[Audio] Former local in music ‘supergroup’ slams Trump with punk icon; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (12:36): Warning: Explicit language. Mike Patton — the Humboldt-raised musician who hit it big with Faith No More and other bands — made national headlines last week when his “supergroup” Dead Cross joined former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra onstage at a show in Berkeley to do a version of the 80s song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” this time with the title “Nazi Trumps Fuck Off.”

“The performance came less than two weeks after alt-right protesters and neo-Nazis clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue,” reads a Rolling Stone article, calling Dead Cross a supergroup with Faith No More and former Slayer members.

In the podcast, information is shared about Patton’s Humboldt history, perceptions on the role musicians play as political commentators, the performance, comments for and against the performance, as well as info on some musicians for and against Trump.

The story starts at 12:36.

Disclaimer: Had a former Humboldt musician made national headlines in support of Trump, that also would’ve been covered by Humboldt Last Week.

Also covered

The Miami Dolphins sign Rey Maualuga, alleged arson brings down part of the Blue Heron in Eureka, the former DA comments on last week’s story, that eye-bulging Winco incident, a likely future NFL player at HSU, the lawyer with a loaded gun at the courthouse, the APD chief slams racist groups, a local novelist writes a horror, West Nile Virus in Humboldt, crime updates, and much more.

Mike Patton, Wikipedia Commons photo by Roberto Re



  • dumb ass haters wasting their lives away not to mention no talent noise to try to make buck off a current social trend. America HAD talent.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    FNM isn’t a hardcore legacy band.

    Jello, is a greedy capitalist filing takedown notices on Alternative Tentacles material.

    These social justice warrior types are putting on a front, trying to profit from the drug crazed, Hollywood run, youth movements.

    The only decent album The Kennedy’s ever cut was Bedtime For Democracy.

    Frankenchrist poster was made to get media attention from All Gore’s wife, Tipper and The PMRC. Wouldn’t shock me if the Gore’s had a business selling those warning stickers.

    Ice-T was never in jail & out of the Congressional hearings, only Frank Zappa had any of his own ideas to say.

    Like Frank used to say about weed, ‘ Dope…..you are what you smoke.’

    Report dope growers to federal authorities with names, license plates, intervals, and anything pertaining to money laundering.

    Try and get your local dope grower arrested before they go into full terrorism mode next month.

    The world will be a better place with every dope grower doing time in federal prison.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        I’ve got Docs older than that wannabe scene.

        FNM is a third generation band, bunch of fakers with parent money, IMHO.

        Bands like this weren’t hardcore-

        Look like a bunch of Arcata Hsu indoor growers compared to the Bad Brains.

        Old farts hoping Jello can funnel some cash…

        Not punk rock, just sheltered collar shirts with a shave over the ears.

        Cromags Age Of Quarrel is hard core, not these bozos.

    • The things that presents a real challenge to a peabrain Conservative is debating someone who exhibits an almost cult-like conviction (just like they do), and a cocksure attitude about an argument. So attitude is very important. The typical loud-mouth, idiot Conservative expects you (if you are a so-called Liberal or Progressive) to fold quickly, or be intimidated, back-down, or exhibit weakness.

      See you around CHUMP!

    • Zappa also said ‘the only dope worth shooting is Nixon’. We don’t really have to guess how he would’ve regarded Trumpski.

    • Aquaman knows the answers

      my comment got edited out so I removed it. Thanks Trump!! …. I mean Kym!

      • Sad, so sad….However, it is always an option if you don’t like the rules on this site to start your own site, Trumpkym says mildly.

        • 😂😂😂

        • Aquaman knows the answers

          Apologies Kym, you’ve always been kind to me and mine. I just don’t see why wishing a drone strike on an authoritarian apologist is so mean?

          • Aquaman, I don’t allow inciting violence on this site. I don’t allow him to do so and I can’t allow others to do it either. The rule has been in place for years.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          I knew you are just waiting to shake off the fog, and watch High Plains Drifter before you make a political statement.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Sorry for rousting clicks, with my dose of reality. Can only imagine what you had to delete.
          Ms.Kemp is a Mom and doesn’t need your trash.
          Don’t type things on Kym’s site you won’t do in front of your own Mom.

          You guttersnipes…

          • “dose of reality” Now THAT was whatchacall the funnies freakin’ irony aye seen all day! LOL! ROFLMAO and so forth.

  • Conservatives are born with a congenital defect: STUPIDITY! How else do you explain the backwards, regressive, IGNORANT attitudes of these cretinous losers?
    They labeled their cowardly asses perfectly with the SNOWFLAKE moniker: peabrain party of STUPID Conservatives are scared of everything and especially cannabis. Hair Hitler The Mango Mussolini Chump trump: only a total ahole supports this piece of shit.

    • Please try to be less inflammatory.

    • I know right! Look at the conservatives who’ve ran for office, declaring the drug war to be immoral and unconstitutional. They demanded for it to be decriminalized. They demanded for government to get the hades out of marriage, education, agriculture, health, small businesses, homes, and backyards.
      They didn’t win.
      Their opposition wanted to fine it, tax it, jail it, and add more unconstitutional agencies.
      And here we are, angry at the conservatives for being a voice that just won’t shut up.

      If you’re mad at the Neo-cons, I agree with your rant. The neo-cons fit your rant.
      If you’re mad at the conservatives, I feel bad for you.
      I feel embarrassed for those who don’t know the difference.

    • Trump is just another government system sucking official, they are all the same , crooked crooks haha, all I can do is sit back and laugh and enjoy this white sand warm beach with clear blue water, good luck America , everything changes, and if you depend on a government check ,good luck with that too

    • Hair hitler? Bahahaha

    • Whoa, big fella! Try to rise above the malarkey. The pendulum doth swing. I do, however, prefer to see it swing based on truth and policies rather than lies and misinformation intended just to flim flam a bunch of heel clickin’ followers. But ain’t that America?

  • How utterly heroic! (Sarcasm)

  • Slamming trump! Wow mr Patton is sure original! This is news….pathetic. I voted for trump because Hillary was that bad….. now I’m a nazi. Nice. PS. Slamming trump is not punk rock!!!! I listened to Faith No More back n da day. Punk rock is about being original and not mainstream. Slamming trump is mainstream and NOT original. Patton needs to join Mumford n sons or panic at the disco….

    • If you voted for trump, no matter what your excuse may be, yes, you are collaborating with white supremacy supporters at the very least, and nazis too. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    • I couldn’t make my self vote for either and sleep at night, but it’s over for now, time to look towards the future and not dwell on the past which can’t be changed for all the bickering in the world, if we all give a little and put someone in charge who really cares for this country and it’s people it will truly benefit everyone on the planet.

    • It’s ok . Let em keep calling conservatives nazis . They’ll dig themselves a bigger hole and keep losing elections. Identity politics isn’t the way to go .

      • Just having trump in to piss off all these [edit: liberals] is humor enough for me. Blam EVERTHING that is wrong with you n your tiny fantasyland world….on Trump!

  • Love Patton! What a vocal range.. what a varied catalogue.. pleasure meeting you a decade ago in NYC w/ Dan the Automator.


  • He does a brilliant cover of the Commodores’ Easy.

  • If you’re tired of the hate campaign, try a little love.

  • It’s truly amazing how one-sided the “hate speech” on this comment section is…

    • Thinking allowed

      Yes, so it seems. The difference is typical of the over indulgence of self righteousness. If a person does support Trump, is conservative or just has a different agenda, they are subjected to name calling, personal insults of the crudests kind. In fact it sounds very much like a temper tantrum- no reasoning, understanding or even thought. Just piss and spit.

      Personally I think that such people love making public exhibition of their innate dirty psyches where their personally repulsive nature can be dressed up as empathy for others. In reality, they parade their defectiveness no matter who is in office. They always find cause for it- apparently as car accidents, signage, expressing sympathy for children, the very existance of police have all been sufficient cause in their eyes to spew irrational and excess hate in postings here , directed at other posters, not causes, in recent days

      Truth is that the current garden variety of liberal, as self identified here anyway, is a wannabe, back seat driving tyrant without the coping ability of most two year olds. Just plain ugly, frothing at the mouth.

      Such behavior- bullying, rude, dismissive and just plain nasty is the reason Trump is President. And don’t go into the knee jerk response ‘Trump is not President.’ Only the totally irrational would confuse ‘ought not to be’ with ‘is not.’ If there is a continuation of such behavior, there will be even much worse on offer. And despite the refusal to accept adult responsibility, it will be their fault.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. 👍👍

      • Sounds like someone has been watching too much Fox News.. I think, as someone middle of the road, that trump is a terrible prez and most of his supporters are not going the same direction as the majority of America or the world. We’ll see what happens in the mid terms and next presidential election.
        It’s interesting that you think the anti trump crowd is ‘bullying, rude and dismissive’ .. that pretty much defines ‘projection’ .
        Anyway, all the fake conservatives who think they are on top of the world right now, enjoy your time in the limelight it will be over soon. Says the other 67% of the country.

        • Thinking allowed

          Apparently you watch too much NBC, where all national news is twisted and edited to make their Great Faux Pas of being wrong about Trump,from his announcement he was running through the post election quibbling, seem less idiotic than it was. They were so very wrong from start to finish about what the country wanted, hearing only their own opinions repeated endlessly . Which is what happens when you dismiss everything you don’t want to hear. Yet, despite the overwhelming obvious failure, they insist on trying to bend people to their will rather than figuring out and reporting what is. They would rather damage the whole country rather than admit their own power to dictate is limited.

          Trump won because he did not hesitate to out troll those consumate trolls- the Loudmouth Left. He refused to be cowed by the media. He returned fire relentlessly regardless if the petty nature of the incoming shots. The media and the pundits had solely been in control of that tactic until Trump.

          And despite that tactic having backfired in their own Great Error, that is apparently the only weapon in the media’s arsenal. They, as evidenced here too, won’t give it up. I watched NBC national news report on the start of the flooding in Texas use the opening headline that some pundit somewhere thought Trump’s tweet on being prepared was a test of his Presidency and was woefully incompetent and he therefore failed the country. They ignored the actual news that might have given people information they could use in order to travel their worn rut of Trump bashing over a non issue. That is their priority to the excusion of everything, absolutely everything, else. How can anyone not have utter contempt for them.

          Many here, like those reporters, can’t even see the middle of the road much less occupy it. Just like the majority of reporters, they seem to think that,if they just keep insulting, they can force others to admit they are right. Or at least shut up. So they can stop feeling angry over having made fools of themselves. Sense, kindness, understanding, thought are all sacrificed on the altar of Taking Everything Personally.

          The nonsense remark about ‘projecting’ is just the sort of problem I mean- it sounds important in your own ears but has no meaning except as an expression of contempt to someone else. It’s irrelevant, personal and has no value except as attempt to slap down. A constant refrain echoing from childhood where school yard spats are never over issues- just personal power or lack of it. It’s the crying ‘uncle’ that’s important because, in the school yard, the adults in the world have charge of the real issues and squabbling is all that’s left for the kiddies.

  • Oh gee, how brave of the punk. Imagine a singer who uses profanity to insult Pres Trump. I have not heard of such a thing.

    If he really had a backbone he would go against the flow and say something nice about Trump.

  • Patton was a one hit wonder, he’s desperate to get some attention. First the fish and now this!

    • “Known for his eclectic influences and experimental projects, Patton has earned critical praise for his diverse array of vocal techniques. VVN Music found Patton to possess the highest vocal range of any known singer in popular music, with a range of six octaves.[6] He has worked as a producer or co-producer with artists such as John Zorn, Sepultura, Melvins, Melt-Banana, and Kool Keith. He co-founded Ipecac Recordings with Greg Werckman in 1999, and has run the label since. Patton’s vast number of musical endeavours and constant touring have led to him being widely identified as a “workaholic”.[7][8][9]” -snip

      The moral: Keep your day job.

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