[UPDATE 6 p.m.: Structure Threat] Vegetation Fire Spreading in Eureka

Fire in Eureka

[Photo by Jonathan Beck]

A fire started about 5:20 p.m. in Eureka around 1st and V Streets in Eureka. The Incident Commander reported it was 100 feet by 100 feet when he first got on scene. But since then he has requested more assistance and is reporting the fire is now at a half acre. He said it is spreading at a moderate rate of spread.

UPDATE 5:36 p.m.: The Incident Commander is requesting more engines as there is a structure threat.

UPDATE 5:38 p.m.: Fire crews are setting up by the Blue Ox Mill.

Blue ox millworks map

Blue Ox Millworks is circled in red on the map. The fire started around 1st and V.

Here is a Google Map that allows you to see the whole town:

UPDATE 6 p.m.:
The fire spread to one acre but firefighters are beginning to get a handle on it.
“The threat to the structure has been mitigated,” repeats the dispatcher after the Incident Commander gave her the information.



  • Johnny Hollywood

    Just walked past there from Target. All the trucks are staged at foot of V. Fire is way out. Hard to get to. First tanker ran out of water no doubt. Several others called.

  • Must have been a lightning strike… eh?

  • This property is owned by Rob Arkley. SECURITY NATIONAL.

  • Dollars to donuts this was caused by another homeless camp fire.

  • More than a few fires at the edge of the bay lately.
    The location of these fires is related to the cause.
    Nobody is talking about the cause, they are guessing
    and blaming without a clue.
    If you pull your head out of the hole you are in and look around the world today
    you will see many unusual fires especially near the harbors.
    Why? Telling you why is hopeless, you would rather stay ignorant!

  • >”… hopes to burn off this fog to see the eclipse”

    Well, they needed to light a bigger one.
    IMHO: Fire department should burn off all the areas along the bay.

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