Knife Wielding Man Robbed McKinleyville Shell

Breaking NewsA man wielding an eight-inch kitchen knife held up the McKinleyville Shell in the 1600 block of Central Avenue about 9:30 p.m.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a man wearing a black light gray almost white hoodie and blue jeans.



  • A man walks into the Shell on Central and does not rob it. *Ba dum tis*

  • I geuss they figured 76 has had enough

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    How much money do these people even get?
    It’s like Homer Simpson robbing the quickie mart.

  • The station isn’t even selling gas (pumps are all fenced off for apparent tank replacement) so the crook probably figured there was less chance for many customer/witnesses to be there. But why on earth would they keep the inconvenience store open at night with no gas customers and almost no place to park.

    Nitwits at both ends of the knife.

  • Unfortunately the description matchs 85% of Humboldt. I wear blue jeans and a grey hoodie🚔

  • I had a conversation with a few employees there one morning when there were some shady characters in there. These people are not allowed to defend themselves in a robbery. To me that is ridiculous. I asked if any had thought about getting their ccw and they said they wouldn’t be allowed to have it. I’m sorry but sometimes giving the cash register isn’t enough. These people need to have a chance to defend their lives if need be. This stuff is happening to close to our homes.

  • Again? When will they get a security guard. Employees must have PTSD and work for minimum wage. Worse yet they can’t confront these punks.

  • I used to work at 5th St. She’ll. I was cleaning the flower pots,and got stung with something pulled my hand up,and a needle was sticking in my hand. Not fun.had to be tested,not fun.scared shit less for awhile,not fun.For min.wage. I loved the job thou,I was glad I had something.Ran people off the property everyday. My boss called the cops 3 or 4 times a week FUN

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