Neighbors Warned to Shelter in Place by Reverse 911 After Man Threatens to Commit Suicide With a Firearm

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeA man in Coast Guard housing on Vernon Street West of Myrtle Avenue near Eureka threatened to commit suicide with a firearm this afternoon.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified at 12:29 p.m. and responded to the scene. A reverse 911 call went out to the surrounding neighbors at 12:46 p.m. asking them to shelter in place. By 1:04 p.m. the reverse 911 call was canceled and the suicidal man was speaking with law enforcement.

“The situation is now under control,” reported Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Below are links that could save a life if you or someone you know needs help:



  • Hope all is well, sad all around.

  • Semper Paratus.

  • Is it really necessary to report suicides, attempted suicides or threats of suicide? These are a medical and personal crisis for the individual and not a criminal issue for the public. Most news agencies stop reporting a situation once it is learned that it involves a suicide or attempted suicide. I hope that the individual receives the help he needs and deserves and that his identity is not publicly found out through the sharing of his personal information.

    • Yes, I believe it is important to report about suicides. I started covering a few last year about this time because though Humboldt County has the highest rate of suicide in California for the sixth year in a row, many people seem surprised when I tell them that because they rarely hear about them in the news. I don’t report the name of the individual or the person’s address nor identifying information as a rule. But, I do occasionally report on ones that impact the public. In this case, I would have reported it even before my decision last year because a neighborhood was put on lockdown. That in itself is a compelling situation that the public needs to know.

      • the problem is say you are suicidal, which will probably pass as all things do, and you call the hotline..

        does this person now put themselves in a precarious 5150 situation where they can be held indefinitely, until the wizards at county mental health or the county jail feel you’re ready for release…

        and how long does that label stick? making it legal for cops to pick you up at any future time for any future perceived infraction?

    • I disagree. The hush-hush attitude surrounding the topic of suicide and attempted suicide needs to stop. It’s part of the culture of shame surrounding mental health issues. Suicide and depression need to be openly discussed along with interventions, treatment options, and availability. This person was not named, which is good, but reporting his cry for help and the actions taken to get him to treatment open avenues for others to talk about their possible issues or to seek help if they need it.

      Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. I wish this individual well and hope his recovery lasts.

    • My kid called me in a panic after receiving the reverse 911 call, so yeah it’s kind of important to know what’s going on.

      Also, Vernon is not coast guard housing. It’s close though.

  • Maybe they do and once they fully understand what their place is in this world they say f it and want to hit reset

  • SSRIs have a black box warning about suicidal thinking caused by *THE DRUGS* that are suppose to ‘prevent’ suicide. Hmmm.

    • it boggles my mind how hard dr’s push these.. ssri’s and snri’s… just read about the connection to school mass shootings..
      as you did not learn with appetite suppressants, beta-blockers, ‘ludes, (not gonna try and spell that one) benzos, opiates, etc.. there’s no miracle pill

      there are however some miracle plants…

      of which county mental health probably hasn’t a clue…
      THAT is criminal.

  • Vernon Street Neighborhood Watch

    Kym – wanted to thank you so much for posting this. For those of us who live near yesterday’s event and do not have a landline, many of us were left in the dust as to the situation. For hours! HCSO made no attempt to try another way to reach us nor did anyone from their staff speak personally to us during the event, where there were at least 7 AK assault rifles pointed near our houses. So thanks again for your posting. Now we know.

  • Wishing him the best. Suicide can be an attractive option to someone who feels that they have nowhere to turn and are of value to no one. Suicidal thinking is complex. I wish him stability and healing.

  • Heal the heart that hurts~

    I have been on the scene of suicide and attempts to take their own lives. I have lost my own family members to suicide. People need us to always be available to talk and show support to them. I help people get counseling when I can. We want people to feel safe. My experience has been if they talk about it they usually try it. We live in such an isolated area. Take a suicide prevention class if you can they are very helpful. Be community to one another. We all need each other!
    Suicide is about not being able to handle the pain they are going threw……

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