Three Arrested for Alleged Drug Offenses

Amber Younger and Nickolas DeremerThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On August 21, 2017 at about 9:45 A.M. Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence in the 1300 block of Allard Street in the city of Eureka. The target of the investigation, 37 year old Nickolas Deremer was detained after appearing in court earlier that morning.

During the service of the search warrant Agents located Nickolas’ live in girlfriend, 28 year old Amber Younger in a bedroom they share. A search of that room revealed approximately ½ ounce of suspected heroin, digital scale, packaging material, pay and owe sheets and other items indicative of sales.

Nickolas was placed under arrest for possession of a narcotic for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing narcotics. He was found to be in possession of approximately $5,000.00 which Agents believed to be proceeds from the illegal sales of narcotics. The money was seized pursuant to asset forfeiture laws.

Amber was placed under arrest for possession of a narcotic for sale, maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing narcotics, and probation violation.

While Agents were on scene 39 year old Kevin Wangler arrived at the residence. Agents learned he had two felony warrants for his arrest and was taken into custody. All three subjects were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked and housed.

Kevin Wangler

Kevin Wangler

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.scale needles



  • Not good advertising for Eureka,the tat.

  • Livin that Eureka life

  • Big 'ol jar of pickles

    Wait we gave them clean needles doesn’t that fix everything? We need to be sure they know that clean needles means no more drugs!!!!

  • “Thug Lite” here or perhaps even Thug Life???!!!

  • It’s amazing how many people arrested are felons with felony warrants and walking around the streets committing the same crimes. LE needs to take a few days, like they are with grow busts, and sweep the streets and neighborhoods to arrest these criminals. AND…..Keep them in Jail ! It won’t stop until some fear and severe consequences are put out there. Also, set up a friggin’ bait car, or Toyota truck, and cut down on vehicle thefts.

  • charles engebretson

    No wonder people all fighting up here.. When that heroin runs out junkies go nuts ..That crap is soooo gross..I live on Allard

  • Are these two related? They have the same (angry) eyes…

  • Nick needs all that heroin for the pain from that bullet hole he deserved so badly

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    “arrived at the home” Um, gee, if the place is swarming with law enforcement, maybe staying away would be an option…

  • Not even out of their 30s and already going Bald….. must be the “cut”

  • “Dope on the Table!”
    Always a win for all!
    Drug War should be won any minute now…

    Any Wire fans here?
    If you’ve not had the pleasure, please watch this most important (and nuanced) TV series…ever.

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