County of Humboldt Announces New Director of Human Resources

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County Department of Public Works BlurThe County of Humboldt is pleased to announce Lisa DeMatteo as its new director of Human Resources. DeMatteo was appointed to the position by the Board of Supervisors in July and began work last week.

DeMatteo has extensive experience providing senior-level human resources administration to organizations in diverse industries including not-for-profit healthcare, public education, manufacturing and service organizations.  She holds Bachelor degrees in Human Resource and Consumer Affairs, a Master’s in Business Administration, and senior certification in Human Resources Management.  As a human resources generalist, brings expertise in labor and employee relations, leader and employee development, compensation and benefit program design and administration, recruitment, retention and employee engagement.

As Director of Human Resources, DeMatteo will lead the team responsible for advocating for employees, leaders, the county and community in planning and administering all functions related to human resources and risk management.

“My husband and I fell in love with Humboldt County long before deciding to move to the area,” said DeMatteo. “The director position provides me the opportunity to use my background and experience to be of service to the county.  I am committed to making the county an employer of choice in the region.”

“Our Board is happy to welcome Lisa to Humboldt County,” said Virginia Bass, 4th District Supervisor and Chair of the Board. “There are many changes headed our way from the local, state and federal levels, and Lisa’s range of experiences and deep knowledge of human resources will help us navigate them all. While we look forward to Lisa’s leadership, we also wish to thank outgoing director Dan Fulks for his years of service.”



  • Wow. HR. Thanks! (Yawn)

  • One wonders how long SHE will last???!!!

  • Hiring in this particular case, for now at least!!!

  • No one cares.

  • ” not-for-profit healthcare”
    Govt doesn’t do anything they can’t profit off of.

  • It would be nice if the BOS made public her work experience in a more meaningful manner, although they invariably call these kind of actions “personnel” matters and keep them entirely hidden. It would make sense to publicize the places applicants have worked and what they have done, witness the public defender debacle. In some cases applicants might want to keep their identities from being publicized to protect their current employment, but presumably (??) the BOS does at least check their references. One almost gets the feeling they don’t want public input, but of course that’s too cynical, they’re looking out for all of our interests, no?

  • Did I stumble onto the set of grumpy old men? If the men commenting on this thread are any indication it’s a wonder there are any women in the County of Humboldt.

  • Ahh HR and risk management. The type of people that take the fun out of the workplace and make any job take 10 times longer than it should

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