Miami Dolphins sign former Eureka Logger Rey Maualuga

Humboldt Last Week: The Miami Dolphins have signed veteran NFL linebacker Rey Maualuga — formerly a standout for the Eureka Loggers — to a one-year deal. The Dolphins announced this over the weekend after one of their new linebackers suffered a season-ending injury.

“Obviously my body is getting older and there are a bunch of younger, faster guys that are coming into the league,” Maualuga told Humboldt Last Week last winter. “But my knowledge is still there — I’m still keeping up with these guys…”

Maualuga, 30 years old, played for the Cincinnati Bengals for eight seasons after they drafted him in the second round in 2009. Before that he played for USC.

According to Sporting News, the former Eureka Logger “would still be with Cincinnati had it not been for the cap hit his team would have had to take with him on the roster.” His former coach Marvin Lewis recently said he is a “tough and productive player… and a fine teammate…”

Rey Maualuga, Wikipedia Commons photo by Jeffrey Beall

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Go REY!!!any team be glad to have him🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  • Nice I love to see people do good, especially people from our neck of the woods. 😊

  • Yeah Rey!!!!!!top notch athlete and person!!!!

  • amimissingsomething

    Rey Rey, Your the man for the job in Miami…Go show those new kids how to play the game. 30 is young when your almost 68! Humboldt Strong!! Wishing you nothing but success in every part of your life! Take care, pj

  • Professional sports, the dumbing down of America. Imagine what it would be like if sports fans got as pissed off at politicians as they do when their team loses?

  • Way to go rey I went to school thar in the 80s we use to sit up on the aluby stadium sigh at night and watch to foot ball games only place we could drink beer and watch the game totally cool to see players makeing it to the NFL from eureka my house was only a few blocks from the stadium

  • Rey should still be playing in cincy. The team couldn’t afford him. Still gas left in the tank. Good for him. Represent Humboldt. Hope he gets paid next off-season.

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