Two Very Young Children Found in Winco Without Adult; One Naked Wrapped in Blanket Which Held a Hypodermic Needle

Two young children found their way into Winco at the Eureka Mall at approximately 9 p.m. last night. According to scanner traffic recorded below, the boy [later we learned he was three] was naked and wearing only a towel. The six-year-old girl was wearing a shirt and pajama pants but no shoes.

According to a witness, snagged in the boy’s towel was a hypodermic needle. Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department confirmed, “Employees said they had removed a needle stuck in the blanket prior to officers arrival.  It is unknown how the needle got in the blanket.”

An address for the mother shows that the children, if coming from their home which could not be confirmed at this time, would have crossed a smaller street as well as busy West Harris in order to get to the store. The sun set almost an hour earlier so the children likely traveled in near darkness to the large store.

Powell said, “Child Welfare Services responded and handled the placement of the juveniles.  Nearly an hour and half later, the mother [Taylor Massey Sweet] arrived looking for the children.  She was arrested for child endangerment.”



  • My God in Heaven, what is this world coming to.

    • coming to? i think we’ve already made it there.

    • I will never understand the need to make comments like this. Why so rude?

      • And Kym seems to let some insults stay. Most inconsistent.

        • To Sparklemahn—If Kym deleted all rude comments she would be deleting 80 % of what people write including yours.

        • pay more attention, sparkl…
          there are specific reason kym has stated ad nauseum as to why certain comments are edited or deleted.

          i’m working on a “delete poster” feature for this site. but only i get to use it…

          hey sparkl…duck n cover…

        • Kym sometimes spends time taking her kid to the dentist and to the fair. God knows it goes to hell in the comment section when she does that but sometimes she pretends she’s a mom for a few hours.

      • I agree with you on the rude remarks. We need to be grateful the children are safe and pray for them and mom also. If she is caught up in addiction pray this will be her wake up call to get help.
        Scoff at this but it’s not for us to judge anyone but take a look at our lives and ask God how can we help.

      • Gingerfluff: My thoughts as well, possibly a need to feel “better than”? Sad

    • Well that escalated fast.

    • Stop being so rude. There is no need to add to the issues. If you can’t say something nice or polite to another then zip it.

    • From what I hear it’s all part of Yahweh’s master plan. Yahweh’s morality is such that ends justify means.

      • Hey while we’re at it let’s talk about how the SINGULARITY (magick? Obviously) came to be, and if it hadn’t, none of this would have.
        You Silly Burro…

      • Yahweh is an amateur and a plagiarist. This is ALL MY WORK. (All rights reserved)

        • Why blame god & satan? People need to take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming or crediting the individual! besides god, heaven & hell are figaments of the imagination. I hope those babies get the loving care they need!

          • Absolutely Brilliant ✌😎💜

          • I just want to say I totally agree with you. The people do need to take responseability for there actions, and quit blaming others. If that mother would have been doing what a mom should be doing then those defenseless children would have been in bed or at least home. I do hope and pray that the little ones get as much support and love they truly need.

          • It amazes me that everyone is so quick to judge without knowing all the facts. As far as it being Yahweh or satans fault, your forgetting that we all have free will. The mother and father is responsible for these little ones, and obviously failed, but rather then blame or judge, how about you mind your own business. The police were doing their job and the children are in protective custody. The mother was arrested, now maybe she can get the help she needs. You know the old saying never judge a person till you have walked a mile in their shoes. How many of you volunteer your time to help the less fortunate? To help single parents? Yet you jump on the band wagon to judge, and without all the facts!
            There is a real God and there is a real devil. When we act other than the Bible clearly says we should treat others, we show whose children we are. After all God is love and that is the most powerful action in the universe. If we would simple love one another and be kind to one another, we could cure the need to judge others!,

            • Concerned parent

              I agree with you. We must all be responsible for our own actions and stop blaming God or ‘whoever’ for things that we need to take responsibility for.

              Why do these threads ALWAYS go Soo far off subject?!! Soo annoying!

    • Your comment is ridiculous, human reactions to something like this happening is understandable and the comment wasn’t meant like they didn’t really know how something like this could happen, it was just a reaction, not deserving of your very rude comment. These poor children are so lucky to have ended up in the store where they could be rescued!

    • Soo true~
      But those poor kids…I’m sick of the abuse and neglect of innocent and helpless children…Pepole need to not have kids if they can’t be good parents…#AMEN

    • Ann Knickerbocker

      That was uncalled for.

    • God’s away on business. I’ll be looking after things while he’s gone.

    • America is great again!

    • No need to be snipey. No

    • Why the rude comment?

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      I certainly hope these children make it into the custody of persons equipped to care, and care for them.

      Shame on you mom! Your failure is so complete, I have no words to describe it.

      Thank god there are some responsible folk in Eureka.

  • Based on my knowledge of Winco employees the kids are lucky to have made it out alive. LOL

    • That comment is disgraceful I know a lot of the employees and they are GOOD people with kids of their own. Unlike the mother of these kids.

      • Creepy winco spouses

        The winco employees are good people. It’s their spouses that hang out there that is way too much! There’s a Latino man that is usually in some beer company uniform that I guess is watching his spouse that works there? He’s always in the store and sitting in his car outside. He’s a weirdo and his brothers have been in the news for molesting 14 year old girls, selling herion, and beating and robbing people..

    • Seriously? That’s your comment? Nothing for the strung-out trash that birthed these poor kids?

    • Really dude? Your rection was to rip on winco? Wtf is wrong w you. Those kids are so lucky they rememberedd the way theree and probably felt safe and happy there surrounded by food. My loving light goes out to the kids and to moma. They are obviously a family in crisis.

      • Bless you, Ethne.

      • the town has eyes

        That family has been in a crisis since this kid’s mother was born. Taylor can’t stay out of trouble or off drugs, and her Momma is no help as she’s a train wreck herself. It’s a multi-generational s–t storm. The child need to be with a new family nowhere near Humboldt as the current family just has never pulled it together.

    • WTF is this? The Winco employees are the best and are always very attentive to my child. They are the last bipeds I worry about in that store. Homo Eurekus-ville…

    • You are wrong. They have an excellent Amber Alert system and they are trained. I know they took care of those little ones until the authorities arrived. I hope there is support for the children.

    • World is full of human rejects. You are one of them................

      You sound like someone who was caught shoplifting in WINCO. Or the guy caught opening a bottle of whiskey, taking a couple swallows and putting the cap back on before a customer reported you and you were busted. Or the guy who was busted trying to use a stolen debit card. Maybe you are all three!!

  • So sad..

  • Covelo or busted

    Lord have mercy on these children…..

    • I feel like he did a great job. They made it safe and hopefully the authority’s not screw up his bigger plan. TH God.

  • As a father of a 2 year old baby girl, this made me cry. Humboldt County needs to take some of this money procured from the regulation and taxation of cannabis farms and the seizure of black market properties and put some of that that money where it matters, in the means of schools, social work, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and counseling and mental health counseling. 1% of the money you people take to line your pockets and buy Bear Cats and new flack jackets and more cannabis eradication officers….if you put 1% of those funds back into our community we would see a huge change. But it’s not about helping people be healthy and live longer. It’s a drug war, and war is business.

  • Walking to that store might have saved there lives, if they get proper placement in a good family. Please don’t let them back with there mother until she gets help.

  • Dear Universe, glance over this way & shine on this dark place. It’s grim, it’s devastating, and they need help.

  • How does one go about asking if the placement family needs anything for these children? I am willing and able and would love to help. It takes a village.

    • Be a CASA .

    • Call the local Children’s Services office and ask for their social worker. I’m sure they will tell you they can’t give you any information on the placement of these children, but if you explain to them you want to help, they may allow you to drop off something to the department office.

      I have a few foster parent friends and was brought up in foster care myself, this is a wonderful generous offer. New placements are always hard because they often come with nothing. A good pair of shoes and clean socks and underwear would be a blessing for these children. It’s a wonderful thought and I hope children’s services will accept your offer to help.

      • The local office of TFI (across from downtown post office) takes Donations and gives foster parents everything they need for a new placement. They also work directly with Social Services

  • Little babies…heartbreaking that they have to live such an existence. Children don’t ask to be born to worthless parents…

  • I have a lot of problems luckily being a fucking meth head isn't one of them!!!

    As I sift through remnants and memorabilia of my own children’s toddlerhood and tears flow with remembering how tender and delightful that time was this news sends sickening shockwaves through me to think of the darkness and depravity some are born into !! How? Dear God help us.

  • This is so sickening! Do not give them back!!!!

  • Seriously to the guy ragging on WinCo you are absolutely a heartless lunatic. Those poor little babies…. thank you WinCo employees. I hope these children are not returned to their mother until she goes through a year of rehab at least. Eureka getting way out of control with all this freaking heroin and Fentanyl abuse. They just took a dead lady from behind my house yesterday. Another senseless overdose. I asked you father in Jesus name, please help these lost souls

    • Just a troll who probably does nothing but sit at a computer all day, has no friends or girlfriend so spends time insulting others and being an asshat attention whore…. Pathetic and sad really….. Learn some compassion instead of spreading your ignorant hate!

  • Ugh everyone here has an answer and a judgement don’t you? Do this… don’t do that…

    No one actually asking how they, as an individual, can take some initiative to help these two children break a cycle…

    You all just sit back telling and expecting someone else to handle it.

    Shame on you all.

  • I was think ing it was back behind your house peg .I know wtf is going on .sick ,and tired of all the tweekers zombie theiving bums .now they are abandoning there children oh are to strung out to even know were they are.

    • and there are thousands of them in our area, literally. but hell lets focus on the profitable growers and blame the Squire’s. the Squire’s don’t own any slums in the winco area, those would be good ol boy related joint government housing.

      • the town has eyes

        Yes they do. Right on California street just few blocks up. The “projects” are across the street. Head 5 blocks in any direction from Winco and you can find any number of indoor grows and people just one can of butane away from blowing off the side of their homes.

  • I happened to be in the store when the kids were there. They paged for the parents. At least one employee was with them all of the time. The girl was very verbal and interactive, clearly enjoying the attention. The employees of that store are great.

  • Most people have much more concern for their dogs than this “mother”. Hopefully this will be her rock bottom.

  • >”Based on my knowledge of Winco employees the kids are lucky to have made it out alive. LOL”

    Hmmm… I’ve always had good service from Winco employees.

  • Disgusted, Thank you window employees for calling the authorities, hopefully you saved two young innocent lives, I couldn’t imagine the people you have to deal with on a daily basis, not saying I wouldn’t work there if I had too, to pay the bills, but it wouldn’t be my first or even 10th choice.

    • and where do you shop, expensive safeway?

    • it won’t be long and she’ll have them right back. Humboldt has almost no services for kids like this. But Jerry Brown and Jared Huffman are more interested stealing our land in the name of ‘reclamation’ and all the city and county councils have ‘cannibis tax fever’. So the Local, State and County has clearly shown they could really care less about the people or the uncounted numbers of children just like these throughout our county.

      • Annnnd there we go!- another [edit] turning every article -no matter the subject- into another inane diatribe against those horrible old libs! Never mind the subjects of this article, as long as you can feel better about yourself by hating your fellow citizens-
        Such a sad way you live sir.

        • Thinking allowed

          Pretty petty criticism. In truth liberal or conservative, politicians tend to have their own agenda, which mostly these days is attacking each other. Apparently as does the public.

          The only simple fact in trying to address severely dysfunctional families is that it is not simple. Take children away from the family and try to place them elsewhere when a good elsewhere is hard to find? A good foster parent is a treasure. It’s hard to constantly have your emotions stressed by being given children who have problems and having them returned to the homes that were bad to them. Or being unable to permanently keep them yet knowing that shifting them around like chess pieces is damaging.

          One big trouble with liberal values is that it is impossible to avoid actually expecting some people to behave responsibly, no matter how it distresses liberals to blame someone other than themselves. Demanding the ‘authorities’ do everything they can to help the mother, if she was the source of the neglect, runs counter to doing everything they can for the child. Even if they had unlimited money, personnel and support, the concerned individuals with mental of drug issues easily sabotage any possibility of success.

          • Having done fostering in the past i can say it was rewarding . It was hard when the children were returned , but i knew that no matter how long ofr what those children, knee love and acceptance for a while and felt that it would be a memory that would go with them the rest of their lives. What bothers me is no one here has asked about the father , maybe he should be found and children placed with him ? I dont know these people so it is hard to say.

  • It is what it is. No need to have rude comments. Thank God they are safe, in a placement, taken from their mother..The system will do the rest. NO NEED FOR JUDGEMENTS…

    • her FB is wide open and she is a career hard drug user and operates a tweaker pad. a horrible fucking place to raise kids to say the least. the system will open a reunite with mom file which is in effect for a year. if she make any effort she will get the kids back. I bet she make the effort for money associated with the kids and the cycle continues.

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    Wberes the mugshot if this scumbag mother?
    Everyone in the community should know her face!!

    • I know, huh? It’s only the MOTHER and *never, ever* the dad.

    • Look her up on Facebook. She was pretty once upon a time. Addiction is a bitch. This may be the wakeup call she needed.
      Just glad the children are safe.

    • Why? Why should everyone know her face you don’t think she’s already embarrassed enough but let’s add even more to it with everyone making these harsh rude comments when no one on this page knows the real story

  • Prayers for the Children and for the Mother to get her act together!!

  • From across the sad. I hope the parents are really checked out. Just to make sure.i hope for the children this all turns out well.God Bless

  • Cps has taken then twice before. Her minor sister is hooked on heroine too.

  • charles engebretson

    Some people beg plead and pray to see their child one more time..its not freakin fair..

  • With all the rude comments aside, this makes my heart sick. Those precious babies are going through lots more than what we see in this incident. They probably go without a mother’s touch and nurturing, go without baths, proper clothes obviously, enough food, proper health & dental care and prey to anyone that comes near to them. I hope they are never returned to the mom unless she turns her life around. Maybe this will be a wake up call. To those who feel they have to bash each other or this mom, you are part of the problem. If you all “took the time” it takes to sit in judgement of everyone (like you have a perfect life & do no wrong), “to pray” for young mothers like these, find out their circumstances (get involved) or reach out to them in some way they just may respond back but no, people turn a deaf ear and blind eyes when you see it happening next door to you and then when something like this happens you are shocked. Look around it is happening all around us and they need prayer and a helping hand in some cases. Don’t be so quick to judge. Who knows what this young momma has been through in her life and maybe you can make a difference.

    • praying? and you wonder why there is such a massive drug problem. redwood teen challenge is doing so well that they don’t disclose their assets and somehow get away with it. I have lived in a pad where all the windows were covered with thick cloth just like hers. religion is not the path out. changing your environment and your ways is. and who cares what she has been through, just another excuse to use to justify what is wrong.

    • Yes, thank you HumanityFirst, for your insightful comment.

      None of you know this mom’s challenges in life, the support systems in place. No man is an island.

      I hope things turn around for all of them.

      • the town has eyes

        Oh I wouldn’t say no one knows the real story. Lots of people around town do. SOme of them have had to deal with the whole family and some of their antics. Let’s go back to HS days of the child’s grandparents and we can start from there. There is no support system. It never existed. However she was bailed out of jail last night, so if you call that support, ok….let’s hope it took her to rehab and not home to light up another bowl or down another pint of alcohol.

    • Pray all you want. I don’t believe it’s going to help this situation. Why is it always “You don’t know what this young momma has been through in her life”? Shouldn’t hardships and shitty situations make you stronger and not want to make the same mistakes or decisions? I know I comment sometimes that makes it seem I have no compassion. I do have compassion and my heart hurts reading about this crap. I guess as someone who has been around junkies and junky lifestyle and I never fell into the trap, I feel there is no excuses. Make a bad situation better. No excuse for this. Those kids might be better off with a relative for a few years, if not forever. Sometimes there is no hardship or life trauma that makes people make bad life decisions. Sometimes they value a party over kids
      I have an aunt like that. Received love from her parents, never raped or abused, lived in a drug free house, never any alcohol around and ate homemade, homegrown food. She would rather get high then take care of her child. My mom has her child. People like my aunt and possibly even this lady should not be allowed to have children.

    • Yes, yes, yes!! So nice to hear another from another intelligent mind! I have come to the exact same conclusion that you just shared. I think back over the last 28 years of living here and feel like I can see a very clear path of destruction that worked it’s magic on the communities here, along with every single one of us who enabled it to happen without even knowing we were enabling. I see several other contributing factors to this and it took many many years to get to where we are now. So it only makes sense that it could take just as many years to correct and maybe more. I truly believe it will take some type of action such as you had mentioned, on all our parts to make the community a safe and prideful place to live again. Only problem is everyone just complains and blames and it just continues to snowball.

    • She is not on drugs!

  • She’s out on bail as of now (12:55 pm on Wednesday)


    Ugh! I hope they find a loving home. Please universe!

  • First off, there was a babysitter that fell asleep. Second, there was no needle because when asked for evidence no one could recall seeing it. Third, the baby in the picture was born with a medical condition and it has nothing do with this so shame on you. The mother is not trash. She loves her children deeply. This was a horrible accident.

  • Thank the “pro-life” folks, theyre all about guilting women into having children they dont want and then shame the moms for being poor and a bad parent.
    Churches who run these groups should have their tax exempt status revoked, they are costing us so much money not to mention the cost to society of unwanted emotionally scarred people.

    Hey police heres an example of something we’d like you to focus on in the community instead of grow houses!#!!!!

  • My grandchild in this picture was born with a disease. Please take this down. It has nothing to do with what happened.

  • >”She’s out on bail as of now (12:55 pm on Wednesday)”

    (Sighs…) Looks like she took her FB page off the air!


    Yesterday at the park trail,I thought I heard the worst parents ever.Giving their toddlers the worst anti-gay speech I have heard. I mean,these were tiny kids. 3 men,all digi-camo. A couple women. And 3 tiny kids between knee and waist heights. All spewing the very worst namecalling,just walking along the trail. Yup,the kids too! I’m sure these kids have no idea what the words mean. Fkn crazy bad parents around here of all kids.

  • I hope she fires her babysitter.

  • Alright I’ve had it with people…saying that people are being “rude”… Well fuck excuse them…fucking low life piece of an excuse for a human lost her fucking kids for who knows how long….3 year old naked with a fuckin needle in the towel!!!!!????are you fucking kidding me…!!how can anyone defend this [edit] woman on any level!!it makes me sick!child abuse,neglect and endangerment!!![edit].I’m sure..needle in the fucking towel…fuckin trash..I grew up poor, I am poor,but gee wiz my kids seem to be clean fed,watched over like a hawk and most of all safe and loved!!!idk what drug makes you lose your children,naked with a drug needle stuck to them but I can’t take this shit..[edit]…fuck em…I hope the kids find a loving home they deserve..children aren’t a burden they’re a blessing..I could go on for days this makes me angry!!I didn’t read all the comments but god dam,these kids are the subject to be talking about…horrible!!

    • Yes the kids are the subject. And that is precisely why the rudeness is so objectionable. Get it together. It’s about the kids. Not you and their mother is merely a side character. Another side character is the sad and deplorable county system they get to be part of. A system that all the money has been gutted out of so we could pay the administration a Kings ransom and house them in a minor Taj Mahal.

    • Maybe i missed something , but the needle was stuck to the towel, that whole area around winco is pretty nasty, whos to say the needle came from the house and didnt get caught in the towel on their adventure to the store ? I am not looking to excuese this mother, but i am only wanting facts.

      • Thank you. I agree. When we asked to see the needle, the needle somehow didn’t exist.

        • Who are “we”? Are you an officer of the law? Child protective services? Mandated reporter? I highly doubt it. Just being nosey and butting in when it’s not your business. Like most large businesses, sadly, they have a “sharps” container because people leave needles everywhere. It’s horrible to see children get caught up in the wrath of their parents drug use. I hope there is at least one stable person in these children’s lives to actually care for them properly.


  • This is my first time on this site so I’m unclear about the anger between everyone. All I know is there two children that need help. No child asks to be born into this messed up world, but once they’re here it’s up to us to keep them safe. I don’t like to judge people I’ve never met, but I’m a firm believer that some people just shouldn’t be parents. They’ve chosen drugs and are apparently too involved with themselves to care about another human. I hope these babies get the help and love they deserve, and I wish the parents well if they’d like to recover… if not they can go down in flames but please Lord don’t let them take those babies with them.

  • This is a heartbreaking article. Let’s all drop $10 cash or check to CASA tomorrow. They’re the folks who help kids whose parents are going through the court system because of their extremely poor parenting.

  • Yes, this is a sad situation. But it had a happy ending. What if someone had been driving home on West Harris as dark was settling in, and hit and killed these children crossing the street?

    Our actions cross many lives, and this strung out young woman has in addition to her children affected numerous people, if reading these comments are any indication.

    I turned to prayer when I was at bottom. All my prayers have been answered, though not as I had thought they would have. For those of you who don’t agree, give it a try sometime, when no one is looking if you have to.

    FYI; you can pray to God, Jesus, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Jehovah, yourself, positive energy, Big Mo (PBUH), and a host of others, and get good results. It can be in a church, at home, at the beach, forest, in a meadow, or just strolling down the street.

    Nothing wrong with other options either.

    You could start with praying and/or believing it possible this woman, and the numerous others out there like her, will get some help, and help herself and her children. Remember, it might be someone you know, love, or care for next.

    For the rudeness orientated;

    If you have to pick on someone, pick on me. Because like my favorite response to my comment on one of last winter’s wrecks, I don’t give a rats ass.

  • Taylor was still a kid herself when she had her kids, and she was already “in crisis.” Her children are from two different fathers, so they are half-siblings. The baby above was her first born, the girl. She was a “preemie” which is not so uncommon based on the physical conditions of the mother at and prior to childbirth. It truly angers me when children are born into this world with disadvantages which could have been avoided altogether, and this society allows the kids to go home with these parents in crisis. Where are all of the child advocates when they are needed the most? Why are these children allowed to leave hospital after they are stabilized post-birth and go home to parent(s) that caused their physical problems in the first place? Pathetic, no-win situation to be sure.

  • Anyone else forget what the story was about after the first few comments..I hope children are better taken care of..

    • I think it said something about free needles and blankets at winco, o and free kids too. Or maybe it was buy a needle at winco and get free kids and blanket. No no wait it was nod out on dope by winco and your kids get free dirty needles and a crusty blanket, and taken away, and you get arrested, and horrible parent of the year award, ya I think that was it.

  • Mom this and Mom that. Where the hell is the father!? Why aren’t they ever mentioned?

  • I myself and my brother were taken from my mom. I was about 5 and my brother was maybe 7. We were put into 3 foster homes. DO not remember how long we stayed in the first two homes. The third one we were adopted. The woman was very abusive to me. My brother and I pretty much took care of each other. Not all foster homes are investagated for the good of the children.This was not from around here. But somehow we survived.

  • This breaks my heart. I was close with the children’s late maternal grandfather.

    I haven’t seen Taylor since his funeral. Her father adored her. He’d been in law enforcement in Humboldt for years. This never would have happened if he were still here.

    I want, desperately, to help these kids. The law enforcement community there needs to do what we all promised her dad and look out for her. We’ve let him down.

    • Her father died of an overdose on oxy’s. He was not a police officer. I was married to him for years. He beat me while I was pregnant with Taylor.

      • I never said he was a cop. His being a correctional officer and later a probation officer did, in fact, make him law enforcement.

        You say he abused you. While surprised, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s horrible.

        As for his death, we both know that he suffered, greatly, at the end.

        On the topic of Taylor and the kids. I’m in Oregon, but sincere in saying that I’d take them in and care for them until Taylor is able to get everything cleared up and is reunited. I’ve been approved for emergency placement in the past.

        Arguing about Shawn isn’t going to help anyone.

  • An hour later she went looking! I hope kids find a loving permanent home where they are loved and cared for and get thier needs met in every way. Poor babies 🙁

  • Heart breaking. So many families in crisis. The needle probably got stuck to the blanket on the short walk over. Eureka is the devils mudpit. My husband and I moved out as soon as we conceived our first child.

  • Here’s the thing. Not all families are the Rockafellers, some folks work at McDonald’s their entire careers. No one is perfect.
    Kids can wander, they are smart, can open doors and are mobile. Often wandering kids get hurt or even have died. Thank goodness thiat was not the case here.
    There Is a genuine SYNDROME Called “inherited Family trauma” Generational effects linger and tend to repeat.
    Poor parenting is definitely part of it. Many years down the road the kids will remember but not remember and terrible behavior will erupt which cannot be helped.
    Children tend to blame themselves for fractured families…if only we didn’t…Mom would still be here. You miss your parents no matter how bad they are YOUR parents. Yes parents need to be better. But instead of 68k a year per kid in foster care. Lets help a family clothe, pay a late pg&e bill, feed them. what does problems in the house install a computer that’s bolted down like on a ATM heavy device where they have to check-in in the kids have to check and there’s a finance that need to be done. I’ve often thought that at the welfare office there should also be a dental clinic a doctor’s office a small grocery store and a small thrift shop that should also be staffed by the recipients of the benefits. the system definitely needs help along with for low income people and families of inherited trauma. Pearlin did you ever reconnect or attempt to with your biological folks???

    • This family has been reported to Child Welfare Services at least several times for mommy on heroin. Why have these children been left in this home? Why have other kids been taken out of homes where the parents are willing to get clean or do good?? What is CWS’s bottom line??? Why can’t the social workers see that this mommy needed help? These children deserve a better, more transparent system so we can all see what is really going on! We as a community need to know the rules of reporting and why so many of the reports like this one go to the wayside..these children should not have been found like this but in their home, it has been worse.

  • Maybe the kids were out there sellin weed for their parents. Most parents don’t mind bringing their kids on a drug run.

    Ooops. I wrote another completely useless post.

  • first god can only judge all the comments are just complaints second whats any of your points for our lord he doesnt look at comments on something he sees and knows. he watches your life and the
    things you do and have done when you pass your judged by our creator not a comment come on if you are with the lord you would know this people the one that say quit blaming are right its not your job

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