Local Attorney May Be Charged for Bringing a Firearm Into the Humboldt County Courthouse

HUmboldt County Courthouse

The Humboldt County Courthouse.

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday August 22nd at about 8:45am Security Screeners for the Humboldt County Court House in Eureka discovered a loaded handgun inside a briefcase. As the briefcase style bag was being passed through the security system, screeners identified what appeared to be a loaded handgun. Deputies from the Court Protection Unit responded to the screening station and confirmed the object was in fact a loaded semiautomatic .32 caliber pistol.

The briefcase and firearm belonged to a local attorney who claims to have inadvertently forgotten the firearm was inside the briefcase. The attorney was completely cooperative and apologetic. The firearm was seized and a report was filed and forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for review. Charges of bringing a firearm into a state or local public building and carrying a loaded firearm in public may be pursued. Both charges are considered “Wobblers” and may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to extend their appreciation to the Securitas Security Company for their continued professionalism and diligence while keeping our courthouse safe on a daily basis.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • Does anyone know the name of the attorney or are they keeping it hush hush so it can get pushed under the rug?

  • Heard he was gonna strong arm the cafeteria for better coffee…

  • Sounds like a scared attorney to me.

  • Has an idiot for an attorney.

  • http://johnchiv.blogspot.com/2017/08/local-attorney-tries-to-enter.html

    John Chiv’s report alleges that the attorney in question is Andrew Stunich.

  • Why are they not releasing his name?

  • Oops. I accidentally tried to carry a knife into the courthouse. It was a table knife, inside my lunch bag. Still, they found it and I had to take it out to my car. Have lost a few items at airport security also. It is easy to forget.

    • Here is the thing , if you dont allow cwp holders to bring firearms into hoverment buildings, then the groverment should provide a safe or weapons check so people arent forced to stash them in their autos, where tweakers van break in and steal them. Come on guberment set the standards already…. nevermind forgot the rules dont apply to goons with badges or persons with bar cards

    • Joeblow@gmail.com

      I had nail clippers… no go there.

  • It should not be a crime for a person who is not legally prohibited from owning a firearm to carry one and defend ones self if the need arises. I would think that the courthouse is less safe rather than safer if the few bailiffs and the sheriff on the ground floor are the only ones who can respond to any sort of trouble.

  • If an “ordinary” resident would be charged, then the attorney should be charged. Nothing against the attorney, but the law should be applied equally. Simple as that.

  • I think it’s logical, just wonder why he needs one what kind of attorney. Maybe background did he have a beef with anyone. But I could see it happen with an law type person.

  • Why do peace officers need them but prison guards dont ? Oh thats right , they are only called peace officers when they get pushed around a bit , any other time, they refer to themselves as “law enforcement officers” i see most enforcers of anything need fire power to keep those peskie rebels under control

  • Does the atty have a California Concealed Carry Permit?

  • So what’s the local attorney’s name? This public forum DOES NOT HOLD BACK when divulging stupidity.

    So is there a cover-up? What’s the name? Seems once again favors are being done to keep name out of public record. Typical.

  • He’s an active shooter at the range and had probably forgot to.take it out after going there to practice. The only reason a big deal is being made of this is because he happens to be an attorney. Or maybe because this is the first real weapon found by security and they are very proud of themselves for finding it. Whatever the case may be, it’s really no big deal.

  • Chick from the sticks

    They found a small P-38 military can-opener at the bottom of my purse once that I had forgotten about. It took me the longest time to find it, but they insisted I had it in there. It’s smaller than a quarter, and they weren’t gonna let me thru with that dangerous weapon!

  • I have known Mr. Stunich for several years he’s and knowledgeable and respected attorney and a true American. So he made a mistake and will have his day in court. The point is no one was ever in danger. As to all you haters out there get a life, chase some Russians or tear down some statues or something. We see you. Don miller

  • Butterknifesmuggler

    I accidentally took a butter knife into the courthouse last week. I had put it in there to use at lunch and had totally forgotten about it. I didn’t have time to go back so I surrendered it. Definitely embarrassing and a lesson I won’t forget!

  • His name is Andrew Stunich. He recently threatened me and is seeking a restraining order. Not the brightest attorney. Might be a problem for him now…

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