Bear Roaming Eureka, Warns Resident

A bear is making repeated appearances near the greenbelt by the high school in Eureka, a reader tells us.

“He seems to be roaming the Del Norte and 17th St area nightly, ” she said, “He has gotten into various garbage cans and has been seen by several people.” she said.

Please secure your cans and be alert.



  • Leave him alone- he will leave you alone. We all need food.

  • I highly doubt it.

  • Trash will be his death sentence. Keep your cans secured inside a shed or garage. Watch your kids and pets. If he’s spotted call so he can be moved back to the wilderness . I’m from Kodiak Alaska and cannot stress this enough. Save the bear by not feeding it and reporting it. Bears are awesome creatures.

  • We had to bring in garbage cans.dont leave food in your vehicle either,lesson learned. Our bear ripped our fence apart because one night we put concrete on top of cans,and pissed him off.claw marks on the boards of what fence was left.he took out 6 ft. Of fence. After they started to build houses on our property it drove the animals out of their home. We have a green belt behide us. Their hungry don’t piss them off!!!🍔

  • Ammonia in your cans will do the trick. double rap your garbage bags in the outside bag pour 2caps ammonia and tie this will keep them out rip open the first bag and the smell of the ammonia will stop even Ravens.Not lemon but good old fashioned ammonia u might need more then 2caps full but not much. Also bring in all moterbike seats the bears love eating them because of the salt from your sweat.Bungee cord atleast 2 on can lid will slow them down 2.

    • You’ll be a good guy to have around once the revolution comes!

    • Good advice.

    • White vinegar works too, ammonia can be too much for some people. Bears follow smells, think about it that way and plan accordingly.
      The offspring of the bears that lived at the old eureka dump are still around and bears have a surprisingly good sense of direction.

      • True but if you put some,ammonia, in the 1st bag,garbagebag, and tie then put in a 2nd bag and tie you will not smell anything only if you brake the bags and thats the bears job willallso do a fine job keeping out dogs!!

  • The bears say ‘STICK OUT YOUR CANS!.’

  • Fill a loaf of bread with chocolate laxative , holy sh….. , makes them easy to track

  • Claire Perricelli

    Fozzie has been in our plum tree and neighbor’s garbage, on the Zane Green Belt.

    For his sake, secure your garbage and bring in your bird feeders at night too.

  • Dispatch the sucker before a child, your animal(s), or your family member gets attacked. You’re all [edit] trying to comingle with mother nature. It doesn’t work with predators.

    • Get a grip, these arent grizzly bears. Its very rare for them to just attack someone, if you see a baby bear then get away in case moms around. Its pretty simple. I have had so many close encounters with bears and have not had one be agressive.
      Bears are a very important part of our ecosystems here.
      Most of us here recognize that WE live in THEIR home and want to respectfully live with what nature there is left as best we can. The logging ops in all the watersheds around eureka are causing lots of animals to seek food and cool shade closer to town.
      Please dont overreact.

    • Crime stopper, [edit] they were here before us .
      The’re more scared of you than you are of them , they do not attack people or animals unless unduly provoked.
      Your thinking is one of the reasons humans are becoming a virus on this planet, killing everything.

  • That some crazy bear hell I lived right down the street from thar all ways played in that gaulch when I was a kid never seen no bears tho only thing thar when I was a kid was raccoons and foxs hell I never even seen a dear thar let alone a bear

  • we caught him on our trail cam

  • My god people it’s just a bear, there are hundreds if not thousands around here. Just leave it alone and put up your garbage. By the way we have been living on earth for thousands of years it’s just as much our home as theirs.

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