Come Say Goodbye to Deputy Jacob Morris

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Deputy Jacob Morris

Deputy Jacob Morris

I would like to invite the public to come say goodbye to one of Humboldt’s finest. After 12 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Humboldt County, Deputy Jacob Morris will be leaving the Sheriff’s Office to pursue another career out of the area.

Deputy Morris spent the majority of his career working out of the Garberville Station as a patrol Deputy. During this time Deputy Morris gained countless friendships and truly cared for everyone that he met. I have supervised Deputy Morris for the last three years and his is ability to communicate with the public has always impressed me. Numerous times people would come to the station and say, “Is Jake around? He knows all about…”

Jake earned the trust of Southern Humboldt citizens and his presence will be sorely missed.

On August 30th, between 10:00 am and noon, please feel free to swing by the station and wish Jake good luck. Coffee and refreshments will be provided.


Sergeant Jesse Taylor



  • Good man Jake!

  • charles engebretson

    With all the negative things going on with the police thanks for highlighting a good story Kym. .that’s why I like you

  • He is a good man and I am sorry to see him go!!! I was always happy to count him as one of my friends!!

  • We will miss him at the school. He was so good dealing with the kids, when seldomly needed. Good luck Deputy Morris.

  • He was with me the day I found Rainbow Mountain Walker’s body. He was very supportive and help me out immensely in a time I was thinking I was losing it. Jacob Morris is going to be missed.

  • We’re loosing a valuable asset. Morris is a good man. Hopefully he moves to a conservative state where he’s allowed to do his job. Best of luck to you Jake and thank you for serving the freaks of Southern Humboldt.

  • I went to high school with Jake, hes a great guy and friend! Glad to see hes still helping people and doing well

    • Another good guy…hope his replacement is aware of how strong a good demeanor can be. Still missing Mike Sticklels.

  • Good luck in your new position and area. You’ll be sorely missed here.

  • mike stickles was my friend ,and a excellent CHP officer. RIP my friend.

  • I have found Deputy Morris to be helpful and compassionate. He will be missed.

  • Damn.. can we offer him better pay? A ranking position? Couple more stripes on his arm? Sounds very well liked.. a rarity indeed.
    Shout out to Swithenbank who I’ve always liked…

  • He will be missed – good luck Jake!

  • Jake, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service to Humboldt County and you will truly be missed. I had the honor of working next to you for many years and was able to see how much you truly cared for the people you served. I hope that you will be happy in your new career and I’m excited for you and your family to start a new life elsewhere. Stay safe and thank you!

  • Good man who will be missed. Good luck in all future endeavors, Jake!

  • Jake, you came to my house over a week ago and I spoke with you having lunch at Deb’s a couple days ago. Please make sure those charges get pressed. It’s getting even worse as of last night. Don’t let me down buddy. Maybe I’ll see you where you are heading to. You are going to be involved with a product I’m an expert with and use that product during that season. I might as well buy my next new one from you… David

  • Thank you officer Morris for your service to southern humboldt citizens. I hope your family finds joy, peace, health and happiness on your journey. We will miss your transparency in the sheriffs department.
    Thanks again and many Blessings to you and yours~

  • Your a good guy and a good cop Jacob ! We will miss you here .

  • brenda hollenbeck

    He is pursuing a business involved in Archery…. very interesting.

  • Probably the nicest and most well mannered police officer I have ever met! Thanks for your service Jacob Morris and best of luck in your endeavors!

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