Benefit Ride for Children of Man Who Died in Traffic Accident This June

Tomorrow, a benefit ride is being held for the children of Jay DeLeal who lost his life when his motorcycle collided with a van on Broadway in Eureka this June.Jay DeLeal fundraiser

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  • Looks satanic. Fine example for the kids.

    • You are pretty much ignorant of modern culture. And ancient culture. In fact, you are just ignorant.
      This is a BENEFIT ride, for the children of a man who died.
      Your judgement is unkind, unnecessary, and unwelcome.

    • Rainbows and unicorns just wouldn’t work for a motorcycle run.

    • I believe that’s their back patch design, which seems appropriate to me since the man who it honors wore that patch. And this event was to benefit children but was for adults, obviously, since you have to ride a motorcycle to participate. I saw this going on and it was huge. So cool to see a community step up and help out the mama who not only lost her husband but is now raising 2 babies all by herself. Looked like it was a great turnout with some very honorable people involved. Rip.

  • Get over it man...

    Where is the club house?

  • Nothing nice to say, Try saying Nothing..

  • I have to agree with stormy, it has an evil look to it, not saying anything against anybody, only the graphics thats all

  • Thinking allowed

    Dripping skulls, which are a large part of the graphic, are offputting to say the least but a benefit for children to help after their father’s death is what it is- an act of charity and good.

  • Now i agree with thinking allowed, no matter the graphics, it is what it is, i hoe there is an outpouring of generosity for this family, times are probably pretty hard for them, god bless them and all who help them

  • Good cause, great people. Nothing but respect. Ride on!

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