contributions to society as well as taking responsibility in society. Whether you are capitalist or socialist or Marxist, journalists should have the same professional integrity.
            –Tan Hongkai”

  • What language are they rapping in? I cant understand any of it. Not even sure what to say about the folks in those videos. If I was a parent to any of them I think id go off myself after watching those videos. Where did it all go wrong?

  • I have absolutely no idea what they are saying our talking about ,but it don’t matter anyway. to be politically correct. prime example of why people of color get a bad name there videos try to make a person think it’s cool to be a lowlife theif .loser flashing money tbey no doubt stole. thank u kym for the great story .

  • I don’t know how it got on there again ,but now the Rapper has street cread .

  • Kym does a great job of keeping us informed of what is happening locally!! If all you want to do is bad mouth her hit the unfollow!! It is that easy unless you are a TROLL & just looking to pick on or at someone, get a life!!

  • You just helped make him famous. Even if he gets time it will be well worth it.

  • I hope the victim is recovering well! And thank you for all you do Kym!… Being a full-time mother, homesteader, school teacher and all this volunteer news-work in your ‘spare time’ deserves our daily respect and acknowledgement. I think you know how much love and appreciation the majority of your readers have for you! Get a good rest tonight friend.

  • Sorry I came across so critical. Just thinking the article was enough. I know you work hard. I do appreciate RHBB. It’s just when outsiders come to Humco. with bad intent to exploit easy pickings it is distressing. Because it ups the tension level of locals, making them more violent and more gangsta. There’s a lot of desperation in the market, causing good judgement to go out the window. Once more ” lo’ciento”. Hoping for better times ahead. Keep up the good work.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Let us hang for awhile. We’ll be ok.

  • He’ll come up with the $50K bail and the court will never see him again, and the warrant will just sit there with all the other ones from people using our ‘revolving door’.

  • He probably doesnt even know how to spit bars.

  • Is that white SUV in the first video the same vehicle they used to rob everyone? These guys must be real smart

  • I think it’s a very interesting story and relevant to local news.

  • Any body says something bad about kym kemp clearly should be ashamed of them selves .I mean really we as readers wouldn’t know shit about what s going on around here with out her site tells me of all I want to know about what’s happening in Humboldt. much appreciated kym .

  • Let’s not forget someone set up this deal and a grower or middleman participated in it, not much intelligence was involved in this deal by either party.

  • Music video is hilarious. In the first couple verses of the homie who is the shooting suspects he’s talking about how he owns a Beamer and a benzo…well why aren’t they in the video then homie? All I see is a fuckin Hyundai and a silver Toyota camery😂😂😂

    • All I see is a fuckin Hyundai and a silver Toyota camery
      I am going to go see if I can leave a comment on this freak’s video. This is too funny.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • If he’s a big time rapper that $500000 bale should be peanuts for him I wonder is them other guys in that vidio were in voled

  • You see the way he was rappen he was just tearing m&m apart

  • All of the smoke in the air from the fires is making everyone cranky. Good night.

  • I cannot believe that what’s on those videos is considered music.
    What language are they speaking?
    I couldn’t understand a thing.

  • He looks like Eddie Haskell in that photo. Look at that precious smile.

    Great job digging up those videos Kym.

  • His rap name is the absolute dumbest name in the history of dumb names.

    Boutadolla Butta- are you fookin serious?🤡

  • I see why the young man is exploring alternate income streams.

  • I would totally do a weed deal with a guy like that and four of his buddys. In the woods by myself. Definitely.

  • Get em Kim good job

    Wounder if they’ve also realized the guy in the video matchs the picture of suspect 2 ?

  • Best blog EVER!

  • Those videos are a sad commentary on how pathetically bleak those young men’s futures are. They think they’re so tough and successful flashing their money and hand guns – when in reality most of them will either be addicted, dead or incarcerated before they hit age 30.

  • I hate to say this, but 100% of weed jackers that have appeared in the news are black. Old heads know to not deal with them, but this new crop of dickhead millenials never got that lesson.

  • He can rap all day and night in his concrete cell.Rule number one.Don’t do business with blacks.Remember the number of our children that have been murdered doing deals with them.That’s the hard truth!

  • here is what i have to say to you, avenuerider,

    “Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about. Thus the production of bullshit is stimulated whenever a person’s obligations or opportunities to speak about some topic are more excessive than his knowledge of the facts that are relevant to that topic.”
    ― Harry G. Frankfurt, On Bullshit

    “I wonder if you can taste the bullshit that’s coming out of your mouth.”
    ― Habeeb Akande

    “To learn anything, you must put aside the safety of your ignorance.”
    ― Richard Bach

  • Just another violent crime against the Southern Humboldt Community. I think this type of crime has contributed to rascism in the county. If we want to fix the problem, we need to talk about problems that contribute to it. This is not an isolated incident.

  • For everybody that had ANYTHING to say about my brother take this L 😂

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