Why Does SoHum’s Community Park Hold Fundraiser in Eureka, Asks Letter Writer


parkview Southern Humboldt Community Park

Southern Humboldt Community Park [Photo by Ann Constantino]

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Dear Southern Humboldt Community Park Board,

Something I wanted to swing past you; it’s the fact you want to have your big annual fundraiser in Eureka, instead of locally at the Mateel or out at the Park? I mean, after all you did spend $379,000.00 to rezone the Park to have large events and fundraisers, right?https://www.facebook.com/ events/108323606515878/? active_tab=about

Has the well run dry? For as many SoHum residents traveled to Eureka on that cold winter night during the Planning Commission hearings, supporting your rezone. And given the fact this fundraiser will be in Eureka this year, how is this supporting the SoHum Park Community?

You claimed this Fundraiser took in $83,000.00 for 2016 at the Mateel and you cleared $48,000.00. So what about those local SoHum businesses that will miss out on $34,000.00 you claimed to have paid out for food, drinks, entertainment, music and hall rental? Was any of that local?

http://www.guidestar.org/ FinDocuments/2016/753/073/ 2016-753073362-0dd1437c-9.pdf

How come you are willing to support businesses in Eureka and not SoHum businesses locally? It sound like a PR nightmare!

And I quote: “The Southern Humboldt Community Park thanks its 2016-2017 Sponsors! As we look toward this years sponsors to come.  We are delighted to help promote local business’s throughout the year as sponsors of one of Southern Humboldt’s most sought-after events as they contribute to the wealth and health of our beautiful Southern Humboldt Community”

I guess you need to follow the money and it must mean there is no more wealth, health or support left in SoHum for the Community Park? It’s a dog eat dog world and you need to do whatever it takes to pay the bills, right?

What are all those local SoHum sports leagues going to think, when you don’t even want to have your annual fundraiser in SoHum? Will you make them all drive to Eureka? Will you leave them out in the cold and kick them to the curb too…

And what’s next, you only get access to the Park if you purchase an annual pass? What’s up with that?

Just say’n,
Ed Voice



  • I also wondered about that.

    Who the hell wants to go to Eureka? What a joke.

    And Im sure every sohum car will have a designated driver to roll back down the highway home right? Right.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      “Well, Eureka is just (spits in the general direction of Eureka) THAT far from here, 20 minutes or so in a FAST pickup, and Eureka is where the swells live, and some of them are living in HOUSES this year…”

      “Yessir, Eureka is ONE FAST PLACE, they got girlies out in the streets and EVERYTHING! Whoo-eee!!
      I’ll make the little woman stay home, git me a MO-TEL room and some meth and wine and HAVE A TIME!!”

      “So light up that spliff, right here in the Shop-Smart parking lot, and then let’s rock and roll!” “Oh, knock that shit off’n yer shoe first!”

  • It’s because there is nothing but a bunch of short timers down there. They won’t donate shit, get high/drunk and wreck the place. In Eureka, there will be plenty of retirees, with plenty of money, and dumb heads to donate plenty of money.

  • i think its because the people who put the event on own the new venue/eagle house in eureka good luck with your sohum beni in nohum

    • Yep-good bedfellows with the newly purchased Eagle House in Eureka. Good way to siphon money from the “community park” to a private business with mutual family ties to investors& beyond. Hmmm

  • Someone is making money in Eureka is why… It’s always about who gets paid. I avoid Utweeka like the plague.

  • Do you really think all them transplant green rushers are gonna go to a community fund raising event in Sohum. Hell no. They to busy counting their cash and tweaking. They could give a crap about community.

  • Dazeys Supply has made millions off southern Humboldt. Maybe it’s time to invest some of those profits back into the community

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Asking druggies for money, is like trying to tax the property owners for gelt to run the hospital.


      Nobody wants to pay for the park, because no one uses it, just like Jerold Phelps Hospital.

      If they fix up the park, the house-less perma-campers will be all over it! Probably already are!

      If you don’t believe this, look at the “Town Square”. Thanks Rio and friends!

      It’s SoHum! Not a real sophisticated place!

      Dazey’s, Ray’s/Shopsmart, Chataqua – run by the only smart people around. Smart people put their money in smart places, and they don’t give it to support losing propositions!

      Get real, Goobsterdam!

      • If you include weed as a drug keep in mind I just sent 50k worth of supplies to Huston last night. I’ll give you one geuss where I got that 50k

        • Awesome!!!

        • Sorry.joe, impossible to tell what you are talking about .

          Of course weed is a drug.

          • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

            AND: If you got 50 grand for weed then congratulations! I wonder how much it costs you to run a dope farm: If it’s a BIG dope farm and if you have say 20 people working on your dope farm, I wonder if costs could be as high as $10,000/week, and if you need to do, say 2.5 million gross per year to AFFORD a dope farm at all? And, yes, we have to call cannabis a drug, since so many call it “medicine”, don’t we?

            But then, let’s call it a “commodity”, which is where cannabis is, in other areas, where they are gearing up to grow Cannabis in the MILLIONS of square feet of canopy… Because cannabis is basically a luxury until you have 100,000 pounds…

            So yeah, it’s a drug that makes large amounts of cash appear, but what then? Large amounts of money will take on a life all it’s own, where you buy a $60,000 pickup, a nice home for say, $1,000,000, get a high maintenance partner for, whatever THAT costs, and then next thing we know, you get a nice gangster roll of hundreds, and go out to a bar, get drunk and BOOM: risky behavior! Risky behavior comes from feeling like you are a big shot, since you’re on drugs all the time, and since you have so much cash! So THAT’S why you have sex with a sex worker, and get chlamydia and gonorrhea, then drive 85 on 101 in your new, gray, $60,000 Dodge Ram 4X4, and then when you get to the bar, a Rasta (a real one, from Jamaica) sticks a knife in your ribs, takes your roll AND your pickup AND your phone, and leaves you outside the Logger Bar on a Saturday night, to contemplate your complete stupidity at announcing (risky behavior again) that you made $50,000 paltry dollars on some god-damn drug deal and NOW look where you are… Stoned, stone broke, phoneless, no transpo and infected!

            So who is impressed? Tell me when you get $2 million for some drugs! I’ll send out some more pirates…

            Thanks Joe!

            • Have you thought about writing for a soap opera?

              • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

                Actually in the gathering stages of several books. And busy writing satire for your site (that few understand, apparently…)

                AND I think you should have several photos, with differing expressions for : Disapproval, amusment, excitement, anger etc. Like emoticons! Think how much more fun you would have while reading and editing!

                It would lend SO much extra ambiance for the “local characters” who contribute!

                • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

                  AND: I don’t really think I could conceive of a Soap Opera quite soap opera-ey enough to capture the current conditions present in Humboldt, or that anyone would get it anyway, or care!

                  Real life is vexing enough as it is, without recounting all the crazy stuff that happens here and that which people tell me… Downright cheap and tawdry – it would never sell. Too much sex and violence! And that’s just the domestic stock and the pet stuff… The drug thing, no-one would BELIEVE it!! AND we would have to contract actual Humboldt County women to play the female roles, as there are no women ANYWHERE who could do what Humboldt women can do… Or look nearly as attractive as the women in this county!

            • Victor G. Flashman

              Whoops, I finally got it! If you donated 50 grand to victims in Houston, out of your drug profits, then good on you!

              Is THAT what you meant, Joe?

            • Thats the funniest shit of all time. And right on cue

    • Dazeys donates THOUSANDS of dollars to the SO HUM community each year. They give back all the time. To schools, parks, kids sports. All sorts of donations. Pick another company to bitch about. Stephen Dazey and the company chose to give back to their area and do it gladly.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Thanks Katie, and Thank God for Dazeys Dope-Grow supplies! Thanks for donating to the charities which you benefit from! You are a great example of the spirit that makes Garberville the way it is now…

    • How do you think the park got started in the first place? You want to talk crap on Dazey when he did it,now the business isnt doing enuf?
      I guess some people just want to complain about the issue of the week even if it contradicts what they said a year ago.

      • Hmmmm,

        It kinda looks like the “park” was started by folks who wanted a lot of property, but couldn’t quite afford it, after the old guy with the 12,000 acre farm died and his heirs wanted millions for it all, so the “park founders” probably met with some “consultants”, (because that is the “Garberville way”), who helped set up a “Community Park” so that the whole 430 acre property would be financed through “donations”, with obvious tax benefits for all!! Nice going all around, for the folks who sell the Dope-Farm Supplies, and the “Board Members”, who naturally draw salaries from the “donations”. Then, it looks like more “consultants” were contracted using “donations”, to further develop the whole idea of “public lands for personal gains”.

        So now you have a big property, with 80 acres secretly deeded to the big “donor”, who wanted lots of property for free in the first place, all properly EIR’ed and ready to go for a “public concession” to operate!!

        I only wonder how much Dazey will charge to “rent back” his 80 acres for events, camping, dope farming, or whatever.

        AND: in a town that lacks housing, services, police, operational and sensibly run, profitable healthcare facilities, and nearly everything else, do we really NEED a privately owned “public park” operated for profit, music “shows”, or tourist access to this area of Garberville which currently consists mainly of low-end housing and dope-farms?

        I have been out Sprowel Creek Road – it’s a scary place, where I feel very uncomfortable! I doubt if the events planned here will attract many outsiders, and if they come once, they probably will feel the vibes I felt and not return!

        Garberville is not really a “tourist paradise”, after all…

        • For heaven’s sake…Have you been to the park? The park is welcoming and lovely.

          • I don’t remember saying it wasn’t kinda pretty… Garberville is not my idea of a nice place to go, however…

            I am speaking about my feelings only, and the discomfort I feel when I go down the hill out of Garberville towards the Airport, is not something I am willing to live with to see some scenery. I live close to Redwood Groves and State Parks, and that is where I prefer to go. And I live very close to the river in a very beautiful place, so there is that…

          • Kym, when you drive down from town on Sprowel Creek road, just before you get to Leino Lane, what is the first thing to see on the right, down on the river bar? 12 acres of that is owned by the Park. And just past the bridge on Kimtu road when you look across the river, what do you see? The lower portion of that property is is owned by the Park. Is that an inviting way to first see the Park? I don’t see anything “welcoming and lovely” about it.

            Next time you are there, go over to the labyrinth and look into that pepperwood forest area. Tell me if it looks inviting and if you don’t feel the same strange aura many people have felt for a very long time. It’s not a good feeling. I have felt it my whole life when growing up there. The Park Board knows why some people feel this way in the Park, they just don’t want to disclose the past indigenous cultural history that had existed on that property for thousands of years.

  • The Park had to spend tens of thousands of dollars because of you, Ed. They’d be in better shape financially if it weren’t for you.

    • But he seems to have so valid points.

      “How people treat you, is their karma. How you react is yours. ”
      Wayne Dyer

      • AND if it wasn’t so shady in the first place, it wouldn’t have cost so much to get “legitimate” stamped all over it. Anybody can view the corruption for themselves, and if it’s obvious to a relative newcomer who is familiar with the dirty deals present in Garberville, then probably anyone, anywhere could see how crooked the whole setup is.

        Yes, if you are dishonest, you might be able to convince SOME people that you are not so bad…

        Especially if you PAY them!

        Some things DESERVE to go broke! The “park” and the Garberville Hospital, are two of them…

    • No Janet, it was hundreds of thousands of dollars, $379K to be exact. If you are going lie about me, let’s get your facts straight.

      The Park Board did this to themselves, they own this, in fact, I and many other people tried to warn them, but they did not want to listen, because they were not spending their own money, they used community donations to get what they wanted, and when I say they, I mean Dazey and his Park Board of Directors, not the community.

      Everyone needs a bogeyman, even Geraldine Jones needed the devil to blame. I guess you did not attend the Park Boards Redway School meeting back in 2009. When this was all spelled out and discussed in public. The Humboldt County Planning Director told the Park Board:

      He said also that the cost of getting this zone and designation change depended on what the park board asked for. More and larger events would require more extensive studies and a more extensive Environmental Review document. Smaller, low impact events would not be as expensive.

      Read it for yourself http://www.redwoodtimes.com/article/ZZ/20090325/NEWS/903259660

      Nice try Janet, which Park Board member told you to say that?

  • You should ask Kathryn Labato. Apparently she knows so much she gets almost $63k a year salary from the contributions to the park.

    • Just to set the record straight; this fundraiser was moved out of the Southern Humboldt Community, because Tim & jennifer Metz became partners in ownership of the “Historic Eagle House in Eureka”, it’s the one and only reason it will be held there!

      The Southern Humboldt Community Park moved its big yearly fundraiser (Fall Splendor) from the Mateel Community Center to a private venue in Eureka for 2017 (“Historic Eagle House”). And according to the Parks 2016 tax records, that fundraiser generated over $34,000 in overhead for the local community, the event grossed over $83,000; not counting money spent locally by out of town attendees and vendors, e.g. motels/hotels, restaurants, fuel and what ever else they consume or smoke. So now, the local community will lose all that income to Eureka and the Metz’s! Why is that? Did the community have a say? NO!

      The Park Board has turned their back on the Southern Humboldt Community, so Tim & Jennifer Metz can make a name for themselves, e.g. profiting from having the so called “fundraiser” at their new digs and venue in Eureka.

      Full disclosure; Tim Metz is the founding President of the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board of Directors (2002-2010), has personally gained and compensated from accruing compounded interest on a $92,000 private loan to the Park Board while sitting Board President, has current pending private loans accruing interest totaling $15,812, personally gained and compensated from USDA/NRCS restoration contracts totaling $192,000 from the Park Board while sitting Board President and who is currently Director Emeritus, e.g. allowed to attend private Board Meetings that conduct business and ongoing operations at the SHCP.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    AND, one more time:

    ANYTHING in SoHum, run by a board of locals, will be operated in secret, with a maximum of corruption and ineptitude, and will suffer from the ignorance, greed, and the particular paranoid provincialism that this area is well known for.

    WHATEVER the locals want for this property, will likely be a mess on the order of “24/7 drug party on the River”.
    You don’t want to see what these events will do to your town, with it’s lack of everything from police to common self restraint and sensible thought.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    OH and the “Redwood Times” is the best example of SoHum conservatism and narrow thought I can think of. The Redwood Times is extant proof that Garberville voted for Trump!

    This worthless periodical is slanted towards every “locals support” issue, and firmly represses opposing thoughts.

    The Redwood Times is a great example of what is wrong with Garberville, but is not much else besides bird cage liner and advertising…

  • Ross Huber, Park Board

    Come to the Southern Humboldt Community Park Picnic on September 16 and show your support for this great Community asset. We will have food and music and games for kids. The park does not have a venue to hold Fall Splendor in Southern Humboldt because the Mateel is booked all the way through the fall. Hopefully someday we will be able to hold Fall Splendor at the Park. Thanks for you passionate concern about the park. Hope to see you at the fundraiser in a few weeks putting your money where your mouth is. That is, if you can drive all the way from whatever county you actually live in Ed. Ironic to be heckiling local decisions about a Community park, when you don’t even live here.

    • Ed won’t be there, and neither will tons of locals. Pretty tacky response from a board member. The community park, and the town square are both privately owned, for profit entities. Why should any of us give you any more money? Let Steve and Kathryn fund it.

      • When the ” community park” falls apart, most likely it will end up being divided up among the board members. They will get the best of it.

    • You are correct, I don’t live in Humboldt County anymore, when did I ever say I did?

      The Park property is controlled, operated and governed by a state and federal tax exempt organization, that must abide by rules, regulations and laws! And as it is stated on your public federal income tax return and public state financial statement:

      So. Humboldt Community Parks mission is to own, operate & maintain the park land & buildings for the benefit of the Southern Humboldt community & the general public

      Do your comments represent the community or the general public? Or just the Park Board?

      I don’t know any private land owners, that by law, are required to make their federal and state tax returns public, do you?

      If you don’t like to play by the rules, change the law…

    • Oh boy, I can’t wait to pay $20 & more for food&drinks when I go on a picnic with friends&family. At this point, the park should put on a Thank U to the community & graciously host a free potluck…old days style.

    • DAZEYLAND is an affront to all the people of SOHUM.
      Another little club for our local “elite”, such as they are.

    • I moved the hell away from there in large part due to approved zoning change at the alleged SHCP. Ed is right. SoHum is all about the party and DOPE, every other possibility for the ‘community’ is squelched before it’s birthed.

      I love the place; can’t stand the people.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      I also love SoHum and my home here, but if the earth opened up and swallowed Garberville and it’s denizens whole, I would applaud!

      SHCHD at least REALIZES that the community does not support it. This board of people intent on stealing from the public and infecting the area with more “shows” needs to get some sense.

      The “love it or leave” sentiment from Goobsterdam, is tired, and needs to be re-tired.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      Way to put your foot in you mouth Ross. I happen to agree with what Ed is saying. Just because he doesn’t live in the county doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Having a sohum community gathering in eureka is absolutely preposterous.

    • Wow i was gonna go but now im not, youre kinda proving his point by your answer. Do you speak for the whole board and the people who live at the farm??

  • Here is 2 simple questions put to the Park Board.
    1. Why is Kathryn Labato paid $5,100. A month. What does she do?
    2. Why are meetings and books not PUBLIC?

  • I love and support the park… But I also know that the Mateel was not booked through fall..the promoter of this benefit Pulled the event from the Mateel ….to have it at her new night club located in eureka.. I’ll be there on the 16th ..but I will not be driving to eureka to support Jenny and her new out of the area purchase…. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy local… Support your local community

  • Jennifer Metz, Fall Splendor Founder

    We are more than excited to bring the 8th annual Fall Splendor to Eureka this year. Now that the park has been rezoned we feel sharing and educating our whole community on this beautiful treasure is our duty and pleasure. We look forward to the day when the Community Park is set up to host incredible events such as this. May the Community Park be known and loved by all of Humboldt County!

    • Isn’t Tim on the Board? Is anyone going to answer my two questions above??? If no one answers my questions by the end of the day , then we can surmise that there’s some shady dealings going on with the park directors, as is suspected.
      NO ONE SHOULD BE MAKING $ 5,100. a month . PERIOD. What mad skillz does Kathryn possess?

      • Tim hasn’t been on the Board for years. So much for “staying tuned.”

        And Kathryn earns her money and then some! We could not have completed the EIR without her. Would not have been possible.

        • Look out, the Director of damage control is in the house…

          Wrong Eric, Tim Metz is listed as “Director Emeritus” for the SHCP Corporation and can attend Board meetings. He still has two secured private loan with interest, since 2008, and the same with Peter Ryce, who is also “Director Emeritus”.

          If Lobato is worth $63K per year, how come you paid out $379K to private consulting companies from 2010-2016 to do your EIR?

          So much for “staying tuned.”

          • And my questions weren’t answered. Again. Maybe Eric can tell me about an upcoming event, that seems to be all they’ve done here so far.

        • For being a ‘Professional’ you are rude and offensive. This attitude is exactly why people are suspicious of the inner workings of this ” Community Park”.
          And still no answer to my questions.

          • If you seriously want answers to your questions, call the Park phone number and talk to us instead of screaming at us through the cloak of anonymity on social media. We are certainly not going to discuss the salaries of our personnel on social media. And we are long finished with talking about anything with Ed Voice who lives 24/7 to play “gotcha” on social media. If you’re serious, contact us. Otherwise, just keep leaving insulting anonymous messages on social media if it makes you feel better.

            • Maybe quit calling it a Community Park, because it really isn’t. Let’s be real. A group of people asked for donations for a ‘community park’ years ago, and people coughed up a lot of money. Steve Dazey carved out a prime piece of it for himself. It is run by a board that is private and unanswerable. It is in effect a privately owned park that lets the public use it. This is why people get pissed. Just quit calling it a community park and asking for donations.

              • The following was called the “Southern Humboldt Community Park Financial History 2000-2008”


                This was made public in 2010, after years of requesting this information. It’s the Park Boards only attempt to provide any information to the public about the donations, loans and sale of the property. The escrow paperwork has still never been made public…

            • This is why we can’t have nice things Erik.
              Non stop envyathon.

            • Not sure what the point in contacting you is? I do know first hand that you have absolutely no problem lying through your teeth infront of a judge so I can’t even imagine how honest you would be to the public.

              • “We are not going to discuss the salaries of OUR PERSONNEL. ” The Personnel is theirs, not Ours, even though they call it a Community Park and ask for money from the public. All I’m asking for is transparency and all I see is subterfuge or silence. When you act in secret, you usually have something to hide. It’s a no-brainer.

        • And Kathryn earns her money and then some!

          Now that’s a scary thought; “and then some”, as in even more “money” we don’t know about?

          How come you don’t disclose how much income Lobato makes from the Park Boards contract with Calfresh?

          Lobato is listed as “Project Liaison” for your Calfresh contract right? And the “Project Liaison” makes $40.00 an hour, according to your contract and billing invoice’s, right? Is that what you mean by “and then some”?


    • Jennifer ~ I’m sure you are “excited”, given the fact the Park Board pays you to produce “Fall Splendor” and has since the beginning, i.e. you were paid $6,256 in 2016, they called it “Event Production Fee”. And god knows how many other kick-backs you got on top of that?

      Why do you need to host “incredible events” at the Park? How come the Park cannot just be “incredible” as it is now? I thought the Mateel Community Center was built for events?

      Tim Metz was on KMUD earlier this year, after the Park got approved for events, told Richard Gienger on Monday Morning Magazine they want to buy a Big Tent (10,000 sf) to have and host Fall Splendor at the park. I guess no one stepped up to donate the money?

      You need to think outside the box Jennifer, the Park is already loved and known by people outside Humboldt County, it’s the Park Board and their “vision” we question…

    • So has ANYTHING happened at the park with the last 7 years of FS profit? Anything at all? And I’m not talking salaries, consulting fees, etc. I mean something, one thing, that was a physical improvement to the park, paid for, not done by volunteers.

      • Dear Curious, are you asking the Park Board? Or can anyone answer your questions?

        Because I can’t think of one. Darn good question, wish more people thought about it…

  • Ed steering the conversation and insulting Erik… Makes everything you said sound like a personal vendetta..I still support the park… And so does the majority of the “local” community… The parks choice to move their benefit may not be the best one but their response to your original question has been answered… By the promoter herself… Roll it back a notch

    • It’s more than a personal vendetta. He’s obsessed to the point of creepiness.

      • Roll it back a notch

        Do you mean sit down and shut-up? Sorry, I cannot do that. The public needs to know what this so called public benefit and tax exempt charity has done and is doing. “Personal vendetta”, NO. Educating the general public, YES.

        BTW, she called herself the “Founder”, just like Dazey called himself the “creator” and they both have private interests and benefited from public donations and assets of a tax exempt organization…

        Maybe you should read their https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1qq4OlQcPfdelYtczNpWUlXRkU

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        He may have a personal vendetta. It doesn’t really matter when the man is making solid points to which you have to answer other than he’s obsessed and creepy. Sohum needs to flush these board members down the drain, and actually get community minded people in there.

      • These people are really creepy.

  • Thank you, Koastdog, for reminding everyone to keep things civil. I know that personal attacks seem to be “in” these days, but I have to tell you all, when I hear someone start a personalized rant, either in voice or writing, I cease to hear them. So all that ranting falls on deaf ears, in my case. I support those things that make our community stronger, healthier, more beautiful, more interesting…that certainly includes the community park and the Mateel. I’m not on either board, but I have supported both financially. I don’t know why the park chose to move their benefit from the Mateel, though I’m sorry to hear it, but since the decision is made, I hope it is successful. I also hope it returns to SoHum in the future. I will say that changing things up sometimes freshens an event and attracts new attention to the organization being benefitted. I would love to hear some positive ideas for improving SoHum, instead of rants tearing it down. I’ve been here long enough to see lots of changes, both good and bad, and believe we could turn that pendulum to swing toward the other side, if we put our minds and hearts to it. California is going through a huge change right now, one that certainly affects all of us, and I’m hopeful that, after considerable road dust settles (small joke), we will come through it and make our community stronger. I’m not leaving.

    • Thank you marcia!!!
      Im so grateful for voices like yours, your experience and wisdom ought to be more respected.
      Maybe we need a civility council!!
      I know there are many important issues to different people here, at this point in the world i think we are gonna have to learn to set this stuff aside for a minute and focus on joining together as a county full of all sorts of characters who all want to preserve our way of life here, and protect our small businesses, restaurants and non profit groups from being overrun by big bizness and god knows what else.

      • Dear Many,

        Excuse me but:

        I think you have already been overrun by “god knows what else”… Everything changes, that’s what real life is about!

        I do agree, that folks should be polite, no matter what else!


  • Victor G. Flashman

    From my point of view, nothing is due to change here as long a so many of the locals depend upon black market and “in cash” deals to make a living. You can’t build a “community” on a foundation of shady dealings.

    Garberville lacks everything, but whenever anyone talks of “improvements” someone is either making a profit, or straight up stealing the proceeds. Or benefiting by sitting on a crooked “board.”

    Best of luck improving Goobsterdam! You might want to start by not letting people live in the streets…. Then hire some policemen. And shut that disgusting “hospital”.

  • always just amazed at the amount of small-minded negative people here, it’s easy to tell the lovers from the haters…

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Yes, it’s easy to dislike the small-minded folk who live in Garberville. I hate the way they screw each other over to get a buck. I DO love the Farmer’s market though!

    Hugs and kisses!

  • Damn, I laughed hard at this. Of all people, Ed Voice is the one who wrote this letter? The guy who has harassed and intimidated Southern Humboldt for years and years and cost our community hundreds of thousands of dollars to respond to his frivolous complaints. Wow. Irony certainly is not dead! If SoHum residents knew how destructive this guy has been to our community, I think he’d probably be a little more hesitant to continue this behavior. I mean seriously, it’s gotten to the point of just being downright creepy. [edit]

    • Jim Gramm, can you explain in any great detail how I have “cost our community hundreds of thousands dollars” and respond to what you call my “frivolous complaints”? Don’t be shy! And by “our community”, which community would that be?

      And, when you say; “The guy who has harassed and intimidated Southern Humboldt for years and years”. Can you explain that for me? i.e. as in a mass of people or just something or someone in particular? Please be specific!

      • Ed, Please go retire in Lake county. Everybody is done with you. You have like two supporters. Go away. you were never really from here. You are a outsider who wants to be a insider. Go away. Retire to Lake county and fight a new cause.

        • You have like two supporters. Go away. you were never really from here.

          Wahooooooo, two supporters, well I’m all in! So if I was never really from there, I guess I never went to elementary school, Jr High or graduated from South Fork, or worked at Nixon’s Market, Shelter Cover Grotto or State Parks @ Benbow & Richardson’s Grove, I guess I didn’t learn how to swim or waterski at Benbow Lake. I guess all those years of swimming and fishing in the South Fork Eel didn’t happen either, jumping and swinging from the old Moody didn’t happen or jumping off the rock wall at Redway Beach. I guess it was another life, in another time, just a dream. Is that also true for my Brother, Mom & Dad? Thanks for opening my eye’s and letting me think about it. And I thought about it, no, I’ll keep doing this. Thanks for asking…

        • Three, now…

          Don’t underestimate the power of opposition! Remember Measure W?

  • the park is great! i go there often, you must not recreate there Stray Tuned, try it, you might like it…

    • “Liking ” the park has nothing to do with it. I “like ” the park . What I don’t like is the secrecy in which the board operates. Why? Why aren’t there open meetings? No one will answer that.
      And who decided on the vineyard creation? The lease of land to graze cattle?

  • Ed, see above in your response to me about costing the community hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t remember posting that? Are you ok?

    • High Janet, I’m fine, Thanks so much for asking, I hope you are well. You need to re-read what you stated and I replied to. Have a great night…

    • You see Janet, your post or misinfomation above accused me of some how causing:

      “The Park had to spend tens of thousands of dollars because of you, Ed. They’d be in better shape financially if it weren’t for you.”

      So I corrected you and set the record straight about how much money ($379K) the Park Board (not the park) spent on their EIR process, General Plan Amendment, Rezone & CUP. What Gramm accused me of above was that I cost the “community” hundreds of thousands of dollars (as much sense as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest).

      So let’s be clear, the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board of Directors and the Community of Southern Humboldt are two completely different and separate entities, one has nothing to do with the other:

      The Park Board is a public benefit/charitable and private corporation and tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

      The Southern Humboldt Community is made up of more than three dozen different unincorporated towns, dozens of different private and public Community Services Districts, 10 Fire Protection Districts, one Healthcare District and one 733 square mile School District.

      So I ax you, who’s arm did I twist and who’s head did I put a gun to, to make anyone spend any money?

  • No Worries Ed Voice;

    Pay no attention & keep doing what you do, it’s very transparent to a lot of Peeps what’s been going on!!
    We Love the Park just not the board who designating it as a “Community Park”. Marketing ploy for the ignorant,
    continually asking for donations, never open’s the meetings or books and gives no jobs to the public.
    Jennifer Metz pulled her event from the Mateel ….to have in the new investment her and Timmy have it’s not about the community it’s about them wanted to be in the limelight saying see what we did, hobnobbing to get boot lappers saying OMG you’re awesome!!! Reality always show’s its ugly face in the in.

  • There are many ways to take this situation and many people to blame. The reality is ed has valid points, but is also more of a thorn in the side and a retardant in the positive fire the community park is trying to build. It’s a private resource that was gifted to us. It’s not going to make progress without upsetting people. Community takes opinion and decisions. It also takes action. The board takes action based on the community ideas and they vote on them. I see both sides and understand eds fight. There will be progress just not what one person wants.

    • Lonny, I would agree with you, but you need to know some facts, if you don’t mind, here are just a couple;

      1. The SHCP property was NOT gifted, it was purchased (Oct 2000) with public donations, private secured loans and a mortgage against the property with high compounded interest. All the donations for the Park were given to McKee, as a down payment, so he could purchase the whole Tooby Ranch. It was not until 2007, and the Park Board sold 20 acres and a 30 year (86 acres) river bar-gravel mining lease for $1 Million dollars (the old county shale pit), and most, not all, the loans (including interest) were paid (current secured loan balance $264K, without interest as of Dec 2016).

      2. The only property “gifted”, was Tooby Memorial Park, that was gifted to the community by the Tooby Family in 1967 and leased to the county for $1.00 (one dollar) per year. However, in 2004, the Park Board argued that they owned the property and would take over the operation from the county, claiming they were saving the county $40,000 per year if they did so. And even though the Tooby Family objected to the SHCP taking over operation of Tooby Memorial Park, the county approved it…

      Now that is the short version. And I know it might be ancient history, but you need to know where you have been, to know where you are going. And it does not help when you don’t allow the public to attend meeting, keep private transactions secret, private development plans secret and keep the public from knowing what you are doing!

      My concern has come to fruition, that this small group of private investors are benefiting from a public and charitable organization, on the backs of public donations. And the Park Board is allowing these private investors and developers to do it! The Park Board does not have a business plan, management plan or operation plan, they only have a vision that does include the public.

      And you are right, the Park Board is making decisions about who, what, why, when and where these projects will take place at the Park. However, at what cost? How come the public cannot know who and what the Park Board is approving? How come the meetings are not open to the public?

      Example, right now, who approved the Park allowing private investors to develop a 10 acre private vineyard, a private farm and private cattle grazing? How come all that private development was not made public and do those private investors have say over the public, do they attend meetings?

      See photo below, this was a private meeting at the Park barn, not open to the public with different Park “Working Groups”. I don’t remember the Park Board making these “Working Groups” open to the public? If you know any of these people, please ask them about it.

      Answers are very hard to get out of the Park Board, why is that? The truth is, I post my letters to the editor because I want answers. I emailed this same letter to the editor to the Park Board. Being a 501c3 public benefit and charitable organization should be privilege, not just a tax dodge, not a land grab or what you think is your right to enrich yourself and your close personal friends and family…

      • C’mon…just turn it into a fulltime Cannabis Creation/ Winery. Why not? Talk about Visionary…the first of its kind! CannaWine…& gourmet food, all of it grown right at the Farm! Then mix all the stems& stalks with the gravel & make CannaConCrete…zero waste. Maybe even a small paper mill too. Ecotopia here we come?

        • You know, I always thought growing Cannabis at the Park should have been a NO-brainer? Given who is on the Park Board and the fact (before they re-zoned the property) they had the best ag soils, infrastructure, zoning (AE), land use (AL-AR), contour, open-space and on-site groundwater and in 2015, they were Certified Organic with CCOF. Until I read their Contract/Agreement for funding to provide services and Calfresh Outreach thru the County Department of Health and Human Services:

          https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1qq4OlQcPfdemlycmpaOUFCbWs bottom of page 5 of 39

          Now it’s seems, the Park has to have a “Drug-Free Workplace”. And since their Calfresh county and state funding is supplemented with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) funding (federal) this creates a problem with growing Cannabis on the Park property. On top of having to disclose the income to the IRS as coming from Cannabis as well. So until the fed’s deschedule Cannabis or the Park Board stops taking federal funding, Cannabis is off-limits at the Park.

          Its to bad they didn’t think it through…

      • Sidebar, Ed.
        Keep fighting the good fight, but lend some credence to your postulate. Stop typing “how come” when you should be typing “why”.

  • Stay Tuned, who cares about the board, if it’s public or private, what does it matter, just enjoy the park…i do agree the vineyard will end up biting the park in the ass, knowing the principals involved…and if the meetings were open (they may be for all i know) you would go? great, get involved…instead of giving Ed cover and bickering from afar, just get involved…yes i got involved early, gave ’em my 6 big ones, and really if they want to develop it, that’s fine, though i would personally prefer it left natural…
    the fact that the fund-raiser is up North is a non-issue to me, why should i care? why should anyone?…just one more thing to bitch about on Kym’s talk-o-meter…

  • There is so much unnecessary negativity and silly accusations in these posts! If you don’t like how it’s being done, you are all welcome to throw your own fundraisers. Fall Splendor is a huge production that requires a lot of work, donations and organization. Using $6K to put on the show seems totally fair. Quite low, actually. Anyone who doesn’t agree has obviously never thrown a large event. They have to hire music, buy the food and drinks, pay a secretary to rally up the designers and models, (a huge job that requires a lot of energy) build a runway, set up special lighting….the list goes on… I doubt she takes home a dime. If anything, she probably pays out of pocket to make it all happen. As one of the designers, I can say I’m also excited that it’s in Eureka because I can participate once again. My handmade dresses brought in thousands each year but I had to withdraw from participation over the last couple of years because it was just too hard for me to get down there during my most busy season. There are more designers up here on the coast as well as better accommodations. We are all one county, and most of the contributors are from out of the area so why does it matter if Old Town gets a little extra business on one night and a historic icon gets supported while funds are raised for the park? The space is beautiful and totally appropriate for a fashion show. In my personal experience The Mateel hasn’t been the easiest to work with, and I wanted to take space from them after feeling unappreciated and burnt out from other events over the years. If the Mateel wants us designers to come back and put in our time and love, they need to show a little love too. We all work really hard for this event, not for publicity, but for charity and community. I like that the park provides a garden and healthy food and recipes to families in need. A space to ride horses and a beautiful sanctuary to gather. I live up here in Arcata and am still happy to donate my time to keep this event going and support the park. I also like supporting a historic building and helping keep that alive. The Eagle House is fantastic. The Mateel is fantastic too, but they often don’t play fair. Maybe someday it will go back to there but I’m all about trying out this new space. All these bad attitudes are just going to push us away and with out the designers, there’s no show or products to showcase and auction off. Show some appreciation, otherwise these efforts will go to a different cause. Don’t hate. Congratulate, participate and celebrate. Jenny does a wonderful job.

  • “Using $6K to put on the show seems totally fair. Quite low, actually. Anyone who doesn’t agree has obviously never thrown a large event.”

    No dear, she was paid $6K to produce the event, as in put in her pocket, it was not her budget. The Park claims it cost $34K to put on the show and with as many sponsors as it got to underwrite it, it seems obvious money was not hard to come by.

    For someone who claims; “unnecessary negativity and silly accusations in these posts!” you sure liked to poor mouth the Mateel…

    • I’m sorry. I don’t mean to “poor mouth” I just wanted to be honest but I can see how the tone of what I typed seemed negative as well. I love the Mateel. It was one of the first places I visited when I first came here 15 years ago and I hope to see it thrive forever. I’ve always been a supporter and proud of the concept that our rural community can have such an amazing space for the people by the people. That was why I was hurt when 2 years in a row, after being a vendor at several events for years, we were pushed out with no explanation, and when I asked why, I was told that the businesses who took my place had made private trades and had sway with local politicians, and that the spots I had, went to them. It crushed me, especially because everything I sell at these events is produced locally, and I employ 4 other local women. I would still buy tickets to these events after getting pushed out and see vendors selling stuff made in china, or booths that were closed all day for river time. After that, I pulled out of all participation with MCC for a while and focused on other organizations. The board has since changed, and things are better. I truly love the concept of the MCC and want make sure it will always be here. I just wanted to point out that if you don’t appreciate those who love you, they’re gonna go away. Fall Splendor is a good thing. The Community Park is a good thing. Jenny is a good person. I’m happy to see people getting together and creating entertainment that goes to a good cause. It will be a beautiful event.

      • Fall Splendor is a good thing. The Community Park is a good thing.

        Southern Humboldt had a community park since 1967. It was called “Tooby Memorial Park”. IMHO, there was no reason to have another giant and loud outdoor festival and concert venue site, parking lots and camping for 2500 to 5000 people 5 to 6 times a year, let alone sucking the river dry to irrigate sports fields?

        Your priority should be protecting the wildlife habitat, rivers, creeks and streams, not driving them away or degrading them.

        Here’s what I wonder, if the community would have known what the real deal was; knew Kathryn Lobato was going to be paid $63K a year, or the Park Board was going to spend $379K to rezone the Park and become a 405 acre private Rent-A-Park, or any of the facts we know today, would they have donated, knowing their donations were funding this private enterprise and not a public park?

        Break a leg at that fashion show & dinner and remember:

        “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
        ― Chief Seattle

  • I’m sure Kym thinks she’s doing a public service by continuing to publish these letters to the editor but by letting people respond anonymously she ends up holding another troll fest. It becomes just another way to up her hit count. Its too bad as this practice takes away from what otherwise is one of the better blogs. No other medium allows cranks to hide behind an alias and vent their personal prejudices. The damage done by some of these baseless accusations can be significant and certainly does nothing positive for our community. Just my opinion.

    • The damage done by some of these baseless accusations can be significant and certainly does nothing positive for our community. Just my opinion.

      What “baseless accusations’ are you talking about Dave?

      My letter to the editor asked a question and maybe for allot of people it was uncomfortable, but I think it needed to be asked. And I think we all know why now. So Thank you Kym for posting my concerns, allowing free speech and freedom of expression.

      How is what you just said “positive” Dave?

      I don’t expect every poster to back-up and provide documented fact when they post like I do, it would be awesome if they did, but for the most part, I don’t take them literally. I respect that you post using your real name and I also respect when people don’t. It’s the internet Dave, surfs up…

    • Dave, I appreciate your kind words but allowing anonymous writing has a long and honored practice in history. Some famous and at times, anonymous writers include
      Benjamin Franklin, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silence_Dogood
      Jonathan Swift https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drapier%27s_Letters
      Alexander Pope https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Essay_on_Criticism
      Samuel Johnson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rambler

  • Nice, Dave! Keep beating that drum! As Michael Newdow would say – ah never mind…

    Since the Community Park appears to be neither owned by the Community, or to exist as a Park, but actually seems to be a for-profit private concession operated by a paid board, I would say that your complaints are off the beam.

    But then, they usually are!

    • Nope. Not a paid Board. Again, another inaccuracy about the Community Park.

      No need for me to elaborate, Sacred Empire stated everything beautifully. Thanks for posting those words about a Park that me, my wife, kids and grandkids all love and support.

      • You are correct Jim, they are “Not a paid Board”, they are a compensated Board; let me elaborate:

        SHCP Board members have been and are compensated when they make private loans and paid interest on those loans. SHCP Board members are compensated went they provide items like lumber, milled from redwoods taken off the river bar i.e. playground fence at Tooby Park ($6K). Compensated when they claimed to have provided services for an EQIP Contract and creek restoration work at the Park ($192K). Compensated with the trees that are cut down at the park and milled into lumber. Board members are compensated for legal services, well construction, rent and being a fundraising consultant. And last but not least, they are compensated for travel, lodging and meals.

        But your right, they are not paid to be on the Board, the only exception is when kathryn Lobato was on the Board, she was also being paid as Executive Director for for 3 years.

        Other than that, you nailed it…

    • Taurus…Why don’t you grow some and put a name with your comments? Would you say the same thing if people knew who you are? Somehow I doubt it. So for now your just another troll.

      • Dave,

        Take an asprin, have some orange juice. You will feel better in a few hours. Have another drink with lunch, if you have to. Hang in there dude!

        I would say the same thing, no matter who you thought I was…

  • News for you Dave!!!!

    I ran programs for a Park and Rec Dept in the Bay Area for over 15 years. After moving here I was asked for a donation for the Comunity Park I did so happily & willingly to find out the name is an illusion a con job, it’s not a community park, it’s a private group. Being a professional business man seeing multiple times these non-profits types setup as an illusion for those involved to profit through personal loans etc, in the mean time collecting donations from the community to keep the con going. Example The Old Bell Glen Youth Hostel property in Legget was donated to the group and they were a non-profit with a board, to have all members kicked out on the street, the property being sold with the proceeds given to the boards new nonprofit they started to keep the $$. I have some reality for you Dave and those involved, you’re not in a First Person Shooter Video game!!
    Ed has shown there are people who stand up for what is right, this is human nature expect nothing less. Karma is a bitch!!!

  • Did you ever know how Stephen Dazey got his 80 acres down next to the Park and did not pay a dime?

    This is how open and transparent the Park Board is. This was never made public by the Park Board, they kept it all tucked away and under the radar from the community. This might be the first time its been made public.

    I can see why Peter Ryce was absent that day and did not sign it. If the Park Board wants to call me creepy, I don’t know what to call this:


    It must be why the Park Board does not have Board meeting open to the public…

  • Bob and Marilyn Casey

    There goes Ed again. And I see he’s posting under multiple anonymous users again. Same old tired argument. Yawn. The Park is a treasure. SoHum deserves it and more.

    • And I see he’s posting under multiple anonymous users again.

      Again? Who are you accusing me of being? I only post as Ed Voice.

      I do agree, “The Park is a treasure”, just don’t like the pirates that are running it…

    • I take exception with you calling me an Ed troll. I speak for myself. I’ve lived in Southern Humboldt for 50 years and still do. Your attempt to quiet people that see what is going on won’t work.

  • Semantics are just words. Appearances are everything. It’s “one hand washes the other” and “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”… The preternatural interrelationships in Garberville raise their ugly heads again!

    It’s the wild west here! You give me money for my project and I will plug your business. Country Clubs all over the country are more out in the open than what happens in Garberville! If you are a “good old boy” here, then anything at all is allowed, no matter how dishonest or evil.

    Watch as the business-people of Garberville screw the citizens, lie, cheat and steal from everyone, and manipulate public opinion in the press, by continuing to lie, cheat and steal. This is how they run the Hospital District, and everything else here…

    Well, it’s America at its finest! What a great example – a greasy microcosm of deceit, disguised as a “community”, and advertised as “a nice place to live”.

    Dysfunctional is as dysfunction does! Enjoy our concession buy pay us first!

    Guess what? Garberville is not Disneyland, but it is trying to do the same thing: operate an amusement, but with a secret underground structure that no-one is supposed to see!

    Well, it’s raining cash in Goobsterdam! Get yourself a laundry-basket… If you see Dopey and Goofy, just wave and smile!

  • Ahh Davey:

    I’m the one who was conned into my donation simply put and your fully liable you’re the con man!!! The people you have asking for donation’s don’t tell the people it’s a private group but state it’s a community park misguiding people with the term. This being said, Dave Kirby, are you seeking the unhappy party’s so you can watch your back when I won’t give it to you, instead keep conning people Dave let the list get longer & longer or change the name so people don’t feel like they got conned. Fish Living in Fish Bowl Forgets about the Ocean!

    • FF…I don’t have anything to do with the park. I don’t know who the board members are nor do I care. I do know Ed Voice has a heat on for the park board. I also know that Ed and his family have a long history of messing with folks in that neighborhood. I was a member of the county planning commission back in the 90s when the Voices tried to get Randall Sand and Gravel shut down because they were dumb enough to buy property next to noisy industrial operation. Ed used a number of bogus excuses to justify his position. So when I hear this guy who doesn’t even live here spouting all these accusations I wonder why anyone takes him seriously.

      • I was a member of the county planning commission back in the 90s when the Voices tried to get Randall Sand and Gravel shut down because they were dumb enough to buy property next to noisy industrial operation.

        So Dave, I guess if you push the right button, you win a prize! Nice guess though, but you’re wrong again! My Mom & Dad (Voices) purchased our house @ River Crest (1966) 18 years before Randall started his operation (1984) down on the river bar below where we use to own our house (sold it 2015)! And this should not be confused with the law suit my family was accused of sueing Randall, sometime back in the 1980’s. The Park Board and Randall Accused me and my family of doing this. Funny thing, they cannot provide any paperwork to prove it. Sounds kinda like what you are doing and talking about Dave, relieving your days as a Planning Commissioner and making shit up as you go, as if it meant something to someone? Its sad and pathetic Dave.

        So, let’s talk to the Voices, shall we? Oh yeah, my Mom and Dad are both dead, so I guess calling dead people “dumb” is OK with you, since they cannot defend themselves? Good one Dave, good one…

        (Please guess the first two words and win a prize) ____ ___ and the horse you rode in on…

  • Does anyone else know about this (see photo below)? Its behind the big barn.

    The County paid the Park Board $15,300 to own, operate and maintain a community walk-in cold storage unit to store food they say they distribute to no and low income families in Southern Humboldt (17,000 meals per FY), aka “Southern Humboldt Fresh Food Network”.

    The County also paid them $13,500 to complete their surface water/well pump house from the river (So Fork Eel). This was on top of all the grants that Humboldt Area Foundation gave them and public donation for alreading building and putting in the same system.

    The County also pays the Parks PG$E, insurance, office expenses, communications and utilities to the tune of $5,679 per FY.

    I guess it’s one of those public/private partnership the Park Board got going. Too bad the community don’t know more about it or able to use it? There is allot the public doesn’t know about the Park Board, follow the money…

    • Oh yeah, I forgot, the County also paid for the Parks green house ($8K). That first one to your right as you drive in, not the second one down off Kimtu Road, that’s a private one, that is a different farm leased to:

  • the park was created…
    the park is beautiful…
    we all can use the park…
    if the board manages to screw it up then
    we will have no more park…
    looks good so far…
    (public, private, what’s the practical difference?)

    • public, private, what’s the practical difference?

      That’s the questions, do you or don’t you want to know information. Do you want to know if your money is being used as intended or used to enrich someone?

      This is the problem with the Park Board, they want to have it both ways. They claim your donation is for a public benefit, but don’t want to disclose how the money was spent after they receive it, trust me they say…

      The public has still never been shown any kind of a management or business plan, consistent mission statement or what the guiding principles are the Park Board and the public can follow.

      The Park was not created, it was land that was given a name by private individuals claiming to represent the public. They bought ranch property and called it a “Community Park”. Anyone can buy a piece of land and let the public use it. The Park Board wants to rent or lease itself to a promoter or organization that will produce a large scale concert and or festival from between 2500 to 5000 attendees 5 to 6 times a year, on top of being able to have unlimited number of events and concerts for up to 800 attendees per day.

      The Park Board likes to compare themselves to other real public parks like Rohner Park in Fortuna and Golden Gate Park in SF. The problem with that, both of these parks are on public land, operated and managed by a public entity e.g. City of Fortuna and City/County of San Francisco, with regular meetings open to the public. In fact everything about them is open and transparent. You cannot say the same about the Park Board.

      Let me give you an example; in 2016, the Park Board claims they spent $291,718 in total expenses and operating cost at the Park. They cannot show you or tell you who, what or where it was all used, but there it is. For the life of me, knowing how the Park property looked back in the 1960’s, compared to what it looks like today, what are they doing that cost that much money? All their infrastructure was paid from donations and the Humboldt Area Foundation and now the County Calfresh Outreach program. Even their 55,000 gallon water tank was paid for with donations.

      So why does it cost that much money to operate and maintain a park? We will never know, because they say they are a private non-profit!

      We know the Park is beautiful and we want to keep it that way. We have already seen how much the Park Board thinks about the local community by moving it’s fundraiser to Eureka…

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