[UPDATE 8:40 a.m.] ‘Morning Meeting’ of Law Enforcement at the Dyerville Overlook off Hwy 101

Readers have been letting us know that there is a gathering of law enforcement at the Dyerville Overlook off Hwy 101 near Founders Grove north of Weott.

“There was probably 50 to 100 sheriff cars, sheriff trucks, unmarked vehicles…,” reported one reader. He said when he drove by there were officers “putting on bullet proof vests” and having “a morning meeting.”

However, another witness said she saw “there was about six or seven Sheriff’s with a chipper.”

We’ll be updating with a more accurate count when we can get information.

UPDATE 8:40 a.m.: We spoke to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and, while of course, he couldn’t tell us where the crew were heading, he did say that there must be around 15 vehicles. “There are at least five of us, then County Code Enforcement, Fish and Game, and other agencies,” he said.



  • Victor G. Flashman

    Mmmmmmm, I love the smell of weed being chipped in the morning!! Smells like, enforcement!

    That’s your livelihood, going through that equipment! Next time, pay your tax, your taxes, your lawyer, your employees, your potting soil delivery guy. Get those permits! Quit being a pirate, driving like an asshole, screwing over your neighbors. Share the wealth, donate to charity, generate some karma!

    Better luck next year!

    Not everyone was meant to be a pot farmer…

  • Anyone have any more detailed info on this yet? 50-100 is just obsurd couldn’t be that many

    • Bring out the NATIONAL GUARD, THE ARMY, AND THE MARINES. [edit]

      • I recommend that if it were applied to the real problem in Humboldt. it may not make money but the longer we wait the more it will cost. cutting down these plants on already thoroughly destroyed forest land seems dumb when we have a pending disaster.

  • RUN CHUMP! Or hide under the bridge.

  • I can wait to hear what happens…
    No need for the outlaws to get updates.

  • hope it’s the Bulgarians

    • I heard it was the Belgians. They miss the Congo. In fact, if it’s 100 cars and trucks, that’s probably the entire Belgian Army. Does the sheriff’s department even have that many vehicles? That work?

  • Black Rifles Matter

    Bye bye. You were one of the sheep led to the slaughterhouse. Mmmmm gyros sound good now.

  • If your illegal, you belong in fucking jail, doesn’t matter if your growing dope or are here illegally. Both need to be in jail, or prison preferably…green rushers go home preferably broke with tail firmly between legs.

  • Sympathies. I know a lot of small farms stuck in this position right now, and the state hasn’t even lined up for their piece yet. The death of 1000 cuts, that’s how they “regulated” the dispensaries in the Southland’s as well.

  • Sucks, doesn’t it? You have to pay your taxes just like the rest of us. Oh, your medical bills were higher than your income? Too bad, taxes still accrue. That’s life. You have a loss? That’s what a tax return is for….you write it off. Growers have been making bank without paying into the system for too long. This is the outcome, so suck it it up and quit whining!

  • Umm yeah I wish you luck in suing the county. It’s been a corrupt scam from the start. You drank the kool-aid being pushed by CCV-H as their leaders set up permits for huge grows with their supervisor friends and told everybody else “We are Same Team!” It was a classic set-up that many did not recognize. I have many good but naive friends in your position. Don’t worry- the next step is that major enforcement will be leveled against unpermitted grows- they will use everybody in positions like yours as their justification. But you will still be squeezed into non-existence. There is no place for small grows in the hearts of our corrupt supervisors. any of us wanted a strong community of many smaller family-run producers but we were run over by greedy outfits (CCV-H, Emerald Scamily, Honeydew Farms, Wonderland). This is all a scheme to milk everything they can out of the many growers that were lured into Humboldt. Meanwhile the Bulgarians and other criminal organizations blowing up mega- megas will go untouched. There’s something going down here- what it is ain’t exactly clear. We sure could use some investigative journalist to expose this multi-level scam as it victimizes hundreds of families. Best of luck!

    • ☝️What he said

    • Are you suggesting that “the Bulgarians” are paying County supervisors to look the other way, as part of a conspiracy to drive the mom and pop growers out of business?

      • Bulgarians??? No it’s capitalism. It doesn’t matter where someone might come from. This is the American way. God Ble$$ Ameri¢a.

        • So you’re suggesting that the supervisors are telling the Sheriff whom to target for raids, and that people who send them enough money are protected?
          You must have some proof to share.

          The press coverage I’ve seen seems to show that the primary targets are the huge, unpermitted, environmentally destructive mega-grows, with a few unfortunate exceptions.

          • 30 years ago, I trimmed for a guy who grew next to property owned by a county judge. The judge allowed growing on his property and got kick-back money for it. He told CAMP the area around his property was a ‘No Fly’ zone, so this guy never had a worry about getting busted. Corruption has been here a long time.

            • How do you know that that the guy you trimmed for was not just telling you a story to feed your imagination with government corruption conspiracies? Do you have any evidence?

              Do you really think a judge is going to risk destroying his career and making a mockery of his life’s work in order to get some kick back money from an illegal grow operation on land that can be traced back to him?

              • True story. I know who she’s talking about. He’s dead now, but it wasn’t unusual for ranchers to let hippies grow on their property for a cut, especially in southeastern Humboldt.

            • Sure. Out in Kettenpom? I knew that judge.

          • YES. What planet have you been living on?? Start with American Gangster.. it’s also entertaining.. then move on to Serpico.. then do some of your own research and rejoin the conversation.

          • Your idea of things actually being lagitamate unbiased enforcemnt is funny. That doesn’t happen anywhere and here in Humboldt it is even dirtier…. but with that said this is a complaint driven system…. so lots of complaints come in and then enforcemnt fallows from some of those complaints….

      • I’m pointing out that the Bulgarians and some other organized crime organizations are blowing it up and not getting busted. I am suggesting strongly that there was collusion between certain lobbying groups of growers with some supervisors and other officials to allow them huge grow permits. The result- while perhaps not a conspiracy- is the destruction of mom n pop outfits. The idea floated that somehow smaller mom n pops could survive in co-operative structures was always a joke intended to sedate the general grow public and extract as many taxes and fees from them before they realized the inevitable- They would not make it…So yeah- a scam. A dishonest, unethical and malicious scam. And many people within the county government know this. I have had this conversation with more than a few. People should be outraged.

  • Ha. I love it. 15 vehicles. The first person who saw the 50 to 100 must of been Trump.

  • I wonder if they are headed to the farm featured in another story, it diffently needs busting who in there right mind would show the whole county there huge grow op that has been operating for years ,and got the gawl to say look how many millions I’ve made ,and are bigger than ever .I wonder what the IRS has to say I bet they have
    been paying taxes the whole time .ya right .

  • Get a life, set around and correct others grammar, nothing better to do. Unreal, we’ve seen you make mistakes as well!

  • I was told by a long time resident, that the last time investigative journalists tried to find out into whose pockets was going all of the extra gasoline taxes that are ONLY charged in HUMBOLDT county, the 2 journalists wound up dying.
    If it is true that their investigation touched a raw nerve while they were following the money, and got them killed over THAT issue, then I really doubt that any modern journalist will be inspired to start investigating cartel money buying county supervisors. Corruption is as old as time, and unless you are passionate enough about it that you are willing to die fighting it, it will continue to be a mainstay in every form of government in existence.

    • I’ve never heard of two journalists dying in this area. Do you have any stories or information on this?

    • I’d like to see more on this if you’ve links handy….

    • Ya I’ve never heard of the journalist. But people’s lives are threatened and people back off generally. Maybe I’m wrong but if cartels are buying people it is more recent. The dirtiness in Humboldt Was here long ago. I think it’s more of a good old boy kinda situation…. I’ve yet to hear of deaths but I know payoffs happen on the daily and people are threatened. But that happens everywhere it happens more here. Our economy has promoted it for some time, we are in a difficult transition to a legal economy. It would make sense that the curuption here will continue into the legal economy. Don’t be surprised people. Work with the curupting, sometimes you have to….

  • kym any updates on who law enfarcement is busting today?

  • LE keep it up!! Bust them all, take them down hard, no mercy. Crush the Green Rush!! Get rid of these young punks who have no respect for anything in this community or the environment.

  • I question the “extra gasoline taxes that are ONLY charged in HUMBOLDT county”…

    I strongly question the truthfulness of this statement.

    PROOF please…I thought ALL gas taxes were uniform throughout ALL 58 counties

  • C.H.U.M.P. hasn’t checked in. He must be busy handing beers to the guys manning the chipper.

  • Convey at Dyerville 08/22017

  • how sticky does this chipper get??

    • They probably have to use a new one everytime. Perhaps multiple chippers used up every raid. Tax dollars hard at work. Kym should do a story on the condition of these chippers and how they clean them

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