Humboldt County Sheriff Deputy Organization Asks Public to Join With Them to Combat Marijuana Grow Houses

Eureka Police shot fired 7/28/16

Indoor grow found in 2016 by Eureka Police Department.

Press release from the Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization:

The Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization (HDSO) today started a public organizing and outreach effort to combat unpermitted marijuana grow houses in residential neighborhoods.

“The Humboldt County marijuana grow-house epidemic has been going on for over a decade. We know that when you want to really dig in and make our community safer, the best thing you can do is partner with ordinary citizens,” said HDSO president Jamie Barney.

With multiple neighborhoods overrun by unoccupied marijuana grows, deputies see the problem in their own neighborhoods.

“Deputies live in these neighborhoods too, and we see firsthand the problems from fire hazards to break-ins that come with grow houses,” Barney continued, “We haven’t met a single Humboldt County citizen who wants a grow-house as their next door neighbor.”

HDSO encouraged concerned community members to sign up for their mailing list at, and to follow their Facebook page for updates on the campaign.

“We have been telling politicians and community leaders for years to use the same proven tactics that other communities have used to stop grow-houses and start having safer neighborhoods.  We are confident that by organizing ordinary voters and taxpayers, they will not be able to ignore the grow-house issue anymore,” said Barney.

More information about the Grow-House campaign can be found at the HDSO website:



  • All I can say is LMAO

    • I just want to say, I don’t care one little bit if my neighbor’s house is a grow house. I don’t want people using my property that way because the potential for water damage is so high, but I don’t think it induces fire if they keep to the codes. I don’t​think it increases crime. I don’t care one little bit what my neighbor does, if he’s a good neighbor.

  • Pg&e would be a good place to start. Maybe check the residential houses that use 6000$ worth of power a month

  • Yikes sounds like trouble!

  • So they’re gonna start busting the thousands of indoor grows now?? That was suppose to happen with unpermitted outdoor and they got maybe 10 this year. How about bust all the meth houses and Herion houses that are the REAL problem in neighbor hoods. Most theifs are tweekers stealing random small shit for their next fix how many large scale breakins do you hear about? I guess some the houses where literally nobody lives in it and it’s completely blown up aren’t ideal but doubt they’re actually causing much harm to the comunity….

    • When (if) heroin and meth classifications are raised to Schedule 1, law enforcement will prioritize their efforts. Schedule 1 is now assigned to Cannabis, so that’s the priority; it is the bust which awards (rewards) the most funding to LEOs: grants, confiscations, etc. When it becomes more profitable for the police to focus on meth and heroin, it will happen.

  • Very little indoor grows anymore. Electricity is too expensive for the amount of money being paid. Too many light deps and outdoor grows flooding the market. My guess is pounds will be selling for $800 or less.

    • I don’t see how they’re makin any money dad just sold a lb of killer og indoor for 900 bucks…and it was hard to move it..there is no money in it..just lack of a garage.

      • Your dad either doesn’t know how to grow ot doesn’t know how to sell. I am still getting 1800-2000 for all my indoor

    • I was walking in a residential area today, thinking the same thing. Then I smelled the unmistakable scent of a large quantity of cannabis emanating from an ordinary house. I do care what my neighbors are doing if it makes for a worse community. Indoor grows have driven housing prices too high and rentals are scarce. They draw crime. There have been home invasions where thieves targeted the wrong house. Grow it outside in the sun.

    • Exactly nobody grows in door anymore. And if I do it’s for my own use I’m not buying marijuana for my own personal use.

  • HCSO, seriously? How much can a house contain? Can you focus on the tweeker pads, meth and heroin first? Maybe find the houses that are supplying the drugs to the people roaming are streets looking list extras from The Walking Dead- the ones that make keep me from letting my kids walk down the street to their friend’s house, or keep me from grocery shopping at night (hint- it’s not marijuana that they are on). How about we focus on that first rather than a substance the We the People just legalized?

  • Peopleneedshelternotplants

    People live in houses and plants live outside in the ground. If you have a grow house, some little child is sleeping out in the elements because of you. I would like to have a house to live in and so would my child. I used to have a house…I always had a house but I can’t afford one anymore.

    • maybe you should have tried harder. the entitlement in the north coast is very disturbing. I recommend moving to Corning.

    • That doesnt make any sense. No child is left outside in the elements because you have a situation where you cant afford rent or stability. Grow houses have to pay rent also. Albiet inflated deposits and outrageous rental prices for shit holes to also live in. The real problem is home owners and property managements taking advantage of others investments and not concern for local residents needs. It’s been an increasing blight, among other things, for all of us it seems for several years now. I wish the best for you and your child!! Friends are a great place to start. Services are supplemental and not intended for full relief. We’re all struggling and it seems to be getting very interesting outside for us all. Best of luck!

    • kids are homeless because people grow pot in side. that might be the most stupidest thing i have read on here

    • So people shoud bust their asses off to buy their own house and buy you one ? The gall

  • Do your part, grow male plants.

  • give up three… go home free

  • This is pathetic! The Sheriff daily drives right past huge mega-grows of 10-20 greenhouses tearing up the natural environment. They turn a blind eye and basically refuse to do their job. Yet now they want us to turn in our neighbors who are struggling to supplement their incomes with 6 or 8 or even 12 light indoors?!!! This is the stupidest most cowardly thing they have ever done. They deserve zero respect!

    • Maybe you missed this part of the article: “We haven’t met a single Humboldt County citizen who wants a grow-house as their next door neighbor.”

      I live in town and agree with that 100%. I don’t want a grow house next door or in the neighborhood.

      What goes on outside of town is a whole different beast that is out of control.

      • Of course neighbors that have a patch hope that all their other neighbors have one too…what are you thinking?

      • Which town?
        If youre in eureka,arcata, fortuna, rio dell, etc, the sheriffs are not your police.

        And just some advice, when a sheriff says “we havent met anyone who wants a grow house next door”, take it with multiple grains of salt. Uh, who did they ask? If they asked me, id say, you mean instead of that house next door with meth heads coming and going all day&nite that the sheriffs wont do anything about? Id say hell yeah a growhouse would be way better.
        What he’s doin is selling you a line, its a sales pitch wanting you to support them, plain and simple.
        C’mon, the indoor grow thing has been an issue this long and now they decide to focus on it? Again? If it didnt work last time, why would it now?
        Its gotten way better over the last 5-10 years, i feel like im reading a sheriff press release from 2000. Its weird and so not the big problem it was. They just want to get support for busting houses in mckville, tho they do nothing about the teen aryan nation gangs in mckville.

        Asking the public to help bust crime, why arent they asking for help from the public with things like spotting child sex trafficking, adult sex trafficking, meth labs, heroin labs, abused children, etc, etc.
        Uh and they want the public to help bust grow houses how? Someones gonna get mistaken for a thief and end up shot creeping around outside neighbors houses. Very irresponsible of the sheriffs to suggest the public turn people in with absolutely no advice or guidance how. Thumbs down. We pay your salary, sheriffs. Your already under investigation for illegally selling peoples estate items to each other, and i wouldnt be surprised if they find youve been privately selling “seized” items and also stolen items that are recovered but not returned to the person it was stolen from.

        • unfortunately that kind of police work requires highly skilled /trained officers
          much easier to pull ramdom ppl over and hope for a hit
          than to spend three months of retroactive investigation on an open rape case
          most dont know how to properly fill out a warrant let alone deal w forensics, interviews, etc.

      • Quiet grow neighbors that keep to themselves? YES PLEASE. Better than so many other things. Nice to meet you Sheriff Dept.

  • Meth Lab House Campaign

    Trying to distract us with the the marijuana grow house eradication is not going to cover up the heroin, meth, and meth lab problems here in Humboldt County. We as tax paying citizens are very tired of the problems being ignored, as we are being subjected to chemical fumes, mass pollution, and the collateral crimes and lawlessness that these people are subjecting our towns, people, and property to! We want more than just the mules on probation being busted, bringing hard drugs into the county. Lets also deal with the hard drugs being made and used here.

    Get some funding, some equipment, some training, to start closing these houses down. This problem has reached an emergency epidemic level! Please let us know when the “Meth Lab House Campaign” will start, and we’ll do what we can to help. Many of us have given you lots of information on these houses, cars, and the occupants for years, but nothing ever happens!

    Lets deal with this problem before Humboldt County becomes a ghost town and it won’t be because of the grow houses, either!

    I haven’t met a single Humboldt County citizen who wants a “Meth-House”, as their next door neighbor.

    HDSO Mr. Jamie Barney, if you read the replies to this outreach effort, I think you’ll see where the citizens of this county want your efforts directed towards.

    • Sick & Tired Ordinary Voter & Taxpayer

      “We have been telling HCSD & the DTF for years to use the same proven tactics that other communities have used to stop meth-houses and start having safer neighborhoods. We are confident that by organizing ordinary voters and taxpayers, they will not be able to ignore the meth-house issue anymore,”

      This is the plan that many of us “ordinary voters and taxpayers”, would like to see put into action. Maybe it’s time to step up and start making people in power and control accountable for their lack of action on these problems. Looks to me like we are not getting our moneys worth! We all know that the federal funding fell through with the end of the “war on drugs”, in 2012. Why can’t money be allocated from measure “Z” for the purpose of closing down the hard drug houses?

      We would love to have some input from you, Mr. Barney, on this issue.

  • Good.bust those greedy assholes. Indoor growing is completely unnecessary. Leaves a huge carbon footprint. Yet they buy organic groceries and preach saving the earth while driving around their also jacks up the price of rent leaving real working folks with no option but to pay inflated prices for rentals.

    • Yeah the indoor grows are the reason ppm and others are raping the renters…..give me a break. It’s no accident they charge for tons of applications per rental when they could find a good tenant from 10. Along with the price of rentals. They all know there’s a lack of housing here and are taking advantage of it!! Also a huge majority of landlords and agency’s don’t want you growing! The general consensus with most people here is they’re sick of the tweekers running the streets! THATS THE BIG PROBLEM!!! That’s who’s terrorizing the public and our tourist see it with my own eyes everyday. Why isn’t it the priority!?

  • The only thing jacking up the rent is the greedy landlords attemping to make huge profits, well that and planning departments making it almost impossible for new housing options .

  • Hahahaha!!!!
    Too fucking funny!

  • Growhouse shmohouse. Weed is lame now anyways. Grow up Humboldt.

  • Hahaha the scourge of the county. I would think what somebody does in the privacy of their home involving a legal plant.

  • Pull the woolno more

    Wow, really?
    Id waaaaaay rather have a grow house next door than a college party house or a meth cookhouse/sales house or a heroin production house.
    So i guess you never asked me deputy.
    When you only ask the people who think like you, you can get a very skewed view. Focusing on illegal warehouse grows or ones out in the woods off grid leaking diesel fuel, ok id understand that.
    Id say out of the mix of things, indoor garage grows are the least problematic issue.
    There arent many houses that are just grow houses anymore, most have at least one person living there.

    When you guys start focusing on the real issues which dont allow you to be auctioning off everyones seized items and land, ill believe youre busting people for the good of the community&not for your own benefit.

    When no one can get a response from the sheriffs for home breakins, even where theres no pot involved, I find your focus on growhouses to be ridiculous!
    If you guys investigated even half of the home breakins, that would cut down on breakins in general. Criminals know that you guys arent doing anything so why would they stop? Id luv a different answer than “yep thats a big problem around here” when i call about mail theft. Its a crime and friends in mendo told me their sheriffs pursue mail theft cases. After 2 years i tired of calling and just started reporting it to postmaster general.
    Oh yeah, another one id way rather see you work on are things like this; our neighbor has a stalker who she has a restraining order against. When spotted, he is always armed with a rifle and has taken to living in the woods behind all of our homes. Earlier in the year a different neighbor went to get wood only to find this guy on the ground behind his woodpile with a rifle pointed at him. There are pictures of him with the rifle in their driveway.
    The sheriffs have been called numerous times; they say they cant do anything because the guy lives in the woods. We’ve joked that maybe we should tell them there are earth firsters in the woods behind us&mayb theyd show up then.
    Id way rather have a grow house next to me than have to worry about this guy shooting one of us.

    Reading this article, i will not report any houses nor do i think anyone should.
    Its not my top priority,or even in top 5, of what id like to see law enforcement focus on. Youre just gonna create a bunch of k.hoovers who will walk the streets at nite listening for fans and creeping around outside peoples houses,calling in the addresses to the cops. That situation wasted so many resources, i guess he forgot that people have attic fans and other fans to move air around with no pot growing.

    Focus on the meth and heroin, and i bet most everyone would be glad to support it. Its amazing how many countys have started programs of how to spot a meth lab in your neighborhood, but we have nothing close to it. Like a bunch of cut up 5gal propane containers outside. They have had great results with that program in many other places.

    Really humboldt, is this issue in your top 5 things you’d like to see law enforcement focus on?? If not what would you like to see?

  • I take that back..your makin money if ur piping out of state…that’s why trannies took over.they just send it home…lol

    • EXCUSE ME! “…trannies took over…”?

      Calling KYM!
      (How the hell do you edit that one?)

      • Victor G. Flashman

        Dear Drews!

        Congratulations, you have won a LAMBORIGHINI for your recent unintelligible comment! Just write in 100 words, your thoughts on, ANYTHING at all, and send them to:

        POB 19998822773666
        Loserland, USA, 00000

        If we can detect ANY cohesive thought, WHATSOEVER, you win the car!

      • I think by “trannies” he means the people who are transporting cannabis out of state.

        My take on the story.

        Since the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department seems to have their own agenda, and it is not not the safety of the people they are sworn to protect, it behoves us as citizens to not support them in this endeavor. Indoor grows are not as serious a problem as they once appeared to be, as the markets are forcing them out of business. A well run grow house next door translates to a quiet house next door, as indoor growers don’t draw attention to themselves, or their grow. Home invasions become more lethal and are more common when meth or other serious drugs are involved. All of the recent home fires I’ve read about involved the making of home made BHO, not the indoor growing of cannabis.

        The idea that this is a very important problem, as indicated by Mr. Barney’s comments, is ludicrous. The asking of the public to turn in their neighbors is very serious, as it could lead to more serious problems.

        Why would they ask this of us? More indoor busts can mean more seizures, which means more seized property. HCSD is already in trouble for their handling of dispensing seized property.

        They routinely state they don’t have enough money to do their jobs. Perhaps if they prioritized their enforcement of crimes to place protecting the public at the top of the list we the people would be more trusting of them. As it is, private citizens are more and more becoming jaded with the actions of our local enforcement officer’s actions.

  • Prop 64 makes growing outdoors illegal. You can only grow in your house or building.
    PG&E loves this law I bet.

    • ??? Really???

    • That’s what I thought. Plus I thought it was legal to grow six plants. Wouldn’t that include in door. Some of the crime is also people trust to many people and word gets around that hey theyre growing there. That’s why home invasions happen. Personally I feel there was less crime when illegal. Yea price has gone down through the years. I don’t know how a person can make money off it anymore, especially indoor. I think maybe too they are referring to houses people dont live in they just grow it. Rent prices are high some certain landlords might say like 215 friendly so they can charge more.
      Also do you think now that is been legal well started with medical but that is why we hAve more homeless or transients.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      I think the focus should be on making it illegal for illiterate and backwards people to make stupidfuckingcomments on the internet.

      It should ALSO be illegal for the uneducated to own a computer or a smartphone, since they are too stupid to operate it.

      Then let’s pass some laws about pickups….

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      Co-authored the bill. They will make millions just off the legal home hobby growers usage

  • Here’s a thought do your own job. Someone I know did what the cops told him to do, snitch on his neighbors. He ended up having death threats and could never go back to his home. You got your measure z money now do the job yourself H.C.S.D.!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I’d like to see illegal grow houses torn down and turned into staging areas for Marine units to begin operations against the dope growing terrorists.

    I’d like to see grow sites bulldozed and turned into forward operating bases to bring justice in a very personal way, having Marines chase down and root out these Marijuana Caliphate druggies.

  • Victor G. Flashman


    Weed is basically a luxury now, with prices dipping well under $1000/lb. Who can make money growing inside a rented house? In Minnesota, maybe. Growing in a house is for idiots. But then, what is Humboldt fuller of than total ignorance? Stupid people on drugs?

    What I don’t want to live next door to is meth heads. These people stay up all night, drive around for no reason at all, have other people coming and going all the time, and are always involved in some pointless “project” that involves power tools and pounding on things! No matter where I have lived in the last 30 years, there they are! Right next door!

    Meth is the REAL drug “industry” in Humboldt. It’s really terrific, apparently, to completely occupy your whole life with doing speed, dealing speed, buying speed, and being on, speed.

    Wake up idiots! Pot is passe! As it becomes legal and cheap and available, everyone will lose interest. Prices are due to CRASH! Where will it stop? $500/lb?
    $200? Get real! There’s WAY too much WEED being grown for YOU to make money by having an indoor grow in Arcata/Mckinleyville.

    When ANYONE can grow ANYWHERE, this “problem” will disappear!

    Also, I am glad that people in Arcata are aware how indoor grows have made their community expensive to live in. Since Arcata has NOTHING to attract anyone at all to live there, it should at least be cheap to hang around.

    Enjoy your crappy and awful town, have fun at baby college! Remember:


    If you ever feel inclined to participate in real life, it is just down the road 4 hours or so!



  • Sleepy Alligator

    Lazy cops relying on rats to do their job for them. Typical! They get paid to do their job, but they want the people who pay them to do their job for them.

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    These losers need to do their own footwork.
    Now they are trying to get us to snitch another out!
    Fuck you! How bout dat!
    Did they really think that they are going to stop us? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    They thought they can control an entire county of people who cant stand the system! Their shoe size apparently indicates their iq as well.
    Your loosing the war on drugs , always have, dont waste our recources, fight some real crime you fucking clowns

  • Chick from the sticks

    First, they think grow-houses have only been a problem for a decade? Try over a couple of decades, what rock have they been under? Also, why would PG&E be willing to turn people in, hell they’re loving the money. I even know growers who have taken advantage of the CARE program. Does Renner report who they’re delivering diesel to? Unfortunately, there aren’t enough HCSO to followup on every grow house in this county. Good Luck HCSO. Just curious whose wise idea this was and who you’re trying to impress. Maybe you’ve forgotten, we live behind the Redwood Curtain, and march to the beat of a different drum.

  • As a home owner and landlord, my rental is occupied by a good couple. I took applications and for $9.95 subscribed to verify. I ran complete background checks and the couple I rented to is great. Why do I spend so much time on getting a good tenant. BECAUSE MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS RENTAL WAS EXTREMELY DAMAGED BY TENANTS COOKING UP HASH OIL. THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY DOES NOT BELONG IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Or anywhere…

      The polluted culture must destroy all it touches-

      Nature, Lives, Families, even Rental Properties.

      A good landlord writes random drug testing into the lease.

      Failing one is eviction and loss of security deposit.

      Every landlord should do this….

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