Blue Lake Rancheria Donates $30,000 to Help Purchase Snowcat for Rescues

Blue Lake casino presents $30,000 Check to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office
Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

In the last year the Sheriff’s Office, with assistance from the Search and Rescue Sheriff’s Posse, has successfully rescued more than 30 people in extreme snow conditions in rural areas of Humboldt County. It is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to perform these rescues and they rely heavily on the Posse to assist.

It is with these types of rescues in mind that we have been seeking funds for an equipment upgrade. Currently the county depends on a 40-year old Snowcat to perform these rescues. The Snowcat that we’re using is broken down, undependable and unsafe. Safety is of the utmost importance to the Sheriff’s Office, so we’ve been asking for the communities assistance in acquiring a new Snowcat. Replacement of the snowcat is critical to continue our level of service.

The Posse has been saving money for years in hopes of purchasing the new equipment. Recently the Board of Supervisors generously approved a significant funding allocation towards the new Snowcat. This funding, along with the money the Posse has saved and the Sheriff’s Office contribution had left us $30,000 short of the total purchase price of $162,500.

On today’s date, The Blue Lake Rancheria generously donated $30k to the Sheriffs’ Posse Snowcat fund to assist with its purchase. We would like to thank the Blue Lake Rancheria for their generous donation to the Sheriff’s Posse. The Snowcat will greatly enhance our ability to perform winter Search and Rescue operations.

It should be noted that all donations to the Sheriff’s Posse are tax deductible and can be directly deposited at any Coast Central Credit Union to the fund titled “Search and Rescue Snowcat Fund”. (It will require maintenance) Checks can also be made out to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and mailed to 826 4th Street, Eureka CA, 95501.

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  • A wonderful, potentially life saving, gift!

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Thanks to the Hupa, Wiyot, and Yurok tribes for their generous gift!


      And we get that much snow to call for it? Monies be spent better elsewhere

      • If you live in the flat lands, you’ll have NO idea how much snow falls on the North Coast…

        However, IF you live in the snow belts of Humboldt & Mendocino counties, you KNOW how much snow we get, and how easy it is to get “snowed in”…

        Think of emergency medical situations: how long does it take you to get to a hospital, or paramedics to get to your location…now…think of it with 2 feet of snow on the ground, and you’re having a stroke, baby, or heart attack…98% of vehicles can NOT drive through 2 feet of snow.

        I’d like to thank the TRIBES who stepped up & contributed to the good of ALL residents.

        PS…I live 7 miles from the pavement above 3,000 feet elevation, and in the last 20 years I’ve had snow every year…and one year I was snowed in for 3.5 weeks

        • The 2% of cars that can make it would still need some of the 20% of drivers that could drive in that snow.

          Most people think gas makes you go quicker.

          The old timers had a saying for winter in my area;

          “Whoever drives slower gets out quicker.”

          We are 7 miles off pavement too, a 4000′ in trinity. Over 7 standing feet of snow this last winter.

          Eventually the dozer is the best option.

  • Awesome! Can I buy the old one?

  • Hip-hip Hooray!Generous donation for a much needed piece of equipment!! “UP top”

  • A friend of mine was rescued by the old snow cat. I hope they get 30 saves with the new one.
    Its worth adding that the Posse are volunteers and that they mostly provide their own vehicles, horses, and boats in addition to contributing their time.

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