Humboldt County’s ‘Breastfeeding Task Force’ Will Have a Booth at The Humboldt County Fair

This is a press release from the Department of Health and Human Services:

Dept of Health and Human Services HumboldtThe Breastfeeding Task Force (BFTF) of Humboldt County will be providing a Breastfeeding Rest Stop booth at the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale Wednesday, Aug. 23 through Monday, Sept. 4.

The rest stop, located inside Hindley Hall near the women’s restroom, will be open to all families and will provide a quiet place where mothers can relax while breastfeeding their babies.

The Breastfeeding Task Force works to increase awareness about a mother’s right to breastfeed in public, as well as to increase community awareness about the recommended duration of breastfeeding. Members of the BFTF include lactation consultants, health care providers, doulas, peer counselors and mothers.

According to Civil Code § 43.3 (1997) a mother has the right to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private.

The booth will have information available about breastfeeding support in the community. According to Healthy People 2020, Humboldt County’s exclusive breastfeeding rate is 92.6 percent upon leaving the hospital after birth, and the rate decreases rapidly during the first three months.

The BFTF encourages parents to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of exclusively breastfeeding infants for about six months, and then up to one year or as long as is mutually desired and safe for mother and baby.

For more information about the Breastfeeding Task Force, meeting times and locations and how to get involved, call 707-441-5573.

Feature photo from Wikimedia Commons by the United States Department of Agriculture



  • Haha Task Force?? That sounds a bit serious all over a nipple.

  • Wonder if this is a militant style breastfeeding task force where they pull them out in front of you and stare you down.

    • It’s pretty easy to keep on walking and not stare. Feeding needs to happen.

      • That is differant. It is when you are eating and someone sits down right in front of you pops it out with oiut a blanket and stares at you….
        Thats rude. Trust me i am all for babies eating, and breasting feeding in public , but there is a classy and a trashy to do it.

        • Thinking allowed

          Daring someone to object may have been because people have rudely objected so it becomes expected. And the mother has become defensive.

          Unless the mother is twirling her breasts around while tossing the baby in the air, how can there be a right or wrong way to feed a baby? Maybe the rest of us need to get used to it and stop applying judgement.

          • They just explained a wrong way in the comment you responded to.

            • Except the situation described in that comment is so incredibly rare that I’ve never seen it though I’ve lived my whole life among humans who must feed their babies. Possibly it has happened but speaking as the mother of three children who were breastfed, rude reactions to feeding a child happen frequently whereas I’ve only heard of this supposedly eager-to-confront-people mother in anti-breastfeeding comments on the internet.

              Honestly, though, most folks are understanding of needing to feed a hungry child if only because the sound of a baby wailing is enough for most of us eager to have it stop.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Once again, the women of Humboldt lead the way. Ladies, thank you for building the future, imparting order to the chaos, and schooling the men!

    Women will save Humboldt from itself! Thanks ladies, may your children grow healthy and happy!

  • I’m not bashing the breast feeders but it is a bit of a private thing, at least carry a blanket or something,be respectful of those around you.If it was dealt with like changing a diaper no one would get uncomfortable,believe it or not,not everyone wants to see your boob.
    Here’s an example, I have to urinate everyday more then once, it’s natural and has to happen, but I don’t just walk over to a tree or do it out in public.I find a nice spot close by that is cofortable for everyone without exposing myself.
    Now, is that so much to ask ?

    • Equating urinating and feeding a baby makes me a bit squeamish. When a baby wants to eat, a mom should be able to feed him or her. Sometimes that happens in public. Sometimes it is too dang hot to put a blanket over the poor kid. When a baby is nursing, their head is covering the breast more completely than a good number of bikini tops so why the outrage with feeding which is necessary and not with the other?

      • “Equating urinating and feeding a baby makes me a bit squeamish.”

        Ok but is that purely an emotional reaction or is there any reasoning behind it?

        “When a baby wants to eat, a mom should be able to feed him or her.”

        Agreed. And when a person needs to pee, they should be able to.

        “Sometimes that happens in public.”


        “Sometimes it is too dang hot to put a blanket over the poor kid.”

        Sometimes it’s too dang far to a bathroom or too messy in them.

        “When a baby is nursing, their head is covering the breast more completely than a good number of bikini tops so why the outrage with feeding which is necessary and not with the other?”

        What outrage? The commenter expressed no outrage.

        Im for breastfeeding in public but you are not making a good argument for it. We can construct much better arguments. We can even argue false equivalency if we want to. For example, urinating produces waste that should be properly disposed of, breastfeeding does not.

    • It’s people like you that get nursing mothers tossed off airplanes. YOU control your eyes. Use them.

  • Public health organizations in the rest of the first world suggest up to 2 years of breastfeeding. Helps mothers who overeat during pregnancy to lose the “baby weight” as well.

  • Thinking allowed

    Trouble is that showing breasts has become a way to act out, done by drunks and jerks, in order to make people uncomfortable in some sort of protest against society’s rules.

    But that is not the same as breast feeding a child. And to react as if it is some sort of an insult that it is done in the public’s view is to simply to lay your own embarassed assumption on the mother. She has a reason to do what she’s doing and the public doesn’t have anything but habit as a reason to object.

  • I nursed three babies for two years each and am nursing my 1-year-old as I type. Over my 7 years of nursing in public I have been applauded and I have been ostracized. Nursing is an intimate relationship and a symbol of self-sacrifice. When was the last time you laid down your life and offered your body to nourish one who is weak and vulnerable? Power to the ta-tas!!

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