[UPDATE Friday] Law Enforcement Harvesting Ahead of Growers on Fruitland Ridge

Law enforcement is harvesting ahead of growers today. A convoy including Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and Cal Fire, according to two readers, is headed up Fruitland Ridge with a woodchipper.

They headed up the rural road about 7:30 a.m. And they were last seen near the wooden UPS truck and the CAT with a mannequin in it about 10 a.m. The CDF truck had a load of marijuana, according to one reader.

UPDATE Friday: Hugh Scanlon Cal Fire Unit Chief, “Cal Fire does have responsibility for enforcing both forest and fire laws so we do assist law enforcement when there is illegal timber harvesting associated with cannabis cultivation.” But he said, no cannabis was taken yesterday by either his department or law enforcement.



  • Go get em boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GREAT !

  • Yessss! I wonder who?be safe all

  • Great news!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Someone should let them know there is an actual fire burning in our area. We could really use all the help we can get out here today. I mean, I like pot too, but seriously guys,…..

    • I was just thinking the same thing. God forbid they actually do something to protect us from real harm.
      Sorry but its BS. If youre diverting a creek or pumping from the river for cattle, for hay for cattle, for grapes, etc, you would get no fine and not lose your crops.
      Its just pot, and its how theyre allowed to seize and sell all your stuff and land. Thats what its all about and if you dont think so pull your head out of the sand and read whats going on. Their big money maker is threatened.
      Do you think dead peoples estate items are all the HCSO has been selling to each other?

      • Sorry, but you’re wrong. The State Water Board has ongoing investigations and court cases against people who have done just what you described…and it was NOT for pot. They had been cautioned and given notice to clean up their act…which they didn’t do. This is a resort-type place off SR-96 and this is not just hearsay. Here’s text of the official notice:
        “Attached is a Notice of Public Hearing to determine whether to issue an order finding waste, unreasonable use, unreasonable method of use, or unreasonable method of diversion of water and ordering corrective actions against Douglas and Heidi Cole and Marble Mountain Ranch, Stanshaw Creek in Siskiyou County.”
        State Water Resources Control Board

        If you look up the original complaint it is full of photos as well as maps showing where water flow was altered.

    • I keep seeing this argument. “There are fires burning! Tell them to do their job!” Well guess what folks, there are enough people to do both. Fighting fires is a very coordinated effort. You cannot just arrive to help unless you are ordered. Believe me, there is a lot more thought that goes into this stuff than you realize. On that note, if it’s CAL FIRE that you are referring to, they have two sides to their dept. One side is fire suppression/emergency response and the other is resource management. Resource management is responsible for timber harvesting in the state. If you guys have an opinion that you are going to spew online you should at least do some research and have a “well informed” opinion. Just my two cents.

  • I still think the manpower & money could be much better spent, busting some Meth labs!!! Not to mention a few large Heroin dealers as well!!! IM (ns) HO ns= Not So it would be much better spent even considering the environmental damage some growers cause!!! Meth labs in particular cause widespread environmental damage as well as the cost in human lives for rehab etc!!!! Bust the Meth Labs & LARGE SCALE Heroin Dealers!!!

    • When is the last time a meth lab or chemicals associated with a lab were found in our area?

      • The main reason they haven’t found any in a while is they NEVER look!!! It’s MUCH more profitable for them to bust Cannabis grows for the forfeiture of the land etc!!!

        • And the Grants. Checking the ones available to the LEOs speaks volumes…of cash…with which to expand the Police State.

        • It’s because there aren’t any, Most Meth comes from across the border. There is better profit and less risk in concentrated cannabis than in crank. It’s all about the Benjamins baby.

    • Lake County Not So Bad

      Come on Dan. There are no meth labs here!!! Where are you gonna get the ingredients? All the meth in this country is made south of the US border and trucked, flown or packed in. Times have changed.

    • Dan, the priorities of law enforcers will only change when the Scheduling of the drugs change. When Meth, Heroin, etc are Schedule 1, that’s what LEO’s will go after.
      Right now, Cannabis is Schedule 1…and not the aforementioned. Meth and Heroin are schedule 2, and the big rewards to LEOs (grants, etc.) are awarded for their Cannabis busts. It’s a LOT of money, especially when factoring in the confiscation card.
      Money is the big player in this game, as usual, and its “take” is cleverly concealed.

      • Heroin is a schedule 1 drug.

        • Thanks. I stand corrected.
          “Examples of Schedule II narcotics include: hydromorphone (Dilaudid), methadone (Dolophine), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), and fentanyl (Sublimaze, Duragesic). Other Schedule II narcotics include: morphine, opium, and codeine.”
          My error was in seeing the word morphine, which I honestly thought was a refined version of heroin. Thanks again.

      • what i find interesting is that America just got done with the most liberal left wing president of all time. Oboma had every opportunity to change pot to a schedule 2 drug but even he listened to the surgeon general and left it as a schedule 1 drug.

    • We let the meth n heroin dealers go they aint doing anything wrong

    • Most of the big meth labs are in Mexico.

  • Why are they cuting plants down it’s all legal now they voted on it every ones says the price is going to drop if the price is going to drop why are they cuting them down so how’s the price going to change looks like nothens changed to me

    • Search and seize= money in their pockets. Plain and simple.
      Beyond meth and heroin, at least investigate home breakins and other crimes, say serious national gangs taking over parts of our county?
      Its f’n ridiculous. Words out, between that and the sudden gentrifucation of SF, its no wonder our crime rates up!!!!

      Hey HCSO and other agencies, theres a bunch of VERY serious fires that are immediately endangering the welfare of humans, forests and waterways right now, take your pick, get your butts out there and do something useful!!! Isnt that what your mandates say, to preserve life?? Show it then!!!!!

      I hate paying taxes when I would otherwise give the money to my volunteer fire dept & local radio station who i know would be there in a serious emergency.
      See, thats how we did it for a long time, people may not have paid all their taxes (like most corporations) but instead of just buying stuff (or putting money in overseas hidden accounts), people gave that money to the things that were important to them in a community.
      Like flexible work hours to be with their kids more, schools, community centers (arcata and redway), radio stations (how many now, 7 or 8?), small businesses, festivals, etc etc etc….

      • Thinking allowed

        People do like their ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ fantasies. And there may be one of them out there. But the reality is that most illegally obtained money went for big shiny trucks, seriously intense parties and vacations even in the Good Old Days. Next thing will be tales of walking 10 miles each day through waist deep snow to fund a good, honest pot party for the neighbors.

        What a wonderful world it would be if dishonest, self centered people were really the noblest of humans. Who really did contribute to paying welfare benefits, road maintenence, police services, etc instead of just using them, laughing at the poor suckers who had to go off and work to pay for them.

        http://www.huffingtonpost.com/high-times/murder for a dose of reality

        • fuckwalterwhite.com

          ” I thought you were a whore with a heart of gold. Turns out,you’re just a whore with a regular whore’s heart”
          -Kenny Powers.


      • Oh, and 60 thousand dollar pickups

    • Victor G. Flashman

      No! Legal to grow six plants! Can’t sell it, or smoke in public, or give it away, but you can grow six plants and POSESS one ounce…

      No one is free to grow 1000 plants or to traffic…

      • How can a person that grows and harvests 6 plants, or even one plant for that matter, be expected to only have one ounce in possession? Is that not an obviously unrealistic expectation? Who grows 6 plants and only pulls one ounce?

        And can we really not give it away? Can’t let a friend try my homegrown?
        You’ve got to be kidding me.

        • You CAN keep all you harvest from your six plants, but you may be required to store it in your garden (which may be restricted to a code-approved outbuilding w/ carbon filters etc.).

          And you absolutely ARE allowed to give up to an ounce to another 21+ adult as long as there is no compensation.

        • you can give as much as you want away as long as they live on an adjacent property to yours, otherwise you can only give an ounce away at a time. you can have as much as you grow in possession at your home. you can only have an ounce on you in public or in transit. I had the same concern, until Billy explained it in that article a little while ago on this site.

        • This means you can have one ounce when you are driving around or going to a concert or the beach or and other fun things you can think of. Just keep the rest at home.

        • You can give it away, just not sell it.

      • Well, yes you can. If you are bona fide medical, and have under 250 sq ft of canopy, and are not commercial….in Humboldt you can.
        Thems the rules 😉

    • Um its not legal. Fyi

  • They don’t have their “paperwork” in order so Chop Chop Chop!!! You can bet if it was tomato growers violating some law it wouldn’t result in the destruction of the whole tomato crop!!! Since it’s Cannabis though…!!!

  • WOW, all I say is outstanding and you delete my comment, yet the others can say basically the same thing, and it posted, what a bunch of bull shit this site is!!!

  • You know Dan the reason they don’t bust meth labs is because the hazmat clean up costs a fortune .no money in it for them .They make bucks fining the land owner .no cost to them .it all all about the money .

  • I just bet it’s not the Bulgarians .

  • CAL FIRE? Really?
    They have nothing more important to do today?

  • I have not even thought of night or day drones. Thanks 4 the tip.

  • Guess the permit wasnt passed lol

  • I’m a little confused. They headed up at 7:30 at night and were seen at 10:00 in the morning. Did they bust someone during night? That sounds like rip offs dressed as cops.

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