Man Attempting to Protect Domestic Violence Victim Stabbed in the Chest, Says Mendocino Sheriff

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn 08-22-2017 at about 1:45 AM Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the California Highway Patrol responded to a reported stabbing in the 65000 block of Wildwood Drive in Leggett, California.

Once Deputies arrived on scene they learned Forrest Wilberger and his 27 year-old adult male neighbor had engaged in a physical altercation after the male entered Wilberger’s to intervene during a domestic violence incident.

Wilberger, who had been drinking alcohol, pulled out a knife during the altercation and stabbed the victim in the chest.

The adult male who had a single stab wound to the chest, was flown to a hospital in Butte County for medical treatment.  On 08-22-2017 the adult male was reported to be in stable condition.

Wilberger was subsequently arrested by Deputies for attempted murder (664/187 PC) and booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he is being held on $250,000.00 bail

Earlier Chapter: Victim of Stabbing Medevacked Early This Morning



  • Local hero, hope he recovers. It’s never ok to put hands on a female!

  • Once you hit a woman your no longer a man….

    • Your what is no longer a man???

    • No , sorry in todays world , you must treat all females as equals , if a punch is what it takes to end something it is sexist not to just because it is a female. Like wise if a female hits a man, a man has every reaponsibility to hit back to defend himself reguardless of what the other person has between their legs. You wanted equal right equal responsibilities.

    • The matrix lol

  • Any “man” who puts hands on a woman is nothing but, a coward and a lowlife!!

  • How do we know a woman was involved?

    • There is nothing in the story that indicates it but…locals know the folks involved.

      • Kym this story is fucking bullshit and is about me completely fucking vague and bullshit. Earlier in the night Forrest was drunk driving around leggett with his 2 dogs in the back of his truck doing donuts. I told him do but come back and abuse his girlfriendor cause problems or ill intervene because im done with this abuse. He lives at bottom of road
        He left like an Idiot came back late around 1 130.He entered the trailer violently so I went down to see if he was going to go hit my friend. No less than a minute i hear her say i dont wamna fight and he throws something at her and starts screaming. That gave me green like so i opened door began to restrain him and beat him so he would get off her. I was definitely winnng no doubt in my mind and he stabbed me and I continued to fight until I heard my blood gurgling through my shirt. He threw the knife and claimed he didnt stab me but the cops found it right next to the scene . all in all forrest is a coward who cant fight and has to beat women ans animals because he is a sick twisted and evil . i thought he would take the ass whooping he derseved but he chose to throw away his life and stab me cause he couldn’t handle someone putting him on his place
        I hope he goes to prison max sentence because he is psychotic and i knew why i no longer associated with him or involved myself with hill. Because all in all he is scum of the earth and if you think otherwise you dont know him that well or you’re defending a wifebeating animal abuser

  • Hope he heals soon! Being a hero is not all its cracked up to be.

    • Im good bro. 1mm from my heart and hes out like nothing happened. Wonder who hebl narcced on to get out. Who knows i didnt feel like i fought anyone. My rotater cuff is destroyed from skateboarding accident this incident pretty much ripped my shoulder ligament and i need surgery. One of my friends in the past who helped me . a shame it came to this.

  • Yes a woman was involved a real low life put his hands on a woman!

  • That guy sure learned his lesson. Stay out of domestic situations. I’m sure the couple will be back together as soon as he gets out of jail.

    • True that.
      Mind your own beeswax. Nobody should die sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. The couple will be back together and you will be the outsider.

      • ExampleofhowtobeaMAN

        Oh I see. You two commenters answer the question, “What happened to the men of this world?” Congratulations to the hero…a place in heaven is waiting for you.

        • True story, man beating the crap out of a woman in front of a store , i stopped to help, woman got pissed off at me for stopping him, i went to jail. Thankfully was released and no conviction, but that was over 20 years ago. Nope it is far better to just teach your daughters how to fight and not take shit, then to ever get involved. All that aside still cant witness anyone getting beat without wanting to stop it .

        • Thanks thats means alot and all i was trying to do was make sure she was safe and opened door to tell him to leave her alone. Not trying to be a fuckong hero and glorify thisnshit he proceeds to assault me and i defend myself.he then stabbed me and i had no idea until i heard my blood coming and air coming out of my chest about 3 mins later. 1 mm from my heart . I never wanted this to escalate to this situation. I wanted to detain him afyer he threw blows on me and he chose to stab me….. Blows my mind. I cant believe he got out so fast . i wonder why lol.never csve under pressure.he sealedngis fate regardless.who knows maybe im st fault but at the time it felt very necessary and i dont go looking for fights.he was one of my friend in the past but how do u ever forgive someone you trusted for years when do that to you and try to kill you . i have ptsd sorry this whole thing sucks and i dont want anyone think i wanted him to go to jail or cops to come. Have a good day. I have mixed emotions about thisnall .

      • If you mother sister or daughter is ever being abused. I hope my neighbors are like this guy and you get the neighbors u asked for that stay out of their business and alow ur loved one to be abused! This guy is a hero!
        So much respect to you, our hero!!!
        We need neighbors like this to help deal with the domestic violence problems!

        • Thsnk you .but im probably gonns just move on with my life and not ruin his by trying to send him to jail.he was blackedout ans was truly remorseful i believe… When he realize what he had done. I csnt forgive him our bw around him but i dont want him more corrupted by prison or jail. He is a good person when hes sober he just blacks out and becomes reckless and i dont think that was him who stabbed me .if sober it wouldnt of been the situation it was i feel.

  • This man needs a community fundraising to reward him for stepping up. His hospital bills are going to be a killer.
    If Kevlar vests aren’t banned, maybe we could buy him one of those too, so next time he’s outfitted and ready.

    • We’ll gladly donate to that cause! It does’nt matter if she’s sucking his sorry dick in a week, or not. It’s about standing up for what’s right! The problem is that people like this fine gentleman are a dying breed. You people commenting about minding your own business are cowards, just like the piece of shit beating on his girlfriend! Good luck with that!

      • You said it! I could never just stand by and watch. But sadly most people do. This guy is a hero!

        • He truly is an amazing person! We are all so very proud of him for standing up! He has been that way since I have known him.

      • Thank you, I left my cape and superhero costume at home.
        I will be alive tomorrow.
        You don’t know the dynamic of this relationship, for her maybe it is instinct to love a caveman type guy.
        She knew who he was before this incident.

        • He is a the geico caveman actually. I know man. Butnregardless of dynamics of relationship shes my true loyal friend for over 10 years. If she needs my help im there cause she has had mine and will do the same for me. Believe that keep your comments to yourself. She needs away from him ok ……botomline and i know for a.fucking fact he wont leave her alone Nd be even happy if she wants her own life. So keep talking on what you know nothing of.shes a real honest person and if you say otherwise fuck yourself k..

      • Thabk you so much. I did not want thisn at all trust me the whole situation everything .but your comment makes me feel i did what was right in the situation. I hope you understand that he was one of my best friends until a few months ago and i even though we had issues i didntbwant him to be in jail fornsomething so impulsive.but regardless of my stance im pretty sure its not legal to stab anyone thats unarmed in the heart . he sealed nhis own fate there … Who knows what will happen.all i know is i dont feel bad i feel hurt he didnt have the self control or restraint to not stab me in a fist fight .Thats wgy im distraught. Part of me has compassion cause i know him but at the same time my life was almost ended by what….. A stupid fight that could of never started if he was sober and didntndrink to point of being blacked out. I know for a fact people have told me he was blscked out and he was truly sorry and doesnt want problems. I wouldnt either if i almosy killed one my oldest friends.can’t imagine how he feels. He will always live with itFuck drama fuck violence fuck it a ll . iwould of rather showered and pass out.peace.

      • Thanks man victims of violent crimes .medi cal and cmsp i believe are going to cover i hope. In pain so imma pass out thanks.

    • Calif. has Victims of Violent Crimes that will pay for everything.

  • Flew him to Buttte County from Leggett? Doesn’t seem like the closest option.

  • “never interfere with a girl and boy fight” -w.s. burroughs

  • So @25K will get him out. The County Sheriffs office needs to stop the catch and release program when murder is involved. I cannot understand why minimal bail is offered (buy you out of jail program) for murder???

  • My neighbor is a good dude and has balls for standing up for what’s right.This kid has been out of control for a long time.This is not the wild west anymore!

  • well your neighbor avenue is a hero in my book! I hear she is staying with the loser boyfriend! idk crazy!

    • Fucking idiots all of you stupid fucks thats what you get for listening to gossip heather i am not staying with him and not all the fucking details are in the story you all need to get a fucking life all this bullshit doesnt help the situation for all who are involved

  • Drama hater 😍

    I have known this young man his whole life An you all need to STOP all this B.S. TALK ABOUT HIM BEING AN ABUSER.. the lady/woman involved WAS NOT TOUCHED ONE TIME in any way,shape or form An the fella that was injured went into my friends home all Angry and attacked him for no reason & I guarantee if any of you where put into this kind of situation you would do whatever it took to keep yourselfs safe and definitely if someone comes at you with intention to hurt you… the fella who was injured, he ISNT A HERO HE WAS THE CAUSE OF IT ALL.. if your gonna talk smack make sure you know the facts. This young man is a dear friend of mine & my families an we don’t like what has happen but it definitely didn’t go down the way ya all are saying and spreading an it’s not right to talk crap about this young man when you DONT KNOW THE TRUE FACTs An he isn’t able to defend himself ( give him the benefit of the doubt) don’t judge anyone An start posting smack from rumors /drama that you have no clue about the situations & yes I do know exactly what happened and all I can say is it was a horrible situation an I hope everyone involoved is ok An everything in the end works out for all….

    • Were u there? How do u know?

    • Attacked for no reason! [edit] You think i wanna be involved in someones fucking relationship problems. Earlier in the night she said she was afraid he was going to seriously injure her. Thats why I intervened [edit] ! I didnt think it would turn to this. I was trying to get him off her . So go ahead and defend your scumbag buddy cause youre probably the same type of spiwce of a
      Shit .this shit aintt over im filing lawsuit with my lawyer.the Sheriff said to me “if you feel someone is in danger you can enter domicile”…. So how the fuck would you lnow and another thing i opened door and he attacked [edit]
      So go ahead and listen to a blacked out idiot…

    • Ohhh really? Thats whatt you think. Is that why 2 hours earlier he was doing donuts with his dogs in tje back of his truck almost crashing and we had to call his father to try to get him so didnt kill himself… Yea im such a piece of shit looking out for him and make sure he didnt die or get a dui. He came back at 130 raging on her but im sure they were just gonna chill right
      Get the fuck outta here i have witnesses that were with me so listen to a alcoholic fuck. Btw his dad thinks he is a scumbag and doesnt want him even on the property because he just causes him grief problems and drama. Never wanted to be a hero i didnt think some bored ass lady listening to the scanner would write a story aboit everything..if you were there you would have room to talk but you werent so you’re just defending someone who is completlt fuckedin the head.

    • Anyone in this fuckng situation would surrender and calm down while being detained for beating their gf if they felt their life was threatened or they were over powered!go fuck yourself k! You dont know me or the complexity of our friendship forrest and i had…. He was blacked out….he fucked up cause he panicked instead of calming the bfuck down. I wasnt trying to injure him … I was trying to check on her and he threw the first assault. Keep my name oitnyour fucking mouth cause you think you can hide behind scteennames bitnyiu cant lol . internet protocols tell all .✌

  • Also if you take the girlfriend out of the equation this wouldn’t of happened [edit]. And she’s like a line backer, she can take care of herself seriously! She can beat up Forrest and Vinnie by herself she’s that crazy. Much love Kym❤️

    • I agree with what GRUMPY BEARER said 💯% An yes the girl can DEFINITELY handle her own 👌 ..

    • Who the fuck are you to talk shit no real name huh well this is charlotte [edit]

    • According to law enforcement, she was also a victim in this case. Let’s be gentle.

      Here’s some reasons why:
      She was allegedly being abused.
      She watched her friend get stabbed.
      She knows her boyfriend is facing serious charges. (Yes, he is allegedly an abuser but people often don’t stop loving someone overnight.)
      Her life is in an uproar right now.

    • Team Forrest supporter straight up [edit] Also please believe someone comes into my house unannounced they’re gonna get worse than a stab in the lungs, real talk. Especially around here where there are home invasions all the time. I mean dude just comes in his house and starts beating his ass, fuck I wish a mo fo would. All these people who are supposedly victims are all on drugs. Nobody should think Vinnie is a hero, he is far from it. [edit]

    • I dont give a fuck if she couldve taken him… Wtf is wrong with you. You condone men fighting women …she Verbally fucking said I dont want to fucking figjt please . over and over andd over and wouldnt let her leave.your character is defined by actions not your words .so do what you say .dont say what you do.. Fuck all you fucks.

  • I like too spread the love around huh what the fuck do you know grumpy bearer this is a nightmare stay the fuck out of what you dont know

  • Theres plenty of women who beat up on men. Most times those men still dont hit back. Im a woman who has had to whoop a crazy lady for beating up on a guy. It happens. That doesnt seem like this was the case though. My mom always told me, ” if you hit somebody, youre inviting a fight. Be ready to get hit back. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.” But seriously the amount of times ive heard women say stupid things like ” whats he gonna do? Im a girl?” ” he cant hit me, im a woman! ” ” ill whoop his ass and he cant do anything cuz im a girl”. These females exist. In large numbers. They are stupid and no better than abusive men hoping to use their gender in advantage for abuse.
    But again doesnt seem like in this case, that was the case.

  • Vinmendo,
    I can’t believe your out there trying to make ur self sound like a hero when you are far from it. [edit] You knew Forrest was angry so why would you go down to his home into his house An start fighting with him ?? that’s just asking for something bad to happen ! And guess what look where you are !!! An Forrest NEVER TOUCHED CHARLOTTE AT ALL !!! Seems to me if u would have just minded your own business then charlotte an Forrest would probably be out chillin having a good day today !

    • And i don’t know who the fuck messed with my comment but they took out …

      [edit: I edited it. I own this website and I don’t allow accusations of illegal activities without proof especially of people who are victims. Kym Kemp]

      • WHAT THHE FUCK YOU MEAN !!! YOUR WHOLE STOREY ISNT TRUE !!! And everything that everyone is saying about Forrest isn’t true !!!! So wtf you mean !!!

        • Dude you’re speaking some straight bullshit. Drink do you know? who are you? Where are you? And were you there?… I hear his abuse constantly so you have no ground to stand on. Yiure listening to someone who didnt even know he stabbed me with a knife. He fabricated his whole story so he could weasel his way out of being exposed as a wifebeater and not take accountability for his actions. He fucked up and he knows it and youvpeople are blind to reality. Peace the fuck out i cant read tgis shit.

    • Ohhh really? Thats whatt you think. Is that why 2 hours earlier he was doing donuts with his dogs in tje back of his truck almost crashing and we had to call his father to try to get him so didnt kill himself… Yea im such a piece of shit looking out for him and make sure he didnt die or get a dui. He came back at 130 raging on her but im sure they were just gonna chill right
      Get the fuck outta here i have witnesses that were with me so listen to a alcoholic fuck. Btw his dad thinks he is a scumbag and doesnt want him even on the property because he just causes him grief problems and drama. Never wanted to be a hero i didnt think some bored ass lady listening to the scanner would write a story aboit everything..if you were there you would have room to talk but you werent so you’re just defending someone who is completlt fuckedin the head.

  • I am sorry for saying that you were staying with him if you were not. I heard incorrectly and for that I am sorry. if it did not go down like this then why are you not saying how it went down. someone I heard from that was supposedly there says it happened like this?

  • Because its an open case and people dont need to know shit in my book its all fucked up its not smart to discuss an open investigation to people who have nothing to do with it its between those of us who were there invovled and the courts thats all i have to say

  • well people have said those boys were bad news all along the brothers and now one of them is in jail for stabbing a man. crazy people!

  • Doesn’t matter what the fuck people say haven’t u learned not just to go off what people say haha y’all are pathetic!!! Freeforrest HES A GREAT GUY !!! HOPE TOO SEE U OUT SOON MY DEAR FRIEND !!!

  • Free forest you must be his brother or his mother hahahaha you don’t stab a man and your a great guy.

    • I’m actually neither hahahah !!! I know Forrest an he’s a great generous man Who wouldn’t just stab someone for no reason !!!! If a mother fucker is gonna come into my home unannounced and start atacking me then I’m gonna do what I have to to get him off an so he did !! I DONT GET WHY HIM DEFENDING HIM SELF IS SUCH A BAD THING !!! If vinmendo wouldn’t have took it upon his self to go an try to be a hero then none of this would have happened !!! bottom line is vinmendo SHOULD HAVE MINDED HIS OWN DAM BUSINESS!!!!

      • [edit] Im their fucking neighbor. He is constantly abusing and screaming at her. i hear it all the time.and yea its a two way street but he is mentally unstable when hes drunk . i only went down there to make sure he wasnt going to hit her. I waited 5 mins until i heard him throwing shit at her and her screaming. I didnt want to be fucking involved with their shit but im not going to sit by while a women is screaming saying dont hit me .so you [edit] will believe he was blacked out and didnt remember stabbing me

        but he was sober enough to recollect all this gtfo. Also he was drunk driving around with his dogs in back of his truck. Doing donuts . you werent there you have no idea what the fuck happened . I didnt want this stupid fuckong story on here bor to be a hero.[edit]

      • You condone beating women ? [edit]

  • Regardless what is said on here, and what you people think might have happend. You are all shitty people, stay outta others business and stop spreading rumors. it is what it is…

  • Free forest well you have quite a different story then someone I know who was there!

  • Last thing im going to say. i wasnt trying to be a hero. I didnt write this story. And if you stir the shit pot you must lick the spoon. This isnt over and im goong to handle everything on a legal manor and dont need people who listen to heresay influence an investigation. I did what was right and if you dont stand up for women that are being victimized you are a coward and not a stand up person. Keep your opinions to yourself because if youre not an eyewitness nothinf you say holds weight. Goodnight

  • Well hes out of jail..forest just came into my work today

  • Yeah I totally agree with what (team Forrest) said !!! Something seems sketchy more then just friends an that’s weird cause charlotte said Forrest never touched her !!! But idc to argue cause obviously what forrest did was self defense cause he’s out !!! AND IM GLAD HES OUT 👌🏼

    • You realize that forrest was one of my closest best friends and for him to stab me over a fist fight…. You dont know much that hurts . He has been there for me numerous times in my life to help me and I have seen him help many people ok … I DID NOT WANT THIS OK!!!! Alot people bringing hi brother into it…youre stupid forrest is much different than his brother.been like that.I dont want him in jail. i want him to continue his life he is young and talented i wish this never happened. If he had not stabbed me we would of gone our seperate ways and most likely calmed down and resolved it all like friends. What i learned from this dont expect how someone is going to react to you entering their house while they are blackedout drunk .very unwise.i just never thought he would stab me …ever. I dont evem know how to feel anymore. He was so drunk that when he realized he stabbed me he broke into tears. I felt i had to intervene in the situation honestly . i wish this never happened . goodnight.

  • Team Forrest and FreeForrest, u both are idiots. Stfu.

  • Hahahah *B* and what’s that make you !!!!

  • Drama hater✌🏼


    • Cause hes probsbly narcced people off cause he couldn’t take accountavility forbeing blacked out drunk and fucking up . …..againo yes likes when he broke into someones house in new york state visiting family drunk as shit lol . you fucks seem to just seem to forget this guys prior behaviour and record. Hahaha .history seemed to repeat its self but worse . do background checks aha .really did he feel threatened or more mad and psychotic thst i cpnfronted himvfor hurting a women. Becsuse i was there and he didnt even realize what he had done. He was blacked out rage………… Trust me on that at least i lived it. I was just defending my friend and if you believe otherwise fuckvyourself cause you’re opinion is invalid.

      • Thabk you saying this.complete fucking scum of thenearth. I laugh when i read this idiocy.makes me embarassed for your family and you. Like really dont think i lnowbwho you are but internet protocol subnet masking shows all . lulz

  • FreeForrest at least im not on the internet attacking someone that got stabbed and isnt even out of the hospital yet. He was just trying to help his friend.

  • I agree with drama hater ^^^

  • guy is a loser just because you are a drunk dosent give you the right to act pyscho! drunk is not an excuse! no reason to be screaming at your girl throwing things etc I know he abuses animals drives like a maniac when drunk etc! he needs to move now get out of town! He has WAY to many enemies now WAY to many. I dont care if hes out now or not what kind of loser is in a fist fight and stabs someone! im a chic but I can hold my own you wont catch me using a knife dont need it

    • Forrest it don’t matter what these peeps say. You ain’t gotta go nowhere you were here long before vin and cha. Your boy will have your back no matter what. All the rest can kiss the cheeks

      • 👌🏼 that’s what I’m sayin ..

      • You know what ip subnet masking is? I disnt want this to fucking happen ok… Iwish this never happened . i could tell you my side of the story…. He was veru drunk and honestly i dont feel he was 100% there .he didn’t realize he stabbed me and was crying when it sank in. So what im saying dont you think his perception was a little faded compared to me who blew 0.0 . all i can say is I wish he just let her leave and they calmed down….so i didnt have to feel the need to intervene when the whole trailer is shaking. I dont want him jail i never thought it would of excelled to this thr fuck you think i feel right now. One of my oldest friends here stabbed me almost in the heart. Although we had issues ok we had history and never had the intention of injuring him like that ever . its shocking even blacked out wasted he would feel the need to stab and twist a knife into me . i would never take it to that level unless i felt my life was threatened which honestly it was me trying to detain him cause he assaulted me as i opened door to check on her. I cant argue with you anymore . its all fucked and i wish never had to expeirience this at all.

    • Stab wound 1mm from heart. Yet hes out. Doesbt surprise me .he is about one person and one person only…….himself . i wss trying to be compassionate because he fucked up but all you fucks are the ones stirring this making it worse. He cant accept he fucked up …..again .oh yea when he was in new york he broken into someones house blacked out and destroyed their house and caused havoc and sat in jail…. I
      He has shown what he doed before yet you act like im crazy…. Look at my record. Goodnight

  • *B* – im not attacking vinmendo I’m just saying there was no need for him to go to Forrest house him an his girlfriend had it under control even charlotte said that she had it under control an that vinmendo should have just left but no instead he stayed there Attacked Forrest in his own home !!! Forrest was just doing what he had to to get vinmendo off him !!! I’m glad vinmendos ok just wish he would have minded his own business that’s all !!

    And for u heather – being drunk isn’t an excuse but charlotte been with Forrest for how long !?? So obviously she’s knows how he gets when he’s drunk/mad an she hasn’t left him so obviously he doesn’t abuse her and she even said so herself that he doesn’t An that she can beat him up !!! If he was abusing her , she would have left a long time ago!!! and as for all you people that keep telling Forrest he needs to move An get out of town is pathetic THIS IS HIS HOME GROUNDS an he’s not going anywhere !!! An everyone has enemies !!! So that doesn’t matter if people are mad at him cause he knows what he did wasn’t wrong so why would he run ???? All u guys just wanna put him down for hear say shit !!! Why doesn’t vinny go back to where he’s from !!!

    • freeforest so you are saying he DOES NOT abuse animals? yes or no? Cause I know that he does! I have seen it!
      have i seen him abuse her no would i expect her to say if he did no. In my field of study it is often that the woman or even the man not say out of shame or thinking they will change and just not wanting people to know. But what I do for sure know is the animals and driving drunk more than once

    • Straight up freeforrest.

    • Where im from…. Lol …. You know what ip adresses are do you ?hahah.

    • Mind my business.i hopenyou mind your business and get knocked thenfuck outnone day . you need to keep ny name out your mouth. Whycare you trying to provoke me?im injured….. Like ehat do think I wanted this. I hope you turn a blind eye and see what happens and eat you fucking words. Why dont youg o back to oregon. Cause yournwhole family
      despised and you aint gonna do nothing but fuck yourself. Ip adresses dont lie so learnvto masskvyours if you’re gonna say such fighting words .you sant pushing me out of my life because forrest chose tovbe a piece ofnshitnto hisngirlfriend. Think before you speak you sound like you fuckingnbrain dead…

  • Idk whether he abuses his dogs or not !! But I do know I have NEVER seen him do it an I’ve known him for years !!! But sounds to me u have hungout with him more then once so means u were ok with the person he is so why all a sudden him defending him self makes you all wanna think differently of him !? Every one gets mad An does things they wish they wouldn’t have or done differently. I’m sure vinmendo won’t try An go get into another couples agurment again ! They both learned a lesson so why continue to argue about it ?

    • I have seen forest beat Cyrus like he was going to kill him after he almost ran on high way. My buddy chhhhhhaaaazzzz will vouche and we were so disgusted we wanted to beat him but instead told him to get the fuck out of my yard to avoid a cpnflict such as this. Ive heard it …. Ive seen it and not only abuse but neglect…. I want to csll abimal control constantly Ok .im tired all these fucking people defending someone who i know for a fucking fact abuses women and get the fuck out here… I live here … I hear his loud drunk beligerant ass for years doing donuts in my yard destroying his trailer at 5 am shooting guns off.Ok your perception of your friend is a false one.oh yea and for one i remember when he pissed all of you off so bad you exhiled him and you blacklisted him and we became his friends and we took him in so i really question your loyalty. Seems like you defend him out of an attempt to perserve his reputation .but you know why he stabbed me …. Cause he is unstable when he is drunk and was trying to fucking gut me.for what a fist fight…. He didn’t kno ehe did it … But he still did it regardless.. I believe if he wasnt drunk I wouldnt of even had to speak to him at all that night. I fucking hate calling out people but straight up im honest and you are not going to convince of things i have witnessed with my eyes and ears arent real. Dont be spreading lies because people who stir the shit pot always lick the spoon. I wish this neverhappened trust me .you think i want toctalk to youcall and defend my side. Isould rather of went to bed …… So try to reply it reallycdoesnt matter. Its over its all legal shit now. He stsbbed me……. Regardless im pretty sure of what i say orndrop charges…attempted murder 9 years. I didnt do this he did to himself. So if you wanns say something else just save your energy. I hope honestly thisndoesnt fucking ruined his life even though hebalmosy ended mine over him being a psycho what does that say?

  • Forrest, I’m just wondering why everyone thinks you beat your woman so much ,and why that woman of yours hasn’t cleared this all up yet.. someone walked into your house and attacked you, you had every right to defend yourself how you felt fit !!! And another thing I think it’s pretty damn hypocritical of a vinmeno and his friends to be assuming he snitched someone out to be out yet he’s FILING CHARGES AND DOING WHATEVER HE HAS TO;TO PUT FORREST BEHIND BARS ! Way to not be a narc! Even though personally (and I feel lots of people would agree) there nothing to be narced on, someone enters your home and assaults you regardless of what reason your going to defend yourself. Obviously Forrest did what he feelt he had to to protect his home and himself!! Some people pull do a lot worse then that when people are just even walking on there land around here, for all those people dogging on Forrest for how he acted, why don’t you take a step back and ask yourself what you would have done! I garentee NONE OF YOU would have just sat there and allowed someone to beat the crap out of you ! And, again I don’t understand why the woman isn’t straightening that out and standing by her man !

    • i agree 100% (screwsnitches)

    • I was trying to detain him ok . I opwned door to see if was being assaultedncause the while trailer was shaking and smashing. He looked at me ans threw the first blow ok .so dont get it skewed. I didnt run in and jsut fucking attack him for no reason ok …..she was reying ro leave and he wouldnt let her….. She lives there also and thatsnher domicile so if she issues me permission to enter even ifnshe didnt if i felt that she was in danger i can chdck on her… I did…he punched me first where then i reacted. True i yelled at him to get the fuck away from her from outside but wtf would you do if one of your best friends is potentially being abused and is over powered or feels unsafe. What if that wad your sister. I dont know maybe we were raised different with different understanding and morals but ive always been taught if you see a woman or feel a womanin harms way you step in and protect her .wheres your morality? If you think i wanted yo just assault him for no reason and have to hsve this huge fiasco and be talking to you now i just dont know what to say.

    • Imma be honest right now ok to what your saying. I would fucking drop charges if i could because thats how much history we have and i dont to ruin his life. I was upset and feeling like iwas going to die. Try fucking almost dying and seeing how you feel about that person that put you there a cident or not. I dont know what he deserves honesly now but he stabbed me not vice versa so he sealed hisnown fate unless he gets off on a penal code technicalities. I dont have the energy or hate to deal withvthis drama .You think i want to be in court reliving when i almost died. Have some fuckong insight jesus how old are you ? …..imma say one last thing if you dont know ok . i opened door after yelling get off her he assaultd me after looking me dead in eyes.i then defended my fuckong self thatsnehen fight started . i was there ok why would I fucking lie…. Why would i go down and intervene unless it was happening…. Keep inflating your egos i dont care you seem so ignorant its cringeworthy to read this trash .but i understand your standing up for your friend.not worth it. I hope thisndoesnt drag on cause this the last thingi want to be dealing with.have a good night.

    • Like why are youvprovoking.this is evidence now………you better shut your fucking mouth.this piece of shit almost killed me and and you expect me to let it go…… He stabbed me because hes a fucking maniac psycho bastard and i was obviously .am i 230 7 foot.?it’s that why after i got stsbbed foughtbhimcforb3 to 5 more mins. Till i almost bled out.get in my shoes [edit] cause i bet you would of died [edit] you dont have the heartto be an advocate for the abused or . I’m so glad I’m not like makes me feel proud of who i am [edit]I was trying to stay peaceful and remain low bt you allvlying and deforming character. Ip adress but tomorrow .you’re cut from the same cloth so that’s why you defend a piece of shit cause association breeds similarities. I’m injured with a chest would so if wanna provoke me be aware im not going to tolerate’re not anonymous on here…

  • I agree with screwsnitches 100% !!!!
    ITS TIME THE GIRLFRIEND STANDS UP AN TELLS THE TRUTH & ends everyone believeing that this situation was all over her being abused by Forest because she wasn’t.. Forest DID NOT HIT/TOUCH HER AN THAT CAME STRAIGHT FROM HER MOUTH 👄 ….

    … love u FOREST 😍

    • How do you know this? Becsuse he told you ? He sidnt realize he stabbed me when until icsaid he did and it set in and he began to cry his eyes out realizing what he had just done
      .. Ok so i dont think he was the most coherent person there. I wil take a polygraph test in front ofna judge ifvyou im lying .shes one of my best friends amd if sounds like shes getting beaten guess what im going to check . what if it was your sister? He is abusive and loud and crazy sometimes usually when drunk ok …mostly everytime he blacks out. I truly believe he was blacked out felt he was losing the fight and stabbed me in fear that i was trying to onjire him. I was tryimg to detain him . i didnt wsnt this to happen nor do i want him fucking jail .never thr plan or intention of checking on my friend who i felt was in need. i didnt think he would stab me ever……or the situation was going to escalate to that fucking suvks ok. Evem though i dosnt die i delt he did to me cause how do you come back from stabbing one of your oldest friends. Its fucking horrible ok understand my point of view somewhat because i can understand yours and his …

  • I agree with the girlfriend part! Why is she not straitning this out! I mean if he didnt put his hands on her etc then why she leaving him to take all this?

    • Yeah his girlfriend def isn’t a good one !!!! she won’t even speak up An say he didn’t hit her !!! But then again her storey changes everytime she speaks to someone !!! she’s on Forrest side when she’s around people who like him An on vinmendos side when she’s around people that like him !!! Seems a lil sketchy to me I wonder what vinney & charlotte really have going on !!! BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE HER MANS SIDE ESPECIALLY CAUSE IT DIDNT EVEN HIT HER !!!!

      • Ok honestly i agree in some form. Ifvhe didn’t hit her she should stand up for him. But she is being honest me and another person witnessed this. I asked her straight up and shr concurred. So your speculation is complete bullshit.were you there? He was blacked out.pretty sure his memory is a wee faded ….like usual when you black out… Dont think i wouls run up in his house and disrespect unless i felt necessary. I didnt want this to happen or him in jail .this all fucked and never thought he would stab me just cause of history we have and unspoken respect for one another. I cant believe it .honestly can’t… I wish this never happened im peaceful person i dont go around fighting people for no reason…


  • It’s STRAIGHT UP SKETCHY.. YOU MAKE everyone in his home town & many others, believe he hit you An that you don’t want anything to do with him then you go see him after he returns & and still continuing to say nothing on his behalf!!! THAT DEFINITELY seems sketchy (playin BOTH sides 🤔 ) could HAVE STOPPED ALL THIS from the beginning, it would have takin mins, An that would have stopped a lot of drama,horrible comments,An that lie…

    • That’s right !! (B 💯%)

    • All your fucking heresay is hilarious.straight fucking bullllllllshit… Speculation and lies haha.i was there i will take a fucking polygraph in front of a judge….. What would you if you stabbed someone and possibly facing 6_10 ….fabricate a story out your ass. I feelvbad for himvhonestly .he was blacked out didnt even realize he stabbed me until it sankvin and he burst into tearsnrealizing what he did. So like personally pretty sure was fading in and out of conscience. Whatever no need to explain i know what went down and i blew 0.0 .

    • Charlotte Fuller

      Sketchy huh who the fuck are you anyway i dont owe shit to anyone he might not have hit me that night but doesnt mean its never happened ask him since your such good friends with him

    • Charlotte Fuller

      You all make it sound like i wanted this to happen and the reality is i hate myself for all of this but never told vinny to stick up for i never told forrest to stab someone so i dont know what you all want from me im getting the fuck out of here since im the cause of everyones bad decisions right

  • You motherfuckers need jesus.smh haha

  • Charlotte Fuller

    Ok for all you fucks out there who want me to stop playing the victim and think they deserve an explanation i dont give a shit what you want im not playing the victim and i dont owe anyone shit i will deal with this in my own fucking way im not playing both sides im seperating myself from all parties fuck all of you with your insensitive ignorant comments keep your opinion to yourselves

    Wish people had enough nerve to use their real names it would be easier to give you my story if i knew who were and then ill decide if you deserve an explanation

    Oh and on another note im not a good girlfriend huh i disagree i have put up withand done a lot for forrest and no one knows the dynamics of my life or forrest life and yea hes not perfect niether am i no one fucking is thats all i have to say and goodbye

  • Charlotte Fuller

    It was a fucked situation that just got more fucked and all who were invovled were drinling and other things including forrest so everyone can assume what they want

  • Charlotte Fuller

    And supposedly my statement got forrest out so FUCK OFF EVERYONE no one knows wtf is going on and niether do i now

  • Charlotte Fuller

    Im not playing sides im stuck in the fucking middle my great friend got stabbed my boyfriend fucked up and im just here trying too calm both sides how am i not doing the right thing by doing that put yourself in my shoes since you are all so fucking perfect fucking assholes

  • So where im at with investigation right now is that can give my statement which I havent at all and probably take a polygraph and put him in jail……. Strange how they didnt get my statemeny earlier..It after i thought about this I realize and slept….. forrest has been a friend to me and has really been there for years and personnaly should of known better that be all hyped up running up in someones small confined trailer. It was unwise and I reacted and the DA told me penal code states he was in his right.Although I disagree with him stabbing me But to be honest i lnow him well and that wasnt forrest that stabbed me. He reacted out of instinct and when he did realize what he had done I could see the remorse and regret instantly in his eyes and he became emotional thinking about losing me.he went and got my mom and said i needed help and sge said he was so freaked out and regretful and sorry.The sherriffs amd district attorney talked to me for 2 hours and after talking to the district attorney I just feel like i have to accept and take responsibility and accountability for my actions also.He was very drunk blacked out and i should of l known better. I should of calmed my self and tried to help her instead of reacting immediately and getting him to engage in a fight. I just realize the path of revenge or pusuit of it does not outweigh my goal of being happy. This will be a huge loss and tragedy to his family and friends and I feel actually very saddened this deformed his character in our community. To me
    I cannot pursue this because it will consume his life, my life , her life and the witnesses involved.personally its somewhat selfish of me to to bring them into this shitstorm that I created in a sense. On the real I was very upset and im sorry for posting such negative comments.i was on heavy medications(fentanyl,delodid,norcos,adavan) in hospital I couldnt see straight let alone think straight.After thinking about the situation at reading the police report im just over it ….. Im alive …hurtong very bad but I think ill live …. There are times where you slip up and can throw away your life in a second and l know by the look on his face he was sorry and remorseful. We go way back and I know forrest has internal conflicts and a when he drinks and blacks out thats not him….. He has alot going on in his life and may be hsving a very hard time and the last thing he needs to go to jail or prison and be corrupted and not enjoy his thirties.I would feel so much guilt that in a heat of the moment accident that truly was both our faults would destroy his life. I want to just move on with life honestly and to be happy and not be on court and lawyers and litigation and time…. For what. It will never make me feel better to so that to a guy who has always had my back in the past. We have had problems lately and that night honestly was going to squash it and invite him and go back to how it was between us or try to mend our friendship. I did exclude him and have cut him off because of a stupid petty fight that vi carried on and it seems so pointless in retrospect. What would make feel better is if forrest truly learned from this and changed his behaviour didnt do anything like this ever again and stop drinking possibly this wouldnt be for no was a teaching moment for both of us and would be alot different if i had died but didn’t and honestly its just not worth it to me. I respect his father and I don’t want them to miss out of time cause that’s all you have in life… So all in all im sorry to everyone involved …im glad to be alive… And life is too short to be do vengeful . So i believe I will call the D.A and tell him my decision is to not pursue if i can based on the fact this should be an example to everyone to think twice before you jump into something. You may disagree with me but read the police report and i gueess he didnt hit her he was just getting upset in a small trailer smashing things. Been there… Thing is i havent talked to him since this but I feel this is the right thing to do.your character is defined by your actions and i feel the reputation he has acquired is enough punishment. Dont make hin seem like the devil he is portrayed as.. Every one has problems and conflicts at times and I just know he was blacked out and didnt truly mean to kill me. I dont know if i can be cool or accept an apology yet but maybe on future. I just ask him to not cloud my life or cause me turmoil
    … Have a good night. I hope i Can learn to not be impulsive
    Im actually sorry this all happened was not my intention when I went to help her .I misinterpreted the situation at hand and should of tried to defuse the situation in a different manner instead. I hope this disolves and doesnt carry on and affect my safety or peace of mind. Please just let me be and not troll or harass anyone involved because its really not going to do anything but

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